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Bibi Upset

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is upset because the Obama administration seeks to resolve conflicts with Iran and establish the prospect for peace in the Middle East. The nightmare for Bibi is to end war and conflict in the Middle East because once the people of Israel know they no longer have to fear death in their daily lives, the nothings like Avigdor Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu who thrive on fear will no longer have a means of preventing peace. Efforts by Secretary of State to forge an agreement with Iran were met by Bibi’s comment, it is “the deal of the century.” He went on to assert, “Israel utterly rejects it, and what I am saying is shared by many in the region whether or not they express it publicly.” Perhaps, Bibi can share what those parties think about his administration’s approach to peace with Palestinians. Has he been offering Palestinians, “the deal of the century?”

President Obama called the Joe McCarthy of Israel politics who thrives on fear and hysteria in order to explain negotiations. A waste of time. It is important for America to fight for the rights and security of, not only Americans, but the people of Israel. An attack on Iran would result in thousands of missiles headed toward Israel. It would result in suicide bombers and the death of innocent Israelis and Palestinians. Since Israelis refuse to halt the possibility of war, then it is the responsibility of the United States to pursue this path to stability.

Iran Today, A Friend?

The ongoing saga of relations between Iran and the world continue, but Iranian negotiators are claiming the conflict can be resolved fairly shortly. Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, insisted the negotiations only require a “few more steps” in order to reach an agreement. “I believe we’ve come very far in the last three rounds” and the last part of the process can be achieved in Geneva. An unnamed US official told journalists that an interim agreement was in reach. “I do see the potential outline of a first step.” France, England, the US, and Germany, along with Russia and China are working together with Iran. THAt is an achievement which can only work toward world peace.

Iran wants an agreement that ensures their right to pursue a nuclear program. Surely, if Israel can pursue nuclear energy programs, similar opportunities should be made available to other Middle Eastern nations? How about a Middle Eastern Nuclear Consortium which enables all countries in the region to develop this resource?

Bibi: Nuke Them!

Bibi Netanyahu is very upset. There are rumors concerning efforts by western nations to resolve differences with Iran. Initial reports suggest that Iran might be willing to reduce its nuclear efforts and focus on peaceful use of nuclear materials. Bibi does not believe anything until it is completed. “In this situation as long as we do not see actions instead of words, the international pressure must continue to be applied, and even increased.” There is some initial progress. Most normal approaches would be to support progress, but for Bibi the only resort is more anger and hate. After all, if Israel lacked an enemy, how could he get votes of fear? Iran may be willing to allow international inspection so what else to do but attack its government?

Perhaps, if Iran is willing to open nuclear facilities to international inspection then perhaps Israel might also do so? I forgot, Israel can always be trusted. It is time to move along the road of peace and allow Bibi to wallow in hatred and anger!

Israel-Knock It Off!

The constant refrain of the Israel government is failure on the part of Muslim governments to engage in negotiation in order to attain peace in the Middle East. A new Iranian government headed by President Rouhani has offered to discuss ways of allowing it to have a nuclear program and avoid becoming involved in development of nuclear weapons. Iran Foreign Minister Zarif blasted the Israel government for seeking to undermine current negotiations. Is Iran engaged in a plot to subvert the desire of western nations to halt its nuclear weapon development? Yes, that is a possibility. President Rouhanil, unlike President Ahmadinejad, has ended insults and threats against Israel. Is this simply a ploy? That is a possibility.

The world has an opportunity for peace. It is a gamble. But, unless the world gives the gamble a chance, the only alternative is bombing. Of course, that also means thousands of missiles headed toward Israel and the death of possibly thousands of innocent Israelis. Jaw, Jaw, Not War,War as Winston Churchill always said.

Iranian Hopes, Bibi Fears

The government of Iran continued its efforts to reach some form of agreement with western powers in order to end sanctions and become part of the world community. A senior US official said for the first time in decades negotiations have reached the point “where one could imagine that you possible could have an agreement.” The new Iranian proposal has a level of seriousness and substance” that offers hope. Iran might be willing to provide western nations of proof that its nuclear program is geared for peaceful purposes. As one western official pointed out, in prior discussions, “Iranians came to make speeches,” but now “everything was on the table and we discussed everthing in depth.” Iran is now willing to limit its nuclear efforts for peaceful purposes in exchange for an end to sanctions.

Naturally, this is bad news for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who insists the US and other western nations can solve any problems with a few bombs. Bibi is against atomic bombs in the Middle East unless they are Israeli a bombs. He demands UN inspection of nuclear sites except for Israel sites.

Bibi’s Nightmare!

Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is confronting a nightmare, the Iranian government is presenting plans to Western nations that might result in a resolution of their conflicts with other nations. Iran Foreign Minister Mohmmad javad Zarif presented a six month time table on how to proceed with a plan that resolves the dispute over the Iran work on nuclear energy. All participants describe current talks as the most productive in years. These reports are causing consternation in Jerusalem since how can the Israel government proceed with its crazy plan to bomb Iran if the nuclear bomb issue is resolved? Bibi needs some nation to fear if he is able to continue frightening Israelis with disaster and a reason to vote for him.

Bibi once again urged Western nations to continue with sanctions. It is time to end some sanctions as a reward to Iranian leaders who are under pressure from hard liners to stand up for nuclear weapons. Bibi and Iranian hard liners agree on one thing–FEAR is the weapon of war.

No Hating Jews Today!

It is another difficult day for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani cancelled a scheduled conference which was supposed to discuss why people should hate Jews. It was set up by prior President Ahmadinejad. The Iranian Foreign Ministry said such conferences impede the road to peace that is being pursued by the Iranian government. Naturally, hard-liners in Iran are furious terming the cancellation a “disaster” and a “big mistake.” Supposedly “scholars” were to discuss why everyone should hate Jews. I assume they would be citing evidence from the Bible. President Rouhani is serious about resolving Iranian differences with the western world and creating conditions that would lead to stimulating the Iranian economy.

My informants in Israel inform me that Bibi Netanyahu is furious. He was a fervent supporter of the conference because he needs evidence that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. There are reports Bibi has contacted those “scholars”and urged them to speak out against Israel. We suggest that Bibi work with those “scholars” and offer them a site in Israel to hold the conference.

Will Tea Party Ideas Destroy Middle East Peace??

In 2001, President Khatami of Iran reached out to assist American forces which were sweeping through Afghanistan in order to destroy the Taliban. He also approached President George Bush with offers of negotiating resolution of problems with the United States. Bush responded with insults and that ended an opportunity to avoid Iran’s march to nuclear development. Today, as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani seeks to end conflict with the United States, the nut cases in Congress like Senator Ted Cruz seek to prevent an American-Iranian peaceful resolution of conflict. Some hawks in Congress are ready to pass legislation authorizing use of military force against Iran just as Iran is working for peaceful relations with the United States. There are members of Congress who regard any peaceful working with Iran as an example of a “bad deal.”

The crazies are ready to destroy the American economy and the nut cases are ready to prevent the end of any Iranian nuclear weapon development. They want to “hang tough.” Perhaps, someone can explain why the president has to “sell peace?” America increasingly has become a nation run by men and women who lack any knowledge of economics, and certainly no knowledge of foreign policy.

Bibi Goes Bonkers

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very upset because President Barack Obama is talking with the president of Iran. The thought of Iran and the United States reaching agreements on issues such as nuclear power fightens the man who thrives on crisis and fear. How could he frighten the people of Israel with images of bombs pouring down on them or terrorists roaming the streets without some enemy? President Obama promised the man who spreads fear there was nothing to be frightened about. I wonder if Obama apologized to Bibi for not seeking his permission to pursue the AMERICAN foreign policy. At this moment, President Obama agrees with European allies that a sensible compromise would allow Iran to pursue a nuclear program as long as it does not pursue development of nuclear weapons.

Of course, it might assist reaching a compromise with Iran if Israel would allow United Nations observers to observe their nuclear weapons. The ONLY nation with nuclear weapons in the Middle East is ISRAEL! I am not discussing removing atomic weapons from Israel but the concept of allowing UN inspectors to examine the Israel program.

Let’s Fly Together

A few days ago President Hassan Rouhani engaged in phone conversation with the president of the United States. As of this moment, the sky is still up there, no reports of hurricanes or riots or dead bodies. Rouhani has now asked a top aide, Akbar Torkan. to investigate the possibility of direct plane flights from Iran to the United States. After all, those who fly together may wind up flocking together. Iran has hundreds of thousands of its citizens who departed for other nations. If these people were guaranteed safety in Iran they might return as tourists and help Iran develop a thriving tourist industry.

It is small steps that begin the process of peace. Fly away together.