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Let’s Talk Sense Says Iran

Hassan Rouhani has now been president of Iran for a few months and has made several attempts to send words of peace to the leaders of Israel as well as to the United States of America. He told an American TV audience that he has full authority from Iran’s religious leaders to negotiate over its nuclear program with the US, Israel and other western nations. He insists there is no program in Iran to develop nuclear weapons. “Under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, now will we ever.” We have never pursued or sought a nuclear bomb and we arenot going to do so. We are solely seeking peaceful nuclear technology.” Rouhani also praised President Obama for seeking a diplomatic solution to the criss in Syria.

In 2001 when American forces entered Afghanistan then President Khatami offered logistical support and even closed his nation’s borders to escaping members of the Taliban. His reward was to be insulted by then President Bush. Let us hope that President Obama moves forward with diplomatic negotiatons with President Rouhani.

Oh, the only nation in the Middle East with atomic bombs is Israel. Will that nation allow UN officials to check on their nuclear weapons of mass destruction?

Iran, Iran, Let’s Talk

Hassan Rouhani has now been president of Iran for three months. He wished the people of Israel a happy new year, he made clear his desire to talk with someone about ending the conflict with Europe, with the United Nations and with the United States of America. Finally, the President of the United States exchanged letters with the President of Iran and there are no reports of the sky falling in. Naturally, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is upset because the US fired off a letter rather than firing off missiles. President Rouhani is the best opportunity for the world to engage in discussions rather than engage in conflict. There is no certainty that issues pertaining to development of nuclear energy in Iran can be halted. How about?

1. Acknowledging that Iran has the right to develop peaceful nuclear energy.

2. Requiring all nations in the Middle East, including Israel, to open their facilities to UN inspection of nuclear weapons.

3. Agree to reduce some sanctions on Iran as a good will gesture.

Baby steps can lead to giant ones.

Who Cares? Israel Doesn’t!

During the past decade each statement by Iranian former President Ahmadinejad has been sharply criticized because of his Holocaust denials. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has argued that it is impossible to have relations with a leader whose words convey hatred toward Israel. Fair enough. So, newly elected President Hassan Rouhani and his foreign minister, Javad Zaid issued warm greetings on the Jewish New Year only to be informed by Netanyahu that words do not convey any meaning unless backed up by actions. OK, so exactly which “actions” were carried out by Ahmadinejad? All he ever did was shoot off his ignorant mouth, but never took any action against Israel!

How about responding to peaceful words with peaceful words? What is the problem with Netanyahu? Words of peace and friendship deserve a positive response.

Jews-We Love You!

The most difficult concept for Americans or Israelis to grasp is the presence of a new Iranian leader, Hassan Rouhani, who is making a serious attempt to demonstrate opposition to the Israel government without displaying hatred toward Jews. Yesterday, he tweeted, “As the sun is about to set here in Tehran I wish all Jews, especially Iranian Jew, a blessed Rosh Hashannah.” I await comments by the Israel government, and supporters of the Israel Lobby in the United States who, undoubtedly, will discover some hidden message in the message from Rouhani which proves that he hates Jews and wants to destroy Israel.

Yes, Iran is NOT a democracy. Yes, there are thousands in prison for daring to speak openly about their ideas. BUT, President Rouhani IS attempting to open new opportunities for dialogue and these must be pursued. It is time to Jaw Jaw and avoid War War.

China, Russia, Iran

Three nations supper the current status quo in Syria–China, Iran and Russia. Each believes the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad will impact their national interests, and if protecting themselves is vital then the hell with the people of Syria. A thousand deaths here or there is rather unimportant in the scheme of life so allow Death to proceed without any interference. Each warns the US or Europe to avoid bombing the man who bombs because, since he is president of the country that gives him permission to kill the people of Syria. To allow an American or Englishman or Frenchman to kill a Syrian is simply an act of murder and these nations believe in the rule of law and order. Of course, by law and order they mean the legal right to kill a Syrian is reserved to the government of Syria.

Naturally, the CRI believe in the sanctity of Death. If we allow ANY nation to kill then it means Death has lost all meaning. Just think how wonderful it is for people in Syria to be murdered by their own president? How many people in this world have such an opportunity. They are murdered by strangers. If a nation is truly a “democracy”then it means death by those who know you–and hate you-is the only path to Heaven.

Let’s Sue USA

The Iranian Parliament passed bill that would organize a study of a possible lawsuit against the government of the United States of America. In August, 1953, the CIA led by its man in Iran, Kermit Roosevelt, organized the overthrow of Iran’s government, then led by Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh. Actually, Roosevelt worked with the British M16 in the plot to get rid of Mossadegh because he had this strange idea his nation was entitled to decent royalty payments from foreign oil companies. The end of Mossadegh ended a secular democratically elected government for Iran and brought back Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Last week the CIA admitted to this overthrow but naturally blamed fear of “Communism” to justify changing the government of another nation.

Perhaps, it is time for a foreign government to plan the overthrow of Republicans in Congress and replace them with people who actually are concerned about this nation and its problems. Imagine, a House of Representatives which voted on other issues other than repealing the Affordable Health Care Act!!

Next Syrian War

There currently is a war taking place in a country that goes by the name of-Syria. This nation is provided weapons and missiles and planes in order to attack the people of Syria because the government of Syria wants to protect the country of Syria against enemies of the government. In the name of peace and order, the government of Syria has murdered over 100,000 Syirans. The government has even used chemical weapons to kill its own people. The result is that the European Union and the United States are considering responding with an air assault. So, what might happen if outside forces attack the Syrian government. Please follow closely:

1. If Syria attacks Israel which has been on the sidelines, then Israel has promised to blast away at Syria.

2. This would lead to Hezbollah in Lebanon to send thousands of missiles into Israel

3. This would result in the US sending missiles into Lebanon and Syria.

4. This would lead Israel to send more missiles into Syria or Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

5. This would lead the European Union sending missiles into Syria and maybe Lebanon.

6. This would lead Russia and Iran to send missiles to Syria and Hezbollah which would use them to send missiles into Israel and wherever.

The end result would undoubtedly be peace?

History Drone I

I undrstand that unemployment among young Iranians is over 20% so I was glad to learn the government is working on job creation. A new curriculum will be introduced to Iranian high school students–it is called: Defense Readiness. This course teaches the novice how to track a drone, hack into its computer system and then send the missile to ground. This is an innovative approach to creating work for young people. I wonder if the Tea Party would be supportive to such an approach. After all, it would be a wonderful supplement to “Gun Awareness” and how to “Stand Your Ground And Shoot the Black Dude.”

I realize that “Liberals” do not agree with Republican efforts to protect this country against the evil communists who now control our government. How about a few other courses:

“How to Identify Black Illegals From Kenya”

“Three Ways To Get An Hispanic Crossing The Border”

CIA Admits And Lies

The CIA finally admitted that it played a role in overthrowing the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh who headed Iran in 1953. Of course, books have been written describing how Elliot Roosevelt(grandson of Teddy Roosvelt) worked with the British M16 to foster a “popular rebellion” against Mossadegh. According to the CIA hogwash, “the risk of leaving Iran open to Soviet aggression compelled the United States… in planning and executing TPJAX.” That was the name of this coup.

The truth. In 1951, Prime Minister Mossadegh held several meeting with then Secretary of State, Dean Acheson to seek help in obtaining higher royalties from British oil companies. Acheson agreed that Iran was entitled to more money, discussed the issue with British leaders and could not get them to pay Iran more money. The Soviet Union had nothing to do with this issue, is was all about British greed. That is the truth!!

Rouhani Seeks Solutions

Actions by newly elected President Hassan Rouhani clearly reveal his goal is to find a solution to the conflict with the western world over issues regarding development of atomic energy in his nation. Rouhani has selected several men who served with the reform governments of Khatami and Rafsanjani. These men are technocrats who understand complexity of government and are not guided by ideology. They seek to solve problems, not get involved in complex ideological controversies with western leaders. Rouhani wants to focus on dealing with high inflation, and reducing unemployment by focusing on job development. To accomplish these goals it requires coming to an agreement with western powers.This means confronting the issue of an atomic bomb. Experts suspect that Rouhani will NOT solve economic problems that endanger the future of the Iranian nation.

It is expected that about 80% of his nominees will be approved and conservatives will reject about 20% to prove they will not be bullied. The US must support Rouhani.