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Betrayal of Iraquis

Among the ongoing tragedies of the Iraq War is American failure to provide visas to Iraqis who risked their lives in order to provide assistance to the war effort in their nation. Hundreds died because they worked for the Americans, hundreds witnessed their lives torn to pieces by fear and hatred from insurgents who wanted to exact revenge on anyone who assisted the American war effort. Of course, the Bush administration promised these individuals a visa to America when it came time to depart Iraq. This is simply another example of a Bush promise which turned out to be simply another Bush lie.

We do not know how many have been murdered or had their families slain because they worked with Americans. We do know that of 25,000 promised visas only 5,000 have been given to Iraq people who supported the Bush war. George is back in  Texas chopping wood while thousands of Iraqis are shopping for an exit from hell.

No More War Says Public!

Latest polls reveal that public opinion in the United States and England is not very supportive of providing military assistance to rebels fighting in Syria. Some in Congress such as Senator John McCain are demanding that President Obama arm rebels and take a more pro-active role in the Syrian civil war. A survey in America shows 42% in favor of regime change and 15% for such action. In England 57% oppose arming rebels and 15% favor this assistance. When asked about the  war in Iraq, 53% of  Democrats believe it was a mistake while 72% of Republicans still cling to the belief we had to enter Iraq to destroy the ever  elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Unfortunately, few Americans have read information which proves conclusively that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair lied to their publics. If the truth were known, a much higher percent of Americans and people in England would still cling to their naive view of what happened in 2003 in Iraq.

Young Soldiers Only Die

His name is Tomas Young, he is simply a man who went to war-for what he thought were the right reasons and only realized that  he had been betrayed. Mr. Young joined the army after 9/11 and went off to war in Iraq because his president told him that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. On his initial days in Iraq, a bullet hit his spine and another bullet his his knee. He would never walk again as he did in younger days. Mr. Young suffers from pain and is under medication. He sent a last letter of his life to former President Bush and his partner in crime, one Dick Cheney

His letter noted that thousands such as himself had gone to war under the belief the war was justified. “I and millions who served know fully well who you are and what you have done. You may evade justice, but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, plunder and finally of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans–my fellow veterans whose future you caused to exist.”

Mr. Young has decided to die.

Petraeus Torture Surge

It has entered American lore that General David Petraeus is among the great military leaders this nation has known. He marshalled his forces to defeat at least 20,000 Muslim insurgents-who lacked tanks, heavy weapons, artillerty or planes. His famous “surge” supposedly ended violence in Iraq. Of course violence continues today. A new report indicates that Colonel James Steele, who  worked in Central America training members of the military to  torture people, was sent to Iraq to work with General Petraeus. According to Steele, he  was the “eyes and ears out on the ground in Iraq” for Petraeus. Colonel James Coffman worked with Steele.

General Muntadher al-Samari worked with Steele and Coffman and now claims: “they knew everything that was going on there…the torture, the most horrible kinds of torture.” According to the Guardian, each detention center had an interrogation committee which used all means of torture to make the detainee confesss like using electricity or hanging him upside down, pulling out their nails and beating them on sensitive parts of the body.

Yes, General Petraeus, you are a great hero, but not in the form of ability of great American generals who won battles against brilliant armies. And, they did not resort to torture.

Does Brennan Have A Drone In His Life?

President Barack Obama has nominated John Brennan for the post of head of our CIA. Mr. Brennan has played a key role in use of drone planes and thus has aroused concern among many members of Congress. Ironically, this is one topic which has brought together Conservatives and Liberals, those who support Obama and those who hate Obama, and particularly those who believe the United States of America represents democratic and moral values. Obama, former teacher of Constitutional law, has wrapped his brain around the idea that a president has the  constitutional right to kill anyone, anywhere-provided that he has reflected on the murder and concluded killing this person is OK.

Regardless of paper work presented by the president in the end, authorizing murder in a far off land rests in the hands of the president of the United States. There is overwhelming evidence that while hundreds of bad guys have been killed so have hundreds  of innocent humans.

President Obama has opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box. Does American society wish A president to possess the power of life and death? If today, OK Over There, is tomorrow, OK, Over Here??

Say, That Famous Surge….

Senator  John McCain subjected prospective future Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to a brutal  cross examination because Hagel would not agree the famous “surge” of former General David Petraeus worked in Iraq. McCain insisted that “history” proved it did. Yesterday, in that same country of Iraq once again suicide bombers killed a few dozen people when they drove their car into a government building in Kirkuk and followed up with gun toting men blasting away. Senator McCain, every day another suicide bomber is blowing himself up in Iraq. Every day another group of al-Qaeda operatives are dying in order to kill and main fellow Iraqis. Yet, you insist the “surge worked.”

Reality is the “surge” did reduce the  level of death by insurgents in  Iraq, but it did NOT end violence, it did not crush al-Qaeda and it did not end the need for troops on the ground. At this point, they are  Iraqi soldiers and they fight and die every day in the aftermath of the famous “surge” that ended violence in Iraq!

Benghazi Redeux

The Republican party is very concerned about the death of Americans which has led to their crusade for uncovering the death of four Americans in Libya in the city of  Benghazi. On Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted and hit her head. John Bolton, a former ambassador in the Bush administration, charged she was faking it in order to avoid testifying about Benghazi. Let me get this straight:

1. Republicans are not interested in how or why 5,000 Americans died in Iraq.

2. Republicans are not interested why 2,000 Americans have died in Afghanistan.

3. Republicans are not interested in ensuring those without work have access to unemployment insurance.

4. Republicans are not interested in providing  children health care in order to prevent early childhood deaths.

BUT, they want to know why or how FOUR Americans died!!

Failure Of Military Policy

An ongoing myth about American military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq is the performance of our generals. General David Petraeus is held aloft as a shining example of “success”in Iraq. Supposedly his famous “surge”did something, but what it accomplished is very unclear. Al-Qaeda still operates in Iraq, it continues killing and bombing  years after the “surge”allegedly accomplished its goals. The American military establishment rewarded incompetence in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During WWII, Chief of Staff General George Marshall relieved from command a few dozen generals for failure to aggressively lead soldiers into battle. Not a single American general has been relieved of command despite the ineffective General Tommy Franks who initially led troops into Iraq. We have excellent officers from major on down, the problem lies with those in leadership positions.

Kurds And Iraq Standoff

It is nearly a decade since American troops were sent into Iraq in the infamous search for Weapons of Mass Destruction. The result has been chaos for the people of Iraq in addition to obtaining new rights to make decisions without fear of a mad dictator killing anyone. Among the many cans of worms that were opened in Iraq is the conflict between Kurds and Iraqis. Kurds do not wish to be ruled by any Iraq government which has led to creation of their own nation and armed force. Technically, the Kurds are still part of Iraq-in name only.

Unfortunately for the Iraq government there is plenty of oil in Kurdish areas and they want control of that resource. Kurds have warned the Iraq government to steer clear of any area that is under their control. The Kurdish government sent 125 tanks to surround Kirkuk  as a warning to  the Iraq government.

Hardly a month goes by without some problem arising in Iraq. I wonder what Bush and his buddies think about these events.

Bush Iraq “Success” Lives ON

In March, 2003 President Bush was informed by UN inspectors there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq that had ever been found by their investigations. But, George Bush and his cronies, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney knew better. He was determined to rid the world of the evil tyrant, Saddam Hussein and thus unleashed the American army. A decade has passed and now Iraq is run by Muslim clerics who want all the oil that is within their borders. Unfortunately for them, Kurdish people  do not want to be ruled by Shiite clerical folk and  have carved out their own area and control their own oil.

Turkish prime Minister Recep Erdogan charged the Iraq Maliki government with attempting to suck his nation into the possible civil war between Kurds and Iraqis. “The (Baghdad) regime wants to lead this country into a civil war” and he will not oblige Maliki. Turkey  fears Kurdish elements in Iraq, Kurds want to help fellow Kurds in Turkey, Maliki wants oil the is in Kurdish areas, and life goes on.

George, are you happy to have helped cause this mess?