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Christians In Middle East Get Screwed

In March, 2003 about 800,000 Christians were living in Iraq under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. At that point in their lives, George Bush who had been “saved” and now loved God decided to send an invading army into Iraq in order to drive out Saddam Hussein. Along with this  army came Muslim clerics seeking to enforce the ideas of sharia law upon one and all. As Muslim clerics gained power in Iraq Christians decided this was not the place they wanted to be even though they had been there for nearly 2,000 years. So, about 500,000 have upped and left.

Syria is torn apart by a new wave of Muslims who want to overthrow the evil dictator, Bashar al-Assad. Of course, this has resulted in a conflict among Syrian Christians. As rebels enter cities like Homs they proceed to hunt down Assad followers. Of course, many Christians supported Assad because he had enough sense to  protect them against Muslim religious fanatics. There is growing concern among Syrian  Christians as to whether they should adopt the Iraq Christian model and flee. The problem is: where is there a country in the Middle East that would welcome Christians and allow freedom of religion?

The jihadist who arrives in Syria not only  seeks to drive out Assad, but all of his followers and that includes Christians. So, where do they go?

Is The United States Guilty Of Violating Laws?

The United Nations has decided to initiate investigations into whether or not use of drone planes violates international law. There is no question that drone attacks have not only led to the death of militants, they have caused the death of hundreds of innocent civilians. Earlier this year, Ben Emmerson, a UN special  rappoteur, in a speech at the Harvard Law School said killing of civilians who were attending funerals could be construed as an example of a war crime. “together with my  colleague Christof Heyns(Un special rappoteur on extra-judician killlings), I will be launching an investigation unit withint he special  procedures of the Un Human Rights Council to inquire into drone attacks.”

Mr. Emmerson also noted;

Secret detention is unlawful as a matter of international law.

Waterboarding is always  torture. Torture is an international crime.

When  will the United States accept the concept of international law?

Iraq And Turkey

Nujri al Maliki has been warned by the Turkish government to cease aiding Syria and there are even hints of possible entry into northern Iraq by Turkish soldiers to hunt down Kurdish rebels. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan believes that due to Iraq’s close relations with Iran supplies  from that nation to Syria are being transported across Iraq. Maliki insists no such thing is occurring. Of course, this is difficult to believe given the Iranian influence in Iraq.

Maliki urged Syrians of all backgrounds to sit down and resolve this minor problem. Undoubtedly, he wanted them to follow his peaceful resolution of problems with Sunni Iraqis by attempting to arrest and imprison his own vice president who is Sunni. Beware of Maliki when is involves solving Middle Eastern problems.

Kill The Muslim!

One of the joys resulting from departure of American soldiers from Iraq is knowing the idiocy which reigns in that nation is now the result of Muslims vs Muslims. Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, fled Iraq because he knew Shiite President Nouri al-Maliki was going to kill him and get rid of a prominent Sunni. Hashemi is now in Turkey where Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is protecting his fellow Muslim. A Turkish diplomat stated the obvious, “sentencing the country’s vice president is an absurd situation. This is obviously a political decision.”

Iraq requires cooperation between Sunnis and Shiites. Maliki already has driven over 400,000 Iraqi Christians from the country. He allowed Muslim fanatics to attack Christians. Maliki does not want peace, he wants a victory over Sunnis to restore “honor” to Shiites and he wants revenge for the horror of Sunni leadership during the past few decades.

Revenge may be sweet, but it is terrible politics and will not restore peace.

TuTu Toots Dislike Of Blair!

Tony Blair used to be prime minister of England and was a close buddy of that great American statesman–George Bush. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was supposed to attend a conference in Johanneburg and share a platform with Mr. Blair. He made clear that any decent moral human could not be on the same platform with a man who lied to the people of England and lied to the world about Iraq.

Blair insisted there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq even though provided evidence that no such installations were present in the country. Tutu is right, Tony Blair proceeded to send hundreds of English men to their deaths in search of WMD that never existed and Blair knew they did not.]

A spokesperson for Blair responded, “as far as Iraq is concerned they have always disagreed about removing Saddam by force-such disagreement is part of healthy discourse.”  The issue is not Saddam, the issue is lying about the causes of war!


Wikileaks Aided Al Qaeda?

The case of Bradley Manning continues to haunt the American way of justice since it reveals an arrogant attempt by the American government to silence a crtic. It is simply one further example of former Constitutional professor Barack Obama violating human rights. Manning is responsible for the famous Wikileaks that opened to the world what American diplomats said to one another.

David Coombs, lawyer for Manning, is concerned about the charge that Bradly “aided the enemy.” No evidence has ever been presented how al-Qaeda or the Taliban used Wikileaks to kill or wound any American soldier. As Coombs notes: “It defies all logic I think that a terrorist will farfe bertter in an American court for aiding the enemy than a US soldier would.”

Obama- name the example of when Wikileaks led to deaths. It is one thing to reveal with an ambassador said about a foreign government and another when information is provided the enemy to kill American personnel.

Joe Walsh New Republican Hero

Republican Congressman Joe Walsh is being attacked by the LIBERAL media because he  speaks the truth regarding his opponent, Tammy Duckworth. OK, so she lost two legs fighting in Iraq, big deal. Does Tammy know how much time Joe had to spend securing money from Tea Party patriots? Does Tammy know how much ass he had to lick of wealthy donors in order to raise money to help his campaign preventing whining Iraq war veterans to get into Congress?

Yes, Joe was right to say Ms. Duckworth was NOT a hero because she fought in Iraq. After all, how can you term a soldier a hero who allows the enemy to knock off her legs? If she displayed intelligence and ability, no rag head al-Qaeda terrorist would have wounded her. As Joe told CNN Ashleigh Banfeld, “I don’t regret anything I said.”

So, you liberals, cease attacking a man like Joe who had enough intelligence not to fight in Iraq. Do you know someone can get killed fighting in wars. Ask Dick Cheney, he got seven draft deferments during the Vietnam War because he had more important things to do like make money.

Blair Blares His Ideas

Once upon a time Tony Blair was an important man. He was prime minister of England and a close pal of the president of the United States, one  George Bush. Tony confessed that he would love to be prime minister of his country, but doubted if anyone had the intelligence to give him power one more time. He apparently hungers to have the reign of power in his hands. Ah Tony, there are a few hundred dead British men who might have a different interpretation of you and your quest  for power.

Blair was provided evidence -Prior to the Invasion of Iraq– that NO Weapons of Mass Destruction– existed. He ignored what he was told, and went along with the   man from Texas and  sent British soldiers to their death. Tony Blair did not tell the truth. Why would the people of England once again offer him an opportunity to fabricate stories of WMD?

Goodbye Syria, Hello Jordan, Turkey, etc…

The saga of Syria continues to provide evidence of divided loyalties and anger among those who either are the victims or the  perpetrators of crime. A Colonel in the Syrian air force flew his jet to Jordan, left the plane, got on the ground and thanked Allah for allowing him to leave the land of murder and pillage. A few months ago two Syrian Generals departed for Turkey. These departures do not mean there is evidence of mass defections. Frankly, the Syrian top level military and its air force are heavily manned by pro Assad men.

A basic problem is that top level leaders in Syria are from the Alawite minority or the Christian minority or those who make lots of money by supporting Assad. Loyal Asssad folk fear the triumph of Sunni Muslims, just gaze over to Iraq where 400,000 of the 800,000 Iraqi Christians have fled persecution by Shiite Muslims. Iraq has frightened those who are not part of the Sunni  majority.

We fear in Syria there is simply another example of the Bush legacy of confusion, fear and hate that emerged from the failed American invasion of Iraq.

Oil Wars Continue In Middle East

Sanctions  continue imposing serious strains on the government of Iran even as it defies common sense in order to proceed with development of atomic bomb capability. Unfortunately for Iran, their buddies in Iraq are hell bent to develop oil production and become a dominant player in the oil game. Iraq oil production is now 2.5 million barrels a day, they will add another 500,000 next year, and by 2017  could produce 10 million barrels a day. So, who needs Iranian oil?

Of course, with oil money comes the inevitable corruption that leads some to become wealthy. Oil money is now an issue for the Maliki government which does not wish to share it with Kurds in the north. Ironically, Shiite Iraq may prove a key partner in the struggle to control Shiite Iran. The trouble with being guided by ideology in Iran is that reality is a more important factor.

Oil production is booming in America and elsewhere due to fracturing methods of extraction. If Iran had common sense, it would compromise.