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Democracy In Iraq

Nine long, long years ago, the American people were informed by their beloved leader, George Bush, and the dynamic duo of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld that we simply had to invade Iraq, not only to destroy the WMD which threatened our existence, but to bring the benefits of democracy to the people of Iraq. We sent in troops, we killed Saddam Hussein, we ended his dictatorship and in the process we forced 500,000 of  Iraq’s 800,000 Christians to flee for their lives. Instead of Saddam, they now had the “democratic” government of Shiite leader, Nouri al-Maliki.

Maliki has instituted a reign of terror against the former dominant Sunni community. After allowing a Sunni to become vice prime minister, he then charged Tariq al-Hashemi with creating death squads whose goal was to gain control of the government. Hashemi fled the nation and now will be tried in absentia. He has decided not to attend this trial. “I have a great lack of confidendce and mistrust about the standards of justice.”

I wonder if George Bush during those hours chopping wood ever ponders about the “democracy” he brought to Iraq??

Mess In Iraq

After ten years of distortion and lies, most Americans have forgotten that our former president named George Bush promised that by overthrowing Saddam Hussein, we would bring democracy to the people of Iraq. Eight years have passed. During that time period over 500,00 of Iraq’s 800,000 Christians have fled to avoid death in the democracy of Muslim fanatics. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is waging war against his own Sunni vice president, Talriq al-Hashemi who ran to Kurdistan and chaos reigns.

Maliki has angered Kurds, he has frightened Sunnis and allowed al-Qaeda to gain new power in Iraq. No democracy exists in Iraq. It is a jumbled land led by men who want to impose their brand of the Muslim religion. I wonder what George thinks about his crusade for democracy as he chops wood in Texas.

Can A Muslim State Respect Religions?

The Arab Spring has spread through the Middle East leaving in its wake newly strong Islamic political parties which  are ready to  assume control of their nations. Turkey historically in the 20th century displayed respect for all religions since secular groups led the country. However, since the triumph of the government of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, Turkey has been witnessing growing intolerance toward its Christian minority. Pastor Semih Serlek recounts the forced entry into his church by a group of Muslim youth who demanded that he recite Muslim prayers. Many pastors report harrassment of Christians by militants and failure of the government to protect non-Muslims.

Turkey is at a crossroads and its Muslim government must decide whether or not to respect those who are not Muslim. Denying the righ to build new churches, allowing militants to  attack non-Muslims and displaying a lack of support for Christians will only exacerbate religious  violence. It will also doom any chance to enter the European Union.

Pilot Goes Nuts!

The Jet  Blue  plane left Kennedy airport on its ways to Las  Vegas where passengers could indulge themselves in hours of winning or losing money. Suddenly, the cockpit door opened, the pilot  began to scream;  “they’re going to take us down. They’re taking us down. Say the Lord’s prayer, Say the Lord’s prayer.” He was disoriented, rambling about bombs on the plane and how al-Qaeda was going to kill them. Several male passengers jumped on the pilot, pushed him to the ground and refused to allow him to move. A passenger was a pilot and he entered the cockpit to assist the co-pilot in landing the  plane.

This is undoubedly an isoloted example of paranoia. However, we do live in a society in which Republicans running for the presidential nomination shout and scream that the world is ending. So, why is it surprising that a pilot on a plane begins to act our their hysteria?

Religion Leads To Death

Europe  had its hundred years of religious death and destruction before all agreed for a time out. Of course, the time out lasted until World War II when Germany decided to renew death and destruction of those whose religion was not the majority of people in a nation. The Middle  East daily is witnessing religion play a role in murder of the innocent. The Shiite government of Iraq has charged Sunni political leaders with being traitors while the Shiite President Bashar al-Assad has charged Sunnis with being behind the rebellion which has now lasted nearly a year.

Last week, 16 bomb blasts rocked Baghdad. Prime Minister Maliki  blamed it on Sunni militants. Vice Prime Minister Tariq al Hashemi, currently in Kurdistan to prevent his arrest by Maliki, told the media, “those who are behind all these explosions and incidents (were) part  of the government security forces.” Heck, Hitler used the same tactic to gain power, created a false fire scare in parliament and blamed it on communists.

The unanswered question is: are Assad and Maliki attempting to create bomb incidents in order go provide evidence they can attack Sunnis?

Drones Make Mistake!

President Obama and the US military insist that drones never make a mistake. When a drone spots a house in which there is a man who the drone knows is a militant, then the missile kills the right person. Turkish planes were alerted by a drone that Kurdish rebels were moving toward their border, so planes blasted away at the enemy. It turns out the “militants” were simply a group of smugglers who had loaded up goods on their donkeys and horses in order to do some honest smuggling. At least 35 are now dead and others are wounded.

The tragedy if that American officials and military “experts” insist that planes thousands of feet in the air are always right when blasting “militants” on the ground. America played this game during the Vietnam war when thousands of innocent Vietnamese were killed by plane attacks as part of the “body count” game that enabled the US military to proclaim it was winning the body war against the Viet Cong. The game goes on only today the body count is a Taliban or a member of al-Qaeda. Don’t you believe a drone knows what goes on in the mind of someone it is killing?

Goodbye Iraq, Hello Iraq?

The last American soldiers are leaving the free democratic nation of Iraq after eight long years of fighting. In theory, they depart from a nation which finally has got rid of its dictator and can enjoy the blessings of democracy. A day after US troops left, Baghdad was rocked with explosions that left 67 people dead and dozens wounded. But,  the bigger explosion  came, not from terrorists, but the government of Iraq. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, waited until Americans were gone to announce that Iraq’s Vice Prime ministe Tariq al-Hashemi was a traitor who tried to kill him.

Mr. Hashemi is a Sunni, not a Shiite as is Maliki. Other Sunni ministers are being charged with treason. Strange, only Sunni ministers betray the country. Hashemi took refuge in Kurdistan and Maliki is now threatening that area. He warned if they do not turn over Hashemi, it will lead to “problems.” I assume the “problems” will not entail use of American troops.

Sorry people of Iraq, YOU have a “PROBLEM!” And, it sure is not the United States!

US Goes, Sectarian Conflict Arrives

Just as the last American troops were preparing to depart from Iraq the new  war began in that country over who rules and who does not rule. The Iraq government of Prime Minister Maliki has been based on cooperation between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Ah, that was yesterday and today without Americans to pester anyone, the new world of Shiite control has appeared. Maliki charged Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi with plotting to kill him and other Shiite leaders. Bodyguards of the vice president confessed– during interrogation, that is.

Ah, but Maliki is not yet done with consolidating power. He asked for a vote of no confidence in his Sunni deputy prime minister Saleh al-Mutlaq on charges that he was incompetent. Gee, American troops leave, and suddenly Sunni leaders are charged with crimes. Actually, I thought being incompetent and corrupt was a given in the Maliki administration. I guess it only applies to those who are Sunni.

I  await new terror attacks. Don’t you?

Gen. Franks Frankly A Liar!

General Tommy Franks who played a key role in the George Bush fiasco in Iraq opposes making military decisions based on political concerns. “If we take action both in Afghanistan and Iraq based on what is politically viable then we’re making the wrong decisions.” Of course, during planning stages of the war in Iraq, then General Shinseki warned about the lack of sufficient troops on the ground, but “General” Rumsfeld knew more than an experienced field officer. And, who  backed up Rumsfeld? The name was Franks.

Of course, Franks still maintains “what we did in the first place and in fact that was to removed a sanctuary where people President George Bush  referred to an evildoers could plan our demise with impunity.” Huh!

1. There were no members of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Saddam Hussein hated them.

2. There were no WMD in Iraq.

3. The Iraq army was a joke as well as being demralized.

4. So how and with what could Saddam plan our “demise??”

General Franks is a damn liar!

Violence In Sands Of Iraq

A certainty of life is that before the week concludes there will be at least one story concerning disputes between Sunni and Shiite Iraqians. A western      desert area known as  Al Nukhaib is providing opportunities for the two  religious factions to kill one another. A recent bus trip by some Shiites into the area led to the murder of  22 pilgrims headed to pray. Now, there are signs in the region demanding retribution for these murders.

About a third of the area is desert punctuated by valleys and hills. There are numerous caves which are perfect for terrorist groups seeking to kill someone for some reason. Nukaib’s  most important feature is that one must go throuth it in order to head for Saudi Arabia and pray in Mecca.

Let me get this straight. Religious Muslims want to pray. Other religious Muslims want to kill them because they entered this area in order to pray. I guess it makes sense, at least to those living in Iraq. Ah, for the days when Christians killed one another over  some reason.