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Syrians Go Home

An interesting shift in populations is now occurring in Syria. As thousands of militants enter the country to kill either those supporting President Assad or those who oppose the man in Damascus, thousands more are attempting to get the hell out of the hell. Syrian Kurds are heading for the Kurdish state in northern Iraq in hope of finding some peace and quiet. During the past week an estimated 20,000 crossed the border and are now in Kurdish land. Of course, the arrival of thousands without money or jobs does create a few minor problems for those in Iraq. Fortunately, there are well armed Kurdish militias to handle attacks from those who hate Syrian Kurds.

I suspect we need to gather together militants entering Syria and find them places where they can kill one another without bothering local Syrians who simply want to live something like a normal life. Most probably, if one is a Kurd in Syria, it is best to get the hell out of the country and seek refuge with fellow Kurds.

Is there any land of refuge for Syrian Christians? I would advice not entering Egypt.

Wikileaks Charges – Fairy Tale

The United States has confronted many enemies during the past century, individuals and states that threatend the very existence of our society. Bradley Manning, a private in the US Army, released to the world documents whose viewing by enemy forces would result in death to members of the Amercan military. For example, he showed the world video clips of US Apache Helicopters blasting away at civilians in Iraq including two Reuters correspondents. Bradley’s defense lawyer, David Coombs wants the world to note “there are two reporters there-standing on a street corner and being shot like fish in a barrel.” So, how do these videos aid and assist al-Qaeda?

Actually, Private Manning should receive a medal for uncovering a war crime committed by American soldiers. If uncovering war crimes is a crime, then America should apologize to the people of Germany and Japan for  executing people from those nations who committed war crimes. Today, those who expose are exposed to prison for exposing crimes!

Boom, Boom, Boom In Iraq

Was it ten years ago when the dynamic trio of Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney decided America had to wipe out evil Weapons of Mass Destruction and bring peace and democracy to the oppressed people of Iraq. After all, they were ruled by an evil  man named, Saddam Hussein. Of course, the US never said a word during the 1980s when Saddam gassed his own people, but the evil  man then was a good man who had invaded evil Iran. American troops left Iraq last year with knowledge that after ten years of learning about democracy the people of Iraq were now prepared to live in harmony and peace with one another.

Yesterday,at least 86 people in Shiite and Sunni areas of Iraq died at the hand of  suicide bombers. About 150 were wounded. This has been the pattern throughout the month. Under Saddam, the Sunni, those who adhere to Shiite belief were oppressed. Naturally, it is only fair now that Shiites are in power for them to oppress Sunni. Hopefully, Muslims in the Middle East know it  took European Christians over a hundred years to live in peace with one another. Ninety years to go?

Civil War Again

Since the end of World War II, the United States has intervened in a series of civil wars only to discover getting caught in the middle of a civil war is the most certain way to get caught in an endless conflict which can only be resolved by those engaged in this war. First, we attempted to resolve the Korean civil war, then we attempted to resolve the Vietnam civil war, later we sought to solve the Afghanistan civil war and then the Iraq civil war. In each case, outside forces were not able to handle internal conflict. During the past few days in Baghdad fourteen died and then 34 died in a Shiite sector of the city.

These failures should make Americans think twice before getting involved in the Syrian  civil war. Find a Germany or Japan to fight–and make certain we fight the war alongside allies!

Guantanamo Forever!

After the end of World War II, trials were held for those who led the Nazi government as well as for generals. Many were found guilty, some were executed and others placed in jail. Of course these criminals had murdered over 30 million people as well as raped millions and destroyed vast areas of land. In theory, those who fought against US forces in Afghanistan were supposedly to be either placed in prison and put on trial or….. At this point, it is unclear what the “or” was. Over a hundred prisoners are still in Guantanamo and there are no trials, no  charges brought against anyone, just endless hours and days of jail time. I imagine this group was responsible for, not millions, but hundreds of deaths.

Over 100 prisoners are on hunger strikes, at least 21 are being forced fed. The horror that is Guantanamo goes on and on. President Obama would like to close the prison, but, like always, he lacks the guts to do anything requiring moral courage.

Fact: Nearly all the 166 prisoners have been held without any charges filed agaisnt them. If they are guilty, place them on trial, if not, do the morally correct act-set them free.

Betrayal of Iraquis

Among the ongoing tragedies of the Iraq War is American failure to provide visas to Iraqis who risked their lives in order to provide assistance to the war effort in their nation. Hundreds died because they worked for the Americans, hundreds witnessed their lives torn to pieces by fear and hatred from insurgents who wanted to exact revenge on anyone who assisted the American war effort. Of course, the Bush administration promised these individuals a visa to America when it came time to depart Iraq. This is simply another example of a Bush promise which turned out to be simply another Bush lie.

We do not know how many have been murdered or had their families slain because they worked with Americans. We do know that of 25,000 promised visas only 5,000 have been given to Iraq people who supported the Bush war. George is back in  Texas chopping wood while thousands of Iraqis are shopping for an exit from hell.

No More War Says Public!

Latest polls reveal that public opinion in the United States and England is not very supportive of providing military assistance to rebels fighting in Syria. Some in Congress such as Senator John McCain are demanding that President Obama arm rebels and take a more pro-active role in the Syrian civil war. A survey in America shows 42% in favor of regime change and 15% for such action. In England 57% oppose arming rebels and 15% favor this assistance. When asked about the  war in Iraq, 53% of  Democrats believe it was a mistake while 72% of Republicans still cling to the belief we had to enter Iraq to destroy the ever  elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Unfortunately, few Americans have read information which proves conclusively that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair lied to their publics. If the truth were known, a much higher percent of Americans and people in England would still cling to their naive view of what happened in 2003 in Iraq.

Young Soldiers Only Die

His name is Tomas Young, he is simply a man who went to war-for what he thought were the right reasons and only realized that  he had been betrayed. Mr. Young joined the army after 9/11 and went off to war in Iraq because his president told him that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. On his initial days in Iraq, a bullet hit his spine and another bullet his his knee. He would never walk again as he did in younger days. Mr. Young suffers from pain and is under medication. He sent a last letter of his life to former President Bush and his partner in crime, one Dick Cheney

His letter noted that thousands such as himself had gone to war under the belief the war was justified. “I and millions who served know fully well who you are and what you have done. You may evade justice, but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, plunder and finally of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans–my fellow veterans whose future you caused to exist.”

Mr. Young has decided to die.

Petraeus Torture Surge

It has entered American lore that General David Petraeus is among the great military leaders this nation has known. He marshalled his forces to defeat at least 20,000 Muslim insurgents-who lacked tanks, heavy weapons, artillerty or planes. His famous “surge” supposedly ended violence in Iraq. Of course violence continues today. A new report indicates that Colonel James Steele, who  worked in Central America training members of the military to  torture people, was sent to Iraq to work with General Petraeus. According to Steele, he  was the “eyes and ears out on the ground in Iraq” for Petraeus. Colonel James Coffman worked with Steele.

General Muntadher al-Samari worked with Steele and Coffman and now claims: “they knew everything that was going on there…the torture, the most horrible kinds of torture.” According to the Guardian, each detention center had an interrogation committee which used all means of torture to make the detainee confesss like using electricity or hanging him upside down, pulling out their nails and beating them on sensitive parts of the body.

Yes, General Petraeus, you are a great hero, but not in the form of ability of great American generals who won battles against brilliant armies. And, they did not resort to torture.

Does Brennan Have A Drone In His Life?

President Barack Obama has nominated John Brennan for the post of head of our CIA. Mr. Brennan has played a key role in use of drone planes and thus has aroused concern among many members of Congress. Ironically, this is one topic which has brought together Conservatives and Liberals, those who support Obama and those who hate Obama, and particularly those who believe the United States of America represents democratic and moral values. Obama, former teacher of Constitutional law, has wrapped his brain around the idea that a president has the  constitutional right to kill anyone, anywhere-provided that he has reflected on the murder and concluded killing this person is OK.

Regardless of paper work presented by the president in the end, authorizing murder in a far off land rests in the hands of the president of the United States. There is overwhelming evidence that while hundreds of bad guys have been killed so have hundreds  of innocent humans.

President Obama has opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box. Does American society wish A president to possess the power of life and death? If today, OK Over There, is tomorrow, OK, Over Here??