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You Gotta Go! NOW!

Every so often members of the Republican and Democratic party finally decide they can agree on something. Usually, that agreement has scant to do with the lives of the American people, but the issue concerns something far away. It is now unanimous in the Congress of the United States of America that Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki must depart from power if there is to be US military assistance. Maliki ended any opportunity for cooperation with Sunnis when he arrested the Sunni Vice President of Iraq, and proceeded to remove Sunni officers in the armed forces. The end result has been sectarian violence, and Sunni cooperation with the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers fled the battlefield which has resulted in the ability of an eight thousand man force wiping out the 100,000 man Iraq army.

Senator Diane Feinstein made clear, “Maliki has to go if you want reconciliation” while Republican Senator John McCain wants the President to “make very clear to Maliki that his time is up.” Naturally, Maliki insists he loves Sunnis. President Obama has made clear “we will aggressively attempt to impress upon that leader(Maliki) the absolute necessity of rejecting sectarian governance.”

This blog for years has been saying the same thing!

I Can Kill More Of You Guys!

Shiite forces are moving steadily towards Baghdad,and just what is most on the mind of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki? Most probably he just received a report from a police station just north of Baghdad where, prior to fleeing for their lives, police executed 44 Sunni prisoners. According to the officer in charge of these murders, “these people were detainees who were arrested in accordance with Article 4 serious offenses. They were killed by the policemen in the jail before they withdrew from the station.” Ho hum,another 44 dead. This obviously means that Shiites must execute a bunch of Shiites.

In all honesty, neither side requires any excuse for killing the other guys. Many in the Iraq government are pleading with Maliki to reach out to Sunni leaders and get their support. His response is since there is a crisis this is the wrong time to form a coalition. Huh? Unless this incompetent man makes a dramatic shift in thinking, it is a hopeless cause to send Americans into battle to aid his survival.

Death Is Punishment For Wrong Religion Sect

Throughout human history we humans have continually displayed the ability to uncover some reason in order to kill another human. Europeans spent a hundred years in the 1500s and 1600s slaughtering one another in the name of Christ. Protestants killed Catholics and Catholics killed Protestants and Christians united to kill Jews.It was a time when, regardless of one’s religious orientation, someone was ready to shoot or stab or chop off a head. So, the current madness of al-Qaeda or the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant(ISIL) is not surprising. ISIL has just released pictures of dozens of young men, probably captured Iraq soldiers, being led to grave sites and then gunned down by the dozens. Pictures of masked men are shown along with comments such as: “the filthy Shiites are killed by the hundreds. This is the destiny of Maliki’s soldiers.

The object of this tirade of hate is clear -anger Shiites in order to unleash a wave of murders against Sunnis. The goal is always, kill and murder in the name of God. Fortunately, Shiite Grand Ayatollah has urged his followers, “exert the highest possible level of restraint.” Some will. Unfortunately, some will not. We can expect retaliation followed by retaliation. Death is not proud in Iraq at this time in history.


Another crisis is confronting the American people. Right wing media are out in arms to depict President Obama as an incompetent leader who has failed to prevent the spread of terrorism in the Middle East. Every important American president has confronted a “crisis.” Every American president has been assailed by opponents as, “incompetent.” George Bush responded to criticism by simply lying through his teeth. Barack Obama has responded to every crisis by-silence! He refuses to become proactive. He prefers to allow the crisis to arise, and then comes across as being on the defensive. How did American presidents respond to crisis?

1. During the Cuba Missile Crisis, President John Kennedy appeared on television and reviewed issues confronting the nation. He explained how he would respond to the crisis.
2. In 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt confronted a nation that did NOT wish to confront Adolf Hitler. He began a series of “fireside chats” in which he discussed issues facing the American people and why it was important to take a stand against Nazism. Poll numbers revealed that he slowly, but surely, was persuading people that America could not avoid confronting Hitler. He also has private groups sending people around the nation discussing the importance of intervention.

The greatest public relations failure on the part of Barack Obama has been failure to adopt a proactive position. He should appear on television tonight. He should discuss, honestly, what are the causes of collapse in Iraq.

He must reach out to Iran and work with President Rouhani to ensure that Iranian troops go to Iraq to confront terrorism. This would provide a unique collaboration between t he US and Iran. It might even lead to resolution of our conflict over nuclear weapons.

Talk with America!!

America Fights To Give Iran More Power!

Once upon a time, the American government attempted to create conditions for peace in the country of Iraq, but each time this effort was attempted, forces of religious hate assumed control of the situation. American military leaders warned and warned the government of Prime Minister Nouri Maliki to work closely with Sunni leaders in order to establish stability and calm in the country of Iraq. Shiite Prime Minister Maliki had but one desire –establish a Shiite religious state that was akin to the wonderful Muslim government in Iran. So Maliki drove out Christians, and then proceeded to either jail or drive out Sunni leaders in order to create the perfect little nation of Shiite Iraq. He rejected US aid, he terrorized Sunnis, and guess what happened?

Sunni Iraqis fled to the arms of radical Muslim terrorists and made certain the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant became powerful. This group took control of Mosul and now threatens to march on Baghdad. Maliki makes Saddam Hussein come across as the guy you want to lead Iraq. The only good news for Maliki is that Iran is furious that its protege is being attacked. Iranian President Rouhani has pledged military support for Iraq soldiers.

Let me get this straight:

1. The US invaded Iraq in order to build a barrier against Iran.

2. Shiite Iraqi leaders want to work with Iran.

2. So, Americans are gone, and now we can expect the arrival of Iranian troops whose goal would be to preserve Iraq.

Iraq-What Went Wrong?

At this moment, an army of about 6,000 men is on the march toward the city of Baghdad as hundreds of thousands flee their homes. Iraq is a nation that contains millions of people, it has an armed force numbering over 100,000 but 6,000 well armed men have been able to easily defeat a demoralized force whose members simply lack faith in their government. During the past five years this blog has been repeatedly warning that a disaster awaits the people of Iraq. Why?

1. The government of Nouri al-Maliki has refused to provide a sense of equality to Sunnis. Their leaders have been removed from government positions, and to be a Sunni in Shiite Iraq means one is part of a persecuted group.
2. The government of Nouri al-Maliki has no organized plan to rebuild the economy.
3. The government of Nouri al-Maliki has not developed a sense of pride within the country. Half the Christian population has fled in fear of the Shiite government. Christians could have played an important role in an Iraq army because they fear terrorists seeking to impose sharia law.
4. The government of Nouri al-Maliki has refused to work with the Obama administration and use the talents of American soldiers in building a new army.

In other words, the success of terrorism can be laid to–Nouri al-Maliki.

What must be done?

1. A new inclusive government must be created.
2. Iran should be asked to provide soldiers in the fight against Sunni terrorism. The Shiite Iranian government does not want a triumphant Sunni government to rule Iraq.
3. Kurdish troops can be welcomed as part of a new Iraq which offers Kurds greater autonomy.

ISIL Now Rules In North Iraq!

I confess to confusion at failure of Fox News to present the wise words and wisdom of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld on what is occurring in Iraq. I assume that Don and Dick and their former buddy, George, are prepared to explain how their successful invasion of Iraq has now resulted in control of the second largest city, Mosul, by the most extreme Islamic group in the Middle East. Oh, I forgot, when Dick,Don, and George were in charge there was peace and prosperity in Iraq. Just ask General David Petraeus how he wiped out all evil doers during his famous, “surge.” Hundreds of members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant(ISIL) now control Mosul in northern Iraq. A city of 500,000 is now under control of Islamic terrorists. Thousands are fleeing the city.

Prime Minister Maliki is in a state of panic. He is now begging for American military assistance. Just two years ago he refused US aid because President Obama insisted that US military aid would be accompanied by trial of US soldiers in a military court, not an Iraq one. The government of Turkey is furious since members of their Consulate staff are now hostages to ISIL.

Say,has anyone thought of finding Saddam Hussein, or his buddies, and placing them back in charge of Iraq??

Flash! Fox News now reports the growth of ISIL was the result of President Obama making nasty remarks about gun control!!

Iraq Failed, Not US

As we all recall,it was in 2003 that American forces plunged into the mess in Iraq in order to bring the gift of democracy to people who had been living under one form or another of dictatorship since given their independence from England. There is no need to once again go into the ignorance of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld fiasco. Few in leadership positions in the American government had the slightest grasp of Iraq politics, let alone the difference between Shiite and Sunni religious enemies. Actually, at one point during the famous, Surge, Americans got it right and supported Sunni “Awakening Councils” which played a major role in defeating al-Qaeda. In other words, the US DID get it right.

So, Americans allowed an election, and since Shiites are the majority faction in Iraq, a Shiite became prime minister. Prime Minister Maliki was urged to create a coalition government that included Sunni leaders, especially those who were in the Awakening Council and hated al-Qaeda. So, what did Maliki do? He launched an attack on Sunni leaders, and the end result is that those who were ready to work with him, now work with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIL.

Yesterday, ISIL seized control of a college near Ramadi and dozens of students are hostages. This entire mess is the fault of Iraqis, it is the fault of Shiite leaders. So, for once, please don’t blame George Bush, he made enough mistakes to last a lifetime.

An American–British Tragedy

There is an old expression that each and every person, at one time or another in life, has stated: we all make mistakes. Yes, we all do. But, for most humans, the “mistake” we made impacted our lives more than any innocent bystander. For several years the British government has allowed the Chilcot Inquiry to dig into the record of why the war in Iraq. It has examined thousands of documents and had people like former Prime Minister Tony Blair appear and explain their actions. For some strange reason, their conclusions are not yet completely available to the public. However, it now appears at least some of the documents will be made public along with conversations between President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. We, of course, can expect many important documents will remain secret and many comments made by former President Bush will not be revealed. But, at least, we can gain access to some.

Among the mistakes made by President Obama was failure to appoint a bipartisan group to dig into the Iraq war and issue a conclusion. Five thousand Americans died and over 40,000 were wounded. They deserve to have their families know why this happened.

I assume, as far as Fox News is concerned, the real issue is Benghazi and the death of FOUR people.

Obama -The Clueless President

It increasingly is apparent that President Barack Obama has never devoted his intellectual focus upon developing a foreign policy theory. After World War II, the Containment Policy, initially developed by George Kennan, became the basis of how American foreign policy was conducted. The premise of this theory was to AVOID war with the Soviet Union and allow time to slowly, but surely, cripple that nation and lead to the arrival of a new group of leaders who understood the economic weaknesses of Communism. The war in Vietnam was a mistake because instead of containment, it was aggressive. Actually, from 1945 until its collapse the only war engaged in by the Soviet Union was the war in Afghanistan. Today in 2014, what is the foreign policy theory of Barack Obama? The answer is he lacks any guiding theory of acton.

Example, Iraq. Upon assuming office, President Obama made clear he wanted American forces to leave Iraq. That was a strategy, but that was not part of a theory of foreign policy. Prior to leaving the Obama administration allowed Nouri al-Maliki to gain power. In the hurry to depart, we left behind a man who hated Sunnis, drove any Sunni leader from power, and left Iraq to become the scene of a sectarian civil war in which Sunnis and Shiites killed one another. One result of lack of policy was allowing al-Qaeda to return to power as the defender of Sunnis against Shiites.

Ironically, due to lack of an Iraq policy, Iran stepped in to become the champion of their fellow Iraq Shiites. Yes, American troops are gone and now Iran is the main ally of Iraq due to its Maliki connection. Yes, it was important to depart, the issue was–when and how? President Obama never grasped the importance of those questions and today Iraq increasingly is becoming a failed state.