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Madness Of Iraq

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the president of the United States of America gathered around him some nice men who termed themselves “neo conservatives” and they desired to bring to the backward people of Iraq a “democratic government” which would bring peace, prosperity and health to one and all. It took several months,but finally the Bush man decided to dispatch a savior for the people of Iraq. The great General David Petraeus marshaled his forces and “defeated” the great army led by Osama bin Laden which had at least five thousand warriors. Once the great General had defeated the hordes of five thousand, peace and prosperity returned the land. There is scant doubt the Great General Petraeus who defeated the great armies of Osama bin Laden will go down in history with the American army which defeated the millions of German soldiers.

American soldiers departed Iraq and the great incompetent Prime Minister Maliki emerged to end any possible compromise with Sunni leaders and once again bring death, destruction and terrorism to the people of Iraq. Yesterday’s news was of another mass jail break. Nothing new. It was the Thursday jail break. Just wait to the mass one planned for Monday.

Oh where is David Petraeus now that we need him!

Nelson Mandela

Each day of my life is filled with stories about conflicts and anger and hate, learned men and women debate great issues of humankind. Senator Ted Cruz, graduate of Harvard rants about lazy poor people or Sarah Palin offers words of hate about single poor women attempting to raise her children in a slum apartment. Rarely, do I encounter from members of the Tea Party a word of compassion for those who survive under horrible conditions of life that only those who are poor understand. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to offer a compromise but insists that ALL Palestinians are terrorists while Iraq Prime Minister Maliki terrorizes the Sunni Muslims in the name of God. The word, “compromise,” the word, “compassion” is a stranger to the lips of all too many of our world leaders. Vladimir Putin abuses a mother whose crime is to mock God in a church, and a moment later he is concocting a secret deal with business leaders to abuse his office as president. “Love” is not a word that will be uttered by Putin or Mugabe in Africa or the head of the Ukraine.

Therefore, my days are always filled with joy reading about Nelson Mandela. Why does he possess the capacity to extend love and compassion to those who tortured and abused him? He is such an unusual person, he had the capacity to reach beyond the moment and link with the totality of life. He understood that if we humans can not be concerned about our fellow humans, then we are NOT truly human. The Tea Party spews words of hatred and anger towards a family seeking an opportunity to work, NOT to get government handouts! Nelson Mandela taught all humans the beauty and power of unlimited love and compassion to friend and enemy.

The cliche is that he was “a man for the ages.” No, he simply was “a man.” He simply was a man who actually believed in God and what God represents. That, we all are linked together as fellow humans-forever!

Price Of Sectarianism

American troops swept through Iraq and brought in their wake a new government for the people of Iraq. Under control of the Baath party for decades, Shiite Muslims were denied their rights to be equally involved in the government of their nation. Americans believed removal of Saddam Hussein would result in the formation of a government that would unite the nation and lead to creation of a democratic society. This goal could only arrive if booth Shiites and Sunnis were united and willing to share power. Alas, the United States supported the regime of Nouri al Maliki, among the most corrupt, incompetent and sectarian leaders in the country. He turned away from any collaboration with Sunni leaders, and, even worse, attempted to arrest Sunni leaders who were working in his government. Most eventually fled for their lives.

Muqtada al-Sadr, who played an important role during early months of the new regime now believes that sectarianism has destroyed the new country. He blames Prime Minister Maliki for the breakdown in efforts to form a government that includes all major groups. The result is non-stop death. This is simply another example of how the Bush administration destroyed any opportunity for a stable government.

Death Resides In Iraq

For some unknown reason, Death apparently enjoys life in Iraq since it is clear that he will not depart the ancient land which has witnessed for thousands of years the pleasure of his company. Since this spring about 5,000 people have been killed by terrorists and killings continue without halt. Naturally, since terorrists murder, it is the duty of the government to kill in retaliation. The government announded that it had killed eleven terrorists in order to make clear to al-Qaeda the response to their bloody campaign of terror was an invitation to Death to return for another visit. About 162 terrorsts have been executed for high crimes.

Perhaps, the first step to persuade Death to leave Iraq would be formation of a coalition government consisting of Sunnis and Shiites. It is time to bring people together rather than killing people together.

Death In Baghdad

Another day, another death, or should I say, 45 more deaths and a few dozen more wounded people in the city of Baghdad. A suicide bomber drove his car into a cafe and murdered the innocent whose only crime was to seek a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. So far this month nearly 400 innocent people are dead and hundreds wounded in violence that knows no end. In a village north of the capital, someone killed a policeman and his family, all in the name of some object of anger and hate. The goal is clear, kill everyone other than yourself and you have Baghdad to yourself.

No one claims responsibility, they just kill and maim. No one knows how to end these murders, but they certainly know how to murder. The beat goes on and on. One can only wonder if there is some end process?

Death At The Mosque

During the past few thousand years each religion has taken the opporunity to spread hatred and violence. Christians in Europe killed one another for a few hundred years and even today in Myanmar Buddhist priests lead mobs in attacks upon Muslims. In Israel a Jewish government oppresses Palestinians and denies them of equal rights. So, why should anyone be surprised at the almost daily bombings by Muslim fanatics against other Muslims? Some Sunni Muslims were departing a religious service only to be blown up by a Shiite bomb that murdered twelve innocent religious people. These deaths of those who simply wanted to begin their religious duty at the beginning of the Eid al-Adha holiday simply proves that Muslims are no different from Christians or Buddhists of whoever.

I wonder what a bomb thrower says to God when he reaches that place up in the sky? I murdered for you??

Syrians Go Home

An interesting shift in populations is now occurring in Syria. As thousands of militants enter the country to kill either those supporting President Assad or those who oppose the man in Damascus, thousands more are attempting to get the hell out of the hell. Syrian Kurds are heading for the Kurdish state in northern Iraq in hope of finding some peace and quiet. During the past week an estimated 20,000 crossed the border and are now in Kurdish land. Of course, the arrival of thousands without money or jobs does create a few minor problems for those in Iraq. Fortunately, there are well armed Kurdish militias to handle attacks from those who hate Syrian Kurds.

I suspect we need to gather together militants entering Syria and find them places where they can kill one another without bothering local Syrians who simply want to live something like a normal life. Most probably, if one is a Kurd in Syria, it is best to get the hell out of the country and seek refuge with fellow Kurds.

Is there any land of refuge for Syrian Christians? I would advice not entering Egypt.

Wikileaks Charges – Fairy Tale

The United States has confronted many enemies during the past century, individuals and states that threatend the very existence of our society. Bradley Manning, a private in the US Army, released to the world documents whose viewing by enemy forces would result in death to members of the Amercan military. For example, he showed the world video clips of US Apache Helicopters blasting away at civilians in Iraq including two Reuters correspondents. Bradley’s defense lawyer, David Coombs wants the world to note “there are two reporters there-standing on a street corner and being shot like fish in a barrel.” So, how do these videos aid and assist al-Qaeda?

Actually, Private Manning should receive a medal for uncovering a war crime committed by American soldiers. If uncovering war crimes is a crime, then America should apologize to the people of Germany and Japan for  executing people from those nations who committed war crimes. Today, those who expose are exposed to prison for exposing crimes!

Boom, Boom, Boom In Iraq

Was it ten years ago when the dynamic trio of Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney decided America had to wipe out evil Weapons of Mass Destruction and bring peace and democracy to the oppressed people of Iraq. After all, they were ruled by an evil  man named, Saddam Hussein. Of course, the US never said a word during the 1980s when Saddam gassed his own people, but the evil  man then was a good man who had invaded evil Iran. American troops left Iraq last year with knowledge that after ten years of learning about democracy the people of Iraq were now prepared to live in harmony and peace with one another.

Yesterday,at least 86 people in Shiite and Sunni areas of Iraq died at the hand of  suicide bombers. About 150 were wounded. This has been the pattern throughout the month. Under Saddam, the Sunni, those who adhere to Shiite belief were oppressed. Naturally, it is only fair now that Shiites are in power for them to oppress Sunni. Hopefully, Muslims in the Middle East know it  took European Christians over a hundred years to live in peace with one another. Ninety years to go?

Civil War Again

Since the end of World War II, the United States has intervened in a series of civil wars only to discover getting caught in the middle of a civil war is the most certain way to get caught in an endless conflict which can only be resolved by those engaged in this war. First, we attempted to resolve the Korean civil war, then we attempted to resolve the Vietnam civil war, later we sought to solve the Afghanistan civil war and then the Iraq civil war. In each case, outside forces were not able to handle internal conflict. During the past few days in Baghdad fourteen died and then 34 died in a Shiite sector of the city.

These failures should make Americans think twice before getting involved in the Syrian  civil war. Find a Germany or Japan to fight–and make certain we fight the war alongside allies!