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“This Is A Catholic Country”

I endeavor in life to respect the views and ideas of those who have deep and personal feelings about their religion. An incident in an Irish hospital in Ireland is now shaking the ideas of many Irish people concerning the issue of abortion. Savita Halappanavar and her husband had come to live and work in Ireland where he was a dentist. She was admitted to Galway University Hospital and was 17 weeks pregnant. She suffered a miscarriage and septicaemia when it became apparent that she was very ill. Although she was miscarrying doctors refused to carry out a medical termination because the foetus heartbeat was present.

Her husband begged the doctors for a termination but was told, “this is a Catholic country” and therefore any form of abortion was illegal. One can assume this means that even when a life of the mother is at risk, she must die in order that the foetus has a heart beat. There is something wrong about this situation. This is an issue of death as well as of life.

No To Abortion!

Northern Ireland is confronting the prospect that women will be able to obtain information regarding sexual issue and even secure an  abortion. The clinic, operated by  Marie Stopes International, will offer sexual and mental health and family planning services as well as treatment with non-surgical abortion and follow-up counseling. Hundreds of concerned citizens protested as this violation of their rights including dozens of men. There are reports that members of Protestant and Catholic churches in Northern Ireland sang humans and prayed for guidance from the guy up in the sky.

At least, the good news is thatProtestants and Catholics are finally cooperating on some issue. I realize the horror of being able to visit a health center and obtain information concerning the human body. Gee, imagine providing information to sexually transmitted diseases! What next, handing out condoms?Reality– women in Northern Ireland will do something if they become pregnant and do not want the child. Isn’t it better they work with trained medical professionals?

She Says Its Murder!

The Irish Parliament has been discussing a proposed bill that would allow abortion in the nation, but it failed by a vote of 109 v 20. I do not consider myself the most knowledgeable person on the subject of abortion so it was gratifying to learn from Deputy Michelle Mulherin what causes pregnancy and what can be done to halt attempts to give birth to have an  abortion.

Let the wise lady explain problems connected to the abortion issue. “In an ideal world there would be no undesired pregnancies and no unwanted babies. But we are far from living in an ideal world… Fornication I would say is probably the single most likely cause of unwanted pregnancies in the country.” She added that “abortion is murder.”

Gee, I never realized that fornication is the cause of abortions. Of course, fornication is the cause of any children so if fornication is bad to get women pregnant then why is is good to get women pregnant? I’m just asking.

Orange Not Allowed In Law Firm

The law firm of   Elizabeth R. Wellborn which is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida apparently is owned by those of Irish background. Fourteen of their employees decided on Friday pay day to all wear orange colored tee shirts which resulted in fury on the   part of their  bosses. As we all know,  for an Irish person, one wears green, not the hated orange of  those damn Protestants. The fourteen were fired  without notice or reason.

Let me make clear to these fourteen Americans  that those of the Irish faith hate anyone who belongs to orange Protestants and apparently your bosses linked your orange tee shirt with North Ireland Protestants. Perhaps, you guys should have worn  face masks since the Irish are not angry at Muslim terrorists.

Muslim Myths

A high percent of Americans believe Muslims from this country have gone to the Middle East or  Somalia in order to fight alongside religious fanatics. Every time a story is printed which identifies a Muslim engaged in violence some place in the world, it is certain to result in stories that American Muslims can not be trusted. A recent video from Somalia portrayed Jehad Mostafa, a University of California graduate, working with al-Shabab.

US government figures indicate about 40 American Muslims have gone overseas to fight with terrorist groups. Let’s look at the record

1. A few hundred American Jews went to Israel in 1948 to fight its war for independence, including several officers in the US Army.

2. Dozens of American Irish people have worked with the IRA, a terrorist group.

3. Hundreds of Americans volunteered to fight in the Canadian or British armies during WWII.

4. At least a few thousand Americans of German ancestry went to Nazi Germany and served in its armed forces.

Sos, 40 American Muslims have gone overseas to fight with terrorist groups!

Married Clergy Or No Clergy

Father Edward Daly, a highly respected Irish cleric who fought for the rights of Catholics in Northern Ireland has entered the fray and is now fighting for religious rights in his own church. As a senior cleric in the Catholic Church, Father Daly openly called for allowing priests to marry in order to save the church from its own problems. “There will always be a place in the church for a celibate priesthood, but there should also be a place for a married priesthood in the church.”

Father Daly points out the reality of a declining number of Irish born priests to serve the needs of the Irish people. The church has been compelled to bring in priests from other nations which does not address key issues. A foreign born priest may not be as successful in working with Irish people. Daly expressed that he found “heartbreaking” during his time as bishop that so many priests or prospective priests were forced to resign or were unable to get ordained because of the celibacy issue.

When will the Pope accept reality?

Women-Keep Your Bottom To Yourself!

Hollywood actor, Jeremy Irons is upset at the world. He is furious that government bodies pass legislation which controls the rights of men to place their hands on another person’s body. As far as he is concerned, if a man wants to place his hand on a woman’s butt, she should consider this as a compliment, not an insult. If you have a great butt, why not  share it with the world? Irons simply can not understand the attitude of women who reject friendly hand compliments from men.

There are too many people in power with little to do so they churn out laws to justify their jobs. I hope it’s a rash that will wear itself out. If a  man puts his hand on a woman’s bottom, any woman worth her salt can deal with it. It’s communication. Can’t we all be friendly?

I believe Irons has a point. If I wander down the street, spot an attractive woman– of course if you are  gay it could be an attractive man– what exactly is wrong if I walk up to her, plant a kiss, feel her boobs and invite the fair lass to join me in bed? I am quite receptive to a touch down below and some rubbing. Let’s all become friendly. At least if we are happy with one another, it will deal with the unhappiness in our economic lives!

Bombs Away In Ireland

Decades before there was any such thing as “Muslim terrorists,” the people of Ireland confronted issues of terrorism in their daily lives. Members of the Irish Republican Army resorted to murder, to bombs and to physical bullying of their opponents. Of course, they were fighting for “freedom,” and their right to govern themselves. According to Representative Pet King, who currently is conducting hearings into the issue of American Muslim terrorism, the IRA represented decent people and he was proud to contribute money to help them secure weapons. Two days ago in Northern Ireland, a policeman was leaving his home when he triggered off a booby-trap that left him dead. Yesterday, police found a van which had high explosives and was undoubtedly going to be used to kill innocent people. Yes, Pete King, they are simply “patriots” fighting for their rights!

No commentator in America will refer to these incidents of violence in Ireland because they were caused by white, Catholic men. If a Muslim uses violence, it is because the Muslim is a terrorist. If a white person uses violence, it is because he is a freedom fighter!

Congressman King On St. Patrick’s Day

As we write these words, a congressional hearing is taking place in Washington D.C. under the chairmanship of Congressman Pete King of Long Island. The hearings are designed to uncover evidence that al-Qaeda or some other Muslim fanatic group is securing recruits from among American Muslims. Congressman King for many years was a supporter of the Irish Republican Army(IRA) and when asked how he could justify being an active supporter of a terrorist group, he argued they were not killing Americans and they were really patriotic men and women. This is an interesting observation, particularly on St. Patrick’s day. We offer evidence of some of the “patriotic” activities carried on by King’s beloved IRA:

May 17, 1974, 26 civilians killed by IRA bombs in Dublin.

February 17, 1978, 12 civilians burned alive by the IRA.

August 15, 1998, A bomb blast in Omagh results in death of 2 babies and nine children.

I guess, as far as Pete King is concerned, none of the dead were Americans. Of course, they were IRISH!!

We seriously doubt the outcome of Pete King’s investigation will uncover evidence that American Muslims were ever responsible for 1% of the deaths caused by the IRA.

Pete King And Muslim “Menace”

Congressman Pete King of Long Island is a proud member of the Irish race who is concerned about those of the Muslim faith that seek violence. Yes, he is the same man who proudly supported the Irish Republican Army which killed dozens of people in its struggle against the Brits. IRA terrorists killed more innocent people than any combination of American Muslims, but King is not going to be deterred by “political correctness” when it comes to saving America. His upcoming hearings will “raise awareness of the radical threat within the United States from within the Muslim community.” After all, you could count on the fingers of one hand the number of so-called “Muslim violent acts.” But, it would take several pages to depict violence by members of the Irish community who supported the IRA’s campaign of violence in Ireland. We suggest, if King is interested in violence,” he might consider:

1. The rising radicalization within the Italian community posed by the Mafia. If we adhere to King standards, the presence of a few thousand members of the Mafia implicates the entire Italian American community.

2. The rising radicalization of the Jewish community in America, many of whose members support violent policies of the Israel army.

3. How about the Greeks in this country? A few months back there were riots in the streets of Greece?

4. I am shocked Pete King is not conducting hearings on the rise of radicalization of Chinese Americans, given the violence of the Chinese government against dissidents.

5. Of course, when it comes to violence, how about hearings into the Tea Party whose rhetoric of violence inflames many nut cases?