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Israel Nightmare

I daily encounter Jews at my temple who insist failure to gain an agreement about resolving problems between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is the fault of Palestinians. In the next breath they insist the West Bank was given to Jews by God Himself because they are His Chosen people. Germany since the end of World War II has been the most staunch supporters of Israel. However, the German government is engaged in rethinking future foreign policy in the Middle East.

German authorities become concerned when Israel Cabinet members express ideas indicating lack of interest in the creation of a Palestinian state. Education Minister, Naftel Bennett recently made clear:  “Israel cannot withdraw from more territories and  it cannot allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. The German Foreign Office is urging Chancellor Merkel to reconsider the blind support for Israel and consider a new policy whose goal is creation of a Palestinian state. Reality check: most demographic studies indicate by 2040 the majority of people in the state of Israel will NOT be Jews!

No More Death To Israel

President Rouhani of Iran has decided to remove the slogan–Death To Israel–from missiles in the Iranian armed forces. How about some new slogans on missiles?

1. Ted Cruz–Whee, I am carpet bombing YOU!

2. Bernie Sanders: –It cost $15 million which should be used to pay off student loans!

3. Hedge Fund managers: Come back and I can invest you and make gobs of money.

4. Donald Trump–head for the border with Mexico and blast the rapists!

5. NRA– I want to make certain every American has his own missile at home to take out intruders!

6. John Kasich: Don’t leave, I have to balance the budget.

7. Ben Carson– I wonder what you do?

8. Mike Huckabee– I will say a prayer to help you on your way serving God.

9. Rand Paul–Don’t go, don’t explode, just stay out of trouble.

10.Bibi Netanyahu– go anywhere but my West Bank.

How About A Palestine?

It has now become part of the Republican mantra that anyone seeking the presidency must get on his knees, lick the boots of Sheldon Adelson and promise never,k ever to mention the word, Palestine. Israel Prime Minister inhabits his own special area of the Twilight zone where there is a nation called, Israel, which covers the entire planet and all who are Jews own every part of the planet. For Bibi Netanyahu under no condition can anyone who claims to be a friend of Israel support the idea of an independent Palestine.

Recent polls in Palestine reveal that over 67% of young people believe that stabbing an Israel Jew is in accordance with the Koran. Who are these young people? They have virtually no prospect for  decent job. They must go through one check point after another to get anywhere. They can be arrested for whatever the Israel police claims is evidence of “terrorism.” Yes, many want to commit some form of violence. That is the norm for people without hope. If Israel wants to end stabbing the first step is to agree on the establishment of an independent state of Palestine.

The details of how to reach such an agreement will take time. But, step one must be an official statement from the Israel government that it accepts this concept.

Israel Sometimes Not Israel Of Yore

The birth of Israel in 1948 was heralded by many as finally the birth of a true democracy in the Middle East. Founders of Israel in 1948 were committed to the principles of democracy, especially respect for the rules of law and order. When the Israel  Defense Force was created it was presented to the world as an armed force based upon principles of the  Geneva Convention which required respect of those captured by member of the IDF.

Sgt. Elar  Azaria captured a Palestinian and the man was helpless as he lay on the ground. The sergeant than shot him. Many right wing fanatics in Israel who hate Muslims believed his action was a blow for democracy  General Gadi Eisenkol,head of the IDF made clear the IDF “has rules and principles”and this shooting violated basic rules of combat. Naturally, the right wing in Israel regards Palestinians as Donald Trump feels about Muslims and Hispanics! No wonder why Ted Cruz loves the Israel right wing.

Let’s Build A Tunnel

The state of Israel has considerable problems on its border with  Gaza. Each day, Hamas soldiers are digging tunnels leading to Israel and this annoys Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Every day, literally, Israel forces uncover a new tunnel. During the invasion of Gaza several months ago, the Israel army blew up, and flooded hundreds of tunnels. Now, the Israel Army claims it has discovered a sure fire way of identifying  a new tunnel and all they have to do is flood it with water.

The last tunnel built in the New York area occurred over a hundred years ago. I am somewhat confused, how can a bunch of Arabs build hundreds os tunnels and we Americans can’t even build a new tunnel leading from New Jersey to Manhattan? So, the solution:

Bring a few thousand Israel soldiers to Manhattan. Allow several thousand Arabs to occupy the heights across the Hudson river. Tell the Arabs to build tunnels, lots of tunnels and maybe we will not have traffic jams leading into Manhattan.

Of course, if Donald becomes president, he might build the greatest tunnel known to humanity.

Bernie VS Bibi

As you recall or do not recall, Bernie Sanders was raised in the great borough of Brooklyn as a nice Jewish boy. I assume that at some point  little Bernie placed some coins in a blue box in order to help Jews purchase land in what was then known as Palestine. Anyway, little Bernie the Jewish boy has now drawn the ire of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for daring to utter a harsh word about the perfect always right never makes a mistake land of Israel! Bernie sort of cluttered out that when Israel launched its attack on Gaza because some rockets landed inI Israel and killed a few people, the invasion of Gaza which led to the deaths of 2,200 people was disproportionate to the crime.

Bibi is now very upset. “Israel is surrounded by extremist Islamic radicals, and therefore need to guard our border, and this is also true regarding the communities surrounding Gaza.” Bernie is NOT arguing that Israel has a right tot defend itself, he is noting that killing 2,200 while less than 70 Israelis  die is sort of –disproportionate.

Oh, Israel borders with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. NO problems from Jordan and Egypt and Syrians are sort of  bothered by some minor problems to pay attention to Israel. That leaves Lebanon which is “surrounding” Israel.

Orthodox All Over The Middle East

Among the common myths about the Middle East is a belief that only Muslims in the Middle East are religious fanatics. Just take a trip to Israel if one wants to encounter fanatic religious folks who  believe that God is on their side. After all, many Israelis believe that God who is responsible for trillions and trillions of life forms has a special love of a group of humans who were living in what we now term Palestine and Israel. West Bank settlers are convinced that God halts all other activities in the entire universe because his love is only for Jews in Israel.

Renee Abramowitz, age 81, who escaped the Holocaust was sitting in her seat on an El Al flight when told by the stewardess to take another seat. An Orthodox Jewish male insisted that God forbade him to sit next to a female. “The man had not other reason to complain other than my gender.” She was informed that sitting next to females is forbidden in the Torah. Now, who can dispute the Torah? After all, this is the actual word of God himself.

Such is MODERN Israel.

Bombs In Israel’s Future

I recently gave a presentation to a group of Jews in the Chicago area. Most are convinced the only reason for no resolution of Israel-Palestinian conflicts arises from the fault of guess who? They essentially said there was no rush to resolve this problem. I raised the issue of bombs. My hypothesis was that newer and newer bombs would emerge in the coming years which would enable any single person to blow up restaurants of air ports since the bomb would be too difficult to locate.

Few in the audience gave much credence to my claim. Alas, several days later came the Brussels bombing. I hate to point out this terror attack is simply a symptom of a complex series of problems. There is need in Europe to rethink how Europeans integrate immigrants and transforms them into Frenchmen or Englishmen or Germans or Belgians. Bombs are easier and easier to make and increasingly more and more difficult to locate.

So, Israelis,now is the time for peace before the bombs of tomorrow create chaos.



Why AIPAC Has Lost Young Jews

There is a constant refrain from American Jewish organizations that inevitably has lost this group support  from young Jews. Older Jews control these organizations which insist that each and every act by the government Israel MUST be defended. As the Netanyahu government increasingly violates human rights and makes clear that Reform Jews are not really –JEWS! After all, religious political parties enable Netanyahu  to continue in power.

The sight of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz being cheered by a Jewish organization is disgraceful. How many Jewish women between the ages of 18–40 will vote for Donald Trump who has insulted women and disparaged their dignity as a a person. How many will vote for Ted Cruz, the closest political leader today who would be supported by the KKK. Yet,older Jews in AIPAC applaud these fascist minded politicians. ]

As long as Jewish “leaders” act as though oppression of humans will be supported as long as oppressors claim to “support Israel,”then young Jews will simply ignore modern Judaism.

A Solution For Israel?

A fundamental belief of most American Jews and most Jews in Israel–twenty percent of Israelis are Muslim or Christian– is that Israel continues to seek peace with Palestinians but there is no cooperation. Of course, day after day, week after week and year after year, Jews take land that originally was designated to be part of a Palestinian nation. Yuval Diskin, former head of the Israel spy agency, Shin-Bet, has proposed a solution to this dilemma.

He accuses the Netanyahu government of a “failure to change the atmosphere’ in relation to Palestinians. He charges “the atmosphere causes this wave of terrorism”and creates an atmosphere of despair on both sides. His proposals are similar to what this blog has urged for years:

1. Recognize the state of Palestine.

2. Consolidate Jewish West Bank settlements into an area of about 7% of the territory.

3. Establish a compensation fund to assist Palestinian refugees.

4. Ensure the new nation of Palestine is demilitarized.

These are practical steps to peace and an end to terrorism.