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Why AIPAC Has Lost Young Jews

There is a constant refrain from American Jewish organizations that inevitably has lost this group support  from young Jews. Older Jews control these organizations which insist that each and every act by the government Israel MUST be defended. As the Netanyahu government increasingly violates human rights and makes clear that Reform Jews are not really –JEWS! After all, religious political parties enable Netanyahu  to continue in power.

The sight of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz being cheered by a Jewish organization is disgraceful. How many Jewish women between the ages of 18–40 will vote for Donald Trump who has insulted women and disparaged their dignity as a a person. How many will vote for Ted Cruz, the closest political leader today who would be supported by the KKK. Yet,older Jews in AIPAC applaud these fascist minded politicians. ]

As long as Jewish “leaders” act as though oppression of humans will be supported as long as oppressors claim to “support Israel,”then young Jews will simply ignore modern Judaism.

A Solution For Israel?

A fundamental belief of most American Jews and most Jews in Israel–twenty percent of Israelis are Muslim or Christian– is that Israel continues to seek peace with Palestinians but there is no cooperation. Of course, day after day, week after week and year after year, Jews take land that originally was designated to be part of a Palestinian nation. Yuval Diskin, former head of the Israel spy agency, Shin-Bet, has proposed a solution to this dilemma.

He accuses the Netanyahu government of a “failure to change the atmosphere’ in relation to Palestinians. He charges “the atmosphere causes this wave of terrorism”and creates an atmosphere of despair on both sides. His proposals are similar to what this blog has urged for years:

1. Recognize the state of Palestine.

2. Consolidate Jewish West Bank settlements into an area of about 7% of the territory.

3. Establish a compensation fund to assist Palestinian refugees.

4. Ensure the new nation of Palestine is demilitarized.

These are practical steps to peace and an end to terrorism.

Bibi Netanyahu Says Fuck You, Obama!

The United States of America provides the state of Israel with $3 billion in military aid each year, and has contributed to the building of a giant defensive dome that can destroy incoming missiles. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to see President Obama who was ready to offer $4 billion a year in military aid. Bibi believes that a new Republican president will provide $5 billion so he again displayed his disregard for the American government.

It is estimated that 53% of all money allocated for military aid to foreign governments goes to Israel. And, despite this huge amount, the current Netanyahu government continues to insult American leaders and behave as though it makes American foreign policy. Unfortunately, Republicans play to the “Israel card” in order to persuade American Jews to vote for the Donald Trumps of our society. It is time to tell Bibi–fuck you!

Another Religious State

The American media is constantly filled with stories about Muslim religious fanatics who impose their will upon those who dare challenge their rule. It is a given the American media is completely against any and all nations that are ruled by religious fanatics. But, for some strange reason, our media is completely silent when Jewish religious fanatics in Israel impose their religious ideas upon those who are not Orthodox Jews.

The United Torah Judaism party in Israel has threatened to leave the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and force a new election. They are shocked at rumors the Netanyahu government will recognize American Reform Jews as being JEWS! After all, Orthodox Israel Jews teach hatred of Muslims in schools and insist that God up above has selected Jews as his CHOSEN PEOPLE. That means whenever West Bank settlers tear up fields planted by Muslims or Christians, they are simply following the dictates of God. Who can argue with God?

Throw Them Out!

I continually encounter Jews in America who boast of their love of “Israel.” Then, a moment later,they inform me that one can not trust Muslims. Well folks, one out of five Israelis are either Christians or Muslims. Me, I love ALL Israelis. The Prime Minister of Israel,one Benjamin Netanyahu does not like ALL Israelis, he only likes those of the Jewish persuasion. Bibi is supporting action in the Knesset that would allow the expulsion some Israelis–actually, only  those of the non-Jewish persuasion. Throw out any of those traitors who do not support MY actions is the demand of the prime  minister of ALL Israelis.

Several Arab Members to Parliament visited some people whose husbands had been killed during the current violence and bowed their heads in memory of the departed. According to Bibi, that constitutes an act of treason! There now is a bill progressing its way through the Knesset that allows any member to be expelled for “misconduct” and definitely bowing one’s head is a grievous act of “misconduct.”

The people of Israel will only attain peace if ALL Israelis are respected. It begins by working for PEACE for ALL Israelis. So, how does peace develop if those who bow their heads are no longer in the Knesset??

North Korean Wants To Bomb

The Republican party and Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu insist the greatest threat to the safety of America is posed by the Iranian government. Of course, in reality, the greatest actual threat to our survival is posed by a lunatic in North Korea who has transformed his nation into a giant military machine. Kim Jong-un not only issues verbal threats, but has focused the entire nation to the task of creating missiles and nuclear weapons.

Japanese reports indicate that North Korea is in the process of developing  long range missiles and even working to miniature nuclear weapons into the missiles. So, where is the threat– from ISIS with its 30,000 troops or Iran which now allows inspection of its nuclear facilities or from North Korea??

Oh, by the way, Israel has at least 60 nuclear bombs and does NOT allow UN inspectors into its facilities.

A Girl Who Went To Death

Lost in the conflict within Israel is the continual death encountered by children. Yes, sometimes, not too often, a Jewish Israel child winds up dead, but just about each week some Palestinian child will never return home from her interaction with Israeli soldiers. A 13 year old Palestinian girl left home telling her family that she wanted to do something and wound up trying to stab someone at a Jewish settlement on the West Bank. She was shot to death.

Once upon a time little girls played games with other little girls or sat together giggling and pretending they were grown up girls. Today, death awaits so many children in Palestine or in the West Bank which should belong to Palestine. As a Jew, I am left with sorrow that some how, in some way, the rights of Palestinians could be respected without anyone dying.

The inhabitants of Israel have increasingly assumed a defensive position when anyone dares to question policies toward Palestinians. If one makes ANY comment concerning treatment of Palestinians or failures on the part of Israel to work toward peace in their relations with Palestinians, the only comment that comes from the Israel  government is: ANTI-SEMITISM.

US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro was attending a conference called by the Institute for National Security in Tel Avid when he said some very, very bad things.  He questioned whether of not Israel wanted to work toward creation of  two states, one being Israel and the other being Palestine.  He complained: “too much  vigilantism goes unchecked,  and at times there seems to be  two standards, one for Israelis and one for  Palestinians.” He questioned whether or not the current Israel government was committed to seeking peace for all?

Oregon Terrorism

Imagine the following scenario, a group of Muslim terrorists attacked a federal building, seized control, and then dared the US government to drive them out? Or, imagine this scenario: a group of black skinned Christian terrorists seized control of a federal center, blocked federal authorities from entering and just dared any Federal law enforcement agent to enter? If these groups  carried out such terrorism the following would happen:

1. Donald Trump: “make me president and terrorists will finally learn not to mess with the government.”

2. Ted Cruz: “carpet bomb the entire place!”

3. Marco Rubio: “whatever Cruz said, I double it and will make certain it happens!”

4. Carly Fiorina: “I personally will lead armed forces to wipe out these terrorists. And, you should see the neat outfit I will be wearing!”

5. Mike Huckabee: “I’m from Arkansas and God is on my side in any fight!”

6. Ben Carson: “could you please show me where this Oregon is?”

7. Rand Paul: “Who cares about Oregon?”

8. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:  “God himself gave us this land, and I will lead the Israel army to once again make this land, Jewish!”

The Holocaust Ploy

It has now become the first word out of the mouth of those who defend Israel’s refusal to abide by international law–when unable to defend this violation–just shout the magic word–HOLOCAUST. Christoph Schult writing in Der Spiegel notes how the Jewish Lobby seeks to defend any actions of the Israel government by shouting–HOLOCAUST.  “The Jewish settlements on the West Bank do not contribute  in any way to Israel security. The greater the number of Israel settlers living on the West Bank, the more unlikely  it becomes that a two-state solution can be achieved.”

So, Europeans refuse to accept products grown on the West Bank and this is akin to Nazi actions against Jews in Germany. Europeans defend the rights of Palestinians and this is –step one on the road to the HOLOCAUST. Defenders of West Bank settlers have a right to their opinion, but opponents of these settlers are NOT NAZIS AND THIS IS NOT A STEP TOWARD THE HOLOCAUST!