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Boycott Educators Boycotts Freedom

It is one thing to boycott a corporation which is led by those with money and power within society, it is another to boycott an academic association which is composed of men and women who are fighting for human justice. The American Studies Association voted to boycott Israel academic institutions because of Israel’s violations of international law and Un resolutions. The occupation of the West Bank has resulted in abuse of academic and student human rights as well as intruding on the rights of students and professors. There is no doubt West Bank settlers have illegally seized the land of Palestinians and deprived them of fair access to water. Palestinian President Abbas made a clear distinction between boycotting Israel institutions vs aiming at West Bank products.

The American Association University Professors(AAUP) has rejected a call to boycott Israel academic institutions. Such boycotts only aid the forces of oppression in Israel. Outside groups should be supporting the fight inside Israel by academic leaders who want a democratic society. Focus on West Bank settlers and support forces of democracy.

Is There An Israel Mandela?

There is no comparison in terms of human depravity with the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust. South Africans endured the horror of Apartheid and its brutality. If one reviewed the history of slavery in terms of how many died, then one might envision a parallel. Perhaps, it is time for Israel to take a step back and enter into the mind of Nelson Mandela. If he was able to forgive and offer friendship to those who tortured and killd his friends and himself, perhaps, it is time for Israelis to forgive Palestinians who hated and murdered. By reaching out to those who are willing to move away from violence, then the people of Israel will surpass the limits of hate.

We all can transform ourselves by challlenging our emotions of pain and become something other. As Jews we believe God placed us on Earth to become models of decency and love. Let us lead such lives.

Bibi Bats For Peace

Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu feels comfortable in the knowledge the Republican Part of America will support any wild idea he proposes because to them, the “Israel card” is simply a ploy to secure votes and money from the Jewish Lobby. He enjoys shouting defiance to the world and threateing dire ends for anyone who dares oppose his extreme ideas of war and defeat to anyone who defies his proosals. After warning the President of the United States to obey his dictates, the wild man from matso land decided to calm down and behave in a rational manner. He finally grasped that President Obama was working to aid Israel and avoid death and destruction to its people. “While Israel is pepared to do what is necessar to defend itself, we share President Obama’s preference to see Iran’s nuclear weapons program end through diplomacy.” Whew!

Imagine bombing Iran and witnessing thousands of missiles headed toward Jerusalem? The best solution is always, “jaw, jaw, not war, war.”

Nelson Mandela

Each day of my life is filled with stories about conflicts and anger and hate, learned men and women debate great issues of humankind. Senator Ted Cruz, graduate of Harvard rants about lazy poor people or Sarah Palin offers words of hate about single poor women attempting to raise her children in a slum apartment. Rarely, do I encounter from members of the Tea Party a word of compassion for those who survive under horrible conditions of life that only those who are poor understand. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to offer a compromise but insists that ALL Palestinians are terrorists while Iraq Prime Minister Maliki terrorizes the Sunni Muslims in the name of God. The word, “compromise,” the word, “compassion” is a stranger to the lips of all too many of our world leaders. Vladimir Putin abuses a mother whose crime is to mock God in a church, and a moment later he is concocting a secret deal with business leaders to abuse his office as president. “Love” is not a word that will be uttered by Putin or Mugabe in Africa or the head of the Ukraine.

Therefore, my days are always filled with joy reading about Nelson Mandela. Why does he possess the capacity to extend love and compassion to those who tortured and abused him? He is such an unusual person, he had the capacity to reach beyond the moment and link with the totality of life. He understood that if we humans can not be concerned about our fellow humans, then we are NOT truly human. The Tea Party spews words of hatred and anger towards a family seeking an opportunity to work, NOT to get government handouts! Nelson Mandela taught all humans the beauty and power of unlimited love and compassion to friend and enemy.

The cliche is that he was “a man for the ages.” No, he simply was “a man.” He simply was a man who actually believed in God and what God represents. That, we all are linked together as fellow humans-forever!

Will Israel And Palestinians Ever Agree?

Today is Friday and John Kerry is either in Egypt or Israel in search of some type of compromise from people whose entire existence is dedicated to the proposition that sticking to one’s guns is a mandate found in their holy books of wisdom. Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced that them Arab folk simply cannot be trusted as one can trust a Jew. In the 1960s, Israel leaders offered to evacuate the West Bank if only they could find someone willing to cooperate in their efforts for peace. I gather that the Jewish God up in the sky agreed it was OK for Jews to leave the West Bank during the 1960s, but some new Jewish God appeared in the sky who remembered that area was something that he had given to his people–along with persecution and Holocausts and so on. If you wanted to be one of his children, then the cost was to suffer.

However, the good news was that we Jews became a miliary power then we had the right to persecute and oppress those Palestinians. After all, fair is fair. As for those Palestinians, it is perfectly OK for Egyptians or Lebanese or Syrians to refuse treating Palestinian refugees with respect and care and love, but them Jews must accept their return. Yes, Palestinians were driven from Palestine in 1948. Of course, 600,000 Jews were driven from Arab lands during the same time period.


Whatever Happened To Israel?

Back in the good old days of fighting Israel an Arab could at least be certain that one could conclude the day hating those Jews in Israel. Wonderful Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was certain to make some insulting remarks about Arabs or inform the world that only “Muslims” killed innocent people. Ah, those were the good old days. Today, Arab fights Arab in Syria, thousands are murdered in chemical attacks on fellow Muslims and anger and hate abound without a single Jew on the scene. In Lebanon, there is daily strife as Syrian supporters fight those supporting the other Syrians and on day one it is an Alawite killing a member of this group or that group. Yesterday, someone killed a leader of Hezbolla which naturally led to the claim it was done by a member of Mossad.

Look fellows, we are now post Jew in the realm of murder and mayhem. These days one can not tell who are the “bad” guys without some form of score card. On Monday, a Mossad agent kills a member of Hezbollah, on Tuesday it is the turn of an al-Qaeda guy and who knows the killer on Friday. Pick a number and kill someone.

These days, Jews in Israel are happy to have fellow evil doers.

Netanyahu, The Critic

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to teach President Barack Obama how to engage in problem solving diplomacy. He called the president in order to rip him to pieces for not following the basic principles of Bibidiplomacy. He termed the recent agreement with Iran to slow down the process of nuclear development an “historic mistake.” It is truly unfortunate that Obama has yet to grasp that Netanyahu is among the most outstanding diplomats on this planet. Examine the record:

1. President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority has worked to curb terrorism and seeks an agreement with Israel. For sixty years Israeli leaders have complained they have no Palestinian leader willing to negotiate with their nation and no Palestinian leader committed to peace. So, what does Bibi do? Refuses to negotiate with Palestinians who seek to negotiate!
2. Israel leaders in 1967 wanted to negotiate about the West Bank. So, what does Bibi do? He sends thousands of settlers to the West Bank in order to complicate any possible compromise.

Please Mr. Obama, learn from the master of stupidity how NOT to negotiate. As you put it so aptly, “tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, it’s not the right thing for our security.”

Israel Lobby In US Congress

Historically, it is the responsibility of the United States Congress to focus on the national interests of their country, not that of the nation of Israel. After three decades of conflict with the nation of Iran, a group of five leading countries banded together to hammer out an agreement to cap Iran’s work on nuclear weapon development. It does place limits on this work, but to Senator Schumer and fellow Republicans and Democrats compelling Iran to halt work on nuclear weapons is selling out Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu terms the agreement an “historic mistake.” Israel President Shimon Peres disagrees, “the success or failure of the deal will be judged by results,not words.” Perhaps, Senator Schumer believes President Peres wants to sell out Israel?

Bibi Netanyahu has refused to work with Palestinians in order to reach an agreement. He has sabotaged the rights of Palestinians, he has insulted Palestinians, he has hampered a Palestinian government which seeks peace with Israel. THAT, is an “historic mistake!”

Israel Theatens Peace Efforts

During the past month there has been considerable progress in discussions between Iran and six powers-the US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany–in an effort to identify an initial plan to move away from potential war and conflict. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, insisted his nation is committed to making concessions in order to end sanctions and conflict with the world. However, he is sick and tired of being threatened by Israel which appears to demand veto rights on any agreement. He denounced Israel as behaving as a “rabid dog” in seeking to sabotage negotiations. Fench President Fandcoise Hollande termed such expressions as “unacceptable” and hindering negotiations. However, threats by Israel Prime Minister to bomb Iran, to initiate war with Iran are OK and apparently assist peace efforts!

Israel is the most dangerous country in the Middle East. It continuously makes threats and promises massive destruction of Iran, and the US does not seek to compel Israel to lower the rhetoric of war and allow the six nations to pursue the path of peace. Those who care about the people of Israel understand its future is best protected if peace is attained in the Middle East.

Iran Breakthrough Breaks Netanyahu Heart

Yesterday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his lap dogs in the American Congress were hailing France for not being fooled by the Iranian deception about peace. Today, we are back to wise remarks about “American fries” because the government of France decided to go along with Germany, Russia, England, China, FRANCE and the US in forging an agreement with the Iranian government to control its nuclear program. The agreement entails:
Cease using centrifuges to enrich uranium.
refrain from starting new centrifuges
Halt work on its plutonium reactor
Allow access to UN inspectors

Naturally, the GOP and Democratic senators whose primary allegiance is to Israel rather than to the American people denounced this agreement to halt development of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

As of this moment, there is only ONE nation in the Middle East that bars UN nuclear inspectors and refuses to halt work on nuclear weapons. Oh, its name is ISRAEL!