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A Girl Who Went To Death

Lost in the conflict within Israel is the continual death encountered by children. Yes, sometimes, not too often, a Jewish Israel child winds up dead, but just about each week some Palestinian child will never return home from her interaction with Israeli soldiers. A 13 year old Palestinian girl left home telling her family that she wanted to do something and wound up trying to stab someone at a Jewish settlement on the West Bank. She was shot to death.

Once upon a time little girls played games with other little girls or sat together giggling and pretending they were grown up girls. Today, death awaits so many children in Palestine or in the West Bank which should belong to Palestine. As a Jew, I am left with sorrow that some how, in some way, the rights of Palestinians could be respected without anyone dying.

The inhabitants of Israel have increasingly assumed a defensive position when anyone dares to question policies toward Palestinians. If one makes ANY comment concerning treatment of Palestinians or failures on the part of Israel to work toward peace in their relations with Palestinians, the only comment that comes from the Israel  government is: ANTI-SEMITISM.

US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro was attending a conference called by the Institute for National Security in Tel Avid when he said some very, very bad things.  He questioned whether of not Israel wanted to work toward creation of  two states, one being Israel and the other being Palestine.  He complained: “too much  vigilantism goes unchecked,  and at times there seems to be  two standards, one for Israelis and one for  Palestinians.” He questioned whether or not the current Israel government was committed to seeking peace for all?

Oregon Terrorism

Imagine the following scenario, a group of Muslim terrorists attacked a federal building, seized control, and then dared the US government to drive them out? Or, imagine this scenario: a group of black skinned Christian terrorists seized control of a federal center, blocked federal authorities from entering and just dared any Federal law enforcement agent to enter? If these groups  carried out such terrorism the following would happen:

1. Donald Trump: “make me president and terrorists will finally learn not to mess with the government.”

2. Ted Cruz: “carpet bomb the entire place!”

3. Marco Rubio: “whatever Cruz said, I double it and will make certain it happens!”

4. Carly Fiorina: “I personally will lead armed forces to wipe out these terrorists. And, you should see the neat outfit I will be wearing!”

5. Mike Huckabee: “I’m from Arkansas and God is on my side in any fight!”

6. Ben Carson: “could you please show me where this Oregon is?”

7. Rand Paul: “Who cares about Oregon?”

8. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:  “God himself gave us this land, and I will lead the Israel army to once again make this land, Jewish!”

The Holocaust Ploy

It has now become the first word out of the mouth of those who defend Israel’s refusal to abide by international law–when unable to defend this violation–just shout the magic word–HOLOCAUST. Christoph Schult writing in Der Spiegel notes how the Jewish Lobby seeks to defend any actions of the Israel government by shouting–HOLOCAUST.  “The Jewish settlements on the West Bank do not contribute  in any way to Israel security. The greater the number of Israel settlers living on the West Bank, the more unlikely  it becomes that a two-state solution can be achieved.”

So, Europeans refuse to accept products grown on the West Bank and this is akin to Nazi actions against Jews in Germany. Europeans defend the rights of Palestinians and this is –step one on the road to the HOLOCAUST. Defenders of West Bank settlers have a right to their opinion, but opponents of these settlers are NOT NAZIS AND THIS IS NOT A STEP TOWARD THE HOLOCAUST!

Israel Takes High Moral Ground

The state of Israel has deliberately taken land away from Palestinians,it has created a apartheid society in which if you are Jewish, you get to the head of the line, and if you are Palestinian, then  get behind. The West Bank was designated by the United Nations in 1948 as land set aside for Palestinians. It is not surprising that many nations in the world regard West Bank settlers as in violation of international law.  Brazil has made clear that it would not accept  Dani Dayan as the Ambassador from Israel because he is a prominent West Bank settler. The Israel government is upset and insists that he be appointed or else they will not regard Brazil as an important diplomatic site.

Let me see:

1. The Israel Ambassador to the US met secretly with Republicans in Congress to organize anti-Obama actions. That violates diplomatic behavior.

2. The Prime Minister of Israel accepted an invitation from Congressional Republicans  and campaigned for their views in his speech to Congress.

3. The Israel government has consistently spread false information about the President of the USA.

And, Israel is now angry because Brazil will not allow an Israeli to be the ambassador to THEIR nation!

Jewish Terrorists Celebrate

It is an accepted principle in American politics that when a Jewish Israeli kills a Palestinian it is termed a “killing” and never a “murder.” It is also an accepted principle that Israel Jews who murder Palestinians are never termed to be a “terrorist.” That word is reserved for Palestinians. A recent video has surfaced which depicts a group of right-ing  Israel Jewish terrorists celebrating a murder of a Palestinian family.

The video shows a room filled with dancing Jewish terrorists waving guns and shouting delight at the murder of an infant, Ali Dawabshe, and her father and mother. They shout, “let me with one blow get revenge on the Palestinians for my two eyes.”

I wonder how Orthodox right-wing Jews are going to find something in the Torah that justifies such actions?

The Assassination Game

The one certainty  in the Middle East is that somewhere, somehow, some one is taking out someone. Group X has one of its members killed by Group Y so what else is Group X to do, but take out at least two folks from Group Y. A Hezbollah leader,  Hassan Nasrallah, who was residing in the nation of Lebanon, has been mysteriously wiped out by a  missile fired by a plane from–guess who? Hezbollah insists the Israel Army was responsible for the”brutal assassination” of this man of peace.

So, what next is on the agenda of death?

1. Somewhere, some one, some how will be killed because he/she is an Israeli.

2. Somewhere, some one, some how, will be killed because he/she killed an Israeli.

The plot of this mystery story is well known to one and all. Killing, begets killing, begets killing and so on and so on….

Oops, I forgot, while Israel ‘kills’ Muslims, ‘murder.’

What Is Being Anti-Israel?

There is no question that many people in Israel and their supporters in America are sort of defensive whenever the topic of Palestinians is raised. On one hand, there are people claiming Israel treatment of Muslim Palestinians is similar to that of Nazi persecution of Jews.  Actually, this comparison is sort of off base. The essence of the Holocaust from the perspective of Nazis was that each and every person who was classified as being Jewish was not subject to actions that would result in their death.

The Israel government is abusive of Palestinians, it deprives many of their right to land, and it denies equal treatment to those not Jewish Israelis. There is no desire to cleanse the world of each and every Muslim. The central issue confronting those interested in creation of a democratic Israel society in which each person has equal rights is this would require either one of two appoaches:

1. Create a one state Israel which grants equal rights to all citizens.

2. Create two independent nations.

It is difficult to imagine Number one being on the top list of most Jewish Israelis. Of course, 20% of the Israel population is NOT Jewish so most of those would welcome such a status.

Reality: There must be two independent nations for at least fifty years, after that find out where each side is at.

Bibi Finds A Friend

The European Union is upset at produce coming from the West Bank in what actually belongs to Palestine, but these days God, Himself, has made clear that HE wants the land to go to his chosen people. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs some friends and along came Russian President Vladimir Putin to help him out. Their joint hate of Islamic terrorists has forged a nice buddy alliance.

Netanyahu: “This is something  that brings us together, in addition to the many other things  that unite us.” Let me list those other things

1. Both ignore civil rights of those they deem to be “bad people.”

2. Both claim land that belongs to another nation.

3. Both insist that God is on their side.

4.Both  are bullies –at heart.

Israel Blames EU For Peace Failure

The Israel government is upset at actions by the European Union which has established new labelling guidelines for products made on the West Bank– and area  the Israel government claims was awarded to them by God himself which sort of makes illegal any action by the United Nations to award land to Palestinians back in 1948. After all, who comes first–GOD or some political body in Europe?

Israel has decided to punish the EU for these actions.  “The involvement of  EU bodies in everything that is connected with Palestinians” is now over. From now on the EU will have  no voice in achieving peace between Israel and Palestinians. Gee, what a blow to peace! Perhaps, the Israel government can offer some insight how they ever have listened to EU diplomats regarding peace with Palestinians??