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Israel Supporters Ally With Islamic Militants!

Congressional Democrats and Republicans and the government of Israel are united in opposition to efforts of those seeking to end conflict with Iran and create a stable Middle East. Benjamin Netanyahu is undoubtedly the best friend any Iranian terrorist could seek in the world. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is fighting Islamic militants in his own nation in order to bring Iran into a peaceful place in the world and end concerns about nuclear weapons. He recently was attacked by Fatemieh Alia of the Islamic Revolution Resistance Front for giving into the West on nuclear weapon issues. “Since the beginning of the drafting of the final nuclear agreement which Iran is scheduled for 13 May this year, the analysts, the university students, the elites, and the university professors wish to express their worries to the Iranian nuclear negotiators.” The “We’re Concerned” group is composed of Islamic terrorists and militants.

American congressmen are expressing the same doubts about President Rouhani. American Congressmen are doing everything in their power to disrupt negotiations. In other words, our leading American Jews are presently in an alliance with the Islamic Revolution Resistance Front!!

Kerry’s Humble Apology

It required less than twenty four hours before the Israel lobby forced Democrats and Republicans to demand an apology from Secretary of State John Kerry for warning that unless Israel ceases its current policies which deprive Muslim and Christian citizens in Israel of their rights, the result would be an apartheid state. He humbly apologized and said that perhaps other words should have been employed. Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer of California, who is Jewish, was furious and declared: “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and any linkage between Israel and apartheid is nonsensical and ridiculous.”

OK, Barbara, how would you feel if the following was legal in the United States of America?

1. Land owned by Jews could be seized by the Federal government on grounds it was needed for national defense purposes.

2. The government insisted that all citizens pledge allegiance to the Christian United States of America.

3. Jews were not allowed to hold important positions in the armed forces.

4. Each day in Congress, members yelled and screamed that Jews were terrorists and should be expelled from the country.

Reality Time For Israel

Among the start realities of American politics is that no political leader is ever to speak honestly about behaviors of Israel politicians. If they dare to speak openly and honestly, then the Sheldon Adelson’s in America will pour millions into the coffers of their opponents. Among the expressions no American politician can ever use is to refer to Israel as a potential “apartheid state.” At a recent meeting of the Trilateral Commission, Secretary of State John Kerry allowed his inner feelings to emerge when he said: “A two state solution will be clearly underscored as the only alternative. Because a unitary state winds up being an apartheid state with second class citizens-or it end sup being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state.”

Right wing pundits like William Kristol are demanding the resignation of Kerry. He dared to speak reality. Let us imagine for a moment that an American president demanded that nations of the world recognize the United States of America as a CHRISTIAN STATE! I wonder what would be the reaction of William Kristol to become a second class citizen in his own country? Jews can NOT live in a country in which some people lack equal rights. That classification violates the entire history of the Jewish people.

Muslim Leader Blasts Holocaust Episode

During the past eight years the leaders of Israel have complained and denounced former Iran President Ahmadinejad for denying that the Holocaust ever happened. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is furious at those who are “Holocaust deniers” because their refusal to accept the murder of millions of Jews is evidence they seek the murder of millions of Jews. Palestinian President Abbas, during a meeting with a Rabbi, made clear that he considered the Holocaust a terrible crime. He described the Holocaust as a “heinous crime” and among the worst to “have occurred against humanity in the modern era.” Of course, President Rouhani of Iran expressed warm regards for Jews in public.

So, Palestinian leaders are denouncing the Holocaust. And, the response from PM Netanyahu is–SILENCE. In other words, if an Arab leader denounces the existence of the Holocaust, then Netanyahu is furious and uses their words as evidence Muslims hate Jews, but when an Arab leader denounces the Holocaust itself, silence. This example is simply evidence that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not seek peace and reconciliation with Muslims. His goal is clear-transform the West Bank into a part of Israel and end peace forever!

Negotiate With The Devil?

In June, 1941, German armies invaded the Soviet Union, a Communist nation whose goal was the destruction of capitalist governments. Someone asked British Prime Minister Winston Churchill what would be his stand against allying with a Communist government given his past history of opposing Communism. Churchill responded with words to this effect: I will work with any government if the end result is survival of the British empire. Churchill was also the one who argued, ‘jaw, jaw, not war, war.” In other words, it was incumbent upon a leader to work with any government, any opposing leader if the end result was peace in the world. Palestinian President Abbas announced an agreement with his enemy, Hamas, and this resulted in claims of horror from the Israel government. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “The government of Israel will not hold negotiations with a Palestinian government that ids backed by Hamas, a terrorist organization that calls for Israel’s destruction.”

1. For over fifty years conservative and liberal American presidents negotiated with the Soviet Union, a nation that ostensibly wanted the end of capitalist nations.

2. Since the 1970s, the United States has been negotiating with Communist China, a nation that was allied with North Korea during the Korean war that resulted in the deaths of over 25,000 Americans.

3. Among the original leaders of Israel were men and women who participated in terrorist groups including those which blew up the King David hotel and killed dozens.

Negotiation has to do with today, not with yesterday. In a world with atomic bombs, we must always negotiate and do not have the right to refuse. Who knows, getting Hamas into working for peace with Israel!!

Hamas And Fatah Sign Agreement

There is no question that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very upset. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas which controls Gaza have signed an agreement providing for the end of their dispute and holding of a peaceful election between Fatah and Hamas within a few months. So, why is Netanyahu angry? One might think he would be pleased that Palestinians are united which would ensure that any agreement signed by President Abbas and himself would be carried out by all Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu simply does NOT want peace. His supporters on the West Bank and among Orthodox Jews thrive as long as their is conflict and discord. Each passing day witnesses the extension of Jewish settlements on the West Bank even though that area was part of the original United Nations accord for two states in the old mandate of Palestine.

Israel has a powerful armed forces. It is in possession of atomic weapons. It can use its military force to take land away from Palestinians. But, each passing day means that it simply is a matter of time before miniature weapons of mass destruction will be developed. The growing population of Palestinians means it is simply a matter of time before Israel confronts the reality there are more Palestinians than Jews. Oh, Israel can create a unified apartheid state and become the most hated nation in the world.

PEACE is the ONLY hope for Israel. NOW is the time!

Israel Again Displays Arrogance

There is no doubt the right of Jews to live in the state of Israel has never been acknowledged by many nations of the world. The reason is quite clear-there remains among many people an undying hatred of Jews. That is reality. However, the history of the Israel government in handling delicate issues pertaining to the religious center of Jerusalem which belongs to Jews, Christians and Muslims has been an adventure in disastrous public relations. Three religions converge on Jerusalem, three religions have sites they worship in Jerusalem, and three religions have the right to honor their legacy in Jerusalem. It is now Easter Week and Israel authorities have assumed the right to decide who can worship and who cannot. Robert Sergy, a UN official was even denied the right to enter religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem because Israel police have barricades through which worshippers can only pass–with permission of the Israel government.

Father Firas Aridah expressed the feeling of thousands of Christians who live on the West Bank: “the Israel authorities have said they are giving more permits this year to come from the West Bank, but the point is that Christians should be able to come here without permits.” Christianity was born two thousand years ago in Jerusalem and Christians are entitled to the right to pray not only during Easter Week, but throughout the year.

The Israel government needs a few lessons in public relations. To deny the right of worship to others simply increases hatred towards Israel.

Secede Is Now A Right

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is very worried that Russian moves to encourage eastern areas of the Ukraine to break away might impact other areas of the region and lead to secession efforts. “We don’t want the Ukraine crisis to start a domino effect around the Black Sea.” He would prefer that any problems within the Ukraine or between Russia and that nation be resolved “within the framework of international law.” He does make a point, but he also disregards the rights of people to break away when they sincerely believe their rights are being taken away. For example:

1. Shouldn’t the people of Texas be allowed to form their own nation and make it mandatory for a shoot out each high noon in each city of the new nation?

2. We who believe in the New York Knickerbockers have not witnessed an NBA championship for forty years. We need to secede, form our own nation, form our own Professional Basketball league which guarantees each team at least one championship each ten years!

3. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann need to secede and form a new country that guarantees those designated as mentally retarded to become the president. Not only would this guarantee a female president, it would guarantee that Fox News finally has good news to report.

4. The House of Representatives must secede from the Senate and create its own version of the American legislature. Gerrymandering will guarantee Republican control forever, and America will finally be saved from LIBERALS AND SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS WHO SEEK THE MONEY OF JOB CREATORS!

Jimmy Carter

It is common among many Jews in the United States of America and Israel to regard former President Jimmy Carter with disdain and accuse him of hating Israel and hating Jews. There is no question some of his ideas offend large numbers of people. He advocates a peace treaty between Israel and an independent nation of Palestine. He is critical of settlers on the West Bank who take land belonging to Arabs and transform these areas into Jewish settlements. Of course, he deplores acts of violence on the part of either Israelis or Palestinians. In other words, he has this horrible idea that both sides have not always behaved in a civilized manner to the other. At no time, has he ever argued against the existence of the state of Israel and praises the country for its democratic traditions.

Here is the bottom line any and all Jews should examine. Jimmy Carter IS THE ONLY AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO ACTUALLY NEGOTIATED A TREATY BETWEEN ISRAEL AND AN ARAB NATION. THAT is a fact! No American soldiers died during his watch. After leaving the presidency, he did not seek riches from the business world, but devoted his life to aiding the poor.

What a terrible man.

Chris Christie APOLOGIZES!

Poor Chris Christie, he just cannot get a break these days. His aides are resigning and warning they will speak the truth about the notorious Bridgegate fiasco. Chris was invited by Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson to his Venetian resort in Las Vegas in order to appear before the man who actually believes HE alone personifies the Jewish people, not only in Israel but in the United States. He gave Republicans last year about $100 million in order to destroy Barack Obama, a man who speaks about rights for Palestinians. In order to demonstrate that he loves Israel as much as he does New Jersey, Chris spoke about his trip to Israel. “I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories across and just felt how extraordinary that was to understand the military risk that Israel faces every day.”

Within a few minutes there was silence in the room and Sheldon was furious. How dare this goy use the expression, “occupied territories” to describe land that belongs only to Jews!! Chris fell to his knees, licked the feet of Sheldon, begged to be forgiven and promised four Hail Marys to atone for the slip of speech. He did apologize-with sincerity!!