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Children Are Victims Of Adult Anger

Three frightened anxious teenagers are somewhere in the Middle East and they just want to go home. They decided to hitch hike in the night, something anyone who has ever hitched hiked knows is dangerous.(I hitch hiked across America and never once did it in the evening). They made a mistake, but a teenage mistake is no reason that children should be placed in harm’s way. The Israel government insists the kidnappers were from Hamas. This is an assumption. It might be accurate or it might not. The ONLY important issue is the safe return of these kids. Prime Minister Netanyahu has ordered the arrest of 240 Palestinians, including 50 who were released in exchange for a captured Israel soldier. Netanyahu insists these arrests “send an important message” to Hamas. It is clear that he intends to destroy Hamas.

Ironically, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is very upset at this kidnapping. He has offered his government’s support in the search because he realizes that Prime Minister Netanyahu is using these children for his political purposes. He wants to end the Hamas -Fatah desire to end their conflict. Netanyahu WANTS Hamas to return to violence, this allows his government to build and build and build on the West Bank in the name of-SECURITY.

How about:

1. Enlisting the support of President Abbas in finding the missing children?
2. Asking Abbas to work with Hamas leaders in order to find the children?

Bibi, the children are the issue, not your political aims!

World Turned Upside Down

I gather there are still people who believe that some sort of sanity is present on planet Earth. Let me cite some facts which should dissuade them of such thinking.

1. George Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan. Then Iranian President Khatami assisted US forces and was rewarded by being branded asa terrorist by the American president.
2. President Khatami offered a compromise with President Bush that included ending pursuit of nuclear weapons. He never received a reply.
3. Saddam Hussein was wiped out and Shiites took over Iraq.
4. Shiites proceeded to persecute and imprison Sunni leaders.
5. Americans organized Sunni Awakening Councils to fight al-Qaeda.
6. Prime Minister Maliki then proceeded to disband these groups and put in prison its leaders.
7. Sunni Iraqis have drifted into the arms of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, (ISIS).
8. ISIS forces took over the city of Mosul and were warmly greeted by Sunni residents.
9. President Obama continually offered to assist Maliki but he refused to grant American soldiers the right to be tried in a military court.
10. ISIS forces are marching on Baghdad.
11. Iran has dispatched 2,000 troops to aid the Iraq government.
12. President Obama has dispatched the George HW Bush aircraft carrier to aid the Iraq government.

In other words, American and Iranian forces will be working together. When asked about this possibility, Iran President Hassaan Rouhani replied: “If we see that the United States takes action against terrorist groups in Iraq, then one can think about it.”

I wonder if Republicans in the US Senate will block US cooperation with Iran that is designed to aid Iraq??

Suffer The Children

Acts of violence in Israel that were caused by actions of Islamic terrorist groups have declined over the past five years. Of course, during the same time period the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to cooperate with Secretary of State John Kerry in order to attain a peace accord with Palestinian leader, President Abbas. Deadlock remains the operating word for relations between Palestine and Israel. Frankly, it was simply a matter of time before the innocent wound up becoming the source of violence. Three Israel youth who were hitch hiking on the West Bank and headed back to a Jewish settlement area were kidnapped by some unknown terrorists. Prime Minister Netanyahu blames Hamas and has rounded up over a hundred Palestinians in order to discover the identity of the kidnappers.

This is a horrible act against innocent children. There are NO excuses for using children as the target of violence. Of course, this includes violence against Palestinian children. One act of evil does not justify another act of evil. One cannot argue that since Israel military has used violent tactics against innocent Palestinians it justifies kidnapping innocent children. The issue is clear:

1. Israel and Palestine must reach an agreement which restricts expansion of settlements on the West Bank.
2. Hamas has agreed to join the Palestinian government. One can assume, therefore, that any agreement reached between Israel and Palestine would be honored by Hamas.
3. The primary task of dealing with terrorist groups must fall under the jurisdiction of an independent Palestinian government that includes Hamas.

It is time to employ common sense, resolve problems,and cease endangering the lives of innocent children–Jewish and Palestinians.

Jews Cannot Torture!

I admit to my prejudice when the topic of torturing people arises. At least ten of my relatives died during the Holocaust and I spent a good part of my life working on Holocaust education. I read diary accounts by Nazi doctors who participated in actions that led to the death of innocent people. Usually, the diary notes the need to take part in an “Aktion.” No Jew can support any activity by a member of the medical profession who partakes in actions that can result in torture of the innocent or their death. I understand there are those who have seen the TV show, 24, and believe only torture of the bad guys can save New York from destruction.

Dozens of Palestinians are being held in Israel jails on grounds of “administrative detention.” In simple English, this means the Israel government regards the person as a security risk. Over one hundred Palestinians have been held on this charge for months without any formal charge being leveled at them. The Israel government is fast-tracking a new law which allows force feeding. The Israel Medical Association,(IMA) issued a statement reading: “Force-feeding is torture, and we can’t have doctors participating in torture.”

A doctor who tortures a person is behaving like doctors in Nazi Germany. How can any Jewish doctor engage in such action? It insults every Holocaust survivor.

Building Blocks Of Hate

The government of Israel is being forced to construct more settlement homes in the West Bank due to actions by Palestinians. Let me make clear to one and all the Israel government would never unilaterally construct new housing on the West Bank, but they were forced into such action because the Palestinian government led by President Abbas decided to form a unified government which included Hamas. Prime Minister Netanyahu made clear that he would never decide to engage in building if not for the new alliance. I am a bit confused, during the past ten years when Palestinians were NOT united, settlement houses went up and up and up. In other words, we Israelis build settlement homes if you are not united, and even more if you are. This clarifies the situation.

Reasons to welcome the new unity:

1. Once a part of the Palestinian government, Hamas becomes part of a government which recognizes the state of Israel.
2. If an agreement is reached between President Abbas and the Israel government, Hamas becomes part of that agreement.
3. Hamas leaders understand that if they engage in terrorism their agreement is null and void.

Potential Suicide Bomber Caught

It has been several years since any Palestinian has engaged in the act of being a suicide bomber. A man wearing a belt of explosives was discovered at the Tapuah junction near Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. There are two key words in what I wrote-suicide and settlements. According to the original United Nations plan to separate the old Ottoman Empire province of Palestine, areas were set aside for Jews and areas were set aside for Muslims and Christians. The “settlements” are situated in what was supposed to be areas for Muslims and Christians. I do understand the Israel government rarely, if ever, notes that Jewish settlements are in areas for Muslims and Christians.

We thank God no one got killed. Just remember, that when a suicide bombers explodes self, not only Jews may die, but so may other innocent people–Muslims and Christians. There is only one solution that makes any sense–create an independent Palestine centered in what we term, the West Bank. THAT is the only sensible plan leading to peace for -Jews, Muslims and Christians.

WALL Of Shame

Pope Francis is in the Middle East and currently in Israel. As he drove through Jerusalem, the pontiff halted by the Wall which separates Jews from Palestinians. He halted and uttered some words of peace. “In this birthplace of the Prince of Peace, I wish to invite you, President Mahmoud Abbas together with President Shimon Peres to join me in heartfelt prayer to God for the gift of peace. I offer my home in the Vatican as place for this encounter of prayer.” The Wall that he mentioned if for every Jew in the world a Wall of Shame because its presence symbolizes failure on the part of Muslims and Jews to work in a cooperative manner for the cause of peace. Wall separate, they do not join conflicting peoples in peace.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could only argue that the Pope’s visit was “an opportunity to present to the world the real Israel-the advanced, modern, and tolerant Israel.” His words simply reflect the problem. Seizing land from Palestinians is NOT an act of tolerance of that of peace. Israel is home to both Jews and Muslims, thus Israel is NOT a Jewish state, anymore than mainly Christian America is a Christian state. Israel IS a democratic state and must behave as one-for all who dwell in it!

Bloomberg Says No To Million

I am always fascinated how big money invariably drifts into the hands and pockets of those who possess big money. It makes one wonder if there really is a God. How come if you have a billion, then YOU win the million prize? It makes one wonder if God is really stand up comic who wants to tease the audience. Former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg won something called the “”Genesis Prize” and was given a check foe $1 million by the Genesis Foundation. The award goes to those who are into something termed, “Jewish values.” Anyway, Bloomie is returning the $1 million so it can be redistributed to ten people who will do something about poverty or thee environment or something.

I am Jewish. I am against poverty. I am for the environment. I do possess some Jewish values. And, I sure as hell will appreciate the money. So, how come the dough doesn’t head my way or that of some poor schmuck who is trying to exist on $7.40 an hour? I guess we lack the right Jewish value–having a billion dollars?

Obama -The Clueless President

It increasingly is apparent that President Barack Obama has never devoted his intellectual focus upon developing a foreign policy theory. After World War II, the Containment Policy, initially developed by George Kennan, became the basis of how American foreign policy was conducted. The premise of this theory was to AVOID war with the Soviet Union and allow time to slowly, but surely, cripple that nation and lead to the arrival of a new group of leaders who understood the economic weaknesses of Communism. The war in Vietnam was a mistake because instead of containment, it was aggressive. Actually, from 1945 until its collapse the only war engaged in by the Soviet Union was the war in Afghanistan. Today in 2014, what is the foreign policy theory of Barack Obama? The answer is he lacks any guiding theory of acton.

Example, Iraq. Upon assuming office, President Obama made clear he wanted American forces to leave Iraq. That was a strategy, but that was not part of a theory of foreign policy. Prior to leaving the Obama administration allowed Nouri al-Maliki to gain power. In the hurry to depart, we left behind a man who hated Sunnis, drove any Sunni leader from power, and left Iraq to become the scene of a sectarian civil war in which Sunnis and Shiites killed one another. One result of lack of policy was allowing al-Qaeda to return to power as the defender of Sunnis against Shiites.

Ironically, due to lack of an Iraq policy, Iran stepped in to become the champion of their fellow Iraq Shiites. Yes, American troops are gone and now Iran is the main ally of Iraq due to its Maliki connection. Yes, it was important to depart, the issue was–when and how? President Obama never grasped the importance of those questions and today Iraq increasingly is becoming a failed state.

Israel Supporters Ally With Islamic Militants!

Congressional Democrats and Republicans and the government of Israel are united in opposition to efforts of those seeking to end conflict with Iran and create a stable Middle East. Benjamin Netanyahu is undoubtedly the best friend any Iranian terrorist could seek in the world. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is fighting Islamic militants in his own nation in order to bring Iran into a peaceful place in the world and end concerns about nuclear weapons. He recently was attacked by Fatemieh Alia of the Islamic Revolution Resistance Front for giving into the West on nuclear weapon issues. “Since the beginning of the drafting of the final nuclear agreement which Iran is scheduled for 13 May this year, the analysts, the university students, the elites, and the university professors wish to express their worries to the Iranian nuclear negotiators.” The “We’re Concerned” group is composed of Islamic terrorists and militants.

American congressmen are expressing the same doubts about President Rouhani. American Congressmen are doing everything in their power to disrupt negotiations. In other words, our leading American Jews are presently in an alliance with the Islamic Revolution Resistance Front!!