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Israel Lives By The Sword

Benny Grantz, and Israel official uttered some words of advice to the world, “we will always live by our sword.” No question, this is the operating mode of the current Israel government. Always show them Palestinians and the world that if you mess with an Israeli, you are fooling around with some person who is ready to blast away. Why Israel sense of toughness? If a people for over 2,000 years have resided among Gentiles in a position of powerlessness, there is an intense need to make certain those Gentiles and those Muslims know the old days are gone, and in the new days, we Jews don’t take anything from anybody!

This attitude meets emotional needs for Jews, but as an operating political or diplomatic approach, it fits the attitude of Vladimir Putin,not that of a peacemaker. The time has now come when Jews no longer have to prove they are the toughest guys on the block. How about a little bit of Martin Luther King?

Bibi Knock It Off!

Most leaders of the UN, most leaders in Germany, and most in France are sick and tired of the nonstop rhetoric from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He shocked world leaders and just about all Holocaust scholars by insisting the Gand Mufti of Jerusalem “advised Adolf Hitler on policy toward the Jews. Let me get this straight–not a general in the German army could advise Hitler about war policy, but a Muslim cleric could. Netanyahu cited a supposed document which has the Mufti tell Hitler to “burn them.” NO such document has ever been found.

Secretary of State John Kerry, once again, and once again is in Israel urging Bibi to lower the temperature on talk.According to Kerry, “it is absolutely critical to end all incitement, to end all violence.” I am certain Republicans will once again blame Hillary Clinton for any violence and will tell American Jews that Kerry and Obama “hate Jews,” and “hate Israel.”

Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has caused confusion and anger among Germans by his remarks the Holocaust was initiated due to the ideas of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Yes, the Grand Mufti did meet Hitler once in November, 1941– by that time at least one million Jews had already been murdered in east Europe. Anyone who really believes that Adolf Hitler would take “advice” from an Arab Muslim really has no idea about Hitler. German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded to Bibi’s nonsense with a cool quiet anger. “We abide by our responsibility for the Shoah(Holocaust). This is taught in German schools for good reason. And, I don’t see any reason that we should change our view of history in any way, whatsoever.”

German correspondent Alan Posener in Die Welt. “By exculpating the Germans and incriminating a Muslim, he is hoping to win friends among European Islamophobes.”

Bibi, take a course on the Holocaust.

Bibi The Historian–Sort Of

I realize that some readers actually believe Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now revealed previously unknown conversations between Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. It so of went like this.

Adolf did not have any idea how to handle the Jewish question other than expelling the whole lot. Then, along came the Mufti:

Mufti: “Adolf, if you expel them the whole damned lot will wind up in Palestine.”

Adolf: “So, Mufti, my main advisor on the Jewish question, what should I do?”

Mufti: “Burn them”

And,that is how and why six million Jews died, it was not the idea of Adolf Hitler it was the idea of the Mufti.

OH, the Mufti did leave Jerusalem and he did wind up in Berlin in 1942. Of course, before he ever met Adolf, over one million Jews were dead. Oh well, Bibi, so glad to learn that Adolf had no ideas to kill Jews until the Mufti came along!

Hate Begets Hate

Hafton Zarhoun, an Israeli whose ancestry is from Eritrea in Africa was walking by a bus station having no knowledge that an Israeli Bedouin had boarded a bus, killed a person and wounded others. Somehow, people in the bus station decided that Mr. Zarhoun was the killer. A group of Israelis killed him, and as he lay dying, a mob gathered around chanting, “Death To Arabs” and “Arabs Out.” They also spat on his body for good measure. One aspect of this murder should concern Jewish Israelis–just remember that one out of five Israelis is either Christian, Muslim or from the Bedouins. It is shocking that a Bedouin is now joining in the outburst of hate.

When hate is the agenda–for anyone– the end result is a reactive hate. There is only ONE solution and that is–create two states and allow Palestinians to rule themselves. We have dozens of such outbreaks of hatred–South Africa being a prime example. Allow love and peace within your heart in order to end sectarian strife.

Intifada This Time

There are undoubtedly certainties in the Middle East.

1. Someone this week will be beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

2. A suicide bomber will kill a few dozen in either Syria, Iraq or wherever.

3. Turkish President Recep Erdogan will have a journalist arrested for making a negative remark about him.

However, the most certain thing that will occur is violence in Israel, the West Bank or Palestine. Once again, the outcome of refusing to negotiate a two state solution has resulted in knife attacks on Jewish Israelis –usually by young men. So, checkpoints are being set up, areas

There is only ONE outcome from the refusal to negotiate a two state solution –DEATH OF THE INNOCENT.

Israel–The Fire This Time

Once again, the world of Israel and Palestinians has become conflict and hatred and violence. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists that force will resolve all problems. However, the past looms large in how conflict between Jewish Israel and Palestinians has played out. At this moment, there are stabbings of Jewish Israelis, there are care sent into Israel Jewish bodies. There are bullets coming from the Israel army which hit both the provoker and the bystander. For every bystander who gets caught in this crossfire and winds up wounded, will emerge another rock thrower or another person ready to stab a Jew.

This is a low-scale Intifada. Unfortunately, for Israel, there is virtually no process that can effectively halt knife stabbings. They can go on and on. There is only ONE solution. Creation of a Palestinian state which will allow Palestinians to handle crime. There is no alternative of removing knives from the world. As Winston Churchill often said: “Jaw Jaw not War War.” THAT is the only solution.

Voice From Iran Gallery

I confess to sort of liking President Rouhani of Iran. Heck, I would not take his job for all the money that Donald Trump claims to have. At home in Iran he has to deal with crazies who make American crazies look sort of normal human beings. For every Ted Cruz we have in this nation he has God knows how many Revolutionary Guards who are dying for a fight. Anyway, President Rouhani came out in support for President Assad in Syria. OK, so he did admit,”this doesn’t mean the Syrian government does not need some reforms, of course, it does.”

Heck, Iran has invested billions and billions of dollars in Syria and who enjoys seeing their investment going down the terrorist tunnels? Mr. President,how about,contact Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and getting both armies together to wipe out someone? Might be the start of a wonderful friendship!

UN Inspections For All

As of June 1st there were six nations that refused to allow UN inspectors into its nuclear facilities. They are: China,India,Pakistan, North Korea, Iran and—-? Now that Iran has agreed to such inspections, how about the last one on this list to accept such action. Oh, the last one is the state of Israel. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continually expresses concern as to whether inspections will prevent Iran from securing atomic bombs. As of this moment, Israel is adamantly opposed to allowing UN folk into its facilities. Israel Atomic Energy Commissioner, Ze’eve Snir warned that the world must be on guard against nations such as Iran who will cheat on inspections.He also warned that Iraq, Syria and Libya had attempted to develop atomic bombs.

Well, we know that Israel has at least 70 atomic bombs and can blast into dust any and all Muslim nations in the Middle East. Now, that Iran has agreed to inspection, how about demanding that Israel join the club for peace and security?

Note To Israel Lobby

It has come to my attention that the main lobby for the Israel government is violently opposed to any nation–other than Israel, that is, being able to obtain nuclear weapons. I have encountered full page ads warning of dire results if Iran ten years from now gets a nuclear weapon. I have heard lectures from Rabbis about the fact that Israel is “surrounded” and in fear of its very existence. Yep, Israel really has worries with Jordan and Egypt and Saudi Arabia–all deeply involved in dealing with refugees, Islamic terrorist groups operating their nation, yep, they are a real threat –but not to Israel.

Meanwhile, back at the OK Corral, Kim Jon-un, the chubby little dictator of North Korea is boasting that he DOES have atomic weapons and is preparing to develop a missile with a nuclear warhead that could be fired at the US. Does that REAL THREAT bother AIPAC? Of course not, they want us to worry about nonexistent threats to Israel. Kim Jong-un is a nut case with a possible nuclear weapon, how about AIPAC worrying about reality?