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The Art Of Political Selling

There is one pattern that has existed throughout the Obama administration, and that is his inept political ability to sell a good idea. Obama always behaves like a college professor who lectures and then assumes his “students” understand what was presented. Compared to Theodore or Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy or Abe Lincoln, Obama has completely failed to SELL his ideas. Sorry Barack, but a great president is a great salesperson.

1. Lincoln was a master of presenting complex ideas along with a joke or a demand that Americans display their greatness as people.

2. John Kennedy on day one of his presidency told the American people “what can you do for America?”

3. In 1940, England faced Nazi Germany alone and had run out of guns and ammunition. Most Americans did not want to go to war. So, in one of his fireside chats with Americans, Franklin Roosevelt used this metaphor: “if your neighbor’s house catches fire, and he comes to you asking to borrow a fire hose, surely, you would give him one. We are going to lend England destroyers and rifles and other equipment.” And, so England got military supplies that enabled it to continue fighting Germany. I have never heard a single metaphor from Obama that enables people to grasp an issue.

4. One night after America was at war, Franklin Roosevelt asked the American people to listen to him as he reviewed where American soldiers were fighting. By late evening, one out of two Americans had listened and followed his analysis of where fighting was going on. How many Americans today even know where Syria or Iraq are? Obama has never discussed these areas of fighting with Americans following with a map.

5. To this day I am shocked that we Americans never received an explanation about Obamacare from the government.

If Obama wants to sell this accord with Iran, he must become a president who talks WITH AMERICANS!

Hillary In Land Of Jewish Money

Among the endearing myths about Jews is that they are people with enormous wealth. An examination of the top five wealthy people does not reveal a single Jew. But, there are wealthy Jews and there are wealthy Jews who consider themselves experts on the Middle East. They are quick to sound the battle cry of ANTI-SEMITISM whenever anyone dares to utter a complaint about Israel. Hillary Clinton ventured into the land known as Hollywood, where a few rich Jews do live. Naturally, she made certain one and all heard her love of Israel:

1. She opposes any effort such as boycotts against the West Bank. To do so, is proof the person hates Jews. I thought they opposed West Bank settlers, not the rest of Israel.

2. She promised to “fight against any further attempts to isolate Israel.” Actually it is quite easy to cease any isolation–just adhere to INTERNATIONAL LAW about the West Bank.

I am certain Hillary will come across as a good Christian, unlike the black dude from Africa.

Israel Is Surrounded!

The most common refrain from Jews these days is that Israel is SURROUNDED and thus is must be on guard against the bad guys. Whether it is Bill Maher or Fox News the refrain is always the same. Please excuse any actions that Israel might take because on every side of the nation is a bad,bad country ready and able to attack. Well, examine the situation:

1. Egypt is currently confronting a civil war from Islamic terrorists and her main desire is to work WITH Israel against these terrorists. Oh,a and the last time Egyptian soldiers fought any army was forty five years ago.

2. At this moment, Jordan is hosting about one million refugees from Syria. Jordan is incapable, even if she desired to fight ANY NATION!

3. Saudi Arabia has already reached out to Israel seeking a way to attain peace. OH, latest figures indicate less than 20% of Saudi even view Israel as a major enemy.

4. No need to mention Syria or Iraq.

5. Hezbollah is in Lebanon but there is no indication it desires or can handle a war with Israel

OH, Israel has EIGHTY ATOMIC BOMBS. So, who exactly is surrounding who?

Obama Hates Israel!

Michael Oren used to be the Ambassador from Israel to the United States of America. He has now published a new book which exposes the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish feelings of the black dude from Africa who somehow became president of the USA. According to Oren, Barack Obama “imperiled Israel,” and was “soft on terrorism” and his advisers were “infected with neo-Marxist ideas.” Let me see:

1. Barack Obama pushed for a health care system that benefited Drug companies and private hospitals. Just what Marx wanted?

2. Barack Obama, after saving automobile companies, returned them to their owners. Just what Marx desired?

3. Under the Obama administration Israel has received EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS OF MILITARY AID. Just what any enemy of Israel would desire!

4. Under the Obama administration Israel was provided money to construct its Dome to shoot down incoming missiles. Yep, this is what an enemy of Israel would seek.

5. Secretary of State John Kerry has visited Israel at least ten times seeking to help this nation achieve peace with Palestine.

I have a hunch that Michael Oren wants to sell books.

Let’s Blame Obama-Who Else?

Michael Oren used to be the Israel ambassador to the United States of America. I assume that during his tenure in that position, there were many occasions when he spoke with the President of the USA. He wrote an article, naturally in the Wall Street Journal,in which the claim issued that any and all problems between this nation and Israel are the fault of the American black dude. He now charges that Obama is responsible for conflict with Bibi Netanyahu because he forsake two important principles of this relationship–“avoid public discord and do not pull surprises.” He also claims that after the first inaugural,Obama “put daylight between Israel and America.”

1. During the first Obama term he made certain that Israel received TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS OF MILITARY AID>

2. The US helped to fund the Dome which shoots down incoming missiles.

3. As I recall, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Republicans and blasted the Obama foreign policy in Congress.

4. Secretary of State John Kerry has been in Israel at least twenty times seeking to assist in negotiating a resolution of problems between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Some distancing of relations with Israel!

On Academic Freedom

At one time I was a college administrator and at another I was chair of our American Association of University Professors local unit. This placed me constantly in the arena of what constitutes academic freedom. The University of Illinois discussed a position with a professor who already has a tenured job at another university. After assuring the man(we will not note his name) that he would be hired, the institution later decided not to hire him. This information came after he had notified his own college that he was leaving and thus ended his career at that institution.

The University of Illinois charged that he had sent “anti-Semitic emails.” He did send one that said: “Zionists transformed anti-Semitism from something honorable into something horrible.” This is a blatant anti-Semitic statement. There are the policies of Israel which one can challenge, but one cannot equate Jews with the policies of Israel.

To sum up. The professor did have his rights violated because he was encouraged to end his tenure position at another college. Sorry, once an institution informs a professor that he will be hired and he can quit his job, there is no reason to change minds because of a tweet.

Recep The Great Erdogan

Given the madness that currently envelops the Middle East it is wonderful to receive some good news. The people of Turkey have turned their backs on authoritarian rule and hate by rejecting the attempt by President Recep Erdogan to establish a modified version of the authoritarian state. He wanted to receive 60% of the vote in order to end democracy in Turkey and wound up with 41%. The people of Turkey sent a message that Israelis might learn– a modern society does not need leaders who preach hate nor does it need leaders who use the media to destroy those ho oppose.

It is now clear that a coalition of women, gays, free speech advocates, and journalists combined to ensure that Turkey returned to the path of democracy and ended the Erdogan attempt to stifle free speech and restore religion to a prominent place in society. This was a victory for secular forces. How about a similar coalition in Israel to end the theocracy that increasingly exerts power??

Oh Dem Anti-Semites!

Any and all statements or actions that involve the state of Israel which do not praise the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be classified by most American Jews as another example of anti-Semitism. Most probably this comment will be followed by some reference to the Holocaust. This is simply an example of ‘playing the anti-Semitism card.” The European Union is demanding that Israel label any products grown on the West Bank as coming from that area. Technically speaking, the United Nations allocated the area now known as the “West Bank” as part of a new Palestinian state. Sorry, that is simply a matter of record.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is upset. He now insists such action will encourage Mahmoud Abbas, head of Palestine, to “refuse to talk.” Why should he talk” He can get by without talking.” Let me get this clear. Somehow President Abbas has a strong position if he refuses to talk. Palestine needs its own nation, it needs to work with Israel in a cooperative manner and forge new economic relations. Abbas HAS to talk.

How about proving that Abbas is wrong by TALKING AND NEGOTIATING WITH HIM?” Ok, negotiations have failed in the past, try over and over until they succeed. THAT is the only hope for peace.

More Anti-Semitism?

There is no doubt many Jews in America are convinced that Barack Obama “hates Israel.” Despite the fact under his administration, Israel has been given over $20 billion and support for creation of the Dome which takes out incoming missiles, the prevailing wisdom is that Barack Obama “hates Israel.” The US Supreme Court just ruled that a boy who was born in Jerusalem cannot have placed on his passport, born in Jerusalem,Israel because the administration adheres to international law which regards Jerusalem as belonging both to Israel and Palestine.

Congress had passed a bill which made Jerusalem belong to Israel, but the Court ruled that only the President of the United States decides which country is recognized and which area is recognized as belonging to that country.

Oh well, just another example of “hating Israel.”

Bibi -Check Reality!

I do understand that among all too many Jews in this country if anyone makes any negative comment about the mouth that roars in Israel, one Benjamin Netanyahu, then one is guilty of “hating Jews” or “hating Israel.” However, each day it becomes increasingly clear that Bibi Netanyahu has lost any contact with reality in the Middle East. The Interdisciplinary Center in Hevzilya, which is an Israel center of academic study, recently conducted a secret survey in Saudi Arabia. They wanted to know how typical Saudi Arabia inhabitants thought about current issues. Here are the results:

53% named Iran as their main enemy.
22% named the Islamic State as an enemy.
18% named Israel as an enemy.

Oh, 85% supported the Saudi Peace Initiative which offered recognition of Israel in exchange for return to the 1967 borders.

One conclusion of this study is that Saudis have a great identify of interests with Israel and are ready to make peace. So, how about it, Bibi, work for peace?