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Gay Times In Vatican

The Catholic Church is among the world’s most important institutions and its beliefs and actions impact the lives of untold millions of people. These days the only important news emerging from what happens in the Vatican, all too often revolve around issues of sexual conduct. At a time when Pope Francis should be focusing the Catholic Church upon new directions, day after day, there are stories concerning the existence of a gay network within the Vatican itself. Elmar Mader, former head of the Swiss Guards who protect the Vatican, admitted to a Swiss newspaper that within the Vatican, there is a network of homosexuals. “My experience would indicate the existence of such a thing. A Guard told the same newspaper that he had been the object of 20 “unambiguous sexual requests.”

There must arrive a moment when Pope Francis can shift the conversation away from whether or not there are homosexual priests to one in which the Catholic Church accepts the presence of homosexuality as part of the human experience. Ironically, many homosexuals seek to become members of the Catholic Church at a time when millions are drifting away. Why not welcome them into the fold of Christianity??

Catholic Church Will Change

Pope Francis has been a welcome addition to the Catholic Church, and in a different century his arrival would have led to significant changes in the church. He is a kind, a generous, a caring Pope who has won the admiration of millions. But, Pope Francis has yet to address key issues of the church in the 21st century. Students attending Seattle’s Eastside Catholic High School walked out of their classes because a popular vice principal was forced to resign due to his committing a heinous crime, he got married. Mark Zmuda took advantage of a new policy in the state of Washington which allows men to marry one another. Mr. Zmuda was told by the Church that it simply does “not condone such acts between same sex partners.”

Fifty years from now there will be a Catholic Church in America. Only, it will be called the, “American Catholic Church” and it will not owe allegiance to a Pope in Rome. Such is the fate of those who dwell in the past and do not adjust to modern life.

I’m Not Marx! Maybe Groucho, Not Karl!

It is now quite clear that Pope Francis did not get the message from God that he was expected to support the ideas, values and beliefs of those with wealth in order to keep the road open for Capitalist Job Creators to enter Heaven’s doors. Pope Francis finally got clear that when he speaks for God, that is simply not sufficient since God had not cleared his words or ideas with the pudgy man in America who claims that God reports to him, and when He says, “Him,” he means the real God of this universe. The Pope told an Italian newspaper that his recent apostolic comments about the sins of capitalism were simply a statement of the Church’s social doctrine and not an endoresment of Marxism. Pope Rush Limbaugh was very upset with the other Pope who described Francis economics as “pure Marxism.”

Pope Francis does not believe in “trickle down money” leaving the hands of wealthy folk and winding up in the hands of the middle class or poor folk. Since 1980, those in the wealthy class have gained 150% in wealth while middle class folk have gained 5%. Pope Francis was painfully aware that Christians are celebrating the birth of some poor guy who was born in Palestine and preached a social doctrine of defending the rights of poor people. For some reason, Francis did not check his remarks with Pope Rush or he would have known that modern research by conservative think tanks have revealed evidence that Jesus was really the son of a wealthy man who was brutally murdered for defending the rights of those with wealth in Jerusalem.

It is time to God Bless Rush!

Pope Francis: From Pope To Pop Away

I, along with millions welcome the comforting words of Pope Francis who is willing to admit that gays and lesbians are actually humans with normal feelings of love and joy. However, even as he speaks with compassion, there is something missing in his message to those who run Catholic churches or schools or organizations. Each day reveals another example of a Catholic teacher getting fired for announcing love for someone of the same gender or an employee at a Catholic organization being downsized from a position due to love of another, that is love of another who is of the same sex. If Pope Francis is serious, he must take the next step and move on to doctrine and policy. He must become the 21st century Pope John XXIII and bring the Catholic church into the new century.

If fundamental changes do not occur in the Catholic Church it will disintegrate and an American Catholic Church will emerge along with splinter Churches in European societies. It is time for a revolution-imagine two men kissing wearing robes of the Catholic Church

Kiss Away Anger

Among the great mysteries of life is why societies seek to lock up people in jail when their “crime” posed absolutely no threat to anyone. In America, a man steals a hundred dollar jacket and gets sent to jail for four years at a cost of $42,000 per year. I assume we are concerned at the emotional impact upon the jacket because it was stolen. Nina De Chiffre was involved in a demonstration in Italy about a new train line when she saw a friend getting hit by a policeman. She decided to retaliate by approaching another policeman and planting a juicy kiss upon his helmet. The result is anger and a desire for revenge by the police union of Italy. Franco Macerra, head of the union wants her sent to jail for kissing. He argues all hell would have broken out if a cop kissed a person on the streets.

Perhaps, Franco has come up with a new idea. Why not, instead of hassling people on the streets, police went around kissing blacks and Hispanics? Place a moratorium on violence and inaugurate a decade of love and peace?

Child Abuse Abusive

There is something strange when an important issue confronting a church is whether or not it allows its ministers of God to abuse little children. Pope Francis has established a special committee whose task is to confront the issue of child abuse in the Catholic church. Among the initial tasks is to develop a code of professional conduct for members of the clergy. Let me get this clear, the Catholic church has to establish guidelines regarding the behavior of its clergy. This is interesting. An institution which has been around for a couple of thousand years has finally decided to establish rules of conduct for its ministers of faith. Obviously, all would agree this is necessary. The only question is why did the church wait a few thousand years before realizing in this need for action.

It is easy to mock the Catholic church for this delay. But, then again, I reside in the United States of America which took over fifty years before realizing the nation required a national health insurance scheme. Of course, we obtained a social security system fifty years after Germany had established such a process for their elderly. Oh well, some institutions DO finally understand the need to do something-eventually.

There was a boy around my block in the Bronx who struggled with critical thinking. He would come up to me and say, “tomorrow is Thursday.” I would respond, “but, Hymie, tomorrow is Tuesday.” He would respond, ” but tomorrow is Thursday, eventually.”

Putin Vs Pope Francis

Vladimir Putin decided to make a trip to Italy and along the way did pay a call to Pope Francis. The Great Leader-I do not refer to the Pope–gave a picture of the Madonna to the pontiff, and then quickly exited the Vatican. He had more important people to see like his dear friend and bully, Silvio Berlusconi. The Great Leader did not issue an invitation to Pope Francis to visit his fair land. One suspects he did not wish to confront the problem of having to arrest and place in prison the head of the Catholic religion who has made kind remarks about gays and lesbians. The warm words expressed by the Pope concerning gays and lesbians would most probably result in jail time in russia.

Putin most probably did not enjoy what Pope Francis said about wealthy folk. He defined unfettered capitalism as “a new tyranny” and urged those with wealth to share with those without. I have a strange idea his words echoed the thoughts of Jesus Christ, you know, the radical communist from the Middle East. Flash: Sarah Palin urges loyal Americans to boycott Catholic churches, they are simply centers of terrorism against our dear beloved wealthy people.

Alas, Dear Silvio, We Knew Thee Well

There are moments in history when forces representing the flow of history toward a bright future are derailed by forces of reaction an hatred. Silvio Berlusconi has for years fought on the side of human rights and social justice, but due to prejudice and hatred has been forced from the right to pursue his quest for justice to all Italians. He was finally confronted by the powers arraingned around Hate. Parliament voted to throw him out on charges of tax fraud. He is now back on the streets of infamy and left alone with only a few billion dollars of spending money. As Silvio so aptly noted: “it’s a day they are toasting because they can take an adversary, they say a friend, in front of the execution’s squad. It’s the day they have been waiting for for twenty years.”

OK, Silvio is gone because he believes in the right of pudgy old men with lots of money being able to seduce young girls lacking the same. So, what is so wrong with having sex with a teenager? Got me. It just goes to show how Italian law discriminates against those with money.

To the barricades! Fight for human freedom! Fight under the banner of fraud and sex!!

Pope Vs Mafia?

Leaders of the Mafia are growing frightened of the new man in Rome who claims to have a direct line to the Big Guy up in the sky. For some reason, Pope Francis actually believes that priests should not seek to help members of the Mafia who place their hands in the church collectio box on Sunday in order to pick up a few lira for the week. The Pope’s vow to clean up the church and end the unholy alliance between members of the Mafia and some nice priests who enjoy engaging in money-laundering and other such religious activities. Nicola Gratteri, a noted prosecutor, told the media: “I cannot say if the organization is in a position to do something like this, but they are dangerous.”

The Pope has vowed to clean up the Vatican Bank which allegedly has worked with criminal groups in money-laundering. I am confused. I thought the Mafia had a working arrangement with the guy in the sky. I did see the Godfather films which depict Mafia groups as being very religious.

Monkey On Your Mind

France historically has been a nation which conquered large areas in Africa and it resulted with numerous people from that continent. On the other hand, France has regarded itself as the center of world civilization. Therefore, it is not surprising for right wing Frenchmen to interpret the presence of a black skinned person in a positiion of responsibility as a personal attack upon their own worth as a Frenchman. French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira is in possession of a black skin. To right wing nuts that means she is inferior to their superior white skin. Once again she was termed to be, no a human, but a monkey from Africa.

The right wing magazine featured her photograph along with the comment: “crafty as a monkey.” They added she should eat a banana.