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Alas, Dear Silvio, We Knew Thee Well

There are moments in history when forces representing the flow of history toward a bright future are derailed by forces of reaction an hatred. Silvio Berlusconi has for years fought on the side of human rights and social justice, but due to prejudice and hatred has been forced from the right to pursue his quest for justice to all Italians. He was finally confronted by the powers arraingned around Hate. Parliament voted to throw him out on charges of tax fraud. He is now back on the streets of infamy and left alone with only a few billion dollars of spending money. As Silvio so aptly noted: “it’s a day they are toasting because they can take an adversary, they say a friend, in front of the execution’s squad. It’s the day they have been waiting for for twenty years.”

OK, Silvio is gone because he believes in the right of pudgy old men with lots of money being able to seduce young girls lacking the same. So, what is so wrong with having sex with a teenager? Got me. It just goes to show how Italian law discriminates against those with money.

To the barricades! Fight for human freedom! Fight under the banner of fraud and sex!!

Pope Vs Mafia?

Leaders of the Mafia are growing frightened of the new man in Rome who claims to have a direct line to the Big Guy up in the sky. For some reason, Pope Francis actually believes that priests should not seek to help members of the Mafia who place their hands in the church collectio box on Sunday in order to pick up a few lira for the week. The Pope’s vow to clean up the church and end the unholy alliance between members of the Mafia and some nice priests who enjoy engaging in money-laundering and other such religious activities. Nicola Gratteri, a noted prosecutor, told the media: “I cannot say if the organization is in a position to do something like this, but they are dangerous.”

The Pope has vowed to clean up the Vatican Bank which allegedly has worked with criminal groups in money-laundering. I am confused. I thought the Mafia had a working arrangement with the guy in the sky. I did see the Godfather films which depict Mafia groups as being very religious.

Monkey On Your Mind

France historically has been a nation which conquered large areas in Africa and it resulted with numerous people from that continent. On the other hand, France has regarded itself as the center of world civilization. Therefore, it is not surprising for right wing Frenchmen to interpret the presence of a black skinned person in a positiion of responsibility as a personal attack upon their own worth as a Frenchman. French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira is in possession of a black skin. To right wing nuts that means she is inferior to their superior white skin. Once again she was termed to be, no a human, but a monkey from Africa.

The right wing magazine featured her photograph along with the comment: “crafty as a monkey.” They added she should eat a banana.

Like Jews Under Nazism!

There are people in this world who endure persecution and oppression, but mantain their dignity as decent human beings. One man who should be honored for his diligent fight to maintain his human dignity lives in Italy. He recently told the media that a rising fury against the persecution faced by members of his loved ones compels him to finally speak the truth. “My children tell me they feel like the families of Jews in germany must have felt under Hitler’s regime. The whole world is against us.” The name of this fighter for human dignity is: SILVIO BERLUSCONI !! Yes, the man who has billions of dollars and numerous estates and servants and numerous newspapers and TV stations is suffering the same fate as was confronted by German Jews.

Yes, his good name has been tarnished. Yes, he no longer runs Italy. OK, he has a few billions. But, just remember, Jews in Nazi Germany were given FREE trips to nice camps! No one has offered members of his family such free gifts. How about building a Berlusconi Museum in honor of the horrors endured by members of his family??

Bishop Builds For Christ

Bishop Tebartz-van Elst is a man of God whose primary purpose in life is to honor the big guy up in the sky. He understands that if one is to serve Jesus then one must present an appearance of health and wealth since Catholics can not come across looking poor and decripit. He did take a low cost plane in order to meet with Pope Francis who listened to a story of wealth and then asked the good Bishop to retire to an ordinary apartment. The good bishop had built a $35 million “home” which also was used as a hotel for himself with all the nice things one obtains staying for the night in a hotel. There are reports that Donald Trump was the prime advisor for this man of God, then again, Donald regards himself as the servant of God-himself, that is. The report from the Vatican simply said: “a situation has been created in which the bishop can no longer exercise his episcopal duties.”

I assume that means he has some time out that enables him to visit a church. You know, the place one goes to to pray. Of course, the good bishop preferred praying at Trump Palace.

Church Of Opulence

I recognize there are Christians in this world who believe in the words of some guy who lived two thousand years ago and said some words about how one should be concerned about the poor. There is a bishop who resides in Germany by the name of Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Eist, who not only devotes much space to printing his name, but also needs a lot of space in which to live. He just spent about one-third of the bishopric’s wealth on a place he could call home. Tabartz enjoys the good life and enjoys eating well, traveling well and doing all those things Jesus did when He traveled around the Mediterranean area. Perhaps, Jesus indulged himself with a $25,000 bathtub, I do not know, but the Bishop of opulence sort of runs to those kinds of persnonal gifts. I realize there are some poor folk in Germany, but which comes first, a $35,000,000 home for the man of God or a few marks spent on the poor?

It is rather fascinating that German bishops have nothing to say about this Man of God, but they certainly have much to say about not allowing female priests or two guys or two gals making out by getting married. Let’s face it, Jesus preached for the interests of the wealthy. If you don’t believe me, just ask any Republican member of Congress!

Tears Of Berlusconi

These are difficult days for Mr. Silvio Berlusconi. He is the wealthiest man in Italy, he is the Italian male who has imprenated more Italian females than any other. Alas, he is being charged with criminal actions that will prevent him playing a role in government. On Sunday, he received a letter from his children assuring him of their love. He cried and cried and cried. Actually, he cries about efforts of clerics or politicians or prosecutors or judges or women who testify about his sexual prowess in impregnating their bodies. The four time prime minister tells friends of his anger against “politicized judges,” who want to “finish him off” and the anger of being taken out of a court room in HANDCUFFS! He is SILVIO!

The rich man is now prepared to without his party’s support, compel the government to collapse and await a call to return to power. Alas,he is now legally unable to participate in government. Well, at least he has time to cry and cry.

Pope Francis Speaks With Authority

Pope Francis is a welcome change for Pope, and reminds many of Pope John XXIII who sought to open the doors of Catholcism to new ideas. Pope Francis is a man,not only of God, but of the ordinary humans who inhabit this earth. He inherited a mess. He inherited a church confronting issues of homosexuality, of the rights of women, and the future existence of his beloved church. In a recent interview, he discussed the complex issues of gays, abortion and contraception. “We have to find a new balance, otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a houseof cars, losin freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.” Pope Francis is trapped between those in the church who want to return to a prior era of life, and those seeking to enter a new era of life. He is a Pope without hate in his heart. He is a Pope who understands the Church must make changes, but sill uncertain in which new directions it must go.

Pope Francis understands there must be a “time out”from over concentration about homosexuality among members of the clergy and a time out from denying gays entry into the church. Perhaps, it is time to once again hold a session where members of the clergy examine life in the 21st century. We suggest the presence of nuns at such a gathering of the faithful.

Let’s Be Gay!

A new Pope indicates an opportunity for new ideas and new directions. Pope Francis has made clear that he does not wish to become involved in gaudy displays of power power that have all too often been associated with clerics in the Vatican. He realizes the need to address issues of gay behavior in the clergy. Hopefully, he made the first initiative of his reign by telling the media: “But, if someone is gay and looking for the Lord, who am I to judge him? You should not discriminate or marginalize these people, and the Catechism says that as well.”

It is an opening. We welcome Pope Francis as a new voice in the Catholic Church who can move the institution in the direction of– Modernity! The Protestant religion is gaining enormous success in Latin America. It is time to meet challenges with a new willingness of refusing to marginalize any who seek the Catholic Church, regardless of their sexual preferences.

Berlusconi Maybe To Jail Or Service!

It is increasingly clear that Silvio Berlusconi will actually do some time for his escapades of dishonesty and sexual misconduct. Unlike the US which sends people of any age to jail so the government can pay $40,000 a year for their upkeep and medical expenses, the governmnet of Italy would prefer if they remained at home and did something for the public good. Silvio will probably be offered the option of performing some sort of public service or remaining in one of his luxurious villas and been compelled to entertain himself with parties. We assume this means he will aid the Italian government efforts to reduce the unemployment rate.

We urge young gorgeous women to learn the location of his “prison” and then offer their services to assist his daily life experiences. They get work, he gets pleasure, and the people of Italy do not spend a lira!!