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Silvio Behind Bars??

There is a land, far far away that is ruled by Mitt Romney, unfortunately Mitt does not go by Mitt in that land, but employs the name of Silvio. After all, Silvio does not deride the bottom 47% of loafers, from his perspective the figure is more like 97%. He robs from those below in order to profit those above drawing upon tax codes which ensure if you have money, that money will not be headed to Rome. Ordinarily, Silvio does not worry about judges or prosecutors or any government official, he is a law unto himself.

However, a Milan court convicted him of illegal publication of wiretapped conversations and sentenced him to one year in prison. His brother also was sentenced to jail. But, this is Italy. So, you were convicted of a crime, so what, please serve as prime  minister of the country. OK, you are charged with tax fraud, so what. We doubt Silvio  would spend a day in jail anymmore than Mitt would spend a day discussing the reality of American economics

Conclave In Rome

A conclave of men will shortly gather in Rome to discuss the future of Catholicism and the future of religion. Obviously, they are all males, they are all elderly, they are all important figures in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is an important institution that has sort of been around for a few hundred  years. For millions, it is the foundation of their life. Some Cardinals will not attend because, as they claim, they have failed to adhere to the standards required of church leaders. That is translated to mean, their body could not adhere to the standards of their mind. The world needs a Catholic Church that is part of modern civilization. The question confronting those at this conclave is whether the outcome furthers the authority of Catholicism or whether the outcome is another step in losing connection to individual Catholics?

We hope another John XXIII emerges from this conclave. We hope a new Pope is able to connect with modern Catholics. A Pope who believes his goal is maintenance of what is, will be a Pope who participates in maintenance of what is. Winds of change will sweep on and on, to maintain, is to lose.

Let Laughter Reign In Italy

The government of Italy is rather upset because there are people in the European Union who  cannot cease laughing at results of the recent election in which a former clown and comedian came in third. A German politician remarked that second place finisher Silvio Berlusconi was “a clown with a special shot of testosterone.” He went on to refer to Beppe Grillo, and noted “I am upset that two clowns won.”

In fairness, the United States today does not have two clowns winning, it has an entire Tea Party with enormous power. In America, we have gone beyond a few clowns, we have the entire circus seeking to run our government!

Send In The Clowns To Italy!

Elections have been held in Italy, the results are in, and once again the peopleof Italy have opted to elect a clown instead of a leader. For a decade Italians elected Silvio Berlusconi as their leader, a man more comfortable with being able to  get a woman into a bed than to get an Italian into a job. All expected that after Silvio was charged with numerous crimes that his career would end. Not in Italy. His center-right bloc received 117 in the Italian Senate while the center-left bloc receivced 119. Guess who received 54 seats? Beppe Grillo, the one time comedian turned political leader!

Of course, in the United States of America we have the Republican party, a group of disgruntled comedians who believe having less money in the economy leads to more jobs. Their Tea Party compadres believe reducing taxes on the wealthy results in more jobs for those seeking work.

Beppe has createda crisis for Europe, the Republican party has created an economic crisis for America. Come to think about it, how about Beppe for president in the USA?

Silvio, One More Time??

Silvio, Silvio, the sun rises in the morning in Italy, and so does the candidacy of Silvio Berlusconi for prime minister of the nation. The center-left Democratic Party(PD) is in a close contest with Silvio’s right wing Freedom People Party as to which group will gain the majority of votes. Silvio has promised to end property taxes, and to return any such taxes charged to the Italian people. It is estimated at least five million people are still undecided as to who should lead their nation. Silvio has been seen just about every hour on the hour on your local TV station, he promises prosperity and plenty of sex to one and all.

We in America do not have Silvio, we simply have the Republican party and its nut wing Tea Party. We suggest a trade, we will take Silvio for a few years in exchange for the Tea Party selling its tea to the people of Italy.

Sad News From Rome

The decision of Pope Benedict XVI to resign from his role as leader or world Catholics has a sad and bothersome aspect since it reveals that just about any leader in modern times can lose control over an organization. The Italian newspaper, La Rebublica, published a story that Pope Benedict was overwhelmed when he received a 300 page report on December 12, 2012 which depicted a church that had gone wrong. The study he read described corruption, sexual misconduct, stealing and just about every violation of the Ten Commandments. “It was on that day with those papers on his desk that Benedict XVI took the decision that he had mulled over so long.”

Pope Benedict is a victim in the sense he headed an institution which had lost contact with the reality of modern life. The Catholic Church was too large, it required an excellent staff that was on top of things, and all it had were too many men lacking the ability to respond to reality. The Pope’s resignation simply is just another story of modern life, of modern institutions, and our inability to create viable organizations free from corruption and crime.

Silvio, We Love You!

It is unfortunate that Silvio Berlusconi was not born in America. If he had, there is scant doubt he would  be a Republican and he would have wiped out Barack Obama in the last election. At least he was born in the country where he seeks to be elected. Oh, there are those who do not believe the man of the people can still capture the people. Yesterday, he once again proved that he knows how to woo the ordinary citizen. He announced to one and all a plan that would abolish the entire real estate tax and even pay in cash a refund to those who already have paid this burden of life. Since 80% of Italians live in their own home, this was money in the bank.

Oh, Silvio also promised an amnesty to those who never  paid any tax. OK, so this means losing $160 billion, but it sure will resonate with tax evaders. For Silvio this is his sixth attempt to become head of Italy and latest polls reveal his popularity is increasing.

We suggest the Republican party should grant Silvio honorary American citizenship and place him on the 2016 ballot along with Donald Trump. The only question remaining is can Donald trump Silvio in bullshit??

Trials And Tribulations Of Silvio

There are times in human history when a leader emerges whose brilliant mind, qualities of human interaction and disregard for his own safety offer a society a concrete meaning of the word, “leadership.” Such has been the good fortune of the people of Italy. For years, they have been blessed by the presence of one, Silvioi Berlusconi, prime minister and chief leader. Naturally, those who fear a good man are charging him with crimes. Silvio is being tried for purchasing the services of a young female in order to engage in sex. How many men today in Italy bought the services of a prostitute and how many are on trial??

OK, so Silvio has money. Ok, so Silvio throws wild parties at which prostitutes appear, OK, so Silvio uses his media empire to get elected.OK,so Silvio uses his media empire to wipe out opponents who challenge him for public office. But, consider the good he brings to Italy. A man who makes the newspapers every day with accompanying pictures of gorgeous females. These pictures brighten the day of men frustrated in their desire for sex.

A mean old judge has ruled that Silvio must immediately stand trial. Don’t worry, if he is convicted there are new appeals, new trials and we can guarantee Silvio will be rotting in his grave before he sees the inside of a prison!

Italy Takes Stand Against Mafia

The Mafia has reigned in peace and security for centuries within the nation of Italy and government efforts to end this criminal element generally have not been successful. The American public has access to one TV program or one movie after another which deal with Mafia bosses and drug wars and the lives of the Sopranos, so it is not surprising the Italian people also become involved in the daily antics of this or that Mafia boss. An area in Naples has finally decided to take a firm stand against the Mafia. Local officials have  told TV reporters to go elsewhere to film their latest Mafia saga.

Council leader Angelo Pisani refuses to allow cameras to film episodes of a new series about the Mafia. “It is time to say enough of the exploitative use of Naples and this area in particular.” Great, once TV programs about the Mafia are banned it  means the end of the Mafia!

Silvio Offers Self To Italy

Silvio Berlusconi is a man whose heart belongs to Italy and he is willing to  assume the burden of once again leading the nation. The former  prime minister seeks to forge an alliance with right wing bigoted Northern League in order to secure sufficient votes in Parliament to crown his head with power. He insists that his alliance will garner about 40% of the vote but most polls claim it is closer to 28%. Silvio is very concerned that his beloved Italy pursue the road to fiscal discipline and economic recovery. Silvio lacks any respect for the current leader, Mario Monti, who lacks a billion dollars or wealth. How can one govern a nation unless one has proven able to accumulate gobs of money?

Of course, once again prime minister means no court can arrest Silvio for the alleged wild times he once enjoyed with females, particularly, under age ones. We are simply reporting what Others claim. We continue supporting Silvio because Italy needs a firm man, who has a firm body and, particularly, a firm upright piece of his body always ready to fire away.