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Hiroshima Apology?

President Obama will soon be visiting Japan and plans to visit Hiroshima, the scene of the world’s first atomic bomb. Many in America insist the president should apologize for the horror of atomic weapons being used. Most probably, I am in the minority who believe the atomic bomb HAD to be  used to save the lives of millions. And, I mean, millions of innocent Japanese civilians.

Background: During its invasion of China from 1937–1945, the Japanese army raped hundreds of thousands and killed over five million–civilians, that is. The code of the Japanese army was to never surrender and any enemy who did, frequently was killed. After the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the Japanese Cabinet me. During this meeting the head of the Japanese Army insisted that to surrender meant loss of face and dishonor to the Emperor. He boasted the Japanese army would meet American and British soldiers on the beaches and destroy them.

After the Emperor made known that he was ready to surrender, units of the Japanese army attempted to kill the brother of the Emperor who was carrying a record of the surrender. They did not succeed. In other words, without dropping of the atomic bomb, millions of Japanese would have been killed. Sorry, this IS history. There is no need to apologize. Perhaps, any Japanese leaders from WWII still alive might apologize!

Finally, Japan Apologizes!

Finally, finally, the Japanese government has gotten around to apologizing for the horrors it committed during World War II. In addition to murdering over five million people, Japanese troops most probably raped a few million more. For years the government of South Korea has been asking for an apology by Japan for enslaving thousands of women from South Korea during World War II and using their bodies as “COMFORT WOMEN.” A pleasant way to describe being force to be  a Prostitute.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe finally spoke words that should have been spoken years ago. ‘The issue of comfort women, with an involvement of  the Japanese  military authorities at that time, was a grave affront to the honor of  large number of women and the government of Japan.”

See, the sky did not fall because Japan admitted it committed war crimes!

World War II Lingers On

World War II has been over for seventy years but its legacy is still impacting millions of people in Asia. During WWII the Japanese Army murdered over five million people in countries such as China or Korea, but Japanese government for years have worked hard to deny anything bad occurred during the war. They continue insisting that Japan was defending herself agains the evil WEST which, unfortunately, led to some acts that everyone should forget.

1. The Japanese Army forced thousands of women to serve as prostitutes.

2. The Japanese Army raped thousands of women.

3. The Japanese Army forced millions to die of starvation.

But, these days, the nation of Japan continues refusing to confront these horrors of war. It glorifies those who did the killing and will not accept any responsibility. South Korea still has problems dealing with a Japan that will not apologize for past cruelties.

The United States Senate in the 1980s apologized to those of Japanese-American ancestry for the horrible internment of over 100,000 innocent people. Japan might learn a lesson, the act of apology is a wonderful feeling of self worth.


Sixty nine years ago this week, two atomic bombs were dropped on the nation of Japan. These were the first and only such bombs to be exploded on this planet. The bombs dropped on the empire of Japan. For over a dozen years the Japanese armed forces had murdered millions of innocent people. They had raped their way through cities such as Nanking, and Japanese officers regarded as normal taking photos of US airmen having their heads chopped off. The American people had not forgotten when thousands of US soldiers who surrendered in the Philippines were marched to their death. By 1945, the Japanese Navy was resting at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, its air force was down to a few hundred planes, and thousands of soldiers were attempting to flee for their lives in the jungles of Burma or on scattered areas of Asia. The people of Japan had been fire bombed by the US air force resulting in the death of over 80,000 in Tokyo and hundreds of thousands elsewhere.

After the initial atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, General Anami told the Cabinet his men were ready to fight on. Most Navy officers who were in the Cabinet said it was time to end the slaughter. But, Anami and his companions wanted to fight on and on. After the second bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Anami announced to the Cabinet, “there is life in Death.” He wanted to continue fighting. Even after the Emperor said it was time for peace, General Anami and his Army followers were not ready to end the war. Over a million Japanese civilians were dead. Anami said, “we can still eat grass, we must continue.” Thousands of children had been melted to death, but for Japanese military leaders, the only path was to fight in order to have a noble death.

There is remarkable similarity among Hamas leaders to this attitude of Death before Life. About 1900 were killed by the Israel army in Gaza. Most probably about 400-500 of these dead Palestinians were members of Hamas. The remainder were innocent civilians. Hamas leaders deliberately had their men mingle among civilians, a ploy that resulted in the death of innocent people. Inherent among Hamas followers is there is “Life in Death.” Unfortunately, as in Japan, those arguing for “life in death”invariably means civilians must die. There is something arrogant about deciding that someone else must die in order for you to maintain the “dignity” of fighting and killing.

An issue confronting American leaders in August, 1945 was whether or not they had options to avoid future bombing. Fortunately, Emperor Hirohito stepped in to end the fighting. If not for him, millions more would have died. The same issue confronts Israel leaders. Are there options to avoid further fighting with Hamas?

Let’s Do A Little Cutting

A sixteen year old girl in the city of Sasebi, Japan, decided something was lacking in her life. For some girls, there is a lack of social life or communication with mom an dad is not the best, but for this girl, the problem was clear. She had yet, although already the age of sixteen, had never had an opportunity to dissect another human. OK, some lack food, some lack access to education, and many lack access to a good job, but certainly, just about every person on this planet has access to murdering someone. Just check the local headlines in your paper or the ever ready iPad. As the young lady put it, “I just wanted to kill someone. I bought the tools”

Imagine the typical teen in our modern society. Planes are blasting thousands in the Middle East. Putin is dissecting the nation of Ukraine. Boko Haram is running wild in Nigeria murdering everyone in sight because this stupid people want to go to school! So, one can understand why this nice teen ager decided to strangle her best friend, and then proceed to cut off her head. I think this girl felt left out of the action, and simply wanted to do what everyone else her age was doing– killing other people.

So, Japanese teenager, welcome to the Human Race!

The Sea Belongs To China

As you will recall back in the days of America’s war in Vietnam, the prevailing opinion of our prevailing experts was that Vietnam and China were close allies, and if we did not halt Chinese expansion then one day Chinese ships would be sailing along our shores and soon depositing thousands of Chinese soldiers who would rape our women and march on Washington D.C. Ah, those were the good old days when we feared Vietnamese and Chinese soldiers. Well, today is today. At this moment, Vietnamese sailors are in conflict with Chinese oil rigs in the South China sea which is claimed by China as ITS TERRITORY. Chinese oil rigs are also off the coast of the Philippines and the Chinese navy insists that islands near Japan belong to China. Just name the sea area anywhere in Asia, and the Chinese government will claim it.

Wu Shicun of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies made clear to people in Vietnam and the Philippines that the old days of shoving around China were at an end. “There are countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines are prone to support antagonism to China. They want internationalization of the South China sea.”

Oh well, another day, another world problem. Why not just give China the entire Pacific Ocean. Perhaps they can find some deserted islands, plant the Chinese flag and proclaim their right to control the fish and any oil in the area?

Letter From A Whale To Japan

Dear Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

I write this letter to the leader of what some humans regard as an important nation in the world. I do understand that Japanese people have some sort of love affair with we whales. I am touched by your understanding of how we want to live, and, even more touched by your concern for our welfare. I was thrilled to learn that you told a committee in your Parliament that among the most important goals in your life is securing the welfare of we whales. You made clear the need to engage in whaling expeditions “in order to obtain scientific information indispensable to the management of whale resources.”

Gee, imagine that an important world leader cares about whales. In fact, you care so much about us that you are even willing to eat us. I assume eating a whale makes you happy. Gee, I so wish to make people in Japan happy. By the way, could you share with we whales some of that “scientific information” that you obtain from killing and eating us?

D-Day Anniversary-America Once Great

It is the 70th anniversary of the day when British, Canadian, French, American troops landed on the beaches of France as part of the plan by which the Soviet Union and its allies would end the regime of Adolf Hitler. In the morning as dawn broke, German soldiers awoke to see 5,000 ships staring at them while cannons boomed and troops headed for the beaches of Normandy. It was an Allied effort, actually Americans constituted only 45% of those who landed. The British and Americans devised an incredibly complex plan which worked out, and within a day 150,000 men were on the beaches fighting for their lives. About 20,000 American and British paratroopers landed behind the lines and engaged German troops. So, what was unique about this day?

1. American leaders actually had a war plan that worked.
2. American leaders actually worked in a cooperative manner with allies.
3. The plan required pin point military decisions that actually worked.
4. American troops knew why there were landing on a distant beach, and who was the enemy.
5. There was close cooperation between the air force and ground troops.
6. The entire American nation was behind the effort.
7. Believe it or not but the top tax rate was 90% on the wealthy.
8. Wealthy people were willing to give their riches for the country’s need.
9. Believe it or not but high tax rates only led to more job creation.
10. We all were proud to be Americans.

That was then, today is now.

Ignorance Of The Youth

Justin Bieber is a celebrity and he is a young man with a modern education. That statement is enough to provide evidence that Mr.Bieber is an ignorant individual who believes “the past” refers to what he did last week. After spending the past five years teaching at St. Louis Community college sites it is clear to me that if ignorance of history was a virtue, 90% of
modern youth would wind up as saints in Heaven. Someone told Mr.Bieber that the Yasuksini Shrine in Tokyo was a place in which love of humanity was central to its existence. He visited the shrine and then posted pictures with the caption, “thank you for your blessing” on his Instagram page. I assume someone with intelligence gasped in shock at the pictures and explained to the ignorant young man this shrine was dedicated to Japanese soldiers who had murdered and raped during World War II. Justin did remove the pictures..

I doubt if Justin has any idea who fought in World War II, let alone what happened. The Japanese army murdered over five million Chinese people. In the city of Nanking they raped at least 80,000 women and forced thousands more in China and Korea to serve as “comfort women.” Gee, Justin, have you ever considered reading a book???

Anyway, Justin is no more insensitive than Japanese Prime Minister Abe who is certainly no “Honest Abe” when it comes to defending Japanese murder and rape.

Remember The Murderers

The people of Japan has transformed their society in dramatic ways since the conclusion of World War II, but there is one aspect which remains locked in the past. Japanese leaders insist their nation was the VICTIM in World War II, nor the force which led to the death of millions of innocent people. Japan seized Korea early in the twentieth century and ruled with brutality in order to stamp out the very essence of Korean society. During World War II, thousands of Korean women were forced to become prostitutes in the service of Japanese soldiers, and the Japanese continue to insist, they did this voluntarily. Japan invaded China in 1937 and the ensuing war led to the death of millions as well as the brutal rape of over 50 thousand women in the city of Nanking. Japanese school books continue to insist their nation has no apology for these actions because America and other nations caused the wars and forced their soldiers into these actions.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continued the path of arrogant behavior by visiting a memorial which honors Japanese soldiers who died during World War II. His visit to the Yasukuni memorial infuriated Japan and South Korea which regard such action as refusal to acknowledge the horror of Japanese action during the war. The Chinese government bluntly noted, “strong indignation at the Japanese leader for trampling on the feelings of the people of China.”

It is time Japanese educators visit Germany and learn how a nation confronts the horror of its past.