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Banality Of Evil

A half century ago the state of Israel placed Adolf Eichmann, the notorious Nazi who helped organize and carry out the Holocaust on trial for genocide. At that time Hannah Arendt, a famous historian, wrote a book in which she argued that Eichmann was a bureaucrat who carried out orders because they were orders and it was his task as a bureaucrat to carry out orders given by superiors. Arendt was harshly criticized because she employed words such as “banality of evil” as to transform the Holocaust into a process carried out by bureaucrats rather than a systematic murder of millions. Alas, we continue to live in a world in which whoever is in charge employs the bureaucracy that exists to enforce laws because it is the duty of bureaucrats to enforce laws. Barack Obama twice ran for the presidency arguing that he would end the disabuse of rights by the Bush administration and restore basic Constitutional laws that guarantee the rights of individual American citizens. Instead, Obama has become the defender to spying and surveillance because since he is the president then he must do what presidents do-catch the spy and enforce whatever technology has been used in the past to catch the spy.

If tomorrow, someone else became president- Chris Christie or Ted Cruz or even Rand Paul, we could expect that president would continue a campaign of surveillance and disregard of human rights. The power of bureaucracy is even more powerful than the power of common sense and respect for the Constitution. Military leaders, bureaucrats, technicians always argue that in the name of “our national security” certain actions must occur. Edward Snowden, in one sense, was the anti-bureaucrat because he chose to pose questions concerning which comes first, Constitutional rights or “national security.” In so doing, Snowden made clear the choice was NEVER between “national security” and the Constitution.

The evidence is overwhelming. For over a decade we have allowed bureaucrats in the armed forces or the NSA or the CIA to decide what constitutes “national security” and in so doing, have allowed nameless bureaucrats who simply are “doing their job” to continue doing a job that has failed for over a decade to protect “national security.” What is unusual about Edward Snowden is that a nameless bureaucrat who was just doing his job, began to question the nature of his job, and set in motion the concept that those who run the machine of death can always stop and question why this program of death?

World War II Lives On In American Schools

I am aware there are several wars raging in the world and thousands have died and will continue to die, but it is time to move away from this minor issues of life, and focus on a new conflict that is emerging in the state of Virginia. Japan’s Ambassador to the United States, Kenichiro Sasae has rushed to the state capital of Virginia and held important meetings with newly elected Governor Terry McCauliffe. His country is greatly concerned about potential legislation which is working its way through the Virginia legislature which impacts the lives and fortunes of the people of Japan. In reality, if these bills are not prevented from becoming laws, the future of America and Japan is threatened.

The body of water that separates Japan from Korea is termed, the Sea of Japan, on most maps. But, voters in several Virginia districts are of Korean background and they do not want their children, or any child in the state of Virginia to learn in school that body of water is the “Sea of Japan.” They want maps which term this body of water, the “East Sea.” If this change is not made, who knows what type of violence will break out in the state of Virginia?

Abe Not Able To Govern

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should win the Nobel prize for incompetence in leadership since he daily fouls up when it comes to creating positive feelings among nations in Asia toward his government. Last month, he visited the Yassukini Shrine which is dedicated to those who fought in Japanese armed forces during World War II. You know, the soldiers who killed millions of Chinese people, who enslaved South Korean females and forced them to become prostitutes in service of the Japanese army. Oh, they murdered thousands of American and Filipino prisoners. As of this moment, Abe has been unable to even arrange a meeting with a Chinese leader for over a year, and is not welcomed by leaders of South Korea. Yes, Abe was proving a point, he has the right to honor war criminals. Heck, even Barack Obama is angry at this incompetent leader who has made the word, “Japan,” a reference to bestiality.

He has no plan for the disputed Senkaku islands which are claimed by both China and Japan, with South Korea also throwing its hat into the ring. Few Asian leader want to shake hands with a man who believes Japan was rich to invade and murder millions. I assume he might welcome a visit to SS graves in Germany.

Let’s Have A War

Things have gotten too quiet these days. The United States is no longer fighting in Iraq, it is winding down activity in Afghanistan, fewer folk are getting banged around in Egypt and even the Irish are quiet. We Americans become rather disturbed when things become so slow, in terms of shooting and bombing and blasting. Thank God! We finally got a rise out of the Chinese and Japanese who have not been fighting one another for over a half century. A new important issue has arisen which demands attention. Does the issue concern an important issue between these countries? Darn well, does! There are thes four rocky pieces of land somewhere in the South China Sea. No, there are no people on the islands. No there are no houses on the islands, but they demand attention.

The islands are called, Senkaku in Japan. The islands are called, Diaoyu in China. Now, this difference provides a rationale to fight and kill. Who gave the other guy the right to call my islands by his name! China insists upon an air defence zone. The Chinese are upset. Imagine if “their rocks” got under the control of another nation? Wow!

Friends, it is time for war. Ted Cruz could give a filibuster, John McCain could talk about American “honor” and we could allow Barack Obama to establish a web site. Republicans finally could become job creators with a few million soldiers. Naturally, we would have to end Food Stamps to pay for this tiny little war over rocks in the South China Sea.

Japan To Rescue On Atomic Energy

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that Japan has signed an agreement with Turkey to build a new nuclear plant for the government of Turkey. There is no report of demands from the United States for Japan and Turkey to submit their plans for atomic energy production to the United Nations nor the American Congress. Of course, if Japan announced plans to build a nuclear plant in Iran, sirens would have sounded alarms set off since under no condition can Iran be allowed to have a nuclear energy program like Israel or Pakistan or France. There is something bizarre with the prospect of Japan being tutor to those seeking nuclear development.

Prime Minister Abe argues who better than Japan to aid nuclear programs, after all they are the only ones who actually experienced an atomic bomb? Who else better understands problems associated with nuclear energy??

Care to build rest homes for opposition leaders or gypsies? Check with the German government.

Oh, Those Nazis!

Since the end of World War II, the people of Japan have constructed a modern democratic society. However, their failure to address behavior during World War II in which Japanese soldiers murdered millions of people and raped a few million women has never been addressed. It is t his attitude which led Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso to utter inane remarks about how modern Japan can learn from those good old Nazis of yore. There is a movement within Japan to rewrite the Japanese Constitution and allow the nation to create a modern armed force. Aso suggested following the method employed by Adolf Hitler who simply voided the democratic Weimar Republic Constitution. As Aso notes, “it was changed before people realized it. Why don’t we learn from that method?”11

I assume it means the Japanese government should void those parts of the Constitution which prevent aggressive war. Just what Japan needs–go to war against China!!

No Regrets From Japan

The people of Japan  created a modern democratic society after the horrors of World War II. They renounced war as an instrument of foreign policy and worked to further the cause of freedom in the world. But, they never came to grips with what  happened during World War II when its troops brutally occupied large areas in Asia and subjected Asians to incredibly horrific actions. The notorious “Rape of Nanking” witnessed the rape of over 75,000 Chinese women and murder of over a hundred thousand humans. Japanese armed forces killed over six million Chinese and laid waste large areas of the country. Japanese soldiers violated the Geneva Convention when capturing enemy forces and on the notorious Bataan Death March murdered at least five thousand Filipino and American prisoners.

Toru Hashimoto,  mayor of Osaka, continues the denial path of Japanese politicians. He made a remark that forcing hundreds of thousands  of women  during the war to serve as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers was simply a method of  controlling sexual desires of soldiers and he urged that American soldiers in Japan draw upon the services of Japanese prostitutes. He has  now apologized and argues his words were misunderstood.

Japan should consult German educators who have done an outstanding job of confronting the horrors of the  Holocaust. Japan could learn from Germany.

Rising Sun Declines

The former Japanese empire ran rampant over Asia bringing war, violence and rape to innocent people. In Europe during World War II the Nazi horror surpassed any prior example of destruction in human history. The people of Germany have acknowledged their guilt in such horror. But, the people of Japan continue insisting there was no rape in Nanking, their soliders did not kill millions of people, they are innocent victims  of American aggresssion. Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto informed the world that 200,000 women from Korea and China who were forced into prostitution in order to serve sexual desires of Japanese soldiers was simply a necessary wartime matter. He notes that Japanese soldiers were away from home and needed some sex. Therefore, Asian women peformed a noble service in servicing desires of Japanse soldiers.

The mayor does not believe his comments were incorrect. However, “I admit that my international sensitivity was quite poor.” Perhaps, the government of Japan might check with the German government regarding how a nation that caused death should respond. Step one is educating new generations about their murderous ancestors.

Kim Jong Unable To Make Sense

The people of North Korea have not known any other information concerning that occurs in the world other than what emanates from government sources. The Wise and Great Leader of North Korea, one Kim Jong-un did spend years in Switzerland where he did get to understand something about the real world, but since his return to North Korea, his only encounter with reality was talking with former NBA star Dennis Rodman–about basketball. Kim Jong-un is uttering threats of nuclear holocaust in his warnings to South Korea. He has threatened to destroy Tokyo and most probably will send a missile into the air on April 15, birthday of grandfather, Kim Il-Sung.

Japan is preparing Patriot missiles to shoot down North Korean missiles. South Korea is preparing to blast away if something comes from up north. One is left wondering is this hysteria is simply a little pudgy boy seeking attention from those around him or is he dumb enough to believe his own rantings?

War In Asia?

It is not only that time of the year to be joyful, but that time of the year to be silly.  There are several tiny islands lying between China and Japan that have become the focus of posturing and threats and jet planes zooming in the sky. Ah, waters around the islands might contain oil deposits and whenever the word, “oil” enters a conversation then eyes light up with expectation  of money and power. The Chinese government placed an alert in case Japanese fighter jets appeared off the islands of Diaoyu.

No Virginia, Santa is not going to deliver a war in Asia. China with its ONE aircraft carrier–oh, it just landed A plane on it– is not prepared  to launch an attack on any other nation. Both sides are engaged in posturing, a Kabuki dance is unfolding in which both will dance, but neither will send their military into action. No Kamikaze pilots will be diving their planes into Chinese ships, and they certainly can’t dive them into non-existent aircraft carriers.

The only war that will unfold will be a war of words.