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Japanese Have Annual Dolphin Murders!

The people of Japan have been peaceful since the end of World War II, and attempted to avoid being involved in killing, except, of course, when it comes to certain inhabitants of the oceans who are fair game to be slaughtered. Despite world wide attempts restricting the killing of certain creatures of the sea, the Japanese people believe limits violate their rights. Hayden Panettiere, star of “Heroes” and her boxing boyfriend, Vladmir Klitscko, visited the fishing village of Taiji which annually rounds up about 2,000 dolphins and kills them on their beaches. The TV star made clear her goal was to assist the village people discover ways they could obtain money without this mass slaughter of the dolphins. The Japanese government authorizes killing about 19,000 dolphins each year.

Village leaders refused to talk with the foreigners and it was a glum time for visitors who tried interfering in dolphin killing. The major response to Hayden’s visit was from right wing nationalists who question why Americans “kill cows” and how come President Obama has not apologized for the atomic bombs in Hiroshima in 1945.

Unfortunately, dolphins do not enjoy a long memory as to some Japanese people, but the dolphins do know when they are being killed.

Tom Hanks And Politics Of Right Wing Racism

In the fantasy world of right wing pundits like Bill O’Reilly, the war in the Pacific during WWII had nothing to do with racism, it was simply Western nations engaged in a food fight with the Japanese empire. He was furious at comments made by Tom Hanks who stated the presence of racist factors in the Pacific conflict which resembled racism in modern times as exemplified by the war in Iraq. Hanks stated what anyone alive in the 1940s felt by saying: “Back in WWII, we viewed the Japanese as yellow slant-eyed dogs that believed in different gods. They were out to kill us because our way of living was different. We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different.” He then got into trouble with right wing media ranters by adding, “does this sound familiar with what is going on today?

It is clear that Bill O’Reilly knows as much about the war in the Pacific as he does about the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. The words spoken by Tom Hanks were on the lips and in the hearts of all Americans during the war. The only correction one might make to his statement is we never said, “Japanese,” we said, “Japs.”

The ultimate ignorant comment of Bill O’Reilly was, “why does Hanks want to inject racism into two wars, Japan and the war on terror where racism certainly doesn’t exist.” Really, Reilly, then explain why 5,000 Muslims in America were arrested after 9/11? Racism was the reason 120,000 Japanese Americans were sent to camps even though most were American citizens. Can the O’Reilly factor provide examples in which American citizens were imprisoned–some German aliens were sent to camps.

Another storm in a teacup by conservative idiots.

Koreans In Japan Face Educational Issues

A hundred years ago Japanese troops took control of Korea and that country was ruled as a colony with many of its inhabitants coming to Japan in order to work. The legacy of colonialism lives on with thousands of Koreans in Japan who regard themselves as second class citizens and even have their own schools. The Japanese government is planning a tuition-subsidy program but wants to bar schools which cater to children of Koreans who have strong ties with North Korea from being eligible for the subsidies. There are twelve high schools operated in close cooperation with a pro-North Korean organization known as the General Association of Korean residents in Japan. Japan is still furious at North Korea which abducted their citizens many years ago and has refused to reveal what happened to them.

The Japanese government fears the curriculum of these schools propogates communist ideas and thus children are not receiving an objective education. There is the possibility of new regulations which would require any such schools to have a curriculum that is “nearly consistent with the educational guidelines of Japan.”

For an outsider, it is unclear why any sensible people would regard North Korea as a model for anything other than oppression of its people.

Can Foreigners Ever Be Japanese?

A recent exchange between two members of the Japanese Diet revealed deep seated feelings by those born in Japan toward anyone born abroad who attempts to claim the right to express opinions about Japan. Takeo Hiranuma, former Trade Minister, became upset at a remark made by Renho, a woman of Taiwan/Japanese heritage who has Japanese citizenship and graduated from a Japanese university. “I hate to say this, but she’s not originally at heart (motomoto) a Japanese.” She had questioned the need for vast sums in computer development to make Japan number one in the world which upset Hiranuma. “This is most impudent (fukinshin) for a politician to say.” Of course, he denied there was any racial prejudice to his remarks that challenged her right to express an opinion. In 2006, Hiranuma wrote a book claiming allowing human rights to prevail in Japan would “exterminate (horobosu) Japan.” He also expressed the view Japan should never have a female ruler because she might “marry a blue-eyed foreigner.”

There is a movement in Japan to allow suffrage in local elections to Permanent Residents. Of course, many of these people came from nations conquered by the Japanese and then sent to Japan to work. They remained in Japan after World War II, but are denied the right to Japanese citizenship even though some of their relatives actually fought in the Japanese armed forces. The reality of Japan is to marginalize foreigners and make it very difficult for them to become citizens.

As Japan’s population declines there may come a day when even blue-eyed foreigners will be welcome in Japan.


First, came the issue of where is the birth certificate of Barack Obama and can he prove that he really is an American, and now comes conclusive evidence that this man who supposedly represents the United States of America is nothing more than a toady for appeasement of terrorists. Fox News and the right wing media is up in arms because the president of the United States bowed from the waist when being introduced to the Emperor of Japan!! Bill Bennett thundered, ‘we don’t defer to emperor. We don’t defer to kings or emperors.” William Kristol charged, “I’ll bet if you look at pictures of world leaders over 20 years meeting the emperor of Japan, they don’t bow.” Some conservative pundits showed a picture of Dick Cheney extending a hand to the emperor.

It is now clear that any problems the United States has in the world is due to an American president who bows to kings. That is the cause of the decline in America’s prestige, it is not due to incompetent policies in Iraq or Afghanistan, it all stems from bowing. What kind of pansy do we have an president? Huh? Where are the tough minded leaders like George Bush and Dick Cheney who can cause over 4,000 young Americans to die? Please bring back leaders who shake hands and let’s impeach this lilly livered character who doesn’t know how to represent America? Up with the handshake, down with the bow? Or, should I say, up with the bow and down with the handshake?

Future–East Asia Community?

In the years leading up to the outbreak of war in the Pacific, a major concern of American leaders was the desire of Japan to create an East Asia Co-Prosperity Alliance which would allow Japan to be the major nation in east Asia. Flash forward sixty years and Japan’s Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada and China’s Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, are discussing the possibility of their nations working together to create an “East Asian Community.” Among the goals of such an organization of Asian nations would be cooperative efforts to promote regional agreements on energy and environmental issues.

This may well be a future nightmare for the United States as East Asian nations come together in a potential European Union. It would block out many American interests and possibly damage trade relations. Of course, it could lead to a spark by which Asian nations make giant economic jumps and thus open new markets for the United States.

Kidnapped By Aliens-Read True Story!

After countless stories from politicians and their family members, it is refreshing to finally encounter a wife who is ready to bring to her husband and her nation important information about the universe. Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Japan’s new prime minister, is a former actress, author of cook books, fashion designer, and more importantly the first first lady who has been abducted by aliens. She has visited Venus, spent some time with Tom Cruise in a prior incarnation when he was Japanese, and the world’s foremost authority on alien life. After all, how many earthlings have ever visited the green fields of Venus?

Given her access to aliens, it is only logical to make Miyuki, the first female president of the world. Hopefully, she can persuade Venusians to come here and bring their secrets of eternal life and harmonious non-violent existence to the earthlings who only understand war.

In the spirit of honesty, I must confess to having had an affair with Miyuki while both of us were walking through a red field of grass on Mars. God bless you, Miyuki, for the honesty you bring to the political world!!

The Atomic Bomb-Was It The Right Decision?

Sixty four years ago, an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima and the controversy over the decision continues to rage in America. There is no question of the vast support for the Truman decision among those who were alive in 1945, but young Americans today quite frequently believe it was an act of immorality. A problem in posing the question to younger Americans is the reality few have any knowledge of World War II, let alone military concerns in the summer of 1945.

It is difficult for those who were not alive in 1945 to grasp the situation in America as its leaders prepared to drop the atomic bomb. During previous months, American forces had suffered high casualties in taking the islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. In the battle of Okinawa US forces suffered thousands of deaths including five thousand killed and wounded in the new Kamikaze suicide bomb attacks on ships. General Marshall, who was the brilliant head of the US army estimated there would be over a hundred thousand dead and wounded if American and British troops invaded the Japanese mainland.

We now know due to release of Japanese Cabinet meeting sessions that General Anami and the Japanese army actually believed they could defeat an Allied invasion of their nation and were ready to fight to the death despite dropping of the first atomic bomb. They had over 5,000 Kamikaze planes and at least three million soldiers prepared to die on the beaches. The assumption of the Japanese army was a defeat of the invasion would compel America and Great Britain to agree on an armistice. We now know that Japanese officers attempted to intercept the Emperor’s message of surrender and even killed guards at the Imperial Palace in their effort to thwart any message of surrender.

The reality is Japan behaved in a barbarous manner during World War II killing over four million Chinese including the rape and massacre of thousands in the city of Nanking. The Japanese killed 10,000 American and Filipino soldiers who had surrendered in the Philippines. They killed thousands of British POWs. There was no love or concern for the people of Japan in 1945 due to these actions. The bottom line is that the Allies offered an opportunity for Japan to surrender prior to dropping of the atomic bomb and it was rejected.

No American president could have done other than what Harry Truman did in August, 1945 but to order the dropping of the atomic bomb. In reality, that decision although killing two hundred thousand Japanese people also saved the lives of millions of Japanese. The Japanese army was prepared to have millions of their own people die in the cause of fighting to protect their “honor” as warriors.

War is hell and the innocent die because of armies which fight for honor and glory. Unfortunately, the Japanese people had no say in whether to continue fighting. Most probably, most actually believed they were winning so why surrender? Japanese naval leaders knew it was hopeless but until the Emperor made the decision to surrender there was no group that could accept defeat. Harry Truman concluded that peace could only be attained by use of the bomb. Historical documents now prove he made the right decision. If you doubt what I write, please read meetings of the Japanese Cabinet after the Hiroshima bomb was dropped.

Japan Introduces New Judicial System

This month Japan introduces a new judicial system which will actively engage citizens in the process of making decisions of guilt or innocence. Under the new system, six randomly chosen people will work with three professional judges to hear a case and reach a verdict, including murder trials and the death sentence. The change is designed to more actively involve Japanese citizens in the entire judicial process and hopefully speed up trials. Under the new system, six lay people will work with three judges to decide the facts in criminal cases. Potential lay judges will be identified from a list compiled by electoral boards within the jurisdiction of each district court. Individuals will be notified in November, they have been selected and at some time during the year they will be called to sit on a trial.

Certain people are automatically disqualified from sitting such as judges, lawyers, police, etc.. or anyone with a criminal record. Only serious crimes will be subject to the new lay system of judges. Employers are required to give employees time off for being judges and the lay people will be paid for their time on the bench.

Japan Struggles With Immigration

The current economic crisis is creating new problems with Japan since their aging population has required allowing thousands of immigrants to enter and take jobs not sought by native Japanese. However, massive layoffs are mainly impacting these foreign workers and already thousands are heading back home. Their children have limited opportunity to secure a university education and they are not covered by medical insurance. Susumu Ishihara, president of the Japan Immigration Agency, points out that once the economic crisis ends, Japan once again will be required to rely on the work of immigrants in many sectors of society. In 2007, Japan was home to 2.15 million foreigners which represents nearly twice as many as were in the country in 1990.

At some point, the Japanese population has to recognize they need immigrants to deal with so many work needs that native born people do not wish to do. There is need to assure immigrants their children will have access to education including intensive language training, that their families will be covered by medical insurance and they will not be compelled to leave the country everytime there is an economic downturn. As the Japanese population ages, a younger immigrant population will have to emerge.