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Is Jordan Joining Human Rights Parade?

King Abdullah of Jordan in a television address to the people of Jordan announced he had gotten the message from Egypt and Tunisia and was ready to share power with political leaders. He claimed that his views on how to run the nation had changed and it was time for voting and free speech and all those nice ideas we associate with the concept of a democratic society. However, he did warn against moving in the direction of “the dictates of the street” which only results in chaos and “destruction.” He went on to promise support that will “guarantee the fairness and transparency of the electoral process.”

Of course, any movement toward democracy in Jordan confronts a few demographic issues. Jordan is no longer a nation in which the Bedouin group is the majority due to influx of Palestinians. The former refugees have become the majority in the nation. Will the king accept having his country ruled by those from Palestine? Tune in for the latest news as to whether, in reality, Jordan is a democratic naton or whether its king makes interesting speeches?

Jordan Strikes Blow For Democracy!

Unemployed in Jordan? Don’t have the right to vote in a free election in Jordan? Angry at government corruption in Jordan? Well, the government of Jordan has decided to address issues facing its society. It has begun a trial against Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, who several years ago drew some cartoons that upset many Muslims in the Middle East. A group of Jordanian academics, lawyers and politicians who call themselves, “God’s Prophet United Us” want to have a man convicted of drawing cartoons who is not in the court room but living safely about 800 miles away. Jordanian attorney usama Beltar believes the trial is a “civilized answer” to smears against the Muslim religion. Of course, one man’s smear is another’s right to express a viewpoint. But, even he admits the entire trial is for “political reasons.” Gee, could it be possible that Jordanian King Abdullah has decided to respond to demands for democracy by placing on trial a man who is not here and never will be?

Ironically, Westergaard has yet to be informed such a thing as a trial against him is taking place. When will the people of the Middle East place the concept of democracy as important and not be distracted by politicians who prefer sham to solutions?


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Muslims Not Receptive To Pope’s Visit

A few years ago, Pope Benedict XVI was giving a speech and quoted from a medieval text which referred to the Prophet Muhammad as violent. Middle Eastern Muslims are demanding the Pope apologize for the reference and promised not to regard his visit to the Holy Land as a welcome sight. A banner in Nazareth, the home town of Jesus condemns anyone who insults the Muslim religion or their prophet. Municipal officials refused to indicate if they would remove the banner prior to the Pope’s visit. Some Muslim clerics made clear they would not talk with him while others said they would engage in dialogue provided the Pope expressed his sorrow for the remark. Actually, the purpose of the Pope’s visit is to foster inter-faith relations.

There is something hypocritical about the Pope being compelled to apologize for remarks concerning a medieval comment. Read any Muslim newspaper in the Middle East and one encounters stories that are vicious in hostility toward Jews and Christians. Neither Jews nor Christians have any right to religion in nations like Saudi Arabia which apparently is OK with Muslim leaders who worry about medieval quotes. Visit any bookstore in the Middle East and get an inexpensive copy of Hitler’s books.

Arab Summit Never Left Ground Zero

As expected, the Arab summit meeting in Damascus came and went without any result other than a nice trip to an interesting city. Due to US pressure only half the members of the Arab League even bothered to attend and, in most cases, the others sent low-level officials. According to Ahmed Moussalli of the American University in Beirut, “Most likely what we’re seeing is the end of the Arab initiative. Now what we will be seeing is the stagnation of the Lebanese situation and this could deteriorate into further negative interaction between the two groups in Lebanon.” Both sides in the deadlocked Lebanon government situation have agreed that Michel Suleiman should become president, but Hizbullah insists on one-third of Cabinet positions and a veto on any attempt to disarm Hizbullah or grant naturalization rights to Palestinian refugees in the country.

Professor Moussalli expects “more riots and clashes–the whole area is going through a very troubled time, not only Lebanon, but Iraq, Pelestine and with the US-Iranian and Syrian-Saudi tensions.” The problem in trying to have an “Arab initiative” is that Arabs are never in charge of their own desires because they are controlled by outside factors.

Most Americans have scant understanding how the Bush invasion of Iraq has completely destablized the entire region. The Bush failure to go south to Iraq instead of focusing on the Israel-Palestinian conflict will rank among the worst foreign policy decisions in American history.

British Appeal Court Blocks Deportation Of Terrorist

A British Appeal Court halted the deportation of Abu Qatada who is accused of beng the “spiritual ambassador to Europe” of al-Qaeda. Although, Jordan promised the British government it would not torture the man, the Court refused to accept that guarantee. Judges also blocked the deportation of two Libyan men due to fear of torture and denial of fair trials. Human Rights Watch claimed the decision was a blow aimed at the government’s plans to deport individuals to nations which ordnarily use torture in order to extract confessions. “These cases,” said Julia Hall, “show that the British government should stop trying to deport people to countries whose justice systems are deeply tainted by torture and other abuses.”

Hopefully, the fight to end terrorism in the world can proceed without nations feeling compelled to use the tactics of terrorists. Demcracy must stand apart from the evils of men by behaving in such a manner as to demonstrate the importance of fair trials as the best weapon to combat those who oppose the democratic process.