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El Chapo And Hollywood Star

Among the most incredible rags to riches stories this year is that of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Imagine a poor Mexican boy who grew up to murder a few thousand people, escape from prison time after time and has now gain the attraction of Hollywood stars such as Sean Penn. He was interviewed by Sean Penn as part of a potential movie based on his life.  El Chapo spoke from the heart about problems confronting an honest crook who simply wanted to be loved by one and all.

“I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world.  I have a fleet of submarines,  airplanes, trucks, and boats.” As he notes, if not for idiot nations making drugs illegal, this poor tike would be out of business. How about:

Contracting the ISIS job to El Chapo? At least it would be in the hands of a man who always keeps his word, and never defaults on a contract!

Oh, and he is a God fearing Christian to boot!

Hail To El Chapo!

El Chapo Guzman, the alleged drug lord, is now back in prison. As you recall, he escaped from prison a few months ago. For some strange reason, authorities once again captured this Robin Hood character who simply devotes his life to bringing joy and happiness to humankind. OK, so he deals in drugs, but consider what he does NOT do!

1. El Chapo does not bomb cities.

2. El Chapo does not behead innocent people.

3. El Chapo does not allow innocent people fleeing for their lives away from war to drown.

4. El Chapo is an honest drug lord who never denies what he does, unlike the money lords of Wall Street who never cease lying.

Well, it is simply a matter of time before El Chapo leaves the prison. In that regard he is like Wall Street lords who escape any form of prison.

Donald Knows Vladimir

During the debate Donald Trump wanted the audience to know that he personally knows Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, noted Donald, he even was on a 60 Minute program along with the Russian leader, and I guess the two of them sort of hit it off. Of course, Donald was in a separate segment of the program which showed him in America and Vladimir was in a separate segment which showed him in Moscow. I assume this was a long distance friendship between two men who never spoke with one another.

Donald also boasted that President Eisenhower forced about one million illegal immigrants to depart from the US. HOWEVER, President Eisenhower allowed over a million Mexicans to come to America to work in farm fields.

By the way Donald, MY research of the year 1953 revealed that each year at least 200,000 illegal immigrants were entering America from Canada and all were immigrants from Europe.

The Great Ditch

It has come to my attention that Donald Trump and the Republican party seek to protect our borders agains the hordes of people fleeing from Syria or Iraq or Mexico. Therefore I am ready to propose a solution to this problem.

1. We do not need a wall. We need a giant ditch that will run from the Pacific Ocean coast to New Orleans.

2. The ditch will be filled with oil and water to prevent these immigrants from drinking OUR WATER!

3.Inside the ditch there will be crocodiles and piranha fish to ensure any seeking asylum in America will have to surrender a foot or arm.

4. NRA sharpshooters will be placed along the entire ditch with orders to shoot and kill.

5. Gang members will be allowed to get rid of their anger by blasting away at anyone in the ditch.

I await confirmation from Donald about his support.

Mexico Continues Acting Like Mexico

Let me make quite clear there is nothing wrong with the people of Mexico other than continuing to possess a government that is riddled with corruption. Heck, the President of Mexico had a contractor who does work for the government build him a new house.However, the latest example of corruption and inefficiency will undoubtedly produce at least three films depicting the escape from prison of notorious drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. To be fair, police did arrest him. To be fair he did reach a prison. To be fair, he actually spent at least a month in the jail. To be fair, guards did see him lying on his prison bunk.

However, one day, the drug lord went to take a shower. Somehow,his gang buddies knew the location of the shower room, and decided to construct a tunnel that was one mile long and high enough for someone to stand up and walk. Oops,sorry,about that walking statement,the tunnel had a rail line that allowed a person to ride a motorcycle and get out of jail for free.

I wonder if the government of Mexico has considered offering El Chapo the job of rebuilding the country.

Donald Takes On Mexican Drug Lords

I just received a missive from a friend of mine who heads a large Mexican drug cartel and he is very worried. He was checking with me whether I knew of anyway to get to Donald Trump and seek to head off his anger. He informed me that Mexican drug lords, at this very minute, are meeting at a secret location in the mountains of their land. They are prepared to send an envoy to the headquarters Donald Trump and beg his forgiveness. According to Donald he received a threat from Mexican drug lord big honcho Joaquin “El Chapo”Guzman that was a threat to his life.

“Quit screwing with sand I’m going to make you eat your shit.” Donald has contacted the FBI and asked for their assistance. This is very surprising to me. I thought Donald was the one who gave aid to the FBI! Donald, just go to Mexico, remember you told us last week the people of Mexico love you. They will rally around your flag and march with you to end drug lords!

Donald, Donald, Goes On And On

There is no doubt that at this moment in time Donald Trump is experiencing a rush that is better than getting high with cocaine. He is feeling the rush of power, he is feeling more powerful each time he goes before an audience and shouts his hate message. Donald is discovering there are millions of Americans who hate immigrants, hate illegal immigrants, and hate anything to do with the Muslim religion. Donald told a packed audience who applauded with enthusiasm when he shouted: “When its all said and done, I will win the Hispanic vote. I am going to win the Hispanic vote because I am going to create jobs. I will take them away from China.”

It would be interesting if Donald would at least make clear what type of “jobs” will be created and how can an American president create them? There is no question that he has fallen in love with his voice. Now comes the hard part, persuading Americans to join in this fervent love of Donald.

I wonder if Donald would spare a moment of his time and clean up the mess with Greece

Mouth Never Ceases Roaring!

There are few certainties in life, but if one lives in the United States of America one knows that sometime today, the red headed guy will utter some profound observation of life. OK,so there were some unconfirmed comments by certain members of the LIBERAL media that claim the Red Headed one said something nasty about Mexicans. Well, Donald once again trumped those making false accusations against the only man ready,willing, and able to defeat any terrorist group with one hand tied behind his back. “I have a great relationship with the Mexican people. I have many legal immigrants working for me. And,most of them come from Mexico! They love me. I love them. And, I’ll tell you something. If I get the nomination, I’ll win the Latino vote!!”

When Donald says he will do something,he will do it. That’s OK, he is willing to give Hillary the Armenian vote.

Donald Rewords His Words

It is Wednesday so being it is a day of the week, Donald Trump has some comment about:

1. Immigrants

2. Mexican immigrants

3. His hair.

4. His desire to lead men into battle.

5. Barack Obama’s birth and life in Africa.

Actually, he only had a further comment about words concerning, “Mexican rapists.” Donald felt the need to clarify what he said. He really meant that Mexicans are “fabulous people,” but unfortunately they are under the control of a Mexican government that supports rapists. I trust this will make liberals and supporters of rapists to become quiet.

Why I Will Vote For Donald?

I understand the Jon Stewart and others poke fun and ridicule at Donald Trump,but this blogger wants the Donald Man to become our next president. Why?

1. He definitely will “tell it as it is.” No more secrets in Washington D.C.

2. He will be the first red headed president.

3. At least everyone in both parties agrees that he does not make sense. Thus, the beginning of political cooperation.

4. He definitely will get Hispanics to realize they MUST vote.

5. He definitely will get women to VOTE.

6. We finally will have a president who is dumber than those in Congress.

7. After Trump, Americans will finally understand the need to become interested in politics.

8. His presidency will create a job boom for comedians.

9. I doubt if any ISIS leader would enjoy being anywhere near Americans with this nut case who makes them come across as normal.

So, vote for Donald!