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Hordes Of Hispanic Murderers

It was just a few months or weeks ago that Donald Trump was warning America about the hordes of Mexican rapists, murderers, gangsters and God knows what other crime that soon would be showing up in YOUR  neighborhood. For some strange reason, I have not heard much about these criminals during the past month. I assume that either they have taken a pledge of being nice or they simply disappeared over the Rio Grande river. I guess Donald is more interested in defeating China, North Korea, or ISIS these days.

Anyway, we now have some statistics, and I do understand the word, ‘statistics’ just does not register very well among Trump supporters.A study by Ewing, Martinez, and Rambaut reveals the following facts.Roughly 1.6% of immigrants from ages 18-39 are incarcerated compared to 3.3% of native born Americans. In 2010, 10.7% of native born men  aged 18-39 without a high school  degree were incarcerated compared to 2.8% of Mexican immigrants.

Pity The Children

These are horrific days for children of  Hispanic heritage now that Donald Trump is their president. I frequently think about what it must be like to be a child who was born in the United States with parents who were not legal immigrants. Think of the  prospect of being forced to be sent to Mexico. Most of these children are not fluent in Spanish, they have spent their lives in America, and now thousands will be forced to live in a foreign nation because the red headed bully is their president.

The only analogy in my life is the plight of Jewish children living in Nazi Germany who were subject to abuse, to hatred, and even to physical violence–usually at the hands of fellow students! Then, those fortunate to leave Nazi Germany were sent to foreign lands where they had to undergo the experience of becoming part of a new culture. Such is the life of thousands of children in America!  How did we get to this situation in this alleged bastion of democracy??

Madness Of Mexico

Mexico is the land to the south of the United States. Of course, many years ago states like California or New Mexico or Utah or Texas once were part of Mexico. It is a land in which criminal drug gangs run rampant, defying any police, any military unit, and simply decide who to kill and when to kill. Two years ago about fifty college students were taken off a bus and murdered. Their bodies burned, and still no one knows who or why this outrage occurred. During the past three weeks three priests were murdered.  Father Alfredo Lopez Guile was taken from a church and five bullets pounded into his body. Most probably he gave the wrong sermon about standing up to drug lords.

We Americans are a main cause of the drug horror that consumes Mexico. WE have created this crime monstrosity in which 97% of crimes are not solved. The first step to begin the road to peace in Mexico is to legalize drugs in the United States and end the concept of drug lords. Of course, most probably the drug lords will switch to prostitution of gambling or something else.

Trump To Offer Immigration Plan

It is now August 29, and Donald Trump is once again going to offer an immigration plan. He has a few small problems. Donald has been spouting immigration plans for over a year to joyous acclaim from his followers. He has promised to wipe out the hordes of rapists, the millions of lazy illegal immigrants whose only goal in life is depriving God fearing native born whites from opportunities to work picking fruit and being nannies.

So, what can we expect? Most probably, something like this:

1. I am going to build a Wall. A Great Wall to keep out illegals.

2. There will be some doors in this Great Wall.

3. All I want is for ELEVEN MILLION illegal immigrants to walk through those doors and return to Mexico.

4. After they reach Mexico, the eleven million can apply to return to America as legal immigrants.

5. Naturally, we  don’t want any rapists and drug dealers in our nation.

6. So, if you are not a rapist, if you are not  drug dealer, if you are a nice person, we will be happy to inform you that we do not accept anymore immigrants.

I trust this clears up my immigration policy.

Many Versions Of Donald Trump

We begin with a confession. Frankly, it is almost impossible to keep up with the continual changes in what Donald Trump thinks should be his policy toward undocumented Hispanic aliens.

Donald One: “We have these Hispanics swarming across our undefended border,the are rapists, they are murderers, they are gang members, they are ready to attack your wives, your daughters, your grandmothers. We have to build a WALL, a GREAT WALL, and when I become president,it will be built, andMexico will pay for it.”

Donald Two: “I love Hispanics, each day I get hundreds, no thousands of emails from them promising to vote for me. Now, you know that I love Hispanics,heck I hire thousands, hundreds of thousands to work for me, and I pay them at least $7.25 an hour. We have to get rid of the bad Mexicans, we have to help the nice Mexicans. I AM the greatest supporter of Hispanics in America.”

Donald Three: “I have said from the beginning, that I want to help illegal Mexican families. The Trumps love all Hispanics. I want the good Hispanics to voluntarily return to Mexico, and then come back legally. In fact, I will build plenty of doors in the Great Wall so the good Hispanics can come back. I want to be fair with the illegals. I want to help them get the hell out of here, and then get the hell back to here.”

I trust this is clear to one and all. So, if I finally understand Donald, he wants eleven million people to leave, and then he will welcome back the  eleven million.

Watching CNN Is Fun

These days I watch at least two hours each night of CNN in order to witness the verbal gymnastics of Trump supporters. I confess, after listening to their weird  defense of Donald, one loses track as to who they are or what they actually are saying. Last night two Trump supporters were defending building a Great Wall, and they are certain it will be the Greatest Wall since the Wall of China. A commentator pointed out that there are two National Parks which would have to witness a Wall being built right through them. He also noted the difficult geographic features of the area.

The response was hilarious. It was clear these two ignorant men had no knowledge there were National Parks in the region, when asked about geographic problems,they responded: “If we can get a man on the moon,we certainly can build a Great Wall to keep out Mexican drugs dealers and rapists. There is one certainty about watching Trump apologists on TV, they lack knowledge about what he just said that day. All too often, they are trapped in his comments of the day before which now have been supplanted by another Trump outburst.

El Chapo And Hollywood Star

Among the most incredible rags to riches stories this year is that of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Imagine a poor Mexican boy who grew up to murder a few thousand people, escape from prison time after time and has now gain the attraction of Hollywood stars such as Sean Penn. He was interviewed by Sean Penn as part of a potential movie based on his life.  El Chapo spoke from the heart about problems confronting an honest crook who simply wanted to be loved by one and all.

“I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world.  I have a fleet of submarines,  airplanes, trucks, and boats.” As he notes, if not for idiot nations making drugs illegal, this poor tike would be out of business. How about:

Contracting the ISIS job to El Chapo? At least it would be in the hands of a man who always keeps his word, and never defaults on a contract!

Oh, and he is a God fearing Christian to boot!

Hail To El Chapo!

El Chapo Guzman, the alleged drug lord, is now back in prison. As you recall, he escaped from prison a few months ago. For some strange reason, authorities once again captured this Robin Hood character who simply devotes his life to bringing joy and happiness to humankind. OK, so he deals in drugs, but consider what he does NOT do!

1. El Chapo does not bomb cities.

2. El Chapo does not behead innocent people.

3. El Chapo does not allow innocent people fleeing for their lives away from war to drown.

4. El Chapo is an honest drug lord who never denies what he does, unlike the money lords of Wall Street who never cease lying.

Well, it is simply a matter of time before El Chapo leaves the prison. In that regard he is like Wall Street lords who escape any form of prison.

Donald Knows Vladimir

During the debate Donald Trump wanted the audience to know that he personally knows Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, noted Donald, he even was on a 60 Minute program along with the Russian leader, and I guess the two of them sort of hit it off. Of course, Donald was in a separate segment of the program which showed him in America and Vladimir was in a separate segment which showed him in Moscow. I assume this was a long distance friendship between two men who never spoke with one another.

Donald also boasted that President Eisenhower forced about one million illegal immigrants to depart from the US. HOWEVER, President Eisenhower allowed over a million Mexicans to come to America to work in farm fields.

By the way Donald, MY research of the year 1953 revealed that each year at least 200,000 illegal immigrants were entering America from Canada and all were immigrants from Europe.

The Great Ditch

It has come to my attention that Donald Trump and the Republican party seek to protect our borders agains the hordes of people fleeing from Syria or Iraq or Mexico. Therefore I am ready to propose a solution to this problem.

1. We do not need a wall. We need a giant ditch that will run from the Pacific Ocean coast to New Orleans.

2. The ditch will be filled with oil and water to prevent these immigrants from drinking OUR WATER!

3.Inside the ditch there will be crocodiles and piranha fish to ensure any seeking asylum in America will have to surrender a foot or arm.

4. NRA sharpshooters will be placed along the entire ditch with orders to shoot and kill.

5. Gang members will be allowed to get rid of their anger by blasting away at anyone in the ditch.

I await confirmation from Donald about his support.