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Just Shoot Drugs!

There are those who want to shoot drugs into their veins, and there are those who want to shoot drugs over the American border with a nice little cannon. There is now evidence of artillery pieces being used by Mexican drug lords to fire cans of drugs over the American border in order to get their wares to  market without worrying about US Border Patrols. The American government prefers spending billions of dollars to capture those seeking to deliver drugs in our nation, the only one who makes money out of these deals are drug lords.

Republicans want a secure border. At this very moment there are probably  hundred tunnels under our border being used to smuggle drugs and even people. Build a fence, someone will just jump over the fence. Make drugs illegal, someone will smuggle in drugs. The bad guys always win.

Marco Challenges Reagan!

Marco Rubio is the latest poster boy hero of the Republican party. As you recall, 2012 poster boys and girls included Palin, Perry, Gingrich, Cain,Santorum and other assorted boys and girls. Of course, the ultimate hero for 2012 was Mitt Romney and the all time hero is Saint Ronald Reagan. Marco is now upset because a White House memo was revealed which indicated the president of the United States wanted to develop a road to citizenship for illegal immigrants which entails initially receiving a Green Card, waiting five years and then petitioning for citizenship. Marco labeled this plan as “half-baked” and “seriously flawed.”

As I recall, Saint Ronald Reagan in 1986 developed a plan which enabled illegals immigrants to become citizens. OK, so he only allowed 3,000,000, but he was a Saint and saints can do no wrong. Then again, he was a Republican and when members of that party proposal anything-doubling national debt, it an idea straight from heave!n

Marco Rubio Rubs Immigrants Wrong Way

There is a new sheriff in town who is touting a strong message to any criminal disturbing peace in his town. Marco Rubio, son of immigrants from Cuba, wants the American people to know that he will ensure our borders from illegal immigrants because this Republican senator is one mean dude. Of course, under the first four years of the Bush presidency, Republican members in Congress did  not criticize the leader of their party for failing to handle immigrants. Of course, under the Obama four years TWICE AS MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WERE RETURNED TO MEXICO, but problems do not become problems unless a Democrat is president.

Marco Rubio wants the president to know that any illegal immigrant proposal he submits is “dead on arrival.”  He wants Obama to know that his plan is “half baked and seriously flawed.” Marco does not want those who entered our fair land illegally to become citizens. OK, they came illegally, so what does this nation do with ELEVE MILLION ILLEGAL PEOPLE?

Waiting to hear from Marco.

Get The Wetbacks!

The Republican party is very worried about hordes of illegal immigrants from Mexico flooding across our borders and taking good jobs away from God  fearing red blooded Americans. Heck, think of how many millions of America who want to pick peaches, pull down apples, dig roads and enjoy the benefit of a nice smelling job in a meat packing establishment! Republicans insist that prior to establishing a process for the 12 million illegal immigrants presently in this country, our borders must be “secure.”

During the past four years President Obama has doubled expenditures on the border patrol, it has resulted in twice as many immigrants be captured and returned to Mexico, but to Tea Party stalwarts, President Obama is soft on immigrants. We must return to  President Bush when half as many illegal immigrants were prevented from entering America. Illegal crossings are down 80%  from 2000.

Oh, for the days of George Bush!

Rocket Marijuana

I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth in Texas, fair. There are those in Congress who seek to build a high, high fence on the border between the United States and Mexico in order to keep out those damn illegal folk and their damn drugs. Of course, any drug lord can get some ladders and simply walk over the fence. Or, any drug lords can simply find the means for men carrying drugs to vault over the fence. Alas, those damn drug lords have uncovered a new means to get over the fence. Border patrol folk discovered that drug lords now have a cannon which fires shells which contain drugs within them and they land in the virgin soil of Texas. About 33 pounds of marijuana were discovered in the desert.

Alas, for drug lords the patrol guys got their drugs before they could get them. I think it is time in Congress to hire some drug lords to advise the idiots in our government on methods to get drugs over the border. First, one  must know how drugs get over the border before figuring out how to halt this flow.

Of course, there is always the simple way to handle drugs-LEGALIZE THEM!!

Madness Of Drug Wars!

Every so often a story emerges from Mexico which affirms the stupidity of our war on drugs. Of course, one can not wage a “war” on things we drink or eat, but those in charge of the war on drugs regard it as a sacred duty to kill one and all involved in the trade. Of course, few with gobs of money ever are charged with drug crimes and most who wind up in jail lack money, not honesty. Some suspected drug dealers near the border with Mexico abandoned some packages and fled home. The border patrol followed them and came upon a crowd of angry Mexicans who were throwing stones.

Naturally, what could any honest, hard working American border agent do when people threw stones? He could walk away,  he could contact Mexican police, or he could simply stand back and not allow stones to hit them. US border patrol agents decided to return stones with bullets. In the exchange a Mexican teenager was killed.

The death of this young boy will fall under the classification of “death by unknown factors or people”

Show The Papers!

I recall my childhood when one could walk the streets of America without being hassled by police. In New York City, over 800,000 people were halted last year and police demanded the right to search and seize. Arizona passed a law which allows police to halt individuals and demand to see their papers proving they are a native born American. A US Court of Appeals upheld the legality of the law on the assumption police will only halt those who look “suspicious.”

In all honestly I do not ordinarily walk around with a copy of my birth certificate or any paper which proves that I was born in the US or am a naturalized citizen. I am certain the police of Arizona would never halt anyone just because they look like a Mexican. We all know that police wander wealthy communities halting people who look suspicious. If you doubt me just check who is halted and where they are halted.

Speak Spanish, Get Stopped!

If you happen to be speaking to someone in the state of Arizona make certain the language of exchange is not Spanish. A federal judge upheld an Arizona law which allows police to demand proof from a citizen walking the streets that he was born in this country or is a naturalized citizen. Conservatives constantly claim we should abide by the original intent of those who wrote the Constitution. Of course, men like Alexander Hamilton weren’t born in any of the original colonies. Sure, the original intent was to allow police to halt anyone and check for citizenship.

Governor Jan Brewer insists there will not be racial profiling. I guess Arizona will be just like New York City where over 600,000 were halted by police and it turns out the overwhelming number were either African American or Hispanic. I have a strong hunch no Wall Street folk will be stopped anywhere in America.

From Illegal To Legal

The United States of America is among the few nations in this world which allow children born in its territory to become American citizens. However, there are hundreds of thousands of young people whose parents took them to the USA while still a child. They have spent most of their lives in America, speak English, and are culturally and psychologically American as apple pie. President Obama announced a new program which would allow them to gain access to work, and, hopefully, to citizenship.

Millions will deny them this opportunity to build on their American experience and become citizens. Throughout the history of the USA, millions of immigrants entered illegally and their descendants now demand sending home those who entered through the back door. Most probably buried in their own history is teh story of an illegal immigrant

Let’s Build A Wall!

Members of the Tea Party and the National Rifle Association want to construct a huge high fence along the border with Mexico in  order to keep out those hordes of Christians from pouring into this nation. Mitt insists if elected to build the highest fence known to the human race in order to prevent drugs or drug lords or illegal immigrants from entering and taking jobs away from decent Americans whom want to pick peaches and lettuce.

The Border Patrol has know uncovered at least 156 tunnels under our border, and some of these are sophisticated constructions. Just about every week another tunnel is found. These damn drug lords don’t understand that a high fence is going to appear in their lives. Of course, any drug lord could secure material that would allow a person to vault over the fence. In the mean time, they are simply going under the fence.

Build a fence and provide jobs for American workers–those who do not wish to pick strawberries.