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“We Will Deport The Children”

I was a young boy living in America during the 1930s when children in Germany whose crime was to be Jewish were confronting the horror of hatred and violence. The United States of America,k basically, refused to allow thousands of Jews to escape death by coming to our nation as immigrants–this was the era of Depression. The American government even refused to allow children to enter our sacred shores. Fortunately, England did agree to accept hundreds of German Jewish children which enabled them to escape the Holocaust. There is no Holocaust in Central America, but the lives of children in Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador is filled with daily fear of beatings, rape or death at the hands of rival drug gangs that believe in the cult of death. Thousands of children from these lands have fled to the border of America in hope of asylum from the horror that awaits them at home. They have arrived in response to rumors that if they reach the US border, they will be allowed to enter and then sent to relatives in America.

Naturally, since the children do not have a million dollars, Republicans do not want them in THEIR country. Naturally, President Obama continues believing that if he is tough on the border, then Republicans will cooperate with him on immigration reform. To believe such nonsense is to believe the Tooth Fairy exists. US Secretary of State John Kerry told Central American leaders the children will not be allowed to enter. “We obviously understand people who want to do better and who look for a better life. But at the same time there are rules and laws, and there is a process, and there is false information that is being spread about benefits that might be available to the young people.”

Have we not learned anything from the Holocaust? How about allowing children with relatives in America who are willing to allow the children to live with them to enter? The fact that children would have a home and food and education without requiring federal dollars does not impact the survival of this nation. However, it does impact the survival of these children.

Deport The Children!

Among the ongoing Republican mantras is that President Barack Obama has failed to control our border with Mexico resulting in a flood of illegal immigrants. Actually, statistically, under the Obama administration three times the number of illegal immigrants have been returned to Mexico than occurred during the administration of former President George Bush. REALITY –the Obama administration now holds the record for return of most immigrants to Mexico more than any other prior administration! Naturally, Republicans and Fox News refuse to accept reality. The latest migrant event is arrival of over 50,000 unaccompanied children who seek refuge from violence, rape and death in Guatamala, Honduras and El Salvador. These countries are witnessing mass violence caused by drug gangs who, literally, are engaged in a civil war with their governments. Children are caught in the middle. Most teen girls simply fear they will be raped unless they escape to another place.

President Obama is requesting new fast-track legislation which would allow speedy return of the children. So, why does the evil Obama need new legislation? Former REPUBLICAN President George Bush established strict protocol for the handling of children illegal immigrants. Border Patrol agents must hold them for 72 hours, and then turn them over to the Department of Health and Human Services. In other words, under REPUBLICAN presidents, it was the law that illegal children could NOT readily be returned to their former countries! So, now the president who is accused of not protecting our border seeks new laws to undo REPUBLICAN legal procedures!

We oppose deportation of these children to certain violence and possible rape or death. America turned its back on saving Jewish children during the 1930s, let us not turn our backs on these children.

Drug Cartels In Mexico Vs People

I continue to be confused about drug wars in Mexico. One would assume the Mexican army when sent to confront drug cartels would be able to gain victory on the field of battle. However, the figures are quite clear as to who is winning which battle. Since 2007, about 85,000 Mexicans have been murdered by drug cartels who battle one another as well as torment the lives of innocent Mexicans. In the state of Michoacan self defense vigilante groups have emerged. They are tired of the kidnapping, the brutality, the extortion, and the murder that goes on and on. OK, one can blame we Americans for creating this mess due to our drug laws which only transform poor into wealthy Mexican gangs. They draw upon our desire for drugs in order to murder their fellow Mexicans as gangs battle one another for control of this or that drug territory.

How come a modern army possessing tanks, planes, armed helicopters and a navy is unable to defeat in combat drug gangs? I am confused. The only logical explanation is the ineptness of the Mexican “army.” The Mexican army cannot even sweep through a town with tanks and weapons in order to clean up a single area. How come? Perhaps, the vigilante groups are the only intelligent mechanism to defeat drug lords. Of course, if these vigilantes win, they most probably will transform themselves into a new drug gang and the story will repeat itself over and over again.

How about legalizing drugs in America, and allow the Federal government to supervise sale of drugs in government certified stores?

March Of Children To America

The American media is worried about the influx of terrorists from the Middle East, and conservatives declare the importance of preventing immigrants from entering our beloved nation. During the time period, 1880-1925 about 25,000,000 people entered the United States, and by 1914 one out of four Americans was either an immigrant or child of an immigrant. Today, the figure is not 25%, but about 11%. Of course, those “hordes”of people were the ancestors of many Americans today. Of course, THEIR ANCESTORS were taking jobs away from Americans, could not speak English, were criminals and lived in ghettoes. At this moment, thousands of refugees from violence and crime in Central America are crossing the border seeking peace, jobs, and a place to live. Thousands of children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatamala are entering America. Even as thousands enter, thousands are being returned to the horror from which they fled.

Sacred Heat Church in McAllen, Texas is filled with children and women seeking refuge. Fortunately, thousands of Americans have donated food, clothing, medicine in an attempt to aid these desperate people. The immigration service is simply overwhelmed, they are giving bus tickets to children so they can find relatives in America. This new Children’s Crusade is a response to violence. So, what can be done?

1. Central American nations require a mini-Marshall plan that would develop their economies and provide work for people.
2. There is need to aid development of honest police forces in this region. They not only need training, but proper equipment, including police helicopters.
3. We need a sensible policy that allows illegal immigrants to secure citizenship.

Tea Party Pot Boils Over

There is good news in America, the evil Eric Cantor has fallen from grace, and been replaced by a real God fearing, 100%, blue blooded Christian by the name of David Brat. Finally, we will have men and women in Congress who will protect us from the terrorism of Catholics pouring across our borders in order to sweep our streets, pick up our garbage, cut out mean, and baby sit our children. Just imagine if we Americans had to do those tasks! Tea Party folk want to get someone in charge of Congress who will finally refuse to work with Barack Obama. Pet Sessions from the great state of Texas issued a warning to members of Congress. “I think this administration needs to be prodded and reminded that the entire sovereignty of the United States is at risk if we do not secure our border, north, south, east and west.”

I believe that under the administration of the dude from Africa TWICE AS MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAVE BEEN DEPORTED THAN WERE UNDER THE PRIOR PRESIDENT FROM THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS! The pot has boiled over and Tea Party activists want to change leadership of the Republican party from the Boehners and Cantors who have devoted the past five years doing whatever Barack Obama desires. After all, this Congress has passed fewer laws than any prior in fifty years. That is what happens when Republican leaders become stooges of the president.

Albuquerque Police Quite Jerky

Albuquerque is in the state of New Mexico and it, undoubtedly is among the key targets of terrorist groups and those seeking to sow violence in our society. Since 2010 the police of this American city have killed –we do not employ the word, “murder” when police kill a person, at least 25 people. It is difficult to encounter examples in which those killed were firing weapons of violence other than their physical presence or mouth. Activists, including those who have lost sons and daughters due to police blasting away with guns rather than physical restraint, attempted to see Mayor Roland Berry. He was busy. One of the protesters made clear that “We’re going to be in the administration’s face until we feel safe in our own city. This community is in fear of the police.”

The Mayor refused to discuss issues regarding police violence. He is certain that no innocent person was ever killed by members of the police. One activist, David Correia will be in court on charges of a felony because he pushed a member of the police force. When in Albuquerque walk politely, speak politely, and, if you have to be killed, please don’t raise your voice. Just accept death. If not, you will be charged with police brutality.

Tragedy Of Mexico

The American fascination with drugs, our desire to get high, our desire to experience trips into the unknown regions of our minds has resulted in untold millions of our people who are left with despair as well as left in prisons of reality as well as prisons in our minds. At the same time, we Americans have transformed the nation of Mexico into a hell of drugs, gangsters, drug lords, and wars which leave towns devastated and lacking any semblance of law and order. The state of Tamulipos lies on he border of the United States of America and thus is the avenue taken by millions of Mexicans who seek a road into peace, quiet and some form of decent living. At the same time, it is the center of wars between drug lords and their armies of death and destruction.

During the past few months 80 people have died as a result of wars between gangsters who make the typical Muslim terrorist come across as a man of peace. A prominent Mexican police lieutenant was just ambushed–by ten policemen! They were paid by drug lords to kill him in order to protect their routes of shame–and prosperity. As a woman noted to a member of the media: “this is a failed state with no law and order.”


Oh Them Wetbacks, Watch Out!

The Justice Department is investigating the manner in which police connected to the department of public safety appear to regard the only safe thing to do is to blast away when confronted with a homeless dude. The police in Albuquerque believe any illegal immigrant is automatically deranged and ready to obliterate the nearest cop. The report cites examples of: “patterns of excessive force”or firing away at those who “posed a minimal threat” or those who were mentally disabled. Of course, in defense of the police, who would present the greater threat: the man who cleans floors in your office at 10:00 p.m or the stockbroker who takes your money and invests it in a new company? By now, we all have seen “The Wolf of Wall Street” which proves conclusively if you want to protect your money, give it to a beggar rather than a stock broker.

Illegal immigrants pose scant danger to anyone. The danger to all lurks in your computer or in your bank account which is given over to wealthy men who gamble away what you have so when the wetback illegal immigrant attempts to rob you, there is no money to hand over!

Obama Cares Not For Immigrants

Once upon a time, a not so long time ago, there was this nice black skinned man who wanted to become president of the United States of America in order to extend the rights of those who are oppressed. Of course, he had some other thoughts, how to raise money and how to raise money. He definitely wanted a health care system and was convinced that if he only cooperated with Republicans they would cooperate with him. So, when the Republicans demanded that he return every damn illegal immigrant, he did three times as well as the prior Republican president. Barack Obama actually believes that if someone does as Republicans desire, they will reciprocate!! How naive can one be??

Since Barack Obama became president, four times as many illegal immigrants have been sent back to Mexico as occurred during the presidency of George Bush. And, how do Republicans respond to this, they BLAME OBAMA FOR NOT RETURNING IMMIGRANTS!! Kica Matos of the Center of Community Rights hit the nail on the head: “The irony is that this was a track that Obama and the Administration followed in order to show they were tough on immigration, and ..they seem to have lost track of the reason why they moved so aggressively.”‘

Jay Carney of the White House points out that 82% of illegal immigrants were sent back for a criminal offence. If you return after being deported, it is a felony!!

Jeb Bush Light Headed

Jeb Bush spoke some words of honesty that undoubtedly will destroy any possible chance, if he ever had any, of his attaining the nomination of the Republican party for president in 2016. His words were simple and direct, they came from his heart rather than from his wallet. Jeb spoke about the issue of illegal immigration and his words were heard on Fox News. We print these words.

“The way I look at this is someone who cares for his country. Because they couldn’t come legally and they crossed the border because they had no other means to work, to be able to provide for their family, yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love, it’s an act of commitment to your family. I honesty find this is a different kind of crime. I’m going to say this and it will be on tape, so be it.” Yes, honest and caring words of wisdom.

These words will be transformed into a plot against American “security” and aid to the enemy of those who hate. Of course, those who disagree with the words of Jeb Bush forget that at some point in their past an ancestor said similar words as he or she packed bags and headed for America.