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Just Build A Tunnel

The United States of America currently has about 35,000 Border Police who guard our nation’s borders against the hordes of immigrants seeking to enter. Congress clamors for more fences, higher fences, more guards and more money spent on creating barriers against immigrants. Border patrol agents just discovered a smuggling tunnel that runs from Tijuana in Mexico to San Diego in the USA. It is equipped with llighting, ventilation and an electric rail system to ensure the goods get to the right place in America. The tunnel is the size of six football fields and is linked to warehouses in Mexico. Our beloved drug lords have also turned to aircraft, small fishing boats and, literally hundreds of tunnels in order to get the goods to market.

The American government goes above ground as the Mexican drug lords go below ground. Drugs continue to enter and the government continues to build and hire. In reality, the drug trade along the border of Mexico is simply a job producing enterprise which employs thousands and costs billions. At least the Republican party has discovered one way to get people in America back to working!

End The Dream!

Many Americans had a dream when they voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. The dream was creating a new society in which immigrants, both legal and illegal were finally allowed to gain citizenship in this nation. In particular, there was hope that children brought from Mexico by their parents who had spent their formative years in the United States of America would be granted the road to citizenship. That was then, today is now and now we know that Barack Obama is able to spout wonderful words of liberalism, but in his heart remains a lite version of Mitt Romney. Rocio Hernandez Perez surrendered to border authorities and was then sent to Mexico even though he had spent most of his life in the United States of America. He is one of 25 who belonged to the Dreamer activists, those who wanted to become American citizens, the land they had lived in since childhood.

Who is Barack Obama? For years he has been charged by right wing nut cases with being an illegal person who is not really an American citizen. And, what does he do-deports people who suffer from similar charges of not really being an American. For two hundred years people crossed our northern and southern borders without being stopped. Why not today?

Spies Galore

Each day presents a new story about how the United States of America is spying on a friendly nation-IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY! After stories appeared about spying in Brazil, Germany, France, now add Mexico to the list. President Obama is SHOCKED that American spies are spying on our allies. Gee, it is a big surprise to this innocent man from Chicago. He has enforced the most rigid policies of punishment toward those who leak stuff on grounds knowing about anything in our government is a threat to our very lives. The government of Mexico is a bit upset. “Mexico did not ask for an explanation. It asked for an investigation!” So, our president will get over his surprise and do something. I expect a meeting and an explanation, but how can those who engage in the act of spying investigate their own spying??

Barack Obama could use a good course on the topic of human rights. For some reason, this former professor of constitutional law never took his own class.

Let’s Make Kevin Extinct!

Kevin McCarthy is a Republican congressman. Kevin McCarthy is the third ranking Republican in his role as House Majority Whip. His district is in the Central Valley of California and Bakersfield is the main city. Thousands of people in cars and buses descended on the office of our fighting Whip to demand that he support the reform of immigration bill that was passed by the Senate.Many shouted to the Republican leader, “Kevin, if you don’t support immigration reform, you will be extinct.” Kevin is a man of principle. “I have long said that our immigration system is broken, but rather than take up the Senate bill, the House will move on a step by step approach that first secures the border.”

I continually hear Republican congressional leaders mention they want our border secure. Under the Obama administration, more illegal immigrants have been returned to Mexico than George Bush did during his either years in office. Congressman McCarthy says that he has “long” argued for a secure border. I have not been able to uncover a single statement or proposed bill he urged while George Bush was in office. I assume the word, “long” means that once a Democrat became president he discovered the US actually had a border with Mexico.

OH, recent figures indicate there are as many people from Mexican heritage heading back home as those seeking to enter the US. In other words, the border is secure. Oh well, why not spend $30 billion on a wall that is not needed.

A Bit Of Sanity??

The so called “war on crime” in America has mainly been focused on those who have been caught with drugs on their possession. There currently are 750,000 men and women in jail–cost is $40,000 per year–and the vast majority are Blacks or Hispanics. It is well known that white skilled people of European background do not use drugs or have anything to do with drugs. Why else are they not in jail? Attorney General Eric Holder-FINALLY– has come out with a plan to deal with drug offenders. He will shortly issue guidelines for district attorneys and judges on the topic of minimum jail sentences for those arrested for a non-violent drug offense. In the future judges will NOT be required to send someone to jail based on a minimum length of years and will have the right to reduce or ignore a minimum sentence. As Holder noted; “we need to ensure that incarceraton is used to punish, deter, and rehabiliate-not merely to convict, warehouse and forget.”

The US has 5% of the world’s population and also has 25% of those in jail. Is there something wrong with these two figures??

Decline And Fall Of GOP?

The Republican party of the United States of America is fast approaching an historic moment regarding its future. The Senate passed by a vote of 68-32 a bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants. More than a dozen Republican Senators voted for the bill. But, House Speaker John Boehner has made clear the Senate bill would not be accepted as is, and Republicans in the House of Representatives will put together their own version. Reality– there is no probability any bill coming out of the House stands any chance of being accepted by the Senate nor does it contain any likelihood that even a majority of Republicans will agree on anything that makes sense. Since Boehner will not allow a vote on an immigration bill that does not contain a majority vote of Republicans, no bill will be forthcoming.

Yes, states like Texas can still secure a majority white vote, but within twenty years even that bastion of stupidity will no longer contain a majority of bigots. Destiny lies in NUMBERS and those numbers indicate the end of  white European rule in America. By 2040 about 20% of people will be a mixture of white and dark. The numbers decide the future, not John Boehner.

Send In The Troops

It is becoming increasingly obvious that anyone who becomes president of the United States of America must demonstrate to the world that he is one tough hombre and is ready to lead men into battle. The new immigration bill would soon unleash upon men, women and children the might force of the United States air force. In addition to building miles and miles of high fences, drones will shortly be seen  over the deserts of our border so they can send down a few missiles and blow to kingdom come any unfortunate Mexican family that dares violate the borders of our fail land. Vader, or Vehicle Dismount and Exploitation Radar is currently being tested along our border with Mexico. It will be supported by thousands of new Border Policemen.

We finally have discovered a way to persuade Republicans in Congress to become job creators. Just send some poor Mexicans headed for the border and within a few months there are thousands of new jobs and new work building drones to catch these impoverished folk. Frankly, permisson has been granted to create a new data base and just  be certain that one day YOUR name will be on that list!

Lock Hands Together

During his five years in office, Barack Obama has deported more people from Mexico than during the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George Bush. For some strange reasons while millions were entering the United States of America without valid passports, the Republican party made NO effort to confront this issue. There were no demands for tripling the size of the Border Patrol, no demands linking legislation to a  “secure border.” Ah, but once a Democrat becomes president, then it is HIS fault for illegal immigrants. The Republican party is insisting on doubling border guards to 40,000 which would provide enough field agents to lock hands and create a human wall against illegal immigrants.

Actually, the number of illegal immigrants returning to Mexico now equals the number who seek to enter. But, Republicans want a “secure border.” Actually, if each illegal immigrant family today purchased a carton of milk, millions would be sold and thousands of jobs created for those delivering milk. But,Republicans who NEVER demanded a “secure border” now insist it must be 90% secure!

Don’t Let Them IN!

The United States of America has been a nation for over 230 years and during that time span about 2.1 million people who attempted to enter the county have been forced to depart as deportees. Barack Obama has been president for not even five years and during that time period has compelled about 2.1 million people to depart from this land. According to the Republican party the black dude is soft on illegal immigrants but he has far surpassed the number forced to leave than during the eight years of George Bush. Oh well, just another example of Obama being blamed for the policies of George Bush.

It increasingly is clear that Barack Obama has made Republican policies the center of his own programs of action. Instead of using Medicare as a  model for health care, he embraced the health care policy of Mitt Romney. Now, he has become the Numero Uno man to keep out Hispanics while proclaiming to Hispanics that he wants them here.

Actually, they are leaving with their feet due to poor working conditions.

Blame It On The Black Dude

There is one consistent complaint from Republicans as to why there are problems in the United States of America–a black dude from Africa who wormed his way into the presidency.

1. High national debt. It was $5 billion when George Bush became president in 2001 and when he left it was $11 Trillion. Why? The black man, of course.

2.The unemployment rate was about 5% when George became president and it was 10% when the black man arrived.

3. There is a scandal in the IRS under the  administration of Barack Obama. Of course, the head of the IRS was appointed by George Bush, what the heck, blame it on the black man.

4. Rich people were making out like bandits but who came along to punish these hard working folk-the Black Dude!

Senator Ted Cruz says failure to pass a “common sense immigration bill” is the fault of Barack Obama. If one passes, he will take credit and how can Republicans agree with anything desired by the black man??