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Geert Wilders, Man Alone Defending World

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders regards himself as the man whose hand is in the dike preventing Muslims from overflowing into western lands. Geert has a new book: “Marked For Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me.” As the title indicates, the entire western world depends upon this Dutch superman for protection against the horde of Muslims clamoring to get into the West and force Sharia law upon them.  Of course, Geert insists the book is a solid historical analysis dealing with the dangers of Islam to the world.

We recommend that Geert hook up with New Gingrich since both regard themselves as “scholars” and “historians.” Newt the other day insisted the Founding Fathers would support the idea of our president sending federal marshals to lock up judges whose decisions did not accord with those of the president. Anyway, I will sleep peacefully tonight knowing that Geert has his finger in the dike and no bad Muslim will come to my house and kill me.

Wither Iran?

The storming of England’s Embassy in Tehran has unleashed a flurry of  demands concerning how to hanlde Iran. Michele Bachmann has promised, if elected  president, to close the American Embassy in Tehran. I assume since it was closed in  1980, Michele will first open it in order to close it. Hopefully, she will fly to Tehran in order to open the Embassy, get seized as a hostage and initiate a nuclear war. But, then again, she really has no idea what a “nuclear war” means. In the meantime,  British Foreign Secretary William Hague has ordered Iranian staff at their Embassy to get the hell out of England.

The Netherlands has ordered  diplomats in Iran to return home as have numerous European nations. The real questions are: why did the Iranian government decide to have thugs storm the British Embassy? What is the plan of Iran? Does the Iranian government have a plan? Is there division within the Iranian government?

Iran’s  Foreign Minister apologized for the attack, but there is no word from the  Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Perhaps, the  Ayatollah was deliberately placing President Ahmadinejad in a tough spot. Or, was he attempting to humilitate Ahmadinejad? We suspect Iranian leaders continue  reacting to years of being humiliated by western nations and remain defensive and angry.

Unfortunately, such behavior will in the long run only damage Iran.

Pee-Bags For Congress?

The Dutch National Railways has purchased trains that run on their short routes, but for some strange reason these trains do not have toilets. One can assume the manufacturers believed a man or woman could simply lean and then do it. However, the creative thinking Dutch Railways have found a solution to this unusual problem. They now will hand out pee bags to those in need of letting go of it. The pee or shit is reduced to gel and the bag is then disposed of either by throwing it into a bin or throwing it onto a nearby field.

How about pee bags for Congress?

After all, its members continually piss on the American people or the shit which comes  from their mouths could readily fill a football stadium.

From now on,each member of Congress will receive his or her engraved pee-bag.


Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who plays the hate game in order to gain power. He argues that the Muslim religion is one that fosters violence and discriminates against women. He wants to forbid migration of Muslims into his land. A Dutch court ruled that Geert has the right to hate since the essence of a democratic society is that everyone has the right to be a damned fool. It is interesting that Wilders argues to be a member of the Muslim religion is to be part of a violent organization. Hmm. As I recall, the Christian nation of Nazi Germany was responsible for the murder of over thirty million people in World War II. As I recall, in World War I, Christian nations of Europe engaged in a war that resulted in death for over twenty million. I will not go into other wars in colonial areas where innocent people were murdered. Heck in the Congo, over 4,000,000 have died over the past decade and they were not killed by Muslims.

Let’s face it, every religion in the world has its own history of hate, violence and death. The important aspect of this decision is the right of people to express hate, love, misinformation. If spreading lies was a crime, we would have to place in prison every person now seeking the nomination for president of the US as a member of the Republican party.

White Man Kills People

He was described as a white male in his twenties who wore a leather jacket and camouflage pants. The mall was crowded in a small town about twenty miles south of Amsterdam as people were shopping and laughing and enjoying the pleasant day. He apparently halted, looked around, nodded toward a couple who walked by him, and then reached under his coat for something. It was a machine gun. He loaded a clip and pointed the machine gun at people. At least five fell dead, others lay on the ground moaning from their wounds, parents fled the scene clutching children, there were shouts of terror. After a few moments, he halted firing. He placed the machine gun pointed toward his chest and blasted himself.

We can well imagine if the man turned out to be a Muslim how people in the Netherlands would react. The anti-Muslim political leaders would be demanding new police action against the entire Muslim community. Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin would be declaring how this incident proved the need for all people to walk around with guns. Yes, Sarah, imagine if everyone had guns in that mall and began firing!

Just another day on Planet Earth.

Headscarves And Headscarves

The most important issue for many educators is whether a female can wear something on her head. At times, it surpasses whether boys and girls can wear a cap to school. Of course, years ago, the great debate revolved around hair and its length. A secondary school in the Netherlands was granted permission by the court to deny a Muslim student her right to wear the headscarve. Don Bosco High School is a Catholic institution which bans expressions of other faiths than Catholicism on school grounds.

Initially, the school did not have a policy about headscarves, but when the girl asked permission to wear one, the wheels of fury began to churn. The school headmaster argues, “we welcome students of any faith. But, we can only do so on the basis of respect. In our view that respect does not include walking around wearing all kinds of outward signs that you believe in something else.”

We are confused. If the school accepts someone who makes clear she is Muslim, and you accept her in the school, don’t you expect that she believes in her religion? One can only deduce from the comment that it is OK to retain another religion in one’s heart but never display it on your sleeve–or head!

WARNING–Stay Out Of Iran!

I am continued to be baffled why people visit Iran or its environs. Hikers walk up mountains which border on Iran and then are shocked to be captured and sent to jail. Why does anyone with an ounce of common sense get anywhere within twenty miles of the borders of Iran is beyond my comprehension. Zahra Bahrami, an Iranian born woman who became a Dutch citizen returned to her native land in 2009 and was arrested while joining with thousands in protests against the fraudulent election of Ahmadinejad. She was denied access to Dutch officials in Iran and disappeared into the labyrinth known as the “Iranian judicial system.” There was a trial and she was accused of something termed, “serious crimes.” Of course, in Iran, serious crimes can constitute anything from mumbling negative comments about Ahmadinejad to being a Christian or Bahai. On Friday, Ms. Bahrami was hung by her neck until dead despite comments to the Dutch government by Iranian Ambassador Abadi that she still had legal routes to utilize.

The Netherlands has frozen relations with Iran. They are waning anyone who shares joint Dutch-Iranian citizenship to stay out of that country. This is what we term, “serious advice.”

Can A Religious School Adopt Dress Codes?

A Catholic high school in Volendom, Netherlands, was found guilty by the equal opportunities commission of violating the law because it forbid a Muslim girl to wear a headscarf. Up to this point, the girl was not strongly religious, but changed her mind and wanted to wear the headscarf. The commission argued Jewish children had the right to wear a skull cap, Christians had the right to wear a cross and Muslim females had a right to wear the headscarf. The only way the school would be allowed to ban the headscarf is if it decided to be completely Catholic. As one who opposes a ban on headscarves this decision leaves me with many questions. It is a Catholic school and if a non-Catholic person decided to become a student, surely they grasped there would have to be some conformity to school procedures.

No one forced the girl to attend this school and we would agree this is one example in which a school could ban the headscarf, much as we dislike taking away human rights from students.

Twelve Terrorist Suspects Arrested In Netherlands

The newspaper report said that twelve terrorist suspects were arrested by an elite police unit in the Netherlands. The group of Muslim terrorists were supposed to be planning an attack on an unidentified target in the country. After arresting the twelve “terrorist suspects” on Friday, police on Sunday released five of the “terrorist suspects” without making public the reason for their release. I am confused. If there were twelve “terrorist suspects,” then why were five released within two days? Can we assume the five were NOT “terrorist suspects” and there was confusion in the alleged “elite police unit” about who the heck they were arresting? The report mentions an “unnamed target” that was allegedly going to be blown up. It is clear that nearly half of the “terrorist suspects” were not terrorists so we can assume the alleged target was not a target.

The media loves reporting arrests of “terrorists” but rarely do they follow up as to whether the alleged suspects were actually terrorists. It is much more exciting frightening people than telling them it was all a big mistake.

Free Speech Means-Free Speech!

Dutch politician Geert Wilders does not like Muslims, he does not like the Koran, he does not like Muslim women wearing the niqab, he does not like Muslims having a voice in his nation’s future, in other words, Mr. Wilders does not like Muslims. He regards the Muslim religion as backward and encourages young men to become terrorists. I do not like the ideas of Geert Wilders, but I resent even more the idea he should be silenced. His current trial has turned into a fiasco. After being brought up on charges of inciting racial and religious hate, the trial had to be suspended when it turned out a potential witness had dinner with a judge who attempted to convince the professor that Wilders was a danger. Judge Schalken had a meal with Arabist Hans Jansen and during this session, Jansen claims, “he tried to convince me of the correctness of the decision to take Wilders to trial.” It is the wrong decision at the wrong time in the wrong place against the wrong man.

Geert Wilders should not be silenced by courts, he must be silenced in the court of public opinion by convincing people his ideas are dangerous. But, the price of freedom is allowing dangerous ideas to be spread. Heck, here in America we have nut cases like the Tea Party spreading hate, anger and ignorance. We will have to defeat them with words and logic, not with a court of law.