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What’s In A Word To Describe A Foreigner?

Words can be merely words or they can convey deep seated emotional attitudes toward other people. The Netherlands has witnessed for over fifty years an influx of people from non-European backgrounds such as Turkey or North Africa. The word, “allochtoon” is ordinarily used to describe those who are of Turkish or Moroccan heritage even though the person may have been born in the Netherlands to parents who were born in the Netherlands. MP Cynthia Ortega-Martijn argues allochtoon carries such a negative feeling that it should be replaced by “bi-cultural” while some members of the Labor Party prefer “new Netherlands” type person.

Regardless of the word until individuals accept cultural diversity as “normal” the word will not displace anger, hate and fear.

Arab League Publishes Insulting Cartoon

Thousands of Muslims throughout the world rush to the streets in order to denounce cartoons that appear in European newspapers which depict the Prophet Muhammad in what is viewed as insulting ways. The Dutch branch of the European Arab League published a cartoon which implied Jews made up the entire story of the Holocaust in order to gain sympathy. Dutch officials decided to fine the Arab League branch. In response, they argue it is a double standard in which anti-Muslim cartoons are not fined while those lying about Jews face prosecution.

The entire idea of fining anyone for publishing a stupid cartoon is ridiculous. Of course, just about every day in the world Muslim press at least one cartoon or other insult is directed at Jews, but I do not see any Jewish groups denouncing such silliness. Anyway, there is some truth to the Dutch Arab League cartoon. According to my sources, six million Jews departed for Argentine and the sunny beaches of Florida. Another few million went to Iraq where they were welcomed by Saddam Hussein and married into the family. Another million of so departed planet Earth for another planet where there are no Muslims who publish stupid stories about the Holocaust.

For the record, the cartoons were published by Christians and no Jew had anything to do with them. Naturally, Jews are then attacked for something they never did.

Dutch Furious At Anti-Gay Comment By US General!

The Republican Party is determined to prove to the world that irresponsibility is their slogan in government. Retired General John Sheehan was asked to testify by Senate Republicans concerning his views about changing the “don’t ask, don’t tell,” policy and he proceeded to make the outrageous claim that in 1995 when Dutch forces in Srebrenica were over-run by Serbian troops it was all the fault of homosexuals serving in the Dutch armed force! Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende termed the remark irresponsible and termed it: -“Toward Dutch troops-homosexual or heterosexual-it is way off the mark to talk like that about people and the work they do under very difficult circumstances.” Defense Minister Elmert Van Middelkoop said the American general’s comments were not only “damaging” but not worthy of a soldier.

One is never surprised at the depths of immorality that Republicans in Congress will stoop in order to oppose an idea they wish to discredit. Imagine if a Dutch general made such a remark about American soldiers who suffered heavy casualties in a battle? General Sheehan is simply one sick creature.

Are Patients Entitled To Sex From Nurses?

Every so often an idea emerges which offers a new paradigm for human existence. A disabled man in a hospital in the Netherlands has come up with a breakthrough idea– nurses should provide sex to their patients. This makes sense. After all, the job of a nurse is to provide for the physical health of her patients and what better medicine than some good old fashioned sex? Think about it. A patient who has just completed a few hours of sex is tired, does not need any medicine and will go happily and quietly to sleep. This saves the hospital money because less is spent on drugs and since sex only leads to happiness, there is no financial loss to hospitals and doctors. If every patient in America had a shot of sex, drug use would dramatically decline and we could provide free medical care to all Americans, plus the bonus of some nice sex.

For some reason, the union representing nurses is drawing the line about this patient benefit. As it turns out the man in the Dutch hospital was getting hand jobs from nurses until this one reactionary turned her hand on him. I can’t figure it out– hand exercise, body exercise, mental pleasure and it is does not a cent.

Geert Wilders Is The Problem, Not The Solution!

Geert Wilders who heads the anti-Muslim Freedom Party in the Netherlands obtained a significant number of votes in local elections by spouting fear and hatred. According to the man who never met a Muslim he could trust, “Today Almere and the Hague, tomorrow the whole of the Netherlands. Either intentionally or not, these words are almost exactly what Adolf Hitler spouted in claiming today, Germany, tomorrow the world. He is an honest man who says what he thinks and what he thinks is that Muslim women have no right to wear the niqab or headscarves and all Muslims should abandon the Koran and pick up a nice Christian Bible. The German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung warned “If nothing happens to prevent it, the PVV will get the highest or second highest number of votes in the June parliamentary elections. That is bad news for the Netherlands.”

The Conservative Die Welt feared “things that happen in the Netherlands trend to repeat themselves in other western European countries..” Are we witnessing a pan-European movement that will result in the European Union presenting itself as a bulwark against Muslim nations? For some German newspapers such as Handelsblatt, “for decades, the Netherlands has enjoyed a reputation for having an especially open and tolerant society” and does that mean those values are under attack in Europe and doomed to survive?

Gert Wilders Gets Anti-Muslim Votes

Gert Wilders is a man on a mission to get rid of Muslims from the western world. After winning many local campaigns in the Netherlands, the victorious bigot proclaimed: “We are going to conquer the entire country..We are going to be the biggest party in the country.” In his view, a campaign based on the idea of deporting Muslims, forbidding women to wear the niqab is simply a way to preserve the culture and values of Holland from these foreign infidels. When I was growing up in the 1930s there were several leaders in Europe who expressed similar views only the object of hate was not Muslims, but Jews.

Ironically, Muslims fought back against hatred by having both men and women show up to vote wearing headscarves which to people like Geert is a symbol of threat to all he holds dear. Hopefully, the people of Holland will regain their common sense and once again serve as a beacon of freedom and liberty in Europe. Wilders is simply a moment in history, he is not history.

Dutch Dodge Dutch Treat In Afghanistan

The price of George Bush’s inaction in Afghanistan continues to plague the current situation and impacts those nations which seek to restore some semblance of stability to the divided nation. The Dutch government has collapsed over the issue as to whether their troops should remain in Afghanistan past the original 2010 deadline. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said the Labor Party which is part of his coalition has refused to serve in a government which allows their troops to remain in Afghanistan past the original deadline. There are only 2,000 Dutch troops in the country and they mainly focus on economic development, but they are part of the promised 10,000 additional troops promised to the Americans.

Reality is the difficulty to secure an extra 10,000 NATO troops from nations which have waited for a decade to witness the establishment of a stable government in Afghanistan. Reality is President Karzai will never be the one to accomplish that goal and sending troops to fight for a corrupt, inefficient leader is no guarantee of success. Perhaps, it is time to cut the string and allow Karzai to handle the situation, or in failing to do so, step aside and allow a Cabinet of honest technocrats to deal with problems.

Netherlands Seeks Immigrants–Apply Now!

The Netherlands, unlike many nations in the world, wants and is seeking new immigrants to deal with needs of society for highly skilled workers. As a deputy Justice minister, Nebahat Albayal put it: “we have he need for highly skilled people that we can never produce here in the Netherlands.” Government officials believe their nation must assume a more vigorous stance in competing for workers than the United States and Canada since those countries who attract the best and brightest will eventually obtain financial rewards.

In reality, immigrants are powerful forces for change in nations. A list of immigrants to America reveals individuals who created not merely companies, but entire industries. And, many of these leaders arrived in the United States WITHOUT skills.

Are Schools Responsible If I F–K Up?

After teaching for over fifty years I thought my experience had made me aware of every possible student complaint about failures on the part of teachers and schools in the lives of students, but a claim by a Dutch girl certainly deserves a place in the Hall of Fame of school excuses. She sued in court for compensation because her former school failed to prevent her entering the occupation of being a prostitute! According to this woman, pimps contacted her while a high school student and persuaded this young girl to become a prostitute. For some reason, her teachers took no action to prevent these pimps from gaining access to her. At least her teachers should have been watching over her twenty-four hours a day to prevent pimp access.

The court rejected her claim insisting it was the responsibility of individuals and their families if they became a prostitute or criminal or God knows what else. What next for schools, assuming blame for cancer and heart attacks!

Trouble In Netherlands Between Competing Immigrants

All too frequently, experts discussing conflict in Europe cite the competing groups as Muslims vs Christians or those born in a nation vs recent arrivals. Lost in this view of conflict is any awareness of tensions between immigrant groups who vie for similar goals in housing or jobs. The Netherlands is being rocked by a growing conflict between Muslim and Moluccans who have come to blows and many fear it will escalate into more serious consequences. Sociologist Rudy Koopmans says, “it’s all about competition for public space, but it could also be about competition for the labor market.” The current tension arose when a car owned by a Moluccan was damaged by a group of Morrocan youths.

This form of tension between immigrant groups IS the history of American immigrants. Some recent arrivals refuse to back down when confronted. As Moluccan Rev. Nah Sahaleka emphasizes a Moluccan “won’t be driven into a corner. Whatever it cost we try to defend the area in which we live.” This feeling reflects a sense of strong family and community ties. The good news is such feelings reduce crime within an ethnic area, the bad news is it results in willingness to confront “the stranger” who enters your turf.