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Gert Wilders Gets Anti-Muslim Votes

Gert Wilders is a man on a mission to get rid of Muslims from the western world. After winning many local campaigns in the Netherlands, the victorious bigot proclaimed: “We are going to conquer the entire country..We are going to be the biggest party in the country.” In his view, a campaign based on the idea of deporting Muslims, forbidding women to wear the niqab is simply a way to preserve the culture and values of Holland from these foreign infidels. When I was growing up in the 1930s there were several leaders in Europe who expressed similar views only the object of hate was not Muslims, but Jews.

Ironically, Muslims fought back against hatred by having both men and women show up to vote wearing headscarves which to people like Geert is a symbol of threat to all he holds dear. Hopefully, the people of Holland will regain their common sense and once again serve as a beacon of freedom and liberty in Europe. Wilders is simply a moment in history, he is not history.

Dutch Dodge Dutch Treat In Afghanistan

The price of George Bush’s inaction in Afghanistan continues to plague the current situation and impacts those nations which seek to restore some semblance of stability to the divided nation. The Dutch government has collapsed over the issue as to whether their troops should remain in Afghanistan past the original 2010 deadline. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said the Labor Party which is part of his coalition has refused to serve in a government which allows their troops to remain in Afghanistan past the original deadline. There are only 2,000 Dutch troops in the country and they mainly focus on economic development, but they are part of the promised 10,000 additional troops promised to the Americans.

Reality is the difficulty to secure an extra 10,000 NATO troops from nations which have waited for a decade to witness the establishment of a stable government in Afghanistan. Reality is President Karzai will never be the one to accomplish that goal and sending troops to fight for a corrupt, inefficient leader is no guarantee of success. Perhaps, it is time to cut the string and allow Karzai to handle the situation, or in failing to do so, step aside and allow a Cabinet of honest technocrats to deal with problems.

Netherlands Seeks Immigrants–Apply Now!

The Netherlands, unlike many nations in the world, wants and is seeking new immigrants to deal with needs of society for highly skilled workers. As a deputy Justice minister, Nebahat Albayal put it: “we have he need for highly skilled people that we can never produce here in the Netherlands.” Government officials believe their nation must assume a more vigorous stance in competing for workers than the United States and Canada since those countries who attract the best and brightest will eventually obtain financial rewards.

In reality, immigrants are powerful forces for change in nations. A list of immigrants to America reveals individuals who created not merely companies, but entire industries. And, many of these leaders arrived in the United States WITHOUT skills.

Are Schools Responsible If I F–K Up?

After teaching for over fifty years I thought my experience had made me aware of every possible student complaint about failures on the part of teachers and schools in the lives of students, but a claim by a Dutch girl certainly deserves a place in the Hall of Fame of school excuses. She sued in court for compensation because her former school failed to prevent her entering the occupation of being a prostitute! According to this woman, pimps contacted her while a high school student and persuaded this young girl to become a prostitute. For some reason, her teachers took no action to prevent these pimps from gaining access to her. At least her teachers should have been watching over her twenty-four hours a day to prevent pimp access.

The court rejected her claim insisting it was the responsibility of individuals and their families if they became a prostitute or criminal or God knows what else. What next for schools, assuming blame for cancer and heart attacks!

Trouble In Netherlands Between Competing Immigrants

All too frequently, experts discussing conflict in Europe cite the competing groups as Muslims vs Christians or those born in a nation vs recent arrivals. Lost in this view of conflict is any awareness of tensions between immigrant groups who vie for similar goals in housing or jobs. The Netherlands is being rocked by a growing conflict between Muslim and Moluccans who have come to blows and many fear it will escalate into more serious consequences. Sociologist Rudy Koopmans says, “it’s all about competition for public space, but it could also be about competition for the labor market.” The current tension arose when a car owned by a Moluccan was damaged by a group of Morrocan youths.

This form of tension between immigrant groups IS the history of American immigrants. Some recent arrivals refuse to back down when confronted. As Moluccan Rev. Nah Sahaleka emphasizes a Moluccan “won’t be driven into a corner. Whatever it cost we try to defend the area in which we live.” This feeling reflects a sense of strong family and community ties. The good news is such feelings reduce crime within an ethnic area, the bad news is it results in willingness to confront “the stranger” who enters your turf.

Keystone Cops Run American Security

Anyone who has ever served in the military of any nation in the world quickly comes to understand that when people are placed in charge of securing the safety of a country, incompetence and stupidity will soon appear. The recent example of Nigerian Farouk Abdulmutallab simply demonstrates the presence of incompetent bumbling suicide bombers as well as those who are successful. Dutch authorities announced they had offered to install full body scanners on flights to the United States, but American officials insisted either scanners were for all flights or they would not be installed. Someone, some place was gazing at some regulations when they made that statement.

The media is now aroused because President Obama did not issue a statement two days ago that he was upset at the attempt. Nor did he issue two days ago a boast of catching any terrorists who tried to blow up our planes. After all, George Bush made his boast very quickly and look what happened after he made the statement of catching Osama bin Laden, “dead or alive?”

I await denunciations by Rush and Bill and Glenn about how come Barack Obama was not checking passengers himself!

Is Iraq A Safe Place For A Return Visit?

Thousands of people have fled Iraq in order to escape the madness of bombings, killings, kidnappings and persecution. They ordinarily have sought refuge in other nations where, as time passes, they have adjusted and attempted to become members of another society. Iraqi refugees in the Netherlands are trying to make sense of the news that arrived in the mail. A letter from the Immigration Department of the Netherlands informs them now that law and order have returned to Iraq, they should consider leaving the Netherlands and returning home. Zaid Al-Hilli read the letter with a trembling voice and could only sigh and comment: “In Baghdad, people are still being killed by car bombs. There is looting. Children are being kidnapped. If I have to go back, I will be killed.”

Thousands of Iraqis in the Netherlands or anyone of a number of European nations could make the same comment. Yes, American soldiers will be leaving in 2011, but that is not good news for those fearing persecution in Iraq. Since the Bush invasion in 2003, at least half of Christians in Iraq have fled for their lives.

Isn’t it wonderful that George Bush wants to spread democracy around the world!

Freedom To Be An Idiot?

We hold these truths to be self evident, all humans have the inalienable right to make a fool of themselves by spouting nonsense under the guise of offering information. Geert Wilders has made a reputation by offering cliches and fear concerning the presence of Muslims in European societies. For some reason, his presence in a nation arouses fear and anger resulting in cries of banning his arrival. The latest episode occurred in the Czech Republic where he was denied entry as well as being prevented from giving his speech about the evils of the Muslim religion. Ironically, a spokesperson for a Muslim organization said he could give any speech desired and his group would stand by quietly.

Geert Wilders depends on expressions of anger since that allows him to being portrayed as a symbol of the lone voice speaking out against a supposed evil. Every time he is censored, his popularity in the Netherlands goes up. Allow him to speak ignorance, and he eventually will disappear into the darkness of hate.

Geert Wilders And Politics Of Fear

On Nov ember 2, 2004, a fanatic Islamist shot and killed the Dutch filmmaker, Theo van Gogh and then slit his throat and pinned his angry message to those who were regarded as anti-Muslim. Since that day, many Dutch politicians have regarded their nation as engaged in a war against Muslim terrorists. Geert Wilders, leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom(PVV) has become the symbol of hatred toward Muslims. Several months ago while attempting to enter the United Kingdom he was refused entry on grounds he was a ‘serious threat” to harmony in British society. This month, he entered Great Britain and was warmly welcomed by those sharing his hatred of Muslims. Current estimates is Wilders stands an excellent chance of becoming prime minister of the Netherlands in 2011.

His basic argument is that Islam is not a religion but a fascist ideology similar to that of the Nazis. He terms the Koran as similar to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and wants it banned. His intriguing solution to controversy over the Muslim burqas is to impose a $1,500 tax on wearing it. Wilders is living proof of the human tendency to reach for voices of hate when economic times become precarious. One can only assume Wilders will soon announce that by getting rid of burqas economic revival will shortly follow.

Who Is Tariq Ramadan?

Once again the controversial Tariq Ramadan whose grandfather was among the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood and his great uncle was a noted liberal Islamic reformer is the center of controversy. The city of Rotterdam and the Erasmus University had decided to fire him as a community adviser and a visiting lecturer in religion. The Swiss lecturer and theologian has been accused of talking “moderate” when with Westerners and “radical” when in the presence of Muslims. He has been hailed by some as a Muslim Martin Luther King and by others as an anti-Semite who associates with terrorists.

The Dutch city and university accused Ramadan of supporting the present Iranian government despite its horrible attacks on Iranians who protested recent elections. Ramadan insists he is against the repression of reformers and supports Iran’s “long march… toward transparency and respect for human rights.”

Let’s face it, these days being a Muslim moderate opens one for attacks from numerous directions. In all honesty, we do not know if Ramadan is a radical Muslim or someone seeking to present diverse viewpoints. Allow the public to decide who he is, not political leaders.