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Muslims Unite For Jews

There are groups in Israel and the United States which seek to portray the lives of Jews living in Europe is a fearful one. AICPAC and other members of the Jewish Lobby in America are producing films which claim that to be a Jew in a European country is to be in a similar situation that confronted Jews during the 1930s who were living in Germany, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urges European Jews to come to Israel and be safe. Of course, on the other hand, he frightens Israel Jews with dire stories of mass attacks from Iran that would destroy their country. A bit confusing. On one hand, Jews confront death in Europe and Jews confront death in Israel so come to Israel!

In the city of Oslo in Norway, about ONE THOUSAND MUSLIMS came together to take a stand against anti-semitism in their land. They wanted to make clear to the 1,000 Norwegian Jews that Muslims were their friends. They gathered around a synagogue making clear their views: “Humanity is Me, and We are hear to-we demonstrate that!” Muslims for Jews. I wonder if there are Muslims for Jews in Israel??

Goodbye Uganda And Kenya

The tragedy of Africa is,not only the colonial experience under European powers, but the aftermath of being colonized by its own leaders whose only concern is with retention of power for themselves and their associates. Thanks to the benefit of Western Christianity, a high percent of Africans are infused with hate toward those who fall into the category of being homosexuals. New laws in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria make homosexuality a crime that is punishable not only with fines or prison, but even with death. President Obama, along with numerous European leaders, urged African heads of government to take a stand that protects the rights of gays and lesbians, Unfortunately, the words of Western Christian leaders is more attractive. They have educated people to hate homosexuals.

Sweden presently contributes over $40 million in economic aid to Uganda, but that money will no longer be delivered due to the new anti-homosexual laws. Along with Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands there is now a movement to halt any economic assistance to an African nation that has made homosexual love to be a crime. Unfortunately, the poor and women who need birth control assistance and children in school will be deprived of economic assistance in order to whip or beat or jail or kill those who are gay or lesbian. Such is the way of Christianity in Africa!!

Ambassadors Galore In Obama Administration

Republicans and Democrats constantly argue over issues of the day, but there is one topic that both parties are united on–who and how we appoint people to become ambassadors to other nations in the world. As I recall, then candidate Barack Obama promised that if elected to the office of president, there would be an end to lobbyists having power in the government. He was going to “reform” the way politics is played in our nation. So, here is the record about recent people nominated to become an ambassador to another country:

Recently retired Senator Max Baucus: “I am no expert on China.” Now you know why he will become the ambassador to China.
George Tsunis: has never been to Norway and identified the Progress party as a fringe organization in the country. It is the ruling coalition which governs the nation.
Mr. Manet: he has never been to Argentina but why should that disqualify him from becoming an ambassador to that nation?
Robert Barber: he does know there is a nation called, Iceland, he does know that it is somewhere east of the United States, but he really has never been there. Two out of three must qualify for being an ambassador.

PM Drives Taxi

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stollenberg is fighting for his political life since polls indicate he will lose the upcoming re-election campaign. So Lens, decided to become one of the people. He got a tax, put on a taxi driver’s suit and picked up passengers in order to show that he was simply one of the ordinary people of life and wouldn’t it be great if an ordinary person became prime minister of the nation. It sort of turned out the passengers he drove around were really hired by him to pretend being passengers just as he was pretending to be an ordinary taxi driver. We thought this idea might be beneficial in America.

1. Just suppose, and I mean, just suppose, Congressman Boehner pretended to be a person living on Food Stamps for one month.

2. Just suppose, an executive at Goldman-Sachs had to live on only one million dollars a month, could he make it?

3. Just suppose Sarah Palin actually read a book about foreign policy, would she know the location of Afghanistan?

4. Just suppose Barack Obama went back to teaching Constitutional law, would he then urge the impeachment of Barack Obama?

I am just supposing.

Progress In Hate Continues

At this very moment about 200,000,000 people all over the world are not residing in their land of birth. They are immigrants in a new land who are encountering the hatred that so frequently meets the stranger in a strange land.Norway is witnessing the rise of the Progress Party which is based on the concept that strangers, particularly those with dark skins or who come from the Middle East, are not welcome in the land of milk and honey. The people of Norway are wealthy, they have incredible support from society, but 14% are convinced they should be frightened of strangers. Of course, Mr. Breivik who murdered over 70 young people on the island of Utoya was born, raised and has lived as a natural born inhabitant of Norway. No Muslim killed those Norwegians, it was a natural born murderer.

The Progress Party has promised to provide the people of Norway with more roads and more police helicopters in case some native born Norwegian goes on another murdering spree. If I was a Norwegian, I would deport all native born folk from the land in order to avoid mass murders.

Israel Ambassador Rants A Bit Too Much

Israel Ambassador to Norway, Isaac Bachman, wanted to make a point,but it remains unclear as to what the point was or is. He compared release of Palestinian prisoners, some of whom have been in jail for decades to Anders Behring Breivik who went on a shooting spree that left 77 people dead, most of whom were young people. “The horrors that the Palestinian prisoners did, put it in a Scandinavian understanding, it’s like what happened in Norway with Breivik.” Well, not exactly the same. Most of the Palestinian prisoners did engage in acts of violence. There is no excuse for the use of violence against other humans, particularly when one hurts people for no other reason than a desire to inflict pain. Mr.Breivik is a sick human. He has absolutely no regard for other people because he is lost in his fantasy world of anger toward others based on his nonsensical ideas of racism.

The Palestinians who are being released were, for the most part, individuals who killed or injured innocent people. None is a mass murderer. They were motivated by political ideals. At this time, it is important for Israel leaders to speak calmly and with care how their words will be heard.

Breivik Brays Defiance

Anders Breivik was convicted of the murder of 77 innocent young Norwegians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Breivik is convinced Muslims seek to over run Norway in order to seduce pure Norwegian girls and pollute the white race. He was sentenced to 21 years in jail where he will be in an isolated cell, away from other prisoners. He told the court the only verdict he would accept was  aquittal or death. “I stand by what I have done and I would still do it again” was his statement to the world.

Mr. Breivik is insane. He is simply a symptom of anti-Muslim hysteria which is rampant in Europe and the United States. He inhabits a dream world in which white folk are threatened by dark skinned folk. Most probably 21 years of silence in a cell is the fitting punishment for a man who is out of touch with reality. He can spend his days giving Nazi salutes and planning further murders.

Pitiful Story Of Behring Breivik

OK, so Behring Breivik killed dozens of young Norwegian boys and girls, OK, so he was proud that he killed them, but do you know there were reasons for these acts. Does the world know that Behring was the object of horrible acts by Muslims in his youth? Does the world know this sensitive, decent little boy was tormented by those horrible Muslims during his early years of life? Just listen to these stories and finally understand why he was justified in killing people who had done nothing to him.

1. When he was only a little boy, the Turkish Muslim father of a boy wrecked his bike!

2. When he was a little boy, Muslim boys made nasty remarks to him!

3. When he was fifteen and riding on the outside of a subway train, the Pakistani conductor slapped him in the face!!

What else could this sensitive child do but murder dozens of innocent children??

Don’t Send Unprepared Person To War

Andeers Breivik in one respect is everyman. He described in court, literally step by step.the process by which he hunted down innocent teenagers on an island and one by one murdered them. “They were begging for their lives. They could not run. I just shot them in the head. This is something they never show on television.”

He told the court of spending years training himself for war. “You cannot send an unprepared person into war.” He realized that any aspect of his humanity had to be eliminated if he was to murder and murder. In that respect, he is like all humanity. We have not stopped fighting for thousands of years. Anders simply is explaining how he became human–killing the innocent.

The Mad Man Of Norway Is Still Mad

Anders Breivik once again demonstrated in court that he is a symbol of hatred gone  wild. He boasted of killing over 70 young people claiming that it was an act of self defense since  it was his duty to safe Norway from the hordes of Muslims seeking entry. He pleased Not Guilty on grounds of self defense. “I admit to the  facts, but not criminal guilt.”




Anders Breivik demonstrated in a Norwegian court that he is the best symbol in Europe of what happens when forces of hatred are unleashed. He stood defiantly in court, placed a hand over his heart and boasted that his murder of over 70 young people was simply an act of self defense.  “I admit to the facts, but not criminal guilt.”

Essentially, he carried into action the words of hatred that daily are uttered by those who hate Muslims. For years in every European nation, political leaders seek votes  by blaming Muslims for  any problems confronting society. It is only logical that some deranged mind would build on these expressions of hatred by doing something.

Anders Breivik is the European who hates. Perhaps, he is the only honest hater in Europe.