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Is Anyone Insane?

Anders Breivik  was the young man who decided to kill over 70 other young people in the name of  saving them from the evils of Muslim terrorists. A new psychiatric examination has concluded that Anders is not insane and that he was fully conscious of his actions. Anders admits he did the killings but insists they were necessary in order to save Europe from evil forces. This conclusion  raises issues as to who is or is not insane. For example:

Republicans insist that by cutting revenue there will be more money to pay down the debt. Is this insanity?

Republicans insist by firing people it results in more jobs for people. Is this an example of insanity?

Republicans are against Sharia law in the United States even though there is no opportunity for any Muslim group to gain political power. Is this an example of insanity?

Republicans insist America has the best health care system in the world even though 24 other nations enjoy longer life expectancy. Is this an example of insanity?

Over forty million Americans currentlylack access to health insurance, but Republicans insist “market forces” will lead to health care for all. Is this an example of insanity?


Is American Youth More Violent?

Jeremy Laurence, writing in The Independent,  argues there is something about the culture of American education which leads to repeated outbreaks of school violence in which students shoot their peers. Granted, over the past twenty years, there have been such murders in Norway or Germany or Finland, but  Laurance wonders if there is something different in America which so often results in killings. A few days ago, One L. Goh, a student at the Christian Oikos University, took out a gun and killed seven students while wounding others.

Professor Frank Ochberg of Michigan State University argues such outbreaks occur when individuals are subject to what they regard as mistreatment or bullying or they suffer form mental illness. He points out that in many cases they even openly state a desire to engage in violence. Obviously, such  feelings are found in schools throughout the world, so why do American schools display such frequent outbreaks?

One factor that is definitely American is our society’s belief that everyone has a right to carry a gun and they have a right to carry one even in schools. This is a rather strange belief and it certainly results in easy access to weapons of destruction. I understand that the NRA says people, not guns, murder. Of course, if it was difficult to get a gun, that just might reduce mass killings.

Is It Insane To Kill?

The great French writer, Albert Camus, once said to live in the first half of the  twentieth century was to become aware of  every form of human horror. German people killed over 30 million of their fellow Europeans. Over in China, Mao tse-tung killed over 20 million of his fellow Chinese. Name any country and one can find evidence of  murder and mayhem. Of course, those who murder under guise of State argue that God or a voice or the object of  murder is the cause of their being killed. We humans murder in the name of something or someone.

Anders Behring Breivik, a young Norwegian man, went on a  murderous spree last year. He calmly murdered 69 young people at a summer camp and was rather pleased with his actions. He also killed others in Oslo. A team of psychiatrists concluded that he was legally insane. They claim he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. I have no doubt their conclusion is correct.

However, how do we humans explain mass murder which has gone on and still goes on this planet? Are all these murderers suffering from paranoid  schizophrenia?

Norway Seeks Segregated Future

There are many educators, parents and politicians in Norway who prefer the old world when whites were the only ones in schools, and the only black faces encountered were on some news of the week description of savages in Africa. Bejerke Upper Secondary School in Oslo has decided to handle their increasing numbers of black skinned children by placing them in a class composed of black skinned children. The assumption is black faces together with white faces leads to poorer education for white children.

When asked by the parent of a immigrant child while there were classes in which only children of immigrants were present, headmistress Gro Flaten responded by noting the “school had experienced ethnic Norwegian students dropping out if they weren’t together   in small classes with other white children.” Fortunately, Olso Education head, Torge Odegaard was shocked by segregation in a Norwegian classroom terming such action as “totally unacceptable.”

As I recall, that nice white skinned Norwegian student by the name of Anders Breivik spent a day killing dozens of fellow Norwegian students whose skins were white. I have a hunch ethnic Norwegian students are safer with children of immigrants.

Hate In A Northern Land

The slaughter of innocent children by a member of Norway’s white supremacist party is shocking, but on another level it is also shocking that such a mass murder occurred in a land known for tolerance and humanity. Anders Breivik told the court his goal was sending a message to the government to halt “the deconstruction of Nordic culture and the m ass importing of Muslims.” Unfortunately, his shooting does not emerge from a vacuum. It is simply a  more blatant expression of hate that has been building in Nordic nations for years.

The Norwegian Progress Party, of which Breivik was a member of for several years before leaving due to his belief it was not anti-Muslim enough. gained 23% of the votes in the last election. Siv Jensen, its leader, has made “rampant Islamisation” his most common complaint. Actually, Muslims represent less than five percent of the nation.

Why fears about Muslims when immigrants from other European nations constitute a much higher number than from Muslim societies? Whether we like to admit it or not, racism is still alive in the 21st century. It increasingly becomes clear that Nazism and Fascism were the tips of the iceberg of hate.

The Fire Next Time Will Be Explosive!

Political leaders continue employing the language of hate and violence in order to secure votes. Today, it might result in more people supporting one’s ideas, tomorrow, it might lead to some nut case being inspired to kill in the name of preserving society against–THEM! Former Norwegian Prime Minister Thorbjon Jagland, warned those in charge of governments to reconsider their language in order to prevent other murderers such as Anders Breivik from arising. “Political leaders have got to defned the fact that society has become more diverse. We have to defend the reality, otherwise, we are going to get into a mess. We should be very cautious now, we should not play with fire.”

Each night and day on Fox News, a coterie of hate mongers such as Beck or O’Reilly or Palin shout fear against Muslims or Liberals or whomever is on their list of “un-Americans.” So easy to use these words, so difficult to avoid people from being inspired to act on words rather than act on reason. The fire next time from a weapon will not result in 70 deaths, but possibly 700!

Language Of Hate Sparks Hatred

Many European nations are struggling in the aftermath of Anders Breivik’s mad slaughter of the innocent to make sense of how one deals with issues of multiculturalism. On one hand there is no doubt a large right wing Christian fundamentalist group wants the expulsion of all Muslims while a large group of those adhering to ideals of multiculturalism seek to create a modern state in which people of all backgrounds live in peace. Ironically, Norway has a relatively small Muslim population in comparison with nations like France which are home to over 5,000.000. Nations like Denmark which have witnessed the influx of Muslim immigrants are shocked by events in Norway and wonder if there should be crackdowns on right wing extremists or should there be crackdowns on Muslim immigrants?

Reality is during the past half century a world wide migration has left millions of immigrants in nations far from their native lands. If one gazes back and then gazes forward, it is apparent the world is witnessing historic shifts in population and they will not halt regardless of laws and restrictions. I was born in 1930 at a time when Catholics were a persecuted minority in America, today they are now part of the “majority.” We have to allow time to flow because eventually we will all be mixed up.

Bill O’Reilly Is A Schmuck!

Bill O’Reilly is upset because the media refers to Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik as a “Christian.” According to Mr. O’Reilly, “No one believing in Jesus Christ commits mass murder. The man may have called himself a Christian on the net, but he is certainly not of that faith.” Gee, I think Mr.O’Reilly is a bit confused:

1. Spanish and Portuguese conquerers in the Western Hemisphere spread the word of Jesus Christ and in that process, killed about 30,000,000 people. If Mr. O’Reilly doubts the existence of this mass slaughter of the innocent, I refer him to the words of 16th century, Father Bartholomew de Las Casas, who told the King of Spain his forces were engaged in mass murder.

2. Mr. O’Reilly, I believe leaders of Nazi Germany were CHRISTIANS. As far as I know, Hitler was born a Christian and died a Christian. Benito Mussolini, dictator of Fascist Italy, signed a concordat with the Pope.

3. Collaborators with the Nazi death plan included Christian leaders in France, Hungary, Rumania, etc…

Bill is upset and charges the “left wants you to believe that fundamentalist Christians area threat just like crazy jihadists” H eis convinced the media “doesn’t like Christians very much.”

For some reason, fundamentalist Christians and their supporters believe it is OK to brand ALL MUSLIMS AS TERRORISTS due to the actions of a few. But, when CHRISTIANS murder, it simply means Anders was not a Christian. ANDERS WAS A MUSLIM!

Is Anders Behring Breivik Insane?

A great debate has begun as to whether Norwegian mass murderer, Ander Breivik is insane. His lawyer, Geir Lippestrad insist the young man is insane and has no idea as to the reaction of the world to his actions. He termed his client to be a “cold person” who used drugs in order to be strong, efficient and awake for the tasks at hand. Anders wants to save Europe from a growing fear that one day Islam will take over the European Union and force all people to become Muslims. In one respect, he regards himself as “savior” whose destiny is to save the world from the perils of Islam.

If Anders is insane, then what about:

1. Republican congressmen who insist by firing people the end result is more people have jobs?

2. Michele Bachmann who talks to God in between bouts of migraine headaches.

3. Anders killed about 70 humans, how many thousand will die in the coming months in Somalia? Are those who refuse to take action, insane?

4. Sarah Palin who believes the entire debt issue is simply liberals trying to frighten Americans, is she insane?

5. Four million have been killed in the Congo and thousands of women raped, but no one claims these assaults are the result of insane people.

6. The US furnishes Pakistan with weapons of war which the Pakistan ISI gives to the Taliban so they can use them against US troops in Afghanistan. Who in this scenario is insane?

7. Millions of nut cases in America insist President Obama was born in Africa. Is this an example of mass insanity?

Muslims On Alert In UK

Muslim residents of the United Kingdom are on alert these days, given recent events in Norway and the growing strength of neo-Fascist groups in Europe which blame economic problems on “those Muslims.” Extra police have been placed at mosques throughout the country and Muslim leaders report a growing fear that England will be the next place to witness attacks on defenseless people. The presence of the English Defense League, which inspired Mr. Breivik to launch his murder of the innocent indicates there are plenty of nut cases inhabiting the British isles. There is a growing sense in the United States and Europe that economic and social problems are caused by the presence of Muslims. Of course, this is perfect hogwash for Fox News which seeks to divert attention from Republican economic and military mistakes by shifting blame to Muslim immigrants.

After all, nearly 30% of Republicans still believe their president was a Muslim who was born in Africa so it should not be too difficult convincing these masses of ignorant sheep that Wall Street is controlled by Muslim billionaires who take government money and bankrupt the average citizen.