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Breivik, Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Republicans

Anders Breivik is angry. He is angry because the beautiful Christian civilization of Europe is being over run by hordes of Muslims and dark skinned immigrants. He longs for the time when Europe was composed of Christian folk–except for a few of those Jews– and life was beautiful. Listen to his words:

1. Europe is being over run by Muslims.

2. Immigrants are destroying “our civilization.”

3. “We must take action to halt the spread of Islam” or — the conclusion is somewhat confusing.

4. God is angry and judgment day is approaching.

Listen to Republicans:

1. America is being over run by illegal immigrants.

2. We have a foreign born president who wants to spread the Muslim religion.

3. A straight line exists from Obama to terrorist bombers, just follow the yellow brick line.

4. Judgment Day is upon us and Christ will only take true believers on the trip to Heaven.

Anders Behring Breivik is fortunate to live in Norway which does not have a death penalty. The longest sentence possible for murder is 21 years. He will be 53 when the sentence is over.

America has crazy people on the loose posing as political leaders. I have a hunch they would love having lunch with Anders.


Open Letter to Republican Party Leaders!

Ladies and gentlemen, and all those who seek to keep America free from terrorism, it is time to act against the leading proponents of terrorism–WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES! From Columbine to shootings in Finland to shooting in Germany and to the horror in Norway, the culprits are always the same –WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES! For some reason, organizations like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have focused attention on the wrong males. It is not Muslim males that engage in mass murder of the innocent, but WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES who grab guns and spray bullets killing innocent children. We arrest thousands in America who are of the Muslim faith, but if you added up all the people killed by all the Muslims we have arrested, it would not be a tenth of innocent individuals killed by WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES!

I know that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney and some of the other guys whose names I can not spell, constantly warn of Muslim terrorists, but never of WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE terrorism. Examine the evidence. White Chrisitan males and females are candidates of the Republican party(Oh, there is that black dude, Cain, but he is certainly not very Abel as a candidate). What does this suggest? The entire coterie of Republican white male and white female candidates are simply potential terrorists. Keep America safe from terrorism, lock up all the WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES and send them to prison. At least, the rest of we Muslims and Jews can then live in peace. Put it this way, would you like some WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES living on your block and threatening the lives of your children??

Death, Death, 94 Deaths In Afternoon

Anders Begring Breivik is a nice looking fair haired young man who could readily be identified as the boy down the block on your street. He has a pleasant smile, he is a man with opinions, and will readily express them to one and all. By now, all are familiar with his murderous rampage in Oslo and an island filled with teenagers out for a pleasant summer day. At least 94 are dead, the highest ever recorded from a murder assault by a lone gunmen. Little is known about this individual other than his admiration fro the UK English Defense League(EDL) and his fervent support of Stop Islamification of Europe(SIOE). In America we have had a much lesser number killed in Arizona by a gunman who hated liberals and gays and foreigners in his land. We do not charge organizations such as Fox News or slander spreading political leaders like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann for urging others to kill those damn LIBERALS. However, there is a climate of hate which has spread throughout Europe and America, and Rupert Murdoch media in England, the USA, and Australia can be found among voices preaching hate and violence.

I was born in 1930 and spent my formative years in the era of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. Nazis marched in Manhattan with their flags and their voices preaching hate of Jews and foreigners. Frankly, there is not much difference between Limbaugh and Beck and the entire Fox News and those angry voices in the thirties. Mr. Breivik will have a day in court in which he can defend death of teenagers. Glenn Beck and Limbaugh defend spreading lies about the birth place of Barack Obama. No, they do not urge anyone to kill the president, but they do a good job of killing off rational discussion in politics by transforming the dialogue into “it is either our way or those evil people will destroy OUR nation!”

Pakistan Student Arrested For Blasphemy

Muhammad Samiullah was taking exams in several subjects at the school he attended. We have no idea as to which questions were posed on the exam, but he wrote his ideas in accordance with what students should do–honestly express their opinions. A reviewer of the exams contacted police and charged the student with uttering negative remarks about the Prophet Mohammad and filed charges of blasphemy against the student. The frightened boy was taken to police headquarters, undoubtedly questioned and then confessed that he had been “brainwashed” by some visiting cousins from Norway. The police had the boy examined in order to determine if he had brain damage or whether he suffered from delusional ideas. I assume this is what passes for “education” in the nation of Pakistan- students are expected NOT to write what they believe, but prior to expressing any ideas they should check with the blasphemy police.

The shame of Pakistan is that students are now subject to the fear of expressing the “wrong idea” which could lead to execution on grounds of blasphemy. Does anyone in this nation understand the meaning of “academic freedom?”

How About A Real Peace Award Says China?

A difficulty in reading any Chinese criticism concerning the Nobel peace prize is trapped within its torturous analysis are a few gems of reason. The China Daily expressed the views of the nation’s leaders who regard awarding a peace prize to Liu Xiaobo the equivalent for America to award a peace prize to the head of the Mafia. OK, so Liu didn’t kill as many as Al Capone, but his words are just as dangerous. According to the China Daily a peace prize should go to someone who has worked to avoid violence and who has been receptive to compromise. Fair enough. It then goes on to complain members of the Nobel committee are from Norway which has not done anything spectacular in recent decades when it comes to war, violence and pillage so how could they really understand what it takes to maintain peace? Fair enough. The Nobel committee awarded a Peace Prize to Barack Obama who is supporting war in Afghanistan and it gave one to Russian leader Gorbachev whose actions “destroyed and disrupted his country.” Well, no so OK as far as truth is concerned. At the core of the paper’s anger is giving a peace prize to Liu Xiaobo, “a law offender who tries to subvert China.” If I understand their argument, anyone who opposes a dictatorial government is, in essence, a violent person who is against peace. I guess this view has some logic, but the reasoning most probably gets lost in translation.

As far as the China Daily is concerned, the great Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping never got it, and, neither did Mao Tse-tung! How come Deng never got a peace prize? After all he helped send over twenty million people to a peaceful life in heaven so doesn’t he deserve some sort of reward? Perhaps the Nobel committee could establish a peace prize to the dictatorial government which offers the best rationale for being a dictatorship?

China Charges Nobel Not Noble

The Chinese government is somewhat upset at the manner in which the Nobel peace prize is awarded these days and has concluded the committee simply is not adhering to the ideas of Mr. Nobel’s will. Sir Alfred Nobel had three criteria for the Peace award: promoting peace between nations and national unity, who promotes disarmament and who helps bring about peace conferences. For some reason, the Nobel peace prize committee has only seen fit to identify two Chinese people as deserving of the award, the Dalai Lama and Liu Xiaobo. As we all know, this Dalai Lama guy has been fostering disunity in China and attempting to persuade people to dislike the government. And, since the government is freely elected by those who run the Communist party one would expect that some member of the party would receive the award. But, not, the committee prefers handing it out to a CRIMINAL in jail who has been charged with subverting the state of China!

Isn’t it about time the Nobel committee awarded its Peace prize to those who are best able to enforce peace within their country. OK, so they sometimes use a bit of force, OK, so they sometimes beat up a few people, but the end result is peace and quiet. Isn’t that what Sir Alfred Nobel wanted in the world? I think the jailers of Liu Xiaobo should be given his prize. They have been able to keep him quiet and in a state of peace, they have been able to ensure there is no violence against the government, and they, can guarantee tranquility in the nation of China. Can Mr. Liu Xiaobo offer similar assurances?

Orwellian Chinese Response To Nobel Prize

George Orwell must be smiling at recent comments of the Chinese government concerning award of the Nobel Peace prize to Lliu Xiaobo, the dissident Chinese fighter for freedom. The wife of Liu, who did NOT receive any peace prize, was placed under house arrest for disturbing something in China although exactly what is her crime is still to be decided. A group of twenty people who got together to celebrate his Nobel Peace prize found themselves arrested for– perfect Orwell language–“disturbing the social order” while the Chinese government termed having one of its citizens receive a prize for working for peace, an “insult” to the nation. House organ, China Daily, interpreted having an award for peace bestowed on one of its citizens as an example of seeking to “contain China.” Let me get this straight, if one receives an award due to efforts working for peace, the real meaning is that one received an award in order to disturb the peace!

I guess George Orewll is sorry at not having lived long enough to see his prediction of how a totalitarian society would operate come true. This column undoubtedly is an attempt to contain the silliness of China to the mainland of China and save the remainder of this planet from being contaminated by minds that twist language to suit their own purposes.

Did US President Insult Norway?

These days President Obama might long for nights in Chicago where he only faced the need to placate people like Boss Daley and did not have to worry about the world outside of the windy city. The people of Norway are incensed because Obama will accept the Nobel prize in Sweden and then head back home instead of following the customary path of hopping over to Norway for a round of meetings including one with the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Ordinary Norwegian citizens were furious when the American leader turned down an invitation to have dinner with the King of Norway and took it as a deliberate snub. Obama also turned down the usual press conference with media, TV interviews and host of other events that Nobel winners usually attend.

Obama faced a dilemma. If he had dinner with the King of Norway, right wing talk hosts would spend the night posturing and declaiming how our president was demeaning America by breaking bread with a King. Doesn’t he remember we Americans have never gotten over King George III back in the 1770s? Rush Limbaugh knows Obama does not deserve the Nobel prize and he sure does not deserve having a free lunch with some damn king!

What Did Obama Do To Bring Peace To The World?

Barack Obama is president of a nation that has the largest military force in the world and is presently conducting two wars in various parts of the world. Although, Obama was not president when these wars began, he is continuing policies of his predecessor to have military action in Iraq and Afghanistan. The issue is not whether or not Obama is a man of peace, most probably he has that goal. But, as of this point in time he has yet to achieve peace anywhere in the world, let alone in the United States. The Swedish Peace and Reconciliation Society expressed its disappointment at the decision of the Oslo based Nobel committee to extend the prize to Obama.

Anna Ek, speaking for the society noted: “The choice of Barack Obama as the recipient of the world’s foremost peace prize is shocking.” Ms. Ek, like most people, is still attempting to discover exactly which “peace” in the world has Obama helped to secure? If anyone knows, please let the Oslo committee in on the secret.

Obama Wins And Loses

This has been a bad ten days for President Obama. First, he flew to Copenhagen to give a pitch that would reward Chicago with the Olympics only to receive a humiliating no response. Then, out of the blue, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing something that impressed by Nobel committee but has yet to be understood by anyone else. “To be honest,” said the president, “I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who have been honored by the prize.” I suspect, those words will gain approval of even his worse critics.

Obama inherited a mess, and he has been working hard, but, due to horrible communication problems and lack of concern for those who have lost jobs, he remains a figure who intrigues more than he impresses. Yes, he is trying in the Middle East to get a peace agreement. No, it has yet to succeed. Unfortunately, the Nobel Peace Prize was not conceived as being awarded to those who try, but do not succeed.