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This daily review will present headlines and a short paragraph concerning issues presented in newspapers throughout the world.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Naked Man Discovered In Bed”

Me, I would rather enjoy a naked woman.

UK, Guardian: “Who Controls The World?”

Easy one–those with gobs of money!

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Rabbi Fired”

I assume this is Kosher.

USA, aol: “I will Deliver A Budget”

What is in it, is another question.

Sweden, Local: “I’m Alive”

So, fellow Republicans, just wait for some other comments!

Refugees Seek Refuge

They set sail,not on ships, but all too often in flimsy boats that barely make it across the Mediterranean. They walk across areas of Europe heading for the tunnel that allows one to actually gain entrance with feet to the safe shores of England. They are refugees. Since the dawn of humanity when our ancestors walked out of Africa headed for all areas on this planet, the refugee is the person seeking a new home, a new opportunity for a better life. Between 1880-1924 about twenty five million people from Europe arrived on the shores of America, only to be met by those insisting there simply was not enough room,and they would seek to take jobs away from native born Americans.

Last week about 20,000 arrived in Europe setting off the alarm bells of those who fear their jobs will be taken away.So,how to deal with these people?

Step one is to distribute them across the European continent.

Step two is to invest in Africa and create jobs. A person with a job is not seeking a new land.

All Quiet On The Donald Front

Something strange has been happening the past few days in America. Not a single dramatic statement from the Donald man. No picture of him single handedly capturing a drug lord of some poor guy trying to get into the US and steal a job from God-fearing Americans who are simply dying to pick peaches. Not a comment about you WOMEN who flaunt your bodies and excite the Donald Man so he has to utter some not so nice comments about you bitches. So Donald, to help your campaign, how about:

1. Why not take on the New York Yankees, most Americans hate them?

2. So far, not a single derogatory comment about Sarah Palin, how come?

3. Donald, you could take a stand for or against vaccinations or simply say you are for and against it?

4. Donald, you are a native New Yorker, the least you can do is stand up for the New York Knicks who last won the championship about 45 years ago. How about promising New Yorkers that if you are elected there will be a law requiring the Knicks to win a championship?

5. As far as I know, no Republican is attacking St. Ronald Reagan, Donald,just destroy him once and for all.

Lets Blow Things Up

Among the common myths of our era is that Muslims are the only religion group that engages in suicide bombing. Actually, modern suicide bombing began in Sri Lanka during the 1980s, decades before the first suicide bombing by a Muslim. Of course,during WWII, Japanese Kamikaze suicide bombers died by the thousands as they blew their planes up into US ships.And,these guys had no affiliation with the Muslim religion. There are dozens of stories of soldiers who deliberately die in order to enable their comrades to survive.

Well,Thailand is now experiencing a new wave of suicide bombers and, frankly, no one knows exactly who these people are and what they seek other than murdering innocent people. Most probably it is linked to political disputes because the culprits make certain they survive. I do understand why someone wants to blow something up, but why does this person insist they must also go boom-boom??

Walls Separate People

West Bank settlers in Israel are people who believe that God halts his work in this universe in order to check on their daily violation of human rights. In 1948, the United Nations awarded what is now known as the West Bank to Palestinians. Regardless of what God seeks for the Jewish people, in this case, if God really wants to uproot olive trees and reduce Palestinians to second place status, the simple fact of life is the West Bank does NOT legally belong to Israel

West Bank settlers are now building a wall to separate the Jewish settlement of Har Gilo from the rightful Palestinian farmers. Ironically, most of the impacted Palestinians are Catholics. The Vatican is seeking to protect them. Sorry, Pope Francis the Rabbis now rule Israel.


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty four year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Republicans need more female candidates–Sarah,are you ready?

I still believe Herman Cain is the best black Republican candidate.

Has Donald considered his wife as a VP possibility -why not keep it in the family?

Then again, any Trump kids ready for this role?

I suspect the last word of Republicans is -BENGHAZI!

Does anyone today even know where Benghazi is?

I still don’t know why Hillary is not blamed for the drought. It began while she was Secretary of State!

Tragedy Of Middle East

There has been an ongoing tragedy in the Middle East for over seventy years. It has to do with reactions of Muslim nations to their fellow Muslims. After the forced or voluntary departure of Muslims from the new state of Israel, not a single Arab/Muslim nation would allow their fellow Muslims to become citizens of the land in which they were now living. They have spent the next seventy years as aliens in Muslim societies. Today, over two million Syrians are now refugees in a Muslim society. They are not allowed to become a citizen, they are denied opportunities for work, for a role in society.

Syrians are NOT welcomed into Muslim societies anymore than Palestinians were or are. They live on the fringes of society. A Syrian who enters Sweden is allowed to become a citizen and enjoy the benefits of that role. But, not a single Muslim society offers Muslim refugees the same right. The question is why don’t Muslim societies integrate Muslim refugees?

So, What About Iraq?

We are now experiencing the resurrection of the triumphant trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. In the new Republican narrative, these men were not only responsible for the overthrow of evil, terrible Saddam Hussein, but they saved the world from the bad man’s nuclear or chemical weapons of destruction. It was due to the intelligence and bravery of George Bush that peace and prosperity were restored to the people of Iraq. Alas, then appeared the black dude from Africa, whose blunders led to the rise of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and you name the other evil people.

1. It was the dynamic trio who appointed Nouri al-Maliki to the position of Prime Minister. It was this man who transformed the Sunnis who had worked with American forces into the enemy of the Iraq government.

2. The success of the so-called, Surge, depended upon cooperation of Sunnis. Guess who ended that cooperation.

3. President Obama DID offer to maintain US forces. BUT, he refused to allow American troops to be subject to Iraq law. THAT was the reason they left.

I await Jeb Bush publicly saying he was ready to have American forces placed under Iraq law.

A Gory Tale

I was born and raised in the South Bronx where the only Bull we ever knew was bullshit emanating from the mouth os come blow hard.However, in dear old sunny Spain they sort of have this thing for Bulls. They send Bulls dashing into the streets, and having a good old time sort of sending their horns into the bodies of any and all in their path. During the past week at least four were gored to death as they joyfully followed Bulls dashing through the streets.

I guess this is fun-taking pictures of animals that will kill you. As a street wise kid, I was taught early in life if someone or something could kill you, run as fast as you can in the other direction!

A South African Tale Of Jail

News from South Africa indicates that when it comes to the punishment of those with money and power, a little bit of money goes a long way to getting a Walk Out Card from prison. Oscar Pritorious sort of killed his sweetheart a year ago and for some strange reason was sent to prison. Actually, he received a six year term that includes one year actually in prison, and the other five at the home of his uncle. Well, it is sort of a prison. Twelve bedrooms, a swimming pool,private gym and the run of the house.

Well, on the bad side, he can not leave this luxurious restart and go out into the real world. All it takes is money, good manners, know the right people and prison can be the place to head if you desire a good time!

Now, about those visiting women….