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Sanders’ Folks Talk Nonsense

I recently was reading a story in the Nation in which supporters of Bernie Sanders emphasized they were discouraged and ready to do whatever it takes to allow Donald Trump to become president. Many make clear there is no difference between Hillary Clinton and the red headed bullshit shouter. Let me get this clear, the election of Donald Trump is worse than the election of Hillary Clinton.

1. In the election of 2000, supporters of Ralph Nader enabled George Bush to become president. Thus, the invasion of Iraq and the ensuing death of millions of people in the Middle East. The current destabilization of the Middle East was the result of THOSE  WHO VOTED FOR RALPH NADER!

2. In 1968, the same mentality resulted in a few million not voting for Hubert Humphrey and the election of Richard Nixon.

So, if the Bernie crowd is OK with the election of Donald Trump, how about?

Every person who feels this way should give up their medical insurance since Trump will end medical insurance for millions.

Every person who feels this way should  convert to the Muslim religion, have their children become Muslims and see how they now enjoy life!

Every such person should get a job that pays $7.25 an hour and get a taste  of life under Donald Trump.

Any such person should  become an Hispanic and get a free trip to Mexico.

Any Sanders supporter who adopts that desire, should go to hell!!


Republicans On Banning Muslims

If there is one thing that members of the Republican party are famous for is taking a strong stand on controversial issues. Donald Trump promised when he becomes President to ban entry into America of anyone who is of the Muslim religion.

Mitch McConnell: “I am not going to comment on this issue.”

Paul Ryan: So, what’s new about that?

Senator Johnny Isaken: “I hate to comment on something that I didn’t hear.”

Senator Bob Corker: “I continue to be discouraged by the direction of this campaign.”

Jeb Bush: NO comment now, and no comment on anything that Trump says.

Herman Cain: I just love that hucky ducky guy. Whatever he says, I am for it.

Rudy Giuliani: Donald, keep on telling it like it is!

Donald Trump: I won’t quit saying wha is needed to make this country great again! So, Muslims, bye, bye.

White Men Speak On Election

Let’s get one thing clear, it is clear that we white guys will support a white man who runs against that crooked  Hillary Clinton. So, I must point out that I am a white man. My pop was a white man. My grandfather was a white man, and we white men have to stand up for white rights. So, what are my criteria for how I will cast my ballot:

1. I want someone who will make we white guys great again.

2. I want someone who protects my right to an AR-15 assault rifle because when I go hunting those damn deer run too damn fast.

3. Frankly, I never met a Muslim that I could trust. Then again, I have never met a Muslim. I can’t always be perfect.

4. I am sick and tired of my wife voting for someone without my permission. We need a president who makes certain women respect their husbands–and boy friends.

5. Yes, I am gay, yes, I enjoy gay moments in my life, but kissing some guy is NOT one of them!

6. I know Hillary Clinton did something with her emails. Frankly, at age 85, I really don’t know what emails are.

7. The last time I had anything to do with some white haired guy who waved his arms was when I visited the looney bin.

8. I want someone who tells it is like it is. Now, hopefully, someone will tell me what “it is” is.

9.Donald tells me that he will bring back those jobs making sweaters and underwear. Actually, I used to work in a steel plant.

10. I love my wife, I  love my daughters, but when it comes to running America, it is a man’s JOB.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The source of Islamic terrorism is from our allies, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

So, what now, Bernie, eating Ben & Jerry ice cream in Vermont?

Republicans have to confront reality -Donald will not shut up.

For someone who regards himself as a tough guy, Donald waves his arms around some like fairy.–as we say in the Bronx.

It is Wednesday, Donald must be insulting someone. Hey, Paul Ryan, just remember that Donald must insult someone.

I have a hunch that Bernie so regrets not starting his crusade ten years ago.

Barack let Donald get  to him, so what, it  is  fun having the president blasting the fool from New York.


Hillary Blasts Saudis!

Finally, finally, Hillary Clinton told the truth about why Islamic terrorism has grown in power. The truth is because there are governments in the Middle East which finance hatred and violence. As Hillary noted: “it is time for the Saudis, Qatar, Kuwaitis stop their citizens supporting extremist organizations. And, they should stop supporting radical schools  and mosques around the world that have set young people on t he path  toward extremism.”

Saudi money is t he financial basis of hundreds of mosques and religious schools which educate young people to hate democracy, to hate the West, and to believe being a suicide bomber is the path to heaven. If Saudi Arabia wants America to  protect it from terrorists, it is time for them to cease financing these terrorists.  Hillary deserves credit for America to finally identify the cause of Islamic terrorism–Saudi Arabia!

So, What Now For American Muslims?

The current hate against American Muslims is simply the latest in what has happened in American history for over two hundred years. There is always some group singled out to be the bad guys responsible for any and all crimes in the land. So, what now for members of the Muslim community in America?

1. Make certain that every Muslim who is qualified to vote, VOTES.

2. American Muslims should begin joining political parties and work their way into positions of responsibility.

3. American Muslims this fall should be volunteering to work for the election of Hillary Clinton

4. American Muslims this fall should be actively supporting Democratic candidates for Congress, especially the Senate. Give your time and whatever you can spare financially.

5. Organize Political Action groups to lobby for Muslim rights in this country.

6. Make certain that teenage Muslim boys and girls are politically knowledgeable.

7. Get Muslim youth active in this political campaign. Get them to experience the thrill of seeing their ideas become law.

8. Make certain your mosque is led by a politically active imam.

9.Establsih outreach programs with Christian and Jewish groups. Get your children into these efforts.

Don’t ever feel sorry. Just remember Catholics, Jews, Hispanics, Italians and God knows how many others experienced prejudice and hatred.

The Real Obama Story

Due to my contacts in the Trump headquarters I have been able to get a copy of the latest news about the man from Africa who claims to be born in Hawaii. Examine the situation:

Muslim terrorists murder American citizens.

All terrorists these days are from the Muslim religion. I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists, just that all terrorists are Muslims.s

A Muslim terrorist just murdered 49 people in Orlando. If we had a Trump administration no Muslim from anywhere would be allowed to enter this great nation. This Muslim named Mateen was the son of Afghan immigrants. If we followed the ideas of Donald Trump and never allowed any Muslim to migrate, there never would have been a slaughter of the innocent in Orlando!

Barack Obama has dark skin.

People in Africa have dark skin.

His father came from Africa and has dark skin.

Figure it out, Barack Obama loves dark skinned people.

Millions of Muslim terrorists have dark skin.

Barack Obama refuses to say, “Islamic terrorism”

Muslim terrorists refuse to term themselves terrorists.


2017–President Trump Land

Joan and John Smith are going out for a Saturday night movie and Sally is baby sitting for them.

John: Sorry, Sally, but I have to ask– show me your certification that you are proficient with the AR-15 and can wield a handgun. Good, very impressive, so nice to leave one’s child with a young woman who is a crack shot.Now,one more thing, show me your certification in martial arts. Great. We feel so relieved. Now,  what happens if you hear a strange noise?

Sally: I immediately place Doug in the safe room, bolt the door and assume my stance to take care of any intruder.

John: Well, Joan and I can now leave feeling secure.

Joan: Darling, do you have your AR-15 and your hand gun. I simply don’t want to go out without knowing we are ready for action at any time.

John: Well, put on your safety vest, make certain you have weapons ready for action. I made certain the car had two machine guns on the hood, and we are ready to hit the road.

Joan: Well, the good news is the President announced that Muslims must be in their homes after 7:00 p.m.

John: Great. Thank God we elected Donald Trump instead of that crooked Hillary Clinton. Isn’t that great, Barack Obama was just deported back to Kenya where he was born!

1916–Fredrick And Mary Trump

We take you on a magic trip to the United States of America in 1916 when a German immigrant by the name of Fredrick Trump was declaiming and pontificating to his wife, Mary, about the current immigration situation in America. Naturally, German immigrants and those from England represented the cream of European society, however, by 1916 one out of four people in the United States were immigrants or children of immigrants.

Fredrick: Mary, when is this country going to get smart? Just look a the figures of who are criminals in this nation– a bunch of Italian wops, guineas and their Hebrew friends. For twenty years we have allowed in those criminals and sex perverts and the result is this country is overwhelmed by crime and sex maniacs who prey on decent Protestant girls.

Mary: Dear, I just read they passed a new law to stop those Orientals from seducing decent Christian children with Opium! And, those Jews with their prostitution, Judy just told me that Jewish women were the largest group in New York City prostitution!

Fredrick: We have to do something to save this country from these filthy, criminals who rob, who bomb, who have no respect for human life. It is time to halt immigration of any Catholic or Jew and save America for the future! I promise you if we don’t stop  these Catholics and Jews from taking jobs away from decent hard working Protestant workers, this nation will never survive! These scum work for a pittance and there go the jobs! To tell you the truth,I wish we could round up these filthy Jews and Italian Catholics and send them back to where they came from!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Americans are determined to blame their ills on Muslims.

Oh, life would be so wonderful if we could just bomb away  our problems.

June in my childhood used to be hot, today in Chicago, the only hot thing around   is the sound of bullets in the night.

I await a demand to give each baby his own assault weapon for protection in the crib.

These days I interpret rain drops to be tears from Abraham Lincoln about the political party he created.

LeBron James was furious last night and determined to win a game.

Once upon a time there were the Bronx Bombers, today, the Bronx strikeout bums.