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This daily review will present headlines and a short paragraph concerning issues presented in newspapers throughout the world.

Cops will Be Cops

As we observe black people demanding their right to be treated as human beings rather than as members of a sub class, their is a tendency to blame such actions upon “white racism.” Let me argue that police behavior is common among police because they are in the role of a policeman. Black, white, pink, yellow, tan, whatever, when cops encounter a crowd, their natural tendency as policemen is to become frightened, and blast away. In the summer of 2012 in South Africa, black policemen found themselves confronting striking miners. Police demanded that strikers depart the scene and go home or head straight into the mines. Miners wanted increases in pay and better working conditions so they refused to budge. Within a few moments, police began to blast away and soon 34 miners lay dead on the ground. Police were black and dead bodies were black.

One miner recalled attempting to hold up his arms and surrender only to discover that police were still blasting away. “We became afraid of surrendering because we would be shot.” Such were events in Marikana, South Africa in August, 2012. Unfortunately, a similar event happened in August, only it was August, 2014. In 2012, police were black and in August, 2014 they were white. This suggests the problem is not merely skin color, but training and practices of police–throughout the world!

A Convoy To Someplace With Some Thing

A Convoy of about 260 trucks is heading from Russia towards the border with Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, the man whose heart always reaches out to those who are oppressed or afflicted has concluded that a spirit of love and compassion compels him to send supplies to the forces of Right fighting in eastern Ukraine. After all, the man who created this conflict wants the world to know that he will “make sure that the Ukraine conflict ends as soon as possible.” Let me get this clear: Vladimir begins a war and now wants to end one! I apologize for my stupidity. After all, how can a great leader who seeks the Nobel Prize win this award unless he ends a war? In other words, this conflict was created in order to provide an opportunity for Vladimir to come across as a peace maker.

Vladimir goes to great lengths presenting an image to the world of a decisive, clear headed and wise leader. Perhaps, just perhaps, he now realizes that his actions have gotten Russia into a bind. Perhaps, he never thought that Obama or Merkel would take a tough stance. Me thinks Vladimir got out foxed by Western leaders who decided to say, “the hell with our business with Russia, it is now time to take a stand, and economics be damned! He never saw that approach coming. So, now what to do is his biggest question??

Modernity Vs History –Part I

Governments of the world focus on this or that conflict assuming that religion of bad people or good people are responsible for clashes in the Middle East or Africa or Asia or within the United States of America. It becomes increasingly clear that world and national conflicts entail a clash between the forces of modernity and historic values and beliefs. What we term, “modernity” emerged during the last decades of the nineteenth century and became powerful during the 20th century. What are the characteristics of this “modernity?”

1. Acceleration in the pace of change. Historically, change was a gradual process that might take hundreds of years, today, it can occur within an hour.

2. Creation of the concept of “Youth.” Historically, one was a boy and then became a man or a girl and became a woman. There was no interlude in which young people formed a distinctive class. Once Youth emerged, elders discovered they no longer were sources of wisdom. This shift has taken older people by surprise and led to anger and resentment of being displaced.

3. Products of life constantly change. Elders now must have their minds become accustomed to products of life which are here today and gone tomorrow. This engenders a sense of powerlessness and a feeling that life is spinning out of control.

4. Wisdom of elders does not become the wisdom of youth. When youth discounts the ideas of their elders it results in anger at loss of power. Youth assumes they know more than elders. We are witnessing this clash since there are also Youth which seeks the wisdom of their elders.

5. Rise of lower classes to power. Historically, humans were organized into tribes or societies in which a small group function as “leaders.” The concept of “democracy”has torn to pieces this historic arrangement. Some prefer a world of certainty in which a small group led society while a large number of people today believe all should participate in conducting society’s behavior.

We conclude today with this introduction to Modernity.

One More Ceasefire To Go

Israel and Hamas just agreed to another cease fire. In theory this one is allegedly to last four days, or was it five? We suggest the following form of ceasefire:

1. Each side exchanges weapons with the other side.

2. An Israel general assumes command of Hamas while a Hamas dude takes over the IDF.

3. John Kerry organizes soccer games for soldiers on both sides.

4. John Boehner agrees that Republicans will go along with the idea of a ceasefire.

5. John McCain is sent in to Gaza in order to engage in a duel with any Hamas leader who dares to accept his challenge.

6. After six days of non-violence have passed, both sides devote six days in order to fire weapons into the sea.

Then, when peace has reigned for a month, the IDF and Hamas agree to rebuild Gaza!

My ideas are not any crazier than those currently being discussed.

Lauren Bacall Is Dead

Lauren Bacall is dead. For most people, she does not mean anything other than another dead actress. She was an attractive woman, but when it came to sexuality, Lauren Bacall was not in the same category as Marilyn Monroe or Ava Gardner. She was born in Brooklyn, just another attractive Jewish girl who had to surrender, as did many Jews, her real name in the anti-Semitic America in which she was raised. She became a model, and finally wound up in Hollywood as an actress. However, Ms. Bacall was something other than an actress. She was a fighter for human rights. She was also an actress who was deeply involved in politics, and supported liberalism in her daily life.

Lauren Bacall was once asked which men most attracted her. At the head of her list was Adlai Stevenson who ran for President in 1952 and 1956. She considered a man with an excellent mind to be “sexy.” Her husband, Humphrey Bogart was only concerned about her interest in men with minds, he told her that his greatest fear is that she would become the lover of Adlai Stevenson. She never did. But, she never ceased her fight for equality for Negroes nor her fight to support illegal Mexican workers. So, goodbye to a woman, an actress, and a fighter for human rights!

“Them Or Me!”

Among the ongoing myths propagated by the National Rifle Association is that Americans in 2014 confront serious threats by criminals in the course of their daily lives. In every mayor American city, the number of murders is now at a record low. Crime has drooped, and the reasons have nothing to do with carrying guns. Whenever the number of males in the age bracket, 18-27 drops, so does crime. This group constitutes the major age bracket from whence comes crime. Second, the growing use of security firms to protect homes means greater protection against crime. Finally, police are drawing upon improved use of technology to identify potential areas of crime.

Theodor Wafer, was in his home in suburban Detroit, when he heard banging on his door. He became frightened, grabbed his gun and headed toward the door. “It was them or me” according to Theodor. Actually, the “them” was Renisha McBride who had crashed her car, was dazed and seeking some assistance. For some reason, she had stumbled onto his porch hoping someone would provide assistance. But, if your mind is filled with tales of hordes of criminals banging away at your door, what else to do but blast away through the door with your shotgun and kill the woman?

The jury found Mr. Wafer guilty of manslaughter. The Prosecutor pointed out a simple fact–why didn’t he pick up the phone and call the police? No one had broken through the locked door, so why not wait for the cops? Of course, in gun crazy NRA land, shoot first and ask questions later!

Republicans On Iraq Air Strikes

This intrepid reporter decided to seek reaction from leading Republicans about President Obama’s decision to send humanitarian aid plus air strikes in order to assist stranded Christians and other minorities in Iraq who are faced with death from ISIL.

Senator John McCain: “For months I have been telling the wimp President to show some balls and blast away in Iraq. How about sending in Special Forces to end this fiasco?”

Senator Rand Paul: “I am completely in favor of aiding Christians, and also any Jews. But, how much will this cost?”

John Boehner: “If this stuff has anything to do with ObamaCare, I am against it.”

Senator Ted Cruz: “First, protect our border against the hordes descending upon it. THAT is our priority!”

Senator Lindsay Graham: “Whatever John McCain goes double for me.”

Mitt Romney: “I told you, elect Obama and terrorism would increase.”

Sarah Palin: “Could you please point out on the map this Iraq?”

NRA: “Just another example as to what happens when people don’t carry around guns.”

Marco Rubio: “Does this have anything to do with illegal immigrants?”

George Bush: “Sorry, I don’t have time to comment, got some wood to chop”

It’s Speed Up Time

Like just everyone else who terms self, American, I am the child of an immigrant. Between the years 1880-1924 about twenty million people from southern and eastern Europe came to the United States of America as immigrants. Most were fleeing poverty, religious hatred or violence. By 1920 we “New Immigrants” constituted 25% of the population. Today, thousands, NOT millions, of children are fleeing violence and brutality in Central America. They simply want a time to rest, to obtain an education, and become a positive factor in the United States. President Barack Obama, the child of an immigrant, fears taking a stand for immigrants. He is frightened because people like Senator Ted Cruz–his father was an immigrant, and he was born in Canada–scream hatred about immigrants. Immigrant Courts have been ordered to expedite deportation of children. In fact, kids have been rushed to the head of the line.

There is NO crisis about “Hordes” of children reaching the border. Fifty or sixty thousand children is nothing like the ONE MILLION who entered as immigrants during the initial decades of the 20th century. It is time for calmness, for charity, and for love of children to return to this nation. All these kids want is a chance to become a contributing member of society. During World War II, children of New Immigrants constituted about 20% of those fighting in our armed forces. Never forget, we are ALL immigrants!

Israel Jewishness Hijacked Democracy!

I was raised in a Conservative Jewish family by a mother and father who had endured incredible prejudice in Russia and Poland which led them to flee. I was raised in an East European Socialist Jewish environment in which one was taught from childhood that to be a Jew meant that one had to support the rights of all people. I was educated to believe that as a Jew it was impossible for me to oppress others or to support policies that made others suffer. Israel Sociologist Eva Illouz in a recent interview with Der Spiegel clearly outlined what has happened to Israelis as a result of half a century of being a colonial power ruling over Arabs. From the day when the West Bank became the center of Jewish settlements that, essentially drove out Palestinian land owners, the people of Israel have grown to accept their “right” to posses the land of others. Generation after generation has grown up living in a world in which Jews seize land of Palestinians, walls are constructed to prevent Jews from interacting with Palestinians, and the old dream of equality has gone bvy the boards.

According to Illouz, “Isral has a split schizophrenic self awareness. It cultivates its strengths and yet cannot stop seeing itself as weak and threatened…Israel is a colonial military power, a militarized society, and a democracy all folded into one. Israel has lost the capacity to identify with the suffering of a distant other.” Since Hamas is a vicious anti-Semitic entity, most Israelis feel justified in hating Arabs who they regard as inferior and a threat to the existence of Israel. “Fear is central to the psyche of Israel.” In other words, the “Jewishness has hijacked democracy.” Just about every action taken against Palestinians was taken against their ancestors in Europe. Just about every comment regarding Palestinians was made about Jews in Europe. Dirty, evil, criminals, can not be trusted, name any evil uttered about Arabs and it is an evil attributed to Jews in Europe.

Can any changes be made in this equation of hate? Perhaps, it is necessary for American Jews to assume responsibility for working with Israelis in an effort to connect them with their past. The “past” I refer to is that being a Jew means one fights for social justice for all. Being a Jew means that one supports the dream of a society based on equity. Perhaps, it is time for Israelis to journey to America and connect with their democratic past?

Russia Sends In The Red Cross?

News from Ukraine clearly indicates that forces of the Kiev government are gradually wending their way through eastern regions of the country. Separatists are slowly realizing that most eastern Ukrainians do NOT want to secede and become part of Mother Russia. The so called Donetsk People’s Republic is turning out to be a collection of young men bent on proving their manhood by scaring policemen and intimidating public officials. But, when it comes to confronting men armed with weapons, the chants of “Mother Russia” are replaced with “Mother, please don’t let them kill me!”

The Russian government has arranged with the Red Cross to send in a “humanitarian” convoy whose task is to offer bread and meat to hungry folk instead of words of threat and missiles fired in the air. Putin spokesperson, Dimitry Peskov made clear “it is being sent under the aegis of the Red Cross with the consent of the Kiev government.” My question: Was everything cleared with Vladimir?? I thought he would ride on top of a tank and lead a convoy of destruction. Wonder what happened?