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This daily review will present headlines and a short paragraph concerning issues presented in newspapers throughout the world.

Ben Carson On Any Issue

Ben Carson was asked how he, if president, faced a Russian invasion of Estonia.

“First, let me make one thing clear. I am the only one on this stage who has been confronted with life-death situations. I had to respond to calls at 2:00 a.m. and get together a team to solve life and death situations. So, a Russian invasion of this Estonia poses no problem for me. Just to get things clear, this Estonia is in the Middle East? NO. OK, we are going to send in American troops, we are going to arm these Estonians-that is what they are called, I assume,- and we are going to  give them missiles and big bombs to take care of Russian invaders. Just as I stitched up people after an operation, I am prepared to stitch up any problem that arises.

OH, and have no doubt that our Savior Jesus Christ will be right there helping me win this war.”

Chris Christie On Any Topic

During the Republican debate, Governor Chris Christie was asked about the criminal behavior of his staff in blocking lanes on the George Washington bridge. The Governor offered a powerful defense.

“I want to make on thing clear, as Governor I worked to end the corruption that I found from previous Democratic governments.  If I am elected President of this great nation, feel assured that I will protect the farmers of Iowa. I will make certain that not a single college graduate has any loans to pay off. I am a problem solver, unlike those on this stage who are US Senators spending their days  arguing about nothing. You raise the issue of immigrants, well, I am the only one who will end such  discussion by a  law that ensures those immigrants who do not belong here, head back to Mexico and those who are from Muslim nations are returned to the Muslim group who sent them here. I WILL protect our borders!!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I have no doubt Ben Carson would turn down being  in the center of a debate.

How come Carly is not allowed in the debate now that Donald will not be there?

Weird news of the day-Fox News is fighting for press freedom.

Frankly, I never heard of  Megan Kelly until Donald blasted her.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Bloomberg vs Trump – a battle of the billionaires.

Then again, the billionaires will help decide who wins.

The other guy in the Democratic debate will always be the other guy.

We Vote For A Supreme Court

The 2016 election is not about whether Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz becomes president. It is an important election because there are several rather elderly  people on the Supreme Court and thus whoever is president in 2017 may well be able to decide the course of American history for a decade. If a Republican is elected there is no doubt:

1. Abortion rights are endangered.

2. Voting rights are endangered.

3.  Business will continue using its money  to decide elections.

4. Rights of immigrants are endangered.

5. In essence, democracy is endangered.

Donald Wins Again

Donald Trump has decided that to win an election in 2016 the best strategy is to do the unexpected. He refuses to adhere to traditional approaches since the American people are just fed up with the world in which they live. Many, not all, believe their nation is in dire straits and it is all the fault of those who have been in charge of the nation’s political leadership. So, Donald does the reverse. If the norm is to make certain one is in a debate, Trump uses the ploy of not coming to the debate and taking over the news for a few days.

Give the devil his due. He just refuses to behave like a politician and the result is he gains more and more support from a large section of the nation. So, tonight, Donald will be talking about veterans, and tomorrow he will be talking non-stop about what happened at the debate because he was not present. ON to the convention and God knows what he will do there!

Who Gets Center Podium?

At this moment in time it  appears that Donald Trump will not appear at the center podium for tonight’s debate. The issue of the hour is who then goes to center stage? We posed this issue to several Republicans:

Marco Rubio– I believe that I am the youngest candidate and the one Trump has  bashed the most. It belongs to me!

Jeb Bush: Hey, wait a second dude, if I open my mouth to breathe Donald shoves his fist down it. My brother was the last Republican president so I deserve center stage.

Rand Paul: Who the fuck cares?

Ben Carson: Does being in the center podium mean I get to answer more questions? Is so, let me remain where I usually stand.

John Kasich: I am the most qualified since I served in Congress, and I am a governor. That places me ahead of anyone else on the stage.

Chris Christie: Folks, I am the center stage since I am the heaviest  person in this group. I need something strong to lean on.

Ted Cruz: It would help if the lot of you just left and allowed me to go man vs man with Donald. I won many debates at Harvard and am the smartest person in this group. If intelligence counts, and being able to insult is important, just give me center stage!

North Korean Wants To Bomb

The Republican party and Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu insist the greatest threat to the safety of America is posed by the Iranian government. Of course, in reality, the greatest actual threat to our survival is posed by a lunatic in North Korea who has transformed his nation into a giant military machine. Kim Jong-un not only issues verbal threats, but has focused the entire nation to the task of creating missiles and nuclear weapons.

Japanese reports indicate that North Korea is in the process of developing  long range missiles and even working to miniature nuclear weapons into the missiles. So, where is the threat– from ISIS with its 30,000 troops or Iran which now allows inspection of its nuclear facilities or from North Korea??

Oh, by the way, Israel has at least 60 nuclear bombs and does NOT allow UN inspectors into its facilities.

Defenders Of America

Among the non-stop complaints of Republicans is failure on the part of Barack Obama to defend America against terrorism. Shootings in California have repeatedly been cited as examples of the weak, soft Obama policies which allow terrorists to exist within our midst armed and ready to murder innocent Americans.

A few weeks ago an armed terrorist group seized control of the Masher national wildlife refuge and threatened American law enforcement officials, but once again the cowardly Barack Obama refused to use force to end this terrorist threat to our survival as a nation. I guess Obama finally heard those voices demanding action against terrorists.The FBI and Oregon law officials set up a road block and  captured several terrorist militia.One was killed, one wounded and several are no in jail.

Oh, the terrorists were rancher militia seeking to take over federal land without paying  a penny for its use. Oh, federal land belongs to ALL Americans, not just ranchers!

Oh, not a single one was a Muslim!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump is a modern Machiavelli.

By the way, is Jeb Bush still in the race for president?

Chris Christie makes a ponderous impression when he speaks.

I so miss Carly Fiorina spouting her tough talk.

Just think, a nation founded by immigrants does not like immigrants!

Vladimir Putin has been very quiet this past month. I wonder why?

The more Republicans shout and scream, the more Barack Obama comes across as an excellent president.

Donald Takes Center Stage!

There are moments when one is left with the impression that Donald Trump actually DOES have a Great Plan. Donald announced that he would not participate in Thursday’s debate because Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly would be posing questions. “She doesn’t like me. She does not ask fair questions” is the essence of his complaint. So, what is the result of his refusal>

Commentators are only discussing why Trump will not come to the debate.

No one is discussing other Republicans because people want to hear what Donald is or is not doing.

Thursday will be dominated by talk as to whether Donald will participate.

If the debate proceeds without him, discussion in the post debate period will be about how the debate would  have proceeded if Donald was present.

Donald will get interview after interview.

If he loses the Iowa primary, he will blame Megan Kelly.

In other words it is a win-win ploy for Donald.