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False Auschwitz Analogy

There are some Jews who take out the Holocaust card in order to justify actions today. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently argued with President Obama that attacking Iran was similar in need to having Allied airplanes bomb the Auschwitz death camps. American and British military leaders during WWII turned down requests to bomb Auschwitz and Netanyahu believes President Obama is using the same line of reasoning to avoid bombing Iran.

Bombing Auschwitz would have not saved the life of a single Jew in Europe. The Auscwhitz death camp was located in Poland. It was not until 1944 that Allied bombers had access to long range fighter support, but flying to Poland would have been beyond the capacity of any existing fighter plane. Normal Allied raids from England led to a 15% rate of planes being shot down or severely damaged. Bomber planes flying across Germany, into Poland, turning around and flying back would have resulted in enormous losses.

There is a worse problem. At no time up during WWII up until the last months of the war did it take German troops more than 48 hours to repair railroad lines. At Auschwitz there was manpower to speed up the repair. Benjamin Netanyahu is not interested in the survival of the Jewish people, his main concern has always been, gaining power and retaining it.

Were Germans Mistreated During WWII?

The legacy of World War II continues to impact the minds and hearts of Europeans even though the event occurred over sixty years ago. There is a proposal in the German legislature to commemorate the expulsion of Germans from eastern Europe who were forced to flee their homes in Poland, parts of eastern German and Czechoslovakia due to boundary changes. Several members of the German government are citing a statement issued by Germans in August, 1950 named the “Charter of German Expellees.” There is no question that millions of Germans were forced to leave their homes in the aftermath of the bloody war which resulted in the death of over 35 million people. Of course, Germany was responsible for these murder of the innocent and for some strange reason those remaining alive were angry and filled with hatred toward the perpetrators of death camps, and mass killing of the innocent. The original statement in 1950 made no mention of death camps, it made no mention of mass murders, the killing of millions of Russian POWs, the systematic murder of Jews, Poles, gays, Roma and millions of others.

Many contemporary Germans cite British and American air attacks on their cities as examples of murder of the innocent. Reality check. German planes began the process of bombing civilian areas in cities. German V-Bombs blasted London and other English cities. Yes, US and British 1,000 plane raids destroyed housing, killed civilians and wiped out industrial areas. Yes, one wrong does not justify another wrong. But, war is hell. Once set on the path of war, the innocent always die.  As I recall, millions of Germans yelled support for Adolf Hitler. He was a Pied Piper leading Germans into disaster, but there were points on the road to destruction when some Germans enjoyed the good life.

War is brutal. There were innocent Germans caught in the aftermath of Nazism. But, among those expelled were millions of Germans who enjoyed the good life that came with rule by Germany over Poland or Czechoslovakia. Land and property of Jews were taken by Germans living in occupied areas. Of course, not all Germans committed these heinous crimes, but it is difficult to differentiate between the innocent and the guilty. The idea of commemorating those who were guilty is a horrible miscarriage of justice and an insult to the dead.

Our Missiles Are Better Than Your Missiles

American foreign policy for several years has been predicated on the assumption that Iran is planning some sort of missile attack on Europe. President Obama is helping NATO to develop missile sites in Poland and Romania which ostensibly are geared to protect Europe against an Iranian attack. Of course, these new missile sites will be on the border of Russia which apparently is no problem to Obama. Russia offered to establish a joint NATO-Russian anti-missile system, but NATO refused to allow both parties joint control.

President Medvdev is furious at failure of the US and NATO  to “take our concerns about the European missile defense into accord.” IN 962, President Kennedy made clear to the Soviet Union his nation would not tolerate missile bases in Cuba. What exactly is the problem in establishing a joint control of an anti-missile program?

Question: Why would Iran send missiles to attack European nations?

Palestinians Modern “Jews”

I am of Russian and Polish Jewish heritage. My father in Russia could not go to many cities like Moscow for an education and my mother was raised in Poland where Jewish college students sat in the back of the room.  In America, Jews could not live in certain areas of cities, only a certain number could attend private colleges and many occupations either did not hire or had “Jewish quotas.” I understand the meaning of denying people the right to travel where they desire, to occupy their own land without fear of it being seized and the right to sit on a bus and be treated just like anyone else.

Unfortunately, there are people in the state of Israel who call themselves, “Jews.” Frankly, I am baffled why they term themselves Jews when their behavior is that of bigots who denied Jews equal rights. Oh, I forgot. Palestinians are “terrorists” who insist on sitting on a bus just like Jews. Oh, I forgot when Christian Americans believed Jews were gangsters, con artists, and cheated one and all. Who would want such people living in a decent God fearing Christian neighborhood? Let’s segregate these animals into a nice ghetto.

A group of Palestinian and Jewish Freedom Riders boarded a bus for Jerusalem that ordinarily only carries Bigots from the West Bank. Jewish settlers can ride the bus, but  Palestinians need permits. Jewish settlers can go anywhere they damn please because they are JEWS– or it it because they are CHRISTIANS! the police removed Freedom Riders because Israeli Jews can not stand the odor or those filthy Palestinians. As one Palestinian said: “we’re part of the common human history of struggling for freedom.”

Gee, those Palestinians remind me of Jews I knew from my childhood  who resented being segregated. But, that was then, and now we have people in Israel who pose at being JEWS!

Soul Of Israel-Where Is It?

Sygmunt Bauman, a noted Jewish philosopher and Sociologist, has created a furor over an article he wrote for a Polish publication, Politika. He takes Israel leaders to task for “taking advantage of the Holocaust to legitimize unconscionable actions. Israel politicians are terrified of peace because without war and without general mobilization they don’t know how to live.” In other words, would the current administration of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be in office if no longer able to curry favor with West Bank settlers or frighten the average citizen with warnings about terrorists?

Netanyahu and Lieberman and the entire crowd of old men with anger and fear in their hearts only thrive in an environment of terror. Thousands of Israelis want decent housing, but so much money is spent on military forces and building homes for settlers that less and less is left for the remaining population.

We Americans lived in this atmosphere of fear for fifty years during the Cold War and thousands of our young men died because leaders could always send fear into the hearts of people by tales of Vietnamese sailing to the shores of California or Soviet bombers blasting away.


I am the child of peasants, neither of whom had any education and most probably neither read ten books in life. What they knew came from life. Following are examples of their peasant wisdom

Giving coffee to children stunts their growth.

Drink tea if you have a cold.

Eat chicken soup if you have any illness.

Food falls on floor, eat it, germs are good for you.

Eat, Eat, Eat, you are thin.

Eat today, who knows about tomorrow.

Always expect the worst in life, then you will not be surprised.

Work, work, work.

Do it now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

If someone leaves a penny, take it.


I am the child of a peasant woman who came from Poland and a peasant man who came from Russia. Neither read ten books in their life and neither had education. Here is their wisdom of life.

A girl should marry a man who can provide for her.

Walk, walk, walk, it is good for you.

Life is difficult (schverer)

Tomatoes and mushrooms can kill you.

Just wait, the Cossacks will come for you.

You are eight, time to work.

If you got the box on your shoulder, you can’t drop it.

America is the place over the rainbow.

American children waste time with this baseball.

Don’t work like me, get an education.

“America is a place where a man can say what he wishes.”

America, America, the golden land.

Tall Jesus By Small People

Headquarters: Heaven

Jesus Christ to secretary–please send following message.

To the residents of Swiebodzin, place called Poland, planet Earth:

“I read with interest your desire to construct a 36 metre high statute of me in your town. I gather it is on a 16 metre hill and my likeness will have a crown of thorns. First of all, where did you ever get the idea that I enjoy having Earth folk construct small or giant statutes of me? I don’t recall expressing any such thoughts in any communication I had with those on planet Earth. I am also amazed that you folk build these buildings in which some old men mumble words about me. I gather these men are simply looking for some honest work and therefore they enter the building, bow to statutes of me and recite what they term to be prayers. Again, I do not recall asking anyone to construct such places or have a bunch of old men express these prayers to me.
Second, I am a simple person of God. We prefer if all money or goods be used to feed the poor, aid the sick, and make people happy. I gather from my informants that all too many people become so bored in the churches, they never hear my words. I am certain you could use the money and time spent on this statute for more productive purposes –how about feeding the poor?
Third, have you Earth folk ever considered why I have not returned to planet Earth? Frankly, you life forms are rather unusual, given your propensity to fight and hate and uncover new reasons why someone is to be disliked. Frankly, two minutes of observing and listening to Fox News in America is sufficient reason for me never again to return to planet Earth.

Please do me a favor. No statute. How about dividing the money among the poor of Poland?

God bless one and all.”

Your old buddy from yesteryear, Jesus Christ.

Official No Pride In Pride Parade In Warsaw

The heavily Catholic Poland was the scene of gays and lesbians marching 15,000 strong through the streets of Warsaw as men hugged and kissed one another to the shock of many local inhabitants. The demonstration was the climax of a two week EuroPride series of events which allow gays and lesbians to openly express love to the world. There were movie festivals, parties, parades and debates all over Europe as gays felt the need to express their pride in being who they wish to be. Poland has been among the most hostile areas toward homosexuals and the mayor Warsaw made certain she was away on a vacation in order to avoid bestowing any sanction on the parade or festival events. City Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz made clear his views by noting: “no one can force us to support, promote or sponsor their parade.” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, brother of the former president who died in an air crash, was even more pointed in his comments. “The affirmation of homosexuality will lead to the downfall of civilization.”

The bad news is a large majority of Poles oppose rights for gays and lesbians. The good news is the figure is now two-thirds hostile which is much less than the three – fourths it used to be.

Death Is Not Proud In Poland

The story begins in a plane from Poland flying to Russia in order to finally put to rest a World War II tragedy in which dictator Joseph Stalin ordered the murder of over 20,000 Polish prisoners. Something went wrong on the plane and it crashed killing over ninety people including the president of Poland. His twin brother, Jaroslaw Kaczynski attempted to become the new president but lost to liberal Bronislalw Komorowski in a run off election. The Kaczynski brothers have been notorious for blocking enactment of liberal legislation and their opposition to the European Union and its mission. Fortunately, the people of Poland responded and elected Komorowski who intends to modernize Poland and make its economy more liberal in function.

Naturally, the twin believes his brother was a martyr to something. Why is it that anyone who dies in an accident or is murdered automatically inherits the title of “martyr?” Actually, there is some evidence the president went into the cockpit and pestered the pilot which may or may not have influenced the outcome of a crash.