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Hundred Years Ago Guns Of August Sounded

A hundred years ago at this very moment, German troops were entering the neutral nation of Belgium as part of the famous Schliffen Plan which called for Germany to make quick fast invasion of France, compel the French to surrender, and then turn German troops eastward to confront and defeat the Russian army. The Plan was clear. Quick marches, sudden attacks, the enemy defeated, and then peace reigns in Europe. Between 1815 to 1914 there had only been three minor wars in Europe, so for someone who was a hundred years old, this person had never witnessed a major war, and was completely unfamiliar with the idea that innocent civilians would be forced to die because men were fighting a war. As German, French, Russian and English soldiers got on trains headed for combat, crowds cheered. There were wild celebrations for the announcement of war. The vast majority of those cheering were convinced the “war” would soon conclude, their soldiers would return home with victory, and then the pre-war wold would return to normal. Such were the dreams, such were the fantasies of those seeking war. Most probably, civilians in any war expect victory–for their side. The assumption is always, “we are on the right side. Since we are on God’s side, victory must ensue.” The “enemy” is some vague creature lacking in the peaceful attitudes of those going to war. After all, if our soldiers attack an enemy, it is only because the enemy initially fired and caused this conflict.

Every nation going to war assumes they are on the “right side.” It is rare for a nation to consider–what comes after victory? Or, what happens if we lose the war? Those concepts are not in the minds of soldiers or leaders seeking to defeat the enemy. Of course, the Guns of August never ceased firing for four long years of death and destruction. Then, came silence. Then came “peace.” Of course, twenty one years later came another World War. It would be interesting getting into the mind of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, what now after the tunnels of death are destroyed?

It’s Not Me, It’s Them Jews!

There are societies such as the wonderful nation of Romania which has spent hundreds of years working on the thesis that if something their nation goes wrong, just pick out the nearest Jew and blame it on him. The record of Romania during the Holocaust simTV channel decided to devote some time playing folk music. It is Christmas time and what else to present on TV but some wonderful traditional Xmas carols. What else but a pleasant song about that wonderful time when the “jidovi”(Jew) wound up (only in the chimney as smoke, this is what the jidov is good for.” I do not believe the intention of this “folk carol” was to sing praise of the Jidov folk. For many Romanians the 1940s were the good times when the “jidov” finally got the treatment they deserved.

The State TV authority is upset they are being blamed for being anti-semitic. They asked a cultural center to select appropriate Xmas carols and it was not their responsibility to tell cultural centers what to sing. Of course, it was rather interesting how so few Romanians protested the playing of this song. As always, it is not we Romanians who are at fault, it is them Jews for being Jews!

Future For Youth?

Four years ago in most European nations young people were hopeful that with further education there would be ample opportunities to secure a good job.Today, the unemployment rate in Spain or Greece is over 50% for young people with scant prospect of changes during the coming decade of their life. Stylia Kampani, now works as an unpaid intern for an important Athens newspaper. What happens after the end of her internship is unknown. “None of my friends believes that we have a futureor will live a normal life. That wasn’t quite the case four years ago.” She is now part of a lost generation which is doomed to low wages, uncertan job security and loss of control over individual lives. European nations have not learned the lesson of America’s Depression when the federal government created jobs for youth like the CCC. It funded the theater, opera, symphony orchestras and provided many job opportunities in society.

Germany recruits some  skilled workers from Greece or Spain. In the UK anger is directed at immigrants because the government has done nothing to offer youth a chance for the future. Oh, it has tripled the cost of college. Youth needs to go beyond protest and organize political parties which pledge to create jobs, and, in so doing create hope. If governments refuse to act to create jobs, the end result will be emergence of neo-fascist political parties based on hate an violence.

Hatred Has Home In Rumania

During a large part of the 20th century, the nation of Rumania was scene of horrible anti-semitism. Since the end of Communism in the country, Fascist groups  have once again raised their heads only this time the enemy is not Jews(although they still remain convenient scape goats) but the Roma minority. Zsolt Bayer, founder of the right wing bigoted ruling Fidesz party had to comment about people since he now is the Interior Minister. He described a New Year’s eve brawl and claimed that “a significant part of the Romas are unfit for co-existence. They are not fit to live among people. These Roma are animals and they behave like animals.”

In reality Bayer has written similar articles about Jews and gays and others who he deems to be less than human. Naturally, he claims his words were “distorted”-by the Romas, I assume. I find it interesting that he never has attacked Nazis who killed hundreds of thousands in his nation.

Murder Of Children In Romania

During the Communist era in Romania, then dictator Nicole Ceausescu encouraged  young women to have babies in order to increase the nation’s population. Those from foreign nations who sought to adopt babies in Romania since there were so many in orphanages. Of course, a visit to these dens of death soon revealed the presence of hundreds of unattended babies lying silently in cribs awaiting death. Fast forward to 2012 and visit Romania. What now?

It has become a common practice in Romanian hospitals for members of the medical staff to demand bribes if you want a child given medical treatment. A daily discussion topic among nurses and doctors is what is the current rate for surgery or for giving a patient her medicine. Want a pill?Pay the nurse or she will not give the prescribed medication!

What exactly is wrong with Romania that some decent respect for human life would not solve?

Tea Party Summons Romanian Witches

There are reports leaders of the American Tea Party, along with key Republican leaders in Congress, have visited Romania where they had extensive discussions with witches. Romanian witches have declared war on taxes by the government, and these days one seeks allies in even the most unusual places. Senator Jim DeMint is reportedly learning how to use cat excrement and dead dogs to cast a spell on a certain leading Democrat who lives in the White House. Once those animals hit the waters of the Potomic it is time for Democrats to keep the lights on all night in their houses since evil spirits will be hovering in the darkness and God knows what they will do when becoming angry. We urge any Democrat to beware of a poisonous mandrake plant which has the power to transform President Obama into a decent God fearing white man who goes to church on Sunday and abandons his Muslim religion.

We warn President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden that if they wear any purple clothes on certain days of the week, their bodies will shrivel up and their hair will turn white. The best hope for Democrats is to repeal all tax laws, place witches in charge of our budget making and round up as many dead dog bodies as they can.

Man Jumps From Balcony In Parliament

The Romanian Parliament was engaged in a violent argument stemming from opposition party efforts to have a vote of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Emil Boc when the hall was silenced by the voice of a man in the audience. Mr. Adrian Sobaru, an engineer with a child at home who was disabled and now would lose benefits due to government cuts, arose, shouted, and then flung his body over the rail and landed with a thud on the floor of Parliament. Prime Minister Boc ceased talking, gazed at the body and rushed over to provide assistance. The echo of the man’s voice was still in his head. Sobaru had shouted: “You’ve pierced us. You’ve killed our children’s future. Freedom!” The entire body of Parliament was silent for a moment and then members of the opposition party left because they could not muster enough votes for a no confidence tally. The Prime Minister did not know what to say and soon left. Medical personnel soon arrived, placed the body on a stretcher and rushed him to a hospital where his condition was rated as serious, but not life threatening.

I was wondering whether a similar event could rock the US Congress.

1. A member of the Tea Party heaving a box of tea because Congress had voted to provide medical assistance to 9/11 Responders and it would cost $4.2 Billion of Tea Party tax dollars.

2. A member of the Republican Party shouting “Freedom For the Wealthy” as he heaved onto the floor of Congress a copy of the tax code.

3. A member of the Obama Cabinet shouting, “We So Do Have Backbones” as he heaved a dead chicken onto the floor.

4. A member of the New York Yankee management throwing $2 million onto the floor while shouting: “Any Pitchers Among You?”

5. Sarah Palin throwing a dead moose carcas while shouting: “How much am I bid in US dollars for this piece of meat?”

Sarkozy Attacks Roma

In most modern societies there is always a group which represents the “other,” the unwanted, the ones who do the dirty work of society. French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who is determined to be re-elected as president of the country, has initiated an anti-Roma campaign which resonates wonderfully with people in his country. After all, there was no crime or poverty in France until “those people” arrived. Immigration Minister Eric Besson, went on radio to explain recent events connected to tearing down Roma encampments and rounding up people so they can be deported back to Romania. He urged the French media to cease employing expressions such as, “les rafles” which in English means, “roundup” because that was the expression used by Vichy, French police when they rounded up 75,000 Jews who were sent to their deaths by the Germans. He wants everyone clear that his ministry is simply placing people on planes to be sent to another country. OK, so they tore down homes and put people onto buses, but it was all done in such a manner as to assist Romas to return home.

Bernard Debre, writing in Le Monde, emphasizes: “it wouldn’t be correct to link everything: integration, religion, terrorism and foreigners coming to France. There are French terrorists. There are French criminals. We need a rational immigration policy and an integration policy.”

I guess when all the Romas have been deported, oops, sorry for that word, France will no longer have crime or beggars or poverty.

EU Denounces Sarkozy

Nicholas Sarkozy noticed his popularity ratings were declining so he looked around, realized there were Roma in his country and decided they were the ones who could help him once again become the man on a white horse of power. He initiated a terror campaign against Roma who were in France sending 977 to Romania and demolishing about 127 of their camps. Right wing enthusiasts hailed the president for his tough stand and every hater of minorities was happy to send Roma back to where they came from. However, the European Union Parliament was aghast at his policy which was in direct violation of the right to move around the EU and, for one of the first times in history, passed a resolution against the leader of a nation. It said the EU Parliament “was deeply concerned at the inflammatory and openly discriminatory rhetoric that has characterized political discourse during the repatriation of Roma, lending credibility to racist statements and the actions of extreme right wing groups.” Ironically, even conservatives in the EU body voted for the resolution which passed 337 to 245!

It is too bad the US is not a member of the EU. What would be more encouraging than a resolution condemning the Republican Party for its campaign of hate and bigotry?

France Stands Tall For Human Rights–US??

A few weeks ago the United States witnessed a hundred thousand people gather in Washington D.C. in order to cheer Glenn Beck and his anti-immigrant tirades. During the past weekend in Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, Lyon and Lille, thousands of French people marched for human rights and demanded an end to oppression of immigrants who lack the means to fight back. Demonstrators expressed anger toward President Nicholas Sarkozy for his blatant racism and political manipulation by stirring up hate against defenseless Roma immigrants. An estimated 100,000 decent French people heard the head of NPA openly state his party’s determination to fight for equal rights. Oliver Besancourt, head of NPA said: We are here to show our refusal to the French people and the international community and to tell them that there is an indignation and revolt against the racist and xenophobic actions. The facts of stripping nationality from immigrants and dismantling Roma camps are unacceptable.”

I trust President Barack Obama reads that statement. We Americans have come a long way from once being a beacon in the world for oppressed people who were extended welcome when they arrived on our shores. I guess we Americans need to listen to Europe and learn something about being a democracy.