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Putin Don’t Like Foreign “Agents”

Vladimir Putin was raised in the good old Soviet Union and he fondly remembers when the government send millions to gulags and other such places for daring to utter a single word of disapproval for what the government does or is. If one is not a 100% true blooded Russian who, not only loves his nation, but loves those who run the nation, then times are getting bad. He has a desire, no a need, to be in charge and any indication there are “rats” around who dare to squeak their ideas means that something must be done to restore quiet.

The Dynasty Foundation in Russia is engaged in activities such as fostering scientific research or aiding those in economic need. It has no political agenda, but it is not run by the government.So, Putin has decided to clarify this harmless agency as a “foreign agent.” After all, aiding Russian schools or institutions to further scientific research is a danger to the very existence of the Russian state. To sum up, it is now clear this Foundation is out of business and will close its doors. Watch out for “scientific research” because who knows what such a process will uncover!

Stay Away From My Land!

There is one idea that is at the bottom of the list of concerns for Vladimir Putin. He does not like any soldiers from any land getting too close to his land. Of course,it is OK for Vladimir to send his troops across the Russian border into Ukraine or to send gobs of weapons of destruction to rebels in that land, but he will not tolerate event the mention of NATO troops getting close to the border of Mother Russia. When he heard that America was sending military weapons to store in east European nations, the Supreme Leader of Russia sent a message of defiance.

“We may be forced to arm our forces at those territories from where the threat comes..It is NATO that is moving towards our border and we aren’t moving anywhere.” I assume the dead Russian bodies of soldiers found in Ukraine were simply placed there by NATO criminals. I also wonder why Putin has yet to “arm our forces.” For God’s sake they are soldiers, aren’t they always armed?

“Stay away from my land,
Go play in your band,
If not, then I will have to
wave my wand and make you go away!”

Can Trump Trump Trump?

He is back again. A man of all seasons, a man who has made more money than any other Republican seeking the office of president. In many respects, jokes aside, Donald Trump is the perfect Republican candidate for president of the United States:

1. He has gobs of money.

2. He will say anything necessary to please right wing nut cases.

3. He has a gorgeous wife, then again, he believes self more gorgeous than his wife.

4. He has absolutely NO idea how to solve ANY problem confronting America.

5. He so loves to talk about anything while saying nothing.

6. He believes that those with money MUST lead America. At least he is honest about this issue.

7. The thought of Donald Trump confronting Hillary Clinton on a stage is simply wonderful for members of the media.

So, please, please, nominate this man for all seasons!

My dream is seeing Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump confront one another!

Recep The Great

Turkish President Recep Erdogan enjoys having conversations with the Great Leader of Russia, one Vladimir Putin. The other day he arranged to have Vladimir come over for a cup of coffee, and he waited, and he waited and he waited. Finally, Vladimir decided to head over to the hotel and meet with the man who so desires to run Turkey in the same manner as Vladimir runs Russia. Following was the conversation:

V: So, how goes it my friend?
E: I had an election and instead of gaining 95% of the vote, I wound up with 41%.
E: Yes, the opposition parties all together received 59%.
V: What kind of election was this? How can one only receive 41%? That has never occurred in Mother Russia.
E: So, how do you always win by such large margins?
V: Simple, decided BEFORE the election what you will receive and ensure that is the final vote?
E: But, what if the opposition receives votes?
V: Who ever heard of an opposition receiving votes that I had not planned?
E: You mean that you fix elections?
V: Of course, that is what we mean by a free election. All are able to vote. I decide the outcome.That is what we term a free election in Mother Russia.
E: Gee whiz, you are a Great Leader, I hope one day to be as wise and Great as you!

Jeb One Tough Texan

Jeb Bush was raised in the great state of Texas and the Alamo is fixed in his mind how a brave group of men fought for freedom and died in the effort. Of course, one of the factors that led Texans to rebel against the government of Mexico which originally had allowed them to enter the country was the decision by those heathen backward people to end slavery in the country. So, Texas rebelled in the name of freedom.

Well, Jeb is now in Europe where he is making clear to Europeans that if elected, he will clean up the mess because no God-fearing Texan would allow Vladimir Putin to bully him. He also blasted President Obama for not standing up to Putin. When asked about his own plans, Jeb was direct: “Look, I’m here to learn, to listen and to learn and get a better sense of all this.” I assume he will learn that President Obama and EU leaders have implemented sanctions. In other words, Jeb now agrees with Obama!

Mouse That Roared Now Whispers

Recep Erdogan began his journey to power in Turkey by heading the Justice and Development Party whose goal was to create a modern democratic society which was based on a modified version of the Islamic religion which would allow freedom to all people. Somewhere along the way, power assumed control over this man and he became a Muslim version of Vladimir Putin. Examine the record:

1. Both do not like journalists who speak freely, both have arrested dozens of members of the media.

2. Both do not like gays or lesbians.

3. Both preach the importance of religion in daily life, for Vladimir that means Christianity and for Recep that means Islam.

4. Both depict themselves as tough guys, Vladimir with claims of judo and Recep with claims of being a soccer star.

4. Both believe women are best at home producing babies.

The major difference is that Recep actually allowed a free election since he was convinced everyone loved him. Alas, the truth was that a majority said “NO” to his desire for dictatorial power.

Jeb Jabs At Obama

Jeb Bush, although not exactly an official candidate for president is making the traditional tour of Europe in order to prove to Americans that he does know the location of Germany and France. We assume he knows where England is because he studied the American Revolution and heard all about the bad Kings who ruled England and their colonies. Anyway, Jeb was in Berlin so he had to make a dramatic speech. The former Governor of Florida spoke strongly about the need to abandon Obama policies that allowed Russia to do whatever it desired. He promised if he was elected President, but at this moment he can not say such words because he would then be subject to restrictions on raising money, anyway, he did assure Germans that he would institute sanctions against Putin to let him know who is the real boss man.

I wonder if anyone told Jeb that the Obama administration already has instituted sanctions against Russia. Perhaps Jeb, being from Texas might challenge Vladimir to a shoot out at high noon? Winner take all. I mean that if Putin wins he gets Texas.

Putin Speaks Back!

Yes, the US and other nations are blasting the Great Leader of Russia but he also has some words to offer the world. “I think that only an insane person and only in their dreams can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO.” He made clear their are people who hate Russia. “They just want to play the role of front-line countries that should receive some military, economic and financial aid.” In clear English this means that Ukraine is seeking aid from the EU and America when all Russia is doing is aiding fighters for freedom in Ukraine.

“It was not we who introduced restrictions on trade and economic activities.” Yes, Comrade Putin, you are the one who is being attacked because you support freedom and democracy in Ukraine. And, the real reason why Ukraine is such a mess is because it is run by gay people! Poor Russia,a always the victim never the aggressor!

Obama Blasts Putin

There used to be an organization which was known as the Big 8 only these days it is known as the big 7 because dear old Russia is no longer recognized as a nation which belongs in the company of modern societies. At the G-7 summit meeting, President Obama took the occasion to fie away at Putin and his policies in Ukraine. “Does he continue to wreck his country’s economy and continue Russia’s isolation in pursuit of a wrong-headed desire to recreate the glories of the Soviet empire or does he recognize that Russia’s greatness does not detention violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries?”

Wel, the answer is YES he does! But, in fairness to Putin he really wants to become another Peter the Great as much as become another Joseph Stalin. Ah, for the days of kings and nobility.

The Ukraine Tragedy Continues

In a prior story we discussed the presence of Macho Men in Argentine, well, there are a lot of Macho Men in Ukraine because the head Macho Man in Russia wants the world to know that no one, and he means, no one, has the right to tell Vladimir Putin what to do. He has openly supported rebels in Ukraine with guns, with artillery, with tanks, and with–RUSSIAN SOLDIERS. OOPS, I forgot, they are simply guys who serve in the Russian army but during their holidays sort of spend the time in Ukraine and sort of assist the thugs in that land to blast away at enemies. One again, after Putin arranged for a “cease fire” the guns of war are in action on the Ukraine front. Ukraine President Petro Porshenko made clear, “there is a colossal threat of renewal of large scale military operations from Russian supported terrorist groups.”

I realize Republicans in Congress want President Obama to send in the troops, as long as no child of these men is part of the troops. The defeat of Russia will not occur with more weapons of destruction. The best alternative is to put on economic sanctions. This is what is needed:

1. Ban all travel to and from Russia.

2. Impose a total sanction on the import or export of any goods to and from Russia.

3. Make it illegal to loan money to Russia.

Hit Putin in the economic gut, that is the only place one can do damage!