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Vladimir Putin In 2016

As a new year ushers in, Vladimir Putin has a few things on his mind for the new year.

1. Oh, Santa, please, please make Donald Trump the president of America. Finally,  a guy who understands me.

2. The Ukraine is still around. And,the Ukraine causes boycotts and unemployment in Mother Russia. Maybe, it is time to shift gears on this one.

3. Perhaps, if none of the clowns gets the nomination, perhaps, just perhaps, the American people will change the law and finally get a strong man who knows how to handle media terrorists!

4. Oh,that Syrian gamble, I wonder if it really was the best way to handle our economic problems.

5. Maybe I should challenge the head of ISIS to a winner take all fight in which each one battles a bear?

6. I guess if Donald does not run for president in America he could come to Russia and take charge of keeping media folk quiet?

Stallin Center Opens In Russia

For some fascinating reason the evil deeds of Joseph Stalin who, most probably, murdered about 15,000,000 Russians has not impressed modern Russians. They look back to the good old days of Gulags holding millions and people starving to death as the “good old days” when Russia had a firm, tough, brutal dictator who did not take shit from the Western world. A new Stalin Center is opening in the city of Penza. Its director notes its goal: “The Center’s goal is  to popularize and implement  the practices that were in use during Stalin’s time.”

The good news for the Stalin Center is under that current semi-dictator, Vladimir Putin many of the same practices are in operation. The State controls ALL media outlets, people who speak up can wind up dead, the State takes over businesses and runs them for the benefit of those in government positions. Democracy is dying and one day, Russia will have a full-blown Stalin state.

So, Who Is Fighting In Syria?

These days it takes a score card to figure out who or what is currently fighting in Syria. Let me list the roster of groups.

1. There is what is left of the Syrian army. Naturally, hundreds of thousands of young Syrian males have left the country for a European destination.

2. There is Hezbollah from Lebanon.

3. There are Iranians including a few generals to sort of supervise things.

4. There is al-Qaeda.

5. There is the Free Syrian Army.

6. There are Russian planes and soldiers.

7. There are God knows how many independent groups having  fun fighting someone about something.

8. There are American  planes.

9. There are planes from France, England and God knows who else.

So, Donald wants to bomb someone. Welcome to the party.

Be Fair To Putin Month

Anyone who has read anything about what is happening in Russia sort of knows those who dare utter words against the Great Leader usually wind up in the morgue or in prison. Donald Trump is deeply concerned about slander being uttered about his new buddy-Vladimir Putin. When asked to comment on the FACT that dozens of Russian activists are dead or in jail,  Donald is sort of upset. “In all fairness to Putin, you’re saying  he killed a few reporters. I think that is terrible. But that isn’t like somebody” who actually did the shooting.  After all, one is innocent until proven guilty.”

Donald does have a point. After all there is not a shred of evidence that Adolf Hitler ever directly murdered any Jews, or anyone else. He was never convicted for murder,he was never convicted for robbery, he was never convicted for rape, so why does the Liberal Media continue attacking this man?

Suggestion, Donald.Go to Moscow and open a newspaper that attacks Putin and seed if don’t wind up in prison!

From Putin With Love

I understand there are millions of LIBERALS who hate and detest the only American running for the presidency who really loves AMERICA– Donald Trump. Well, there is at least one foreign leader who respects and adores the Donald man–Vladimir Putin. Donald is thrilled that a tough guy believes that he is an outstanding leader.

“When people call you brilliant, it’s always good. Especially when the  person heads Russia. Well, he’s running his country,and at least he’s a leader. Unlike wha we have in this country.”

About the killing that Putin does -you know murder political opponents and encourage killing of gays and lesbians- “I think our country does a lot of killing.”

So, millions of Americans want this character as their president!

Turkey Has To Get Its Act Together

Turkey has an armed force which contains close to one million soldiers. They are trained, they are led by excellent officers and the problem of corruption is of scant concern. Turkey has the capability of wiping out ISIS in Syria with its armed forces. Of course, it can readily close the border between Turkey and Syria to prevent terrorists from walking into Syria and aiding ISIS.

Of course, this would require President Erdogan to  cease playing a poor imitation of the Strong Man of the Year and become a serious partner in the fight  to end ISIS as a key force for evil. Turkey can handle this entire operation by itself without ANY aid from outside forces.

Problem: Erdogan insists that President Assad depart, quickly. How  about a meeting between Obama, Putin and Erdogan which outlines a plan that allows Assad three more months of power and then he departs for Saudi Arabia?

Where Can Tourists Go?

Things are  not looking good for Russians seeking to find a nice quiet place for a vacation. Turkey is now off-limits, Egypt does not seem to be the best place to fly to or fly away from. The good old days of a few weeks in Syria would only result in a  beheading. So, where can work weary pleasure seeking Russians go these days?

1. Here in Chicago there is a beautiful lake, plenty of good restaurants and nice museums. Of course, a tourist might not respond to a cop and wind up dead.

2.  How about Baltimore, St. Louis and just about any city in the US? Just remember, when the cop says stand still, do not move a  muscle!

3. Of course, there is always Mexico, the land of sun and drugs. Oh, about those drug lords….

Bullies Face Off!

Once upon a time there were two bullies who had become good friends and so enjoyed locking up anyone who challenged their authority. They so enjoyed a good time together making fun of those damn “liberals” and their day was not complete without the imprisonment of some journalist who did not show respect for their authority. Alas, this great friendship is no more.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan supported the action of a Turkish plane which shot down a Russian fighter plane in Syria who had accidentally wandered into Turkish air space. Putin charged that Erdogan was aiding ISIS and buying their oil. His response: “If such a thing is proven, the nobility of our nation would require that I not stay in office.”  He then challenged Putin: “Would you stay in office?” if you were wrong?

Putin Needs A Friend

These days things are  not looking good for Vladimir Putin. He does not have a  friend in any nation in Europe, he does not have a friend in the Western Hemisphere, he does have some sort of relationship with China, but there are simply no friends around the shores of Asian nations. Yes, he does have a friend in Israel. Then again, making friends with Israel is akin to having the person most disliked being your buddy.

Vladimir used to have a friend in Turkey whose president, Recep Erdogan was the Putin of the Middle East. So, what  happened? A Turkish plane shot down a Russian plane. According to Putin, “we have received additional data which confirms that the Islamic State(ISIS)” was selling oil to Turkey.

Let me get this straight: Turkey is our ally in the fight against ISIS and Turkey is buying oil from ISIS. Now, we know why Turkey would rather bomb the Kurds than ISIS!

Bibi Finds A Friend

The European Union is upset at produce coming from the West Bank in what actually belongs to Palestine, but these days God, Himself, has made clear that HE wants the land to go to his chosen people. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs some friends and along came Russian President Vladimir Putin to help him out. Their joint hate of Islamic terrorists has forged a nice buddy alliance.

Netanyahu: “This is something  that brings us together, in addition to the many other things  that unite us.” Let me list those other things

1. Both ignore civil rights of those they deem to be “bad people.”

2. Both claim land that belongs to another nation.

3. Both insist that God is on their side.

4.Both  are bullies –at heart.