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Republic Of Donetsk Proclaimed!

All Hail the new Republic of Donetsk. Actually, this area of the Ukraine was created in the 1870s by a Welshman named John Hughes and for years it bore his name. But, today, proud Russian citizens who are either citizens of Ukraine, citizens of Russia, citizens of Donetsk or just plain citizens of some place or somewhere. Oh, they did have a vote, a referendum in which those who wanted to become citizens of the Republic of Donetsk came out to cast their paper ballots, and those who opposed this motion believed it was better to remain home than attempt to vote in what was not regarded as a legal election. Heck, they counted the thousands of paper ballots in the Republic of Donetsk within two hours and had the results. I wonder if they require a government issued ID like Republicans desire for Americans??

Anyway, calmer people are attempting to create a form of government in Ukraine which would decentralize some power to regions and other powers to a central government in Kiev. This might be a logical resolution of issues between regions and the central authority. There is now evidence that Russian President Putin has second thoughts about inheriting the economic mess of the Republic of Donetsk.

Putin Stands For Truth And Peace!

It is now official, those living in eastern regions of the nation of Ukraine want to leave and become independent bodies that no longer are controlled by Fascists and Nazis in Kiev. The “people” in a free election informed the world by a margin of 96% to 4% of their desire to secede and become independent. OK, so some armed guys were conducting the poll, OK, so if you voted they counted. Does anyone doubt that men whose faces are covered and carry a gun would fail to adhere to the right of someone to oppose them? It is clear the Putin government agrees this was a free election. “In Moscow, we respect the will of the people of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions” who conducted a “referendum in a civilized manner.” It is now time “to abandon violence ” and engage in a “civilized dialogue” in order to ensure that peace and prosperity are enjoyed by all Ukranians.

Sounds fair to me. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov points out that among the entire world media it is only the Russian which “tells the truth” about what is happening in the Ukraine. Who would doubt that Vladimir Putin ever denies equal rights to anyone. In fact, he even sent members of Pussy Riot to a nice pleasant resort in Siberia where they could enjoy the freedom of a wonderful jail cell. He respects the rights of people.

I await Cliven Bundy and his NRA buddies holding a free and civilized election out on the plains of our west and voting to leave the USA and have their own country.

Understanding Putin

In m any respects, Vladimir Putin is a riddle wrapped in a mystery whose every move may be confusing to those of the Western world. Putin was raised to be a good Communist, he spent his early years convinced that Karl Marx was correct in predicting that capitalism was a doomed method of economics that would be replaced by Communism. The decline and downfall of Communism was not merely a mental assault upon Putin’s mind, but it also meant the collapse of Mother Russia which he adores. He has spent the past twenty years seeking an intellectual replacement for the dreams of youth. He is an authoritarian ruler because that is the form of government that was his early intellectual foundation. Just as conservative Republicans can not shake off their early beliefs that “government is evil,” neither can Putin shake off his early beliefs that communism or some form of that economic system is the best form of government.

We in America fail to recognize that young Putin inhabited a nation which regarded itself as being surrounded by hostile enemies. Shortly after he became President of Russia, then President Bush pushed for sending missiles to be placed in Poland that were aimed at Russia. A deliberate threat to the Russian people. We must understand that NATO should not be moving eastward. President Obama should make clear there is a fundamental difference between the European Union and NATO. The Ukraine could enter the European Union, but it should give assurances to Russia that it will not be a member of NATO.

Many Russians ARE frightened by the fear of military action from the West. After all, over FORTY MILLION RUSSIANS WERE KILLED BY GERMANS DURNG WORLD WAR I AND WORLD WAR II!!

Let’s Have A Referendum!

The situation in eastern Ukraine is not much different today. Fights between government forces and separatists continue. The problem with this entire conflict is that no one has any idea how many people in eastern Ukraine seek to separate. Of course, no one has the faintest idea as to what is the question to pose concerning something about separating and then the next question is who should provide an answer? The so-called “separatists” in places like Donetsk insist they represent “the people.” They want a referendum as to whether or not eastern Ukraine should separate. Heck, out in western areas of the United States bands of gun toting nut cases are demanding the right to take over Federal land. Should these bands be allowed to “vote” for secession?

This is not the time nor the place for referendums and votes. The initial step is to establish law and order in the Ukraine. The next step is to offer people in eastern regions choices regarding local rights. Everyone in this region should vote-freely. The counting of votes should be in the hands of a European group that is not connected to either the Ukraine government or separatists. Or, a new government could be established drawing upon the American model of rights to the central government and rights to states.

Jeers For Russians

A problem with being a citizen in a nation that has aroused the anger and hate of the world is what your leader does influences how others view your presence. Eurovision 2014 is currently in progress and Russian entries are discovering that being a Russian means instant dislike regardless of talent or sill. The Tolmachev twin sisters are singers and were able to gain a spot in the finals, but when they appeared on stage boos and catcalls resounded from the audience in Copenhagen. The boos were not really for the girls, but for President Putin and his anti-gay policies as well as behavior in the Ukraine.

Lee Adams of the popular Eurovision fan site, Wiwibloggs noted that “there are a large number of gay people in the Eurovision crowd. In the wake of Putin’s anti-LGBT laws, they are particularly sensitive and I think that came through last night.” According to contest rules people can not vote for those from their own country. There is scant doubt, the twins will not win anything other than anger that is meant for Putin!

War Around The Corner

It is simply a matter of time before Russian troops leap across the border and enter Ukraine in order to restore law and order to the embattled country. After all, who other than Vladimir Putin supports human rights and will not tolerate disorder close to his borders. Fighting in eastern sections of the Ukraine increase in ferocity each day. Most probably fewer than a hundred have died as Russian backed separatists clash with the Ukraine government. A major problem is the presence within eastern regions of a high percent of people who actually believe becoming part of Russia will be a glorious experience. Mixed in with these confused folk are Russian troops who possess military experience and can readily handle most ill trained Ukrainian forces.

Vladimir Putin has proposed negotiations in which separatists sit on an equal level in discussions with government officials. I assume Vladimir will extend similar rights to gays and dissidents within Russia. Putin wants an excuse. He will find an excuse. He will then pose as the only one ready to create a peaceful Ukraine.

The mystery of the hour is exactly what are the policies in the Ukraine of President Obama and the European Union.

Odessa Tales Of Woe

Anyone who has studied the history of Russia is familiar with the important role played by the city of Odessa in the twentieth century. During the reign of the Czar is was always a center of resistance and its citizens fought for freedom and democracy. Communist leaders like Leon Trotsky were involved in establishing trade unions in the city and ending the rule of Czarism in Russia. It is not surprising that the people of Odessa are in the forefront for the establishment of a democratic Ukraine. Fighting broke out in Odessa between pro-Russian separatists and those seeking to remain part of the Ukraine. Pro-Russians seized a trade union building which resulted in weapons being fired, Molotov cocktails hurled down and hurled up, and by the time the conflict became fierce, the building was on fire. Reports indicate at least 31 died in the smoke and fire.

There is no doubt this type of conflict fits into plans of President Vladimir Putin. He wants violence, he wants deaths, he wants an excuse to send in Russian troops to restore “law and order.” Of course, he is responsible for the violence and the end of law and order in eastern Ukraine. At this point, the best solution is a joint EU/Russian commission which sends in observers to restore law and order!

May Day In Russia –May Day Warning!

May Day in Russia and the good old days were back. Thousands of Russian troops marching to the sounds of heroic music while the new boss man of Russia, one Vladimir Putin gazed at the masses assembled to hail him as a reincarnation of the Çzar himself. Just think, shiny new armed helicopters up in the sky, new tanks and new weapons of war in a nation which is slowly descending to a massive decline in population and drunken men and women stumbling through the streets of shame. In his May Day sermon to the world, Putin warned the government of Ukraine to get its troops out of the Ukraine. Let me repeat his comment- the government of the Ukraine is warned that it has no right to send Ukranian soldiers into eastern region of its country because Putin does not want any interference in actions by thugs and Russian soldiers-dressed in civilian clothes– to take over government buildings. In the city of Slaviansk, the ELECTED mayor, Neili Shtepo was forced to resign at gun point.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Putin to persuade the thugs he had sent into eastern Ukraine to release observers from the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe who are currently their hostages. Throughout eastern Ukraine armed groups are seizing government buildings, beating up the police or persuading them to become part of the secession movement.

I assume the National Rifle Association will make these thugs the new heroes of what a gun can do for a criminal. Just pretend you are fighting for freedom from “the government”and Fox News will hail you as a hero and patriot for freedom. Perhaps, Cliven Bundy will move his cattle to the Ukraine and graze free of charge-forever!

Ukraine’s Future!

Chaos is spreading in eastern Ukraine and the Russian inspired thugs or, the Russians pretending to be Ukrainians, are slowly, but surely gaining further control large areas in eastern Ukraine. Putin will shortly demand that Ukraine pay up its gas bill, the EU or the US, will send a few billion to stem off creditors. Eventually, a few people will wind up dead due to someone firing weapons, and then President Putin will appear on television with tears flowing down his face in order to announce that in the name of peace and humanity, he MUST dispatch members of the Russian army into eastern Ukraine in order to prevent bloodshed. It is a 100% guarantee the CIA will be blamed for any deaths. President Obama will also appear on television in order to denounce anything said by Putin. There will be meetings, there will be protests, there will be a few more deaths.

Eventually, the Russians will arm the necessary number of thugs and goons who will have an opportunity to play at being a soldier. OH, a few innocent people will die. More meetings, more statements by Russia and the US and the EU and the UN. In the end, there will be something that is termed a “referendum” and guess who will win that “referendum?”

So, relax, have a cup of coffee. There is NO news from the Ukraine. However, there are lots and lots of statements and threats.

Goodbye East Ukraine?

Each passing day witnesses a growing movement toward separation of east Ukraine from the remainder of the nation. There is no doubt President Vladimir Putin is behind the so-called “separatists” who intend to become Russians so they can enjoy benefits of the Russian nation. These armed thugs have intimidated local police who now stand idly be as goons beat up those seeking to remain part of the Ukraine. Apparently, local police lack equipment, have low pay and may be enticed to become part of Russia which guarantees a dramatic increase in pay, more modern weapons, and greater respect from the local population. Unfortunately, the Ukraine government lacks weapons, it lacks money, it lacks means of transportation and is fighting for its own survival. The “Donetsk People’s Republic” intends to hold a May “referendum” which will decide if the population desires unity with Russia.

What can be done?

1. The UN General Assembly could designate Ukraine as a sovereign state.

2. As a sovereign state, the Ukraine would be entitled to request aid from the United Nations.

3. The European Union should immediately accept Ukraine as a member nation.

4. The European Union should then demand that a UN supervised referendum should be held in eastern Ukraine.