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Price Of Dictatorship

The Russian people have for centuries provided the world great writers, great dancers, and great scientists. But, the rule of President Vladimir Putin has put a dent in the ability of this country to produce minds that break the barriers of knowledge and allow entry into new domains of the mind. Thompson Reuters just released its list of top scientists in the world. Of the 3,215 listed only EIGHT ARE RUSSIAN! To make matters worse, of the eight, three are affiliated with foreign institutions. In other words, only FIVE are Russians working with Russian institutions. Under the regime of Vladimir Putin those who dissent are punished. Those who are gay or lesbian are beaten and deprived of their right to a peaceful, productive life.

Putin has created a prison of the mind. The creative mind requires openness of thinking, it requires the right to explore that which is not part of the ordinary mind. Putin fears such minds, and so it is not surprising those minds flee to a world in which one can think and investigate the unknown. In other words, a world in which Putin lacks power.

Who Is Who Or What?

I confess to having been born in a world in which there were men and women. Yes, I did know when going down to Greenwich Village that homosexuals existed in the world. But, they were not part of my daily life. A court in Russia was just presented by an interesting case. A man appeared before the judge and informed him that he was born a female and decided to transform himself into a man. So, he had the necessary medical procedure. At this point in time, the nation of Russia has no legal definition of anything known as “transgender.” The man went to the local registry office in order to make clear to the government that he was NOT a female, but a man.

The judge was a bit confused. He initially demanded medical proof that a man was in the court. This was provided. The judge was also told the medical procedure could not be reversed, for better or worse, a man was in his courtroom. So, the judge ordered authorities to list this person as a “transgender.” It will be interesting how President Vladimir Putin handles the presence of a transgender in his homophobia Russia.

My query: If the judge refused to list him or her as a transgender, then who or what is he or her or transgender?

Putin Punts Rather Than Hits The Line

President Vladimir Putin is engaged in some form of play, but the rest of the world just does not know which sport is currently on his mind. After demanding that his stooges in the Russian Parliament grant him the right to send the Army into Ukraine, he decided to reverse course, and now asked the upper house to revoke what they gave him the right to do. In reality, this move prevents Russia from winding up as the most hated nation in Europe, and all but ensures that business leaders will think twice before investing in dear Mother Russia. Even as he spoke, separatists shot down a Ukraine helicopter that was carrying personnel whose job it was to install equipment to monitor the existing cease fire. It goes without saying, this is one cease fire that is currently firing away.

I have been informed that Ted Cruz would like to investigate the role played by President Obama in the entire Ukraine mess. Naturally, John McCain wants the US Air Force to bomb Ukraine and end separatism in that nation. Sarah Palin is calling for an investigation into the role played by Hillary Clinton in the Ukraine. Oh, Governor Rick Perry when asked to comment wanted to know if this Ukraine was near the border of Texas.

Wall In Or Wall Out?

We inhabit a time in history when leaders want to build walls. In Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu wants an ever higher, better wall to keep out terrorists. In America, the Republican party is committed to the proposition that a wall will prevent illegal Hispanics from entering our fair land, and building our roads or picking strawberries so that God fearing American people will be denied the right to be a migrant worker. Of course, that is the dream of every American youth, pick peaches since there are no jobs in the corporate world. So, why be surprised when a leader in Ukraine wants to build a wall to keep out Russians whose desire is to once again rule Ukraine.

Billionaire businessman Ihor Kolomoisky is proposing the construction of a 1,200 six foot high wall along the border with Russia. Naturally, the wall will also allow for electronic fields, mines and an assortment of weapons of destruction in order to make certain that separatists keep to themselves in dear Mother Russia. Ihor holds the title of “governor” so why not allow him to spend his own money on this wall of separation?

Now, if only someone could build a wall that keeps Vladimir Putin holed up in the Kremlin without any access to the world….

Dick Heads Unite For Putin

President Vladimir Putin and his merry band of stooges are angry at the Foreign Minister of Ukraine who had the audacity to insult the great man who leads Russia. Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine obtained missiles from guess who? They fired a missile at a Ukraine airplane and the result was 49 dead Ukrainian soldiers. For some strange reason, this atrocity angered people in Ukraine. A band attacked the Russian Embassy and broke windows as they shouted insults. Ukraine Foreign Minister Andrily Deshchytsia told the crowd, “I am ready to be here with you and say, Russia get out of Ukraine.” Then, he uttered words that no Russian would dare say about their beloved president. “Putin is a dick head, yes.”

Now, we have another cause of war. Russian officials are not upset that 49 Ukraine soldiers are dead. They are not upset that a Ukraine plane has been shot down. They are not upset that thugs armed with their weapons are attacking and killing people in Ukraine. NO, they are upset because Ukrainians have insulted the beloved leader of Russia. Russian Parliament leader, Leonid Slutsky warned Ukraine that shouting obscenities “on the Russian president in the context of an illegal action” is an “act of aggression” against Russia.

In other words, blasting a Ukraine plane out of the air and causing deaths is NOT an “illegal action” but saying, “dick head” is!

Will Putin Punt Or Pass?

Each day another confusing episode arises in the nation of UKraine. Ukrainian soldiers just forced their way into control of Lugansk airport that had been held by pro-Russian forces who dream of becoming part of a new nation. A plane load of 40 Ukraine paratroopers was blasted out of the sky by hand held missiles fired by the pro-Russian group that so desires to become leaders of the new nation of Lugansk. UKraine President Porosheko demanded that President Putin quit sending weapons and soldiers into his country. At least three Russian tanks crossed the border and entered Ukraine territory.

President Putin has to make a decision. He can continue playing these silly games which allow a handful of thugs to pretend they actually can run a government or Putin can pass on this opportunity for cooperation with European nations. The end result of gamesmanship is sanctionship. The end result is a blow to the Russian stock market, a blow to the Russian economy. We believe it is time to punt and allow the other side to take the offensive.

Putin Becoming Peaceful Vladimir?

According to Fox News Vladimir Putin is a model leader who enforces his views upon others with the threat of armed force. Members of the Republican party have joined in acclaim for Putin who, in their view, is a “real man” unlike the coward in the White House. At this point the Republican message becomes a bit more confusing. Ted Cruz and Tea Party folk do not want the USA to become involved in world conflicts while at the same time blaming President Obama for not “standing up to Putin.” Of course, Senator John McCain wants soldiers on the ground–someplace. John wants tough talking to Vladimir, bare chest or not. There is one thing Republicans agree upon–Barack Obama lacks guts and is not a “real American” because he does not want to send troops –someplace.

Two months ago, Russia seized the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise which was protesting oil rigs and imprisoned thirty people. They, eventually were released. John McCain is angry because President Obama did not do something. As of this date, no one knows what McCain wanted done. Anyway, yesterday the Russian government released the ship, and all those seized are back home. And, believe it or not! Not a single American soldier got killed!!

Never Forget D-Day

The speeches have been made. The dignitaries have gotten their pictures taken as though any of them had anything to do with the June 6, 1944 landings in Normandy. Hand over heart in remembrance is now compulsory for anyone who wants to pose as a “leader.” Unfortunately, not a single one of world “leaders” who was in Normandy a few days ago has the intelligence, the mental toughness, and the desire to work with other nations to ensure peace in the world. June 6, 1944 was a different time, a different place, and it certainly had different leaders. Imagine the United States of America, the Soviet Union, England, and French exiles working together for a common purpose–the end of tyranny in the world? Heck, President Obama can’t even gain cooperation of Republicans in Congress whose only dream is more money for the wealthy. In 1944, the top tax rate was 90%! And, thousands of wealthy businessmen came to Washington to work as “Dollar a Year” men whose love of nation far surpassed their love of money.

Sorry, Congressman Boehner, but the 90% WWII tax rate never got below 70% until the 1980s and WE HAD PROSPERITY! Believe it or not, but the wealthy paid and paid, but the jobs kept on getting created. D-Day was another time and place when we were ALL AMERICANS. Just remember, those who fought received the G.I.Bill of Rights which guaranteed free education plus money to live on. And, PROSPERITY grew!

Ukraine For Ukrainians!

My father was born near the city of Kiev in a small village over a hundred years ago, so I am, by heritage, a Ukrainian. The history of Ukraine is complicated, confused, and it has changed decade to decade from being independent, part of Russia, and even being part of Poland. After the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, Ukraine became an independent nation. However, eastern areas of the country retain a high percent of people who miss the old days of being part of Mother Russia while those in western Ukraine are happy never again to have anything to do with Russia, which never was a Mother to those people. Petro Poroshenko, a billionaire, just got elected president of Ukraine. As far as he is concerned, Ukraine also includes the Crimea.

“Citizens of Ukraine will never enjoy the beauty of peace unless we settle our differences with Russia. Russia occupied Crimea which was, is, and will be Ukrainian.”
Ok, great sentiment. President Poroshenko is in the same boat as is President Obama with nutty Republicans. They will not change anymore than Russia will give up the Crimea. So, get on with your life and accept reality.

D-Day Anniversary-America Once Great

It is the 70th anniversary of the day when British, Canadian, French, American troops landed on the beaches of France as part of the plan by which the Soviet Union and its allies would end the regime of Adolf Hitler. In the morning as dawn broke, German soldiers awoke to see 5,000 ships staring at them while cannons boomed and troops headed for the beaches of Normandy. It was an Allied effort, actually Americans constituted only 45% of those who landed. The British and Americans devised an incredibly complex plan which worked out, and within a day 150,000 men were on the beaches fighting for their lives. About 20,000 American and British paratroopers landed behind the lines and engaged German troops. So, what was unique about this day?

1. American leaders actually had a war plan that worked.
2. American leaders actually worked in a cooperative manner with allies.
3. The plan required pin point military decisions that actually worked.
4. American troops knew why there were landing on a distant beach, and who was the enemy.
5. There was close cooperation between the air force and ground troops.
6. The entire American nation was behind the effort.
7. Believe it or not but the top tax rate was 90% on the wealthy.
8. Wealthy people were willing to give their riches for the country’s need.
9. Believe it or not but high tax rates only led to more job creation.
10. We all were proud to be Americans.

That was then, today is now.