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Russian Dissidents Found Guilty

Those who inhabit the macabre land of Putin frequently wonder if they are trapped in an Alice in Wonderland country in which right means left and guilty means innocent. On May 12, 2012, the day before Vladimir Putin once again became president of Russia an AUTHORIZED rally was held in which people protested his coming to office. The so called Bolotnaya case has concluded and eight men who participated in this Authorized political rally have been found guilty of using non-deadly force against members of the Russian police. In other words, demonstrators were behaving in a manner that posed no threat to police so they are now guilty of the crime of threatening the police with non-deadly force.

Only in Putin Russia can people be convicted of not doing anything on grounds that by not using deadly force against police they threatened the lives of policemen! Vladimir Putin will display his masculine chest and, most probably, challenge the eight to fight him in order to prove that when he uses deadly force it is an example of how not to use deadly force!!

New Beginning For Ukraine

The fires of Kiev have finally died out, but the spirit of those who risked their lives in order to end tyranny of former President Yanukovych still lives on. The Ukrainian people are determined to move forward with a new determination to create a western style democracy and put an end to vestiges of communism which have lingered on much too long in the country. Fear of Vladimir Putin is now over, and a modern society can be built on the ruins of fear and corruption that plagued the nation for too long. Elections will be held within two months and a new president will assume power. The major problem now confronting the Ukraine is when and how Russian semi-dictator Vladimir Putin will attempt to tear apart Ukraine.

Temporary head of the nation, Oleksander Tukrchnov warned that Putin might be planning to organize a separation movement in the Crimea whose people are mainly of Russian heritage. A Russian MP who was in the Crimea warned that “if the life and health of our compatriots is under threat, we will not stand to one side.”‘

It is almost a guarantee that Putin will interfere in the affairs of the Ukraine and seek to tear it apart by causing separation to become an issue.

Where Is President Yanukovych?

in the midst of chaos and confusion, a new mystery has emerged concerning what has happened to President Yanukovych. He is no longer in Kiev, his office and administration building are now occupied by protesters who would dearly love to encounter the man who sold out his nation to the thugs who rule Russia. Over a hundred are dead, hundreds more wounded and an unknown have been kidnapped and tortured. The Parliament of Russia voted to remove President Yanukovych from office and he claims they have no right. To make his life even more miserable they freed from jail former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko who was sent to prison by the president in order to punish someone who dared to commit the crime of running against him in an election.

At this point, the best guess is that he is in some part of eastern Ukraine which contains many Russian speaking people who would love to once again become “Russians.” Tune in for the latest news.In the meantime, Parliament has made its Speaker, Oleksandr Tuirchyov, the new president and elections will be held very quickly. We assume the ex-president will not return to his wonderful home that reportedly cost a few million. Ah, another tyrant beats the dust.

Post Sochi Will Not Be Peaceful

The Sochi games are concluding and dozens of athletes now possess a gold or silver or bronze medal they can display as proof of their athletic ability. Members of Pussy Riot who dared to sing without permission have some bruises on their bodies and gays in Russia continue to huddle in dark corners hoping that police or thugs do not beat the crap out of them. Tanya Lokshima of the Russian Human Rights organization expects that once all athletes have left Sochi, the people of Russia are in for a dose of Putin the Great proving to one and all that he runs Russia and there is no more need to placate the World by releasing members of Pussy Riot or former businessmen Mikhail Khodorkovsky who was released from prison to prove that Putin was really a warm and gentle man once you got to know him.

She expects a massive crack down on dissidents and homosexuals once those who came to the Sochi games have departed the premises. “When the festivities end, will international partners watch Russia as closely as they are now?” That, is the question of the day and we all know the answer–NO!!

Pussy Riot In Sochi Trouble

It was a pleasant day in Sochi and athletes were vying against one another for this medal or that medal. Two young women were strolling down the street when suddenly the police surrounded them charging they had stolen a purse from a woman. Nadezha Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina are very familiar with the antics of Russian police since they are part of Pussy Riot and just were released from a two year term for insulting Christianity by singing in a church. As they told the media, “we were simply walking around Sochi when they grabbed us.” After being taken to the police station and questioned for hours they were released.

The real crime is why there is an Olympics in a nation that places in prison those who speak out freely. Several environment activists at this moment are in prison for speaking about environment issues in Sochi. Which is more important-respecting the principles of democracy or getting a gold medal?

The Olympic Committee sold their souls for money. Who the hell cares about medals at a time of political oppression??

Violence Continues In Ukraine

We have grown so accustomed to reporting violence in Africa or the Middle East that it is surprising to report about large scale terror in a European nation. The violence which has rocked Kiev in the Ukraine has increased to the point where at least 26 are dead and over 200 wounded. The United States and the European Union are ready to impose sanctions on the government of the Ukraine. French President Francois Hollande warned President Yakunovych “those who are responsible for these deeds have to know that there certainly would be sanctions.” Thousands are in the streets battling the police and facing men with guns who are using them against their own people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is an expert when it comes to aiding petty dictators who kill their own people. After all, he is the best friend of President Assad of Syria. Putin was glad to inform the people of the Ukraine that they should cease and desist from continuing the “bloodshed.” He blamed protesters for the violence.

So, what is new when Putin speaks?

Kiev Explodes Again

The city of Kiev is now the scene of open warfare between the government of President Yanukovych and those who seek to establish a democratic form of life linked to the European Union rather than become a satellite of Vladimir Putin. Current estimates are that about fourteen people are dead after police fired into demonstrators including use of stun grenades. Protesters have been ordered to leave the streets and end their opposition to the Yanukovyuch government. For some strange reason, the European Union refuses to support efforts of those seeking to have the Ukraine become a member of that organization.

Vladimir Putin has released about two billion dollars to the Ukranian government which enables Yanukovych to return to his policy of violence against his own people. If the European Union would grant the Ukranian government about two or three billion it would enable them to turn away from Putin. Does anyone know why the EU will not financially support those protesting in favor of the EU??

Mitt Romney Pontificates On Life

Every so often Mitt Romney shares with the American people his observations on the world and its leaders. He recently offered opinions on the behavior of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mitt is upset because Putin spent over $50 billion to put on an Olympic event while he did the same Olympic event for about $3 billion. According to Mitt, “all that money could be used to do some important things in terms of fighting poverty or fighting disease.” Mitt believes instead of allowing wealthy people in Russia secure billions from creating an Olympics that money should have been spent on ending poverty.

This is an interesting observation from someone who is uninterested in 47% of Americans who do not have much money. This is an unusual comment from someone who believes wealthy people need lower taxes and lower taxes which results in less money to fight poverty or create jobs for those without!

Sochi Confessions

I am the ultimate sport fan. I watch every New York Yankee game, I see all NY Giant football games and suffer through the entire New York Knickerbocker schedule of losses. Heck, I can tell you who won the American League batting championship in 1945-George Sternweiss with 306. Every Winter Olympics I try my darn best to watch these “sporting events.” Frankly, they bore the heck out of me watching this guy and gal wander around a skating ring jumping and twirling. Pretty, I admit, but what the heck is the sport involved? Some guy or gal hops on a board and zooms down some frozen highway leading to nowhere and we are supposed to be concerned whether they get there in 1 minute of 1 and a half minutes. All they are doing is zooming down a frozen highway. I used to go down the hills of New York City on my sleigh and no one considered me involved in a “sport.”

Oh, I am supposed to be “patriotic” and be happy because some American who I never heard about won a ski event which in all honesty I have no idea how one determines if she is good or bad. In all honesty, I prefer watching any college or NBA basketball game.

OK, I hope Americans win some of these events. Why, I “hope” is a mystery to me. Frankly, who cares who can twirl around a skating ring?

Did you hear that Derek Jeter will retire after this year? Now, THAT is sport news!!

Putin Pontificates About Cold War -And Sochi

There are few men in this world who can speak with the authority of Vladimir Putin when it comes to the topic of the Cold War and how the world picked on poor Russian leaders who simply were attempting to offer their people a bit of peace and quiet. As I recall, about one million Russian soldiers who were captured by the Germans on return home were either executed or sent to gulag in Siberia. As I recall, the Communist Party led by our beloved dad-Joseph Stalin–was responsible for the murder-including starvation– of over TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE. As I recall, during “trials” in the 1930s, thousands of dedicated Communists were tortured into “confessing” to crimes they never committed. As I recall, in 1952-1953, thousands of Jews were arrested and a group of nine charged with the notorious “Doctor’s Plot” by Jews to poison Soviet leaders.

So,listen to Putin. “Back in the Cold War times the theory of containment was created.This theory and its practice were aimed at restraining the development of the Soviet Union. This, unfortunately, has also been applied to the Olympic effort.”

Really. Vladimir and his buddies have robbed the people of Russia, and made this the most expensive winter Olympics in history. Russia is among the few nations in the world in which life expectancy is DROPPING due to a dysfunctional economic and medical system. Just remember in Putinland we do NOT act gay or say gay things!!