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Oscar Wants Enemies To Slow Down

Oscar Pistorious was born in South Africa without legs and had special artificial legs made so he could become an outstanding runner. He even appeared in the Olympics.  Oscar became famous in his native land and adored by gobs of women. One night when he was with a woman, Oscar claimed he heard a noise in the bathroom and assumed it was a murderer out to end his life. So, he blasted away with guns winding up killing his girl friend.

There was a trial for this famous person. As most trials of the famous conclude it is rare that any  such person is sent to the electric chair. Oscar spent a few months in jail and was released to home confinement in a luxurious place with its own swimming pool. The South African Supreme Court of Appeals  questioned the verdict and ordered a new trial.  Oscar’s lawyer denounced this action  because it “unfairly discriminated  against the applicant on the ground of his disability, vulnerability, and anxiety.”

In other words, Oscar was scared, he did not have real legs so what else could he do but fire away to protect his life? I wonder if he ever was concerned about the life of the woman?

South Africa Good Old Days

Once upon a time, a long,long time ago there was a nation called,South Africa. In that bad country those whose skin was white had special rights and ran the place. Well, along came a good guy named Nelson Mandela and within a few years the black skin folks were in charge of the nation. There were black presidents, black cops, black judges, and whites did not have much political power.

So, what happened? Well, whites still had economic power, whites still ran most colleges, and blacks were a minority in higher education. Well, the black political leaders decided to raise tuition fees at colleges which meant that black students would have a hard time staying in college. So, students rebelled, and demonstrated. Thank God the cops who fired stun grenades were black cops. And, the President is black,and discrimination is still around.

Oscar Returns Home

As you recall or do not recall, Oscar Pistorious had an unfortunate accident. While home alone with his girl friend, somehow she wound up dead. Now, Oscar does admit that he did kill, please do not employ the word, murder, this unfortunate gorgeous gal. Now Oscar is one famous dude, a man without regular legs who can dash around a race track faster than most regular guys. Of course, being famous makes him eligible to obtain what most slum kids cannot, a Get-Out-Of-Jail card.

Now, to be fair, Oscar did serve ONE year of a five year term in a jail. But, now do to his superb record in jail, Oscar can spend the next four years at home with his swimming pool and other benefits. I do not know if he is eligible to have females in his home, if they do come, I would suggest they bring along a gun.

Just another example of how our prison system ensures fair play to one and all. Of course, being wealthy means you wind up in a prison of the mind, with swimming pool and all.

A South African Tale Of Jail

News from South Africa indicates that when it comes to the punishment of those with money and power, a little bit of money goes a long way to getting a Walk Out Card from prison. Oscar Pritorious sort of killed his sweetheart a year ago and for some strange reason was sent to prison. Actually, he received a six year term that includes one year actually in prison, and the other five at the home of his uncle. Well, it is sort of a prison. Twelve bedrooms, a swimming pool,private gym and the run of the house.

Well, on the bad side, he can not leave this luxurious restart and go out into the real world. All it takes is money, good manners, know the right people and prison can be the place to head if you desire a good time!

Now, about those visiting women….

Oscar Wins Oscar

Oscar Pistorious did commit a murder, and ordinarily those who commit a murder DO go to jail, but this man who has overcome the terrible circumstances of birth which resulted in him entering life without legs, also led to a life of wealth and fame. So, what happens to those who have money in our societies, regardless of which nation is being discussed, they naturally will not be executed, and most probably will wind up with a get-out-of-jail card.

After spending about nine months in prison, he will be released in a few months. Reeva Steenkamp is dead, and Oscar is alive. So, he goes home, and think of how many black boys in South Africa who stole a few bucks will still be in prison? The Law of Wealth has once again proved to be the most powerful laws in the world.

From Peace To Violence

The people of South Africa made an amazing and peaceful transition from a society run by whites in which apartheid prevented black skinned people from enjoying any semblance of equality in education, work of the political process of society. Led by Nelson Mandela the dogs of hate were leashed and whites and blacks came together in a spirit of harmony and peace in order to create a new society in which one’s skin color nor where they were born played a role in how society treated their presence. As the years passed, the South African government failed to create a society which had jobs for all, and opportunities for all to obtain higher education. A new underclass, overwhelmingly black skinned was forced to live in slums and take low paying jobs if they could actually find any. In the meantime, thousands of Africans from neighboring countries entered South Africa since it was among the few African nations with a booming economy that created jobs for those seeking physical work. It also enabled those with entrepreneurial skills to succeed. For some reason native South African blacks did not prove as successful in small businesses as those from neighboring nations.

The result has been the outbreak of riots and death for immigrants who are now blamed for the lack of jobs. “Immigrants are taking our jobs” is the cry of those seeking to blame someone for lack of jobs. how about blaming the government and business for not creating jobs??

Pistorious In Jail-Sort Of!

Oscar Pistorious who was found guilty of killing Reeva Steekamp was finally sentenced to something for this murder. The judge told Mr. Pistorious that he would have to go to jail for five years. His attorney has argued placing this prominent man in any jail would inevitably lead to him being gang raped by other prisoners. His attorney has been pleading for him to suffer the penalty of the girl’s death by spending time suffering the remorse of guilt. After all, the pain of guilt is certainly more severe than actually going to jail. And, based on his performance during the trail when his cries of anguish filled the courtroom, perhaps, sentencing him to a life of remorse and sorrow is the most severe penalty that could be provided a criminal. Of course, imagine if he was a black teen age boy, what black skinned judge would send him to jail? The one true event in life on planet Earth is that if you got money, the penalty for ANY crime never is similar to that accorded poor folk.

Actually, the FIVE YEAR sentence is not really, FIVE YEARS. According to South African law, Oscar is eligible for parole after serving ten months. At that point he will be released and his penalty will be transformed into “correctional supervision.” So, who is surprised by these turn of events. I was once told there is not a single example in American history during the 20th century of someone who possessed a million dollars of being sentenced to death for killing another. Life is similar in South Africa.

Pistorious And Justice

It now appears that Oscar Pistorious will spend time in jail for “negligent and unreasonable” behavior. According to Judge Mesipe “I am not persuaded that as reasonable person would have fired four shots into a toilet cubicle. I am of the view that the accused acted hastily.” A fair point. If a person who kills another person without premeditation does that mean this individual is not guilty of murder? This concept raises many questions concerning the act of murder. Can one argue that most murders are examples of “unreasonable behavior?. For example, could one argue that being raised in poverty produces people who behave unreasonably when confronted with potential violence to them?

Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri was raised in a culture that believed black skinned teenagers were potential threats, and thus his behavior in shooting was an example of “unreasonable behavior?” Frankly, the vast majority of murders could fit into her definition of murder. What then?

Rhetoric Of Hate And Anger Goes Nowhere!

Israel was founded upon the proposition that Jews were ready to discuss any and all issues. Over the decades all too many Jews have slipped into an anger that prevents intelligent discussion regarding problems. The South African Jewish Report produced a story that shocked most people in South Africa. A reporter named Reich compared Archbishop Desmond Tutu to HITLER! In fact, the newspaper had a picture of the famous as though he was Adolf Hitler! Tutu was accused of “preying on Jews together with Hamas” One wonders what is the intention of such rhetoric? Desmond Tutu fought for civil rights in South Africa, not with weapons of war, but with words of peace.

It is time for Jews throughout the world to recognize that opponents do not hate Jews, they dislike Israel foreign policy. Attacking Desmond Tutu only garners enemies, not friends. End rhetoric, and invite Tutu to discuss his views!

Was It Dolus Directus?

The only certainties about the trial of South African athlete, and double amputee, is that no one is blaming the murder on Muslim terrorists or the Israel Defense Force. At least Gaza is off the table of discussions about what happened in the apartment of Oscar Pistorious. It has been established that Oscar was in his apartment with a female, it has been established that this female was shot to death while she was in the toilet. After that,k everything gets flushed down the toilet of you said or she said or no one said. Gerrie Nel, the determined South African prosecutor has no doubts that Oscar deliberately, and with malice blasted away through the toilet doors in order to murder Ms. Steenkamp. “In an attempt to trendier his version to support his plea,” argues Nel, ” he(Oscar) tangled himself in a web of lies… He cannot escape connections that he made. Even if he thought there was an intruder in the toilet, he cannot escape;e conviction on murder with dolls directs–direct intent.”

I follow the arguments of Gerrie Nel up to a point. Most statements made by Pistorious simply make no sense. For example, prior to blasting away at the toilet door, why didn’t you alert your girl friend there was an intruder in the toilet? However, if it is true he thought there WAS an intruder, how can he be convicted of “direct intent?”