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Pistorious In Jail-Sort Of!

Oscar Pistorious who was found guilty of killing Reeva Steekamp was finally sentenced to something for this murder. The judge told Mr. Pistorious that he would have to go to jail for five years. His attorney has argued placing this prominent man in any jail would inevitably lead to him being gang raped by other prisoners. His attorney has been pleading for him to suffer the penalty of the girl’s death by spending time suffering the remorse of guilt. After all, the pain of guilt is certainly more severe than actually going to jail. And, based on his performance during the trail when his cries of anguish filled the courtroom, perhaps, sentencing him to a life of remorse and sorrow is the most severe penalty that could be provided a criminal. Of course, imagine if he was a black teen age boy, what black skinned judge would send him to jail? The one true event in life on planet Earth is that if you got money, the penalty for ANY crime never is similar to that accorded poor folk.

Actually, the FIVE YEAR sentence is not really, FIVE YEARS. According to South African law, Oscar is eligible for parole after serving ten months. At that point he will be released and his penalty will be transformed into “correctional supervision.” So, who is surprised by these turn of events. I was once told there is not a single example in American history during the 20th century of someone who possessed a million dollars of being sentenced to death for killing another. Life is similar in South Africa.

Pistorious And Justice

It now appears that Oscar Pistorious will spend time in jail for “negligent and unreasonable” behavior. According to Judge Mesipe “I am not persuaded that as reasonable person would have fired four shots into a toilet cubicle. I am of the view that the accused acted hastily.” A fair point. If a person who kills another person without premeditation does that mean this individual is not guilty of murder? This concept raises many questions concerning the act of murder. Can one argue that most murders are examples of “unreasonable behavior?. For example, could one argue that being raised in poverty produces people who behave unreasonably when confronted with potential violence to them?

Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri was raised in a culture that believed black skinned teenagers were potential threats, and thus his behavior in shooting was an example of “unreasonable behavior?” Frankly, the vast majority of murders could fit into her definition of murder. What then?

Rhetoric Of Hate And Anger Goes Nowhere!

Israel was founded upon the proposition that Jews were ready to discuss any and all issues. Over the decades all too many Jews have slipped into an anger that prevents intelligent discussion regarding problems. The South African Jewish Report produced a story that shocked most people in South Africa. A reporter named Reich compared Archbishop Desmond Tutu to HITLER! In fact, the newspaper had a picture of the famous as though he was Adolf Hitler! Tutu was accused of “preying on Jews together with Hamas” One wonders what is the intention of such rhetoric? Desmond Tutu fought for civil rights in South Africa, not with weapons of war, but with words of peace.

It is time for Jews throughout the world to recognize that opponents do not hate Jews, they dislike Israel foreign policy. Attacking Desmond Tutu only garners enemies, not friends. End rhetoric, and invite Tutu to discuss his views!

Was It Dolus Directus?

The only certainties about the trial of South African athlete, and double amputee, is that no one is blaming the murder on Muslim terrorists or the Israel Defense Force. At least Gaza is off the table of discussions about what happened in the apartment of Oscar Pistorious. It has been established that Oscar was in his apartment with a female, it has been established that this female was shot to death while she was in the toilet. After that,k everything gets flushed down the toilet of you said or she said or no one said. Gerrie Nel, the determined South African prosecutor has no doubts that Oscar deliberately, and with malice blasted away through the toilet doors in order to murder Ms. Steenkamp. “In an attempt to trendier his version to support his plea,” argues Nel, ” he(Oscar) tangled himself in a web of lies… He cannot escape connections that he made. Even if he thought there was an intruder in the toilet, he cannot escape;e conviction on murder with dolls directs–direct intent.”

I follow the arguments of Gerrie Nel up to a point. Most statements made by Pistorious simply make no sense. For example, prior to blasting away at the toilet door, why didn’t you alert your girl friend there was an intruder in the toilet? However, if it is true he thought there WAS an intruder, how can he be convicted of “direct intent?”

Oscar Pistorious Definitely Guilty Of Stupidity

Along with millions I have closely followed the murder trial of Oscar Pistorious who is accused of murdering his girl friend, Reeva Steenkamp. In all honesty, as I read how each side presents its arguments, I discover that my mind is able to agree with either the prosecution or the defense. But, there are moments when one is left with the feeling that Oscar is all screwed up. He comes across as a man with a chip on his shoulder. This is not surprising since he was born without legs, and a normal reaction to this condition would be some sort of anger at the unfairness of it all. I must admit confusion to the manner in which this trial is conducted since there is no jury, and a defendant accused of murder is allowed to wander around in perfect freedom. This is not exactly how we conduct murder trials in the good old USA.

For example, Oscar decided to go to a night club on Saturday night. Exactly what did he think would occur? Did Oscar really believe, given his fame and the trial that one could be at a night club without being noticed? Huh? Naturally, someone named Jared Mortimer approached the famous athlete, and guess what happened? They got into an argument, shoving ensued, and words were exchanged. Oscar had been drinking and got aggressive. How dumb can Oscar get? While engaged in a murder trial you get into a public fight?

Nelson Mandela, National Security Risk!!

The obsession with NATIONAL SECURITY invariably results in confusion, and expending energy tracking and trailing those who are on your side. Since the end of World War II and, creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States government has gone down hundreds of detours and wrong roads because it was not clear as to who were “the enemy.” Recently released files from the FBI pertaining to South African leader, Nelson Mandela, reveal complete ignorance in the New York FBI office as to who was Nelson Mandela, and what was the African National Congress(AFC). I hate to inform the FBI, but the ANC was formed BEFORE the birth of communism in Russia. Its original goal was creating a society in which those with dark or Asian skin were entitled to equal rights. Mandela was finally released from jail by the Boer bigoted government in the 1990s. However, for some strange reason, the American FBI decided to allocate resources to track this man who was endeavoring to create a just society in South Africa. Did anyone inform the American idiots that Mandela was urging no revenge on whites who killed blacks?

The FBI trailed Mandela when he went on trips. They attempted to monitor his mail, his daily trips to see this or that person, because the FBI was convinced that Mandela was a stooge for communism. Finally, an FBI agent in the Chicago office attempted to inform New York about the background of Mandela and the ANC. But, no one cared, as far as they were concerned, the ANC was “a known Soviet front group.” The history of the CIA makes clear,it has been wrong on most occasions in predicting anything about foreign policy developments. The only success attained by the FBI and the CIA was being wrong about who were threats to our National Security!

Oscar Just A Hypervigilant Person

The seemingly endless trial of Oscar Pistorious continues and continues as defense attorneys present “evidence” that depicts a man who felt threatened and helpless due to having lost his legs and now wears artificial ones. Professor Dwayne Derman of the University of Cape Town whose specialty is physical exercise, told the court his former pupil felt threatened and this was the cause of blasting away. According to the professor, Oscar was frightened and the fact he had artificial legs made him feel helpless. It was a question of flight or fight. He decided to confront death rather than flee from it and thus leave his girl friend, Reeva Steekamp to be brutally raped or killed. He shot her because he was attempting to save her!! There was no evil intention, there was no anger toward Reeva, this man was simply doing his best, despite being crippled to save the girl he love. That is why she is dead.

Professor Derman emphasized that Oscar was behaving in an instinctual fashion. ” A reflex is something that you do not have control over.” Derman learned in working with Pistorious that he was a “hyper vigilante”person. He was “restless looking around and constantly scanning at potential threats” to his being. OK, so he shot her, OK, so she is dead. The important thing is that this man was trying to save his girl friend and that is why she is dead! Blame the threats that exist in South Africa for the murder, not the mane who feared death!

Once More Oscar Pistorious

We Americans had the O.J. Simpson murder trial in the 1990s which provided the entire nation months in which to argue whether or not the black athlete was guilty or whether he was in the court room due to the color of his skin. Inhabitants of South Africa have their own version, the trial of famous legless runner, Oscar Pistorious who is accused of murdering his girl friend. Oscar claims he became frightened of noises in the bathroom fearing it was an intruder, and began to blast away. Alas, it was the girl friend who then died of wounds. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has argued that Pistorious has a bad temper, and this was the cause of the shooting. Oscar simply got into an argument and killed the girl. About a month ago during the trial, a surgeon who had cut off the legs of young Oscar argued that anyone in this condition a “generalized anxiety disorder” due to feeling vulnerable and weak in the face of danger. A month break was taken in the trial and Oscar was studied by psychiatrists.

The report is in. According to psychiatrists who spent hours with Oscar, “Pistorious did not suffer from a mental illness or defect that would have rendered him criminally not responsible for the offence charged.” In other words, he understood “the wrongfulness of his act.” I assume this means, unlike O.J., the verdict will be guilty. Of course, one never knows how a jury confronts a nation’s sport hero?

South Africa Tales Of Going Nowhere

Nelson Mandela died this year, twenty years after he helped the people of South Africa begin the process of creating a modern society in which people of all color skin or religion could dwell in peace and harmony. He is dead and so if this dream. Unfortunately, after he died so did the opportunity to create a society in which dark skinned people could attain a modern level of life. Instead, a small group of black South Africans joined with some white leaders and obtained the good life. This came at the expense of most dark skinned people. Under the leadership of the African National Congress, President Jacob Zuma ordered police and army units to fire upon striking black miners –in the name of law and order!

This week, another election in South Africa. Another victory for the African National Congress and another defeat for the cause of human justice and the end of corruption. The Democratic Alliance witnessed an increase in votes from 175 to 22% but this progressive group of whites, blacks, Indians and coloreds lacks the votes to end poverty and allow all South Africans to enter a modern middle class life.

What’s Wrong, What’s Right In East Africa??

There is overwhelming evidence the continent of Africa is quickly entering the modern economic world as its growth rate of about 6% is among the highest in the world for any region. Each year, millions are leaving rural poverty and entering one form or another of a modern urban existence. Within a decade just about everyone on the continent will have access to phones and other forms of technology. As income rises, the high rate of births will decline which allows for greater prosperity. BUT, the situation in east Africa increasingly is chaotic. Corrupt governments refusal of those in power to allow democratic elections, has allowed small groups to use government for their goals rather than have government serve needs of the nation.

The government of Kenya is completely corrupt. During last year’s attack on a mall in Nairobi, the police cleaned out the mall of its goods after killing terrorists. The Kenyan government lacks an effective and honest police force, it lacks an effective armed force, and it is unable to confront growing Muslim terrorist groups. The United Kingdom just issued a warning to all British tourists at the Mombassa tourist center to leave. Over 400 already have arrived in London and thousands more will soon be gone. Kenya needs an honest effective government that can create an honest effective police force and an Army capable of handling Muslim insurgents.