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He Is Signing Out Anyway

There has beeb extensive controversy over the sign language expert who accompanied President Obama at the funeral for Nelson Mandela. Apparently Mr.Janttjie really didn’t know anything about being sign language expert and sort of threw his arms around imitating what he had seen sign language folk do for a living. There are charges that he is a fake, a criminal, a rapist and so on. Why is everyone so upset? We daily have members of the United States Congress speak the English language in words that supposedly make sense, but to whom, I do not know. Republicans want to reduce taxes in order to reduce our debt, and that apparently makes sense to the American people. Republicans want to get people back to working at jobs paying $7.50 an hour which somehow will restore economic prosperity to the nation.

Nelson Mandela is dead. Those who hated him today are hailing him, those who followed him are daily betraying every principle he upheld. So, why get upset because some character out of a comedy decided to play around with his arms. I urge the American government to hire this sign language guy because waving his arms around makes more sense than anything said by Ted Cruz or the “experts” on Fox News.

Is There An Israel Mandela?

There is no comparison in terms of human depravity with the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust. South Africans endured the horror of Apartheid and its brutality. If one reviewed the history of slavery in terms of how many died, then one might envision a parallel. Perhaps, it is time for Israel to take a step back and enter into the mind of Nelson Mandela. If he was able to forgive and offer friendship to those who tortured and killd his friends and himself, perhaps, it is time for Israelis to forgive Palestinians who hated and murdered. By reaching out to those who are willing to move away from violence, then the people of Israel will surpass the limits of hate.

We all can transform ourselves by challlenging our emotions of pain and become something other. As Jews we believe God placed us on Earth to become models of decency and love. Let us lead such lives.

Ted Cruz And Communists

During his brief encounter with the American people, the man from Texas(who was born in Canada) has made clear his opposition to communists, spics, fags, lesbians and other forms of scum in the world. He has stood tall for true 100% Americans who were born in this country(naturally, those born in Canada to an American mom are exempt from the scorn), and his opposition to foreigners remains part of the new America he seeks to establish. Many of his loyal supporters were shocked to learn their hero actually issued a positive statement about the commie from South Africa, Nelson Mandela. For some strange reason, Ted referred to the radical as “a defender of liberty.” Wow! A man who engaged in “terrorism” was praised by a true son of the wild west and a defender of the beloved state of Texas.

Some of his supporters are furious because in their view, the Nobel Peace Prize winner was “a communist,” a “terrorist.” a “scumbag” who consorted with radical and, most probably, a friend of Osama bin Laden. Ted, if you want to become an icon for liberty, quit praising scumbags!

Welcome China To Africa?

It was just a few decades ago that Chinese products began appearing on the African continent and shortly after arrived Chinese workers plunging into various activities ranging from building railroads to factories and to stadiums for rulers of these nations. If one desired a new hospital or a convention center, simply contact your local Confucius Center and money would be available. However, it is increasingly clear to people of the African continent that arrival of Chinese money is usually followed by arrival of Chinese workers to do the building. Africans expected that Chinese money would result in high paying jobs for African workers but that dream has yet to become reality. It is quite easy to lure an African leader with a road or police station or some visible physical entity that was built with Chinese labor.

The end result of this process is making available to the Chinese government huge tracts of land for agriculture which is cultivated by Chinese workers. Africa supplies the land, China the money, and profits head eastward to Asia. It is simply a modern version of colonialism and the colonists speak Chinese!


Melissa Bachman is a brave young woman who is ready to take on one and all in her quest to prove that she is as tough as any male chauvinist. She ventured into the wilds of Africa with her weapons of war seeking to encounter some well armed lion with teeth of white. Melissa is one brave women, unafraid of lions or tigers or whomever is out there in the dark African nights. She produces TV programs about hunting and stalking and all those brave things those with weapons of war do in the quest to prove bravery in action. She posted a photo on her Facebook and Twitter accounts of the heroic woman with a huge smile as she kneeled beside the dead body of a lion. “Incredible day in South Africa” claimed the self styled “hardcore Huntress. ” She boasted that she had “stalked inside 60 yards on this beautiful male lion.”

Within twenty four hours thousands of other hunters were stalking this woman of bravery for attacking and killing an innocent lion who was not bothering anyone. Down came her Facebook, down came her twitter account and down came Melissa who has been told to stay out of South Africa. I wonder is there is any connection from this “Bachman” with the other one from Minnesota?? They both are brave women who will readily prove to the world they are idiots in action.

Mugabe Murders Democracy–AGAIN!

Robert Mugabe is 89 years old and has been president of Zimbabwe since the first day it became an independent nation. Initially, he was loved by the people of Zimbabwe because of the role he played in the fight to end British colonialism. That was three decades ago, but he continues singing the song of anti-imperialism as his rationale for being needed to run the government. An election was just held, or should we say, “a version of a true election was just held” and guess who, once again was elected? Once again, Mugabge stole an election. His opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai is challenging the election, much to the anger of Mugabe. He gently informed those who do not accept his version of “democracy,” that”those who were hurt by defeat can go hang if they so wish.”

He believes that God, in his infinite wisdom, wants him to rule Zimbabwe. Other African leaders do not give a damn about the people of Africa and will back Mugabe because they know he will back their stolen elections. The crooks run Africa and the people of Africa lack the right to participate in a free and fair election. Oh well, it is 2024 and Robert is once again standing for the presdency. Go hang if you do not like it.

Tragedy Of Zimbabwe

There is the African tragedy of poverty, the African tragedy of disease, the African tragedy of lack of educaton, and the African tragedy of ignoring the need for competent government. Robert Mugabe once again stole and election and his fellow African leaders hailed this travesty of democracy. After all, Mugabe has been around for thirty years, is 89 and certanly is entitled to another thirty years of brutal dictatorship. Not a single African leader denounced this “election.”south African President Jacob Zuma offered his “profound congratulations.”

Morgan Tsvangirai, who cooperated with Mugabe in hopes of providing the basis of a fair election is devastated. His Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) wound up with about 34% of the vote, if one actually believes that was the final count. Tsvangirai told the media, “I thought l like everyone else in the world, president Mugabe, Zanu-PF would respect Zimbabweans.” Ha, Ha.Dream on. Mugabe is a thug and dictator and always will be this type of ruler.

Mugabe Murders Democracy–Again!!

Robert Mugabe may be 89 years old, he may have ruled the country of Zimbabwe for over thirty years, but he still retains the old drive for power. He lost the last presidential election to Morgan Tsvangirai, but simply held another version and won that one. Of course, thousands died, thousands of women were raped, but the old man kept power. A new election was held over the weekend, and guess who won this one?? About 99.9% of those in rural area who lean toward Mugabe were registered to vote while only 67.9% of those in urban areas leaning to Morgan Tsvangirai were able to vote. Tsvangirai who leads the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) termed the “election” to be a “huge farce.”

The tragedy of this “election” was failure of African nations to support the principle of democracy. They went along with Mugabe and refused to stand in defense of the people of Zimbabwe. Independent election monitors like the Zimbabwe Election Support Network denounced this travesty of freedom while African monitors went along with the thug and murderer who once again is president. Why not simply hold an “election”that makes him president for life?

Mandela, The Man

Nelson Mandela will shortly leave this Earth and departed to another place in life-Death. He is among the few African or Middle Eastern leaders whose focus was upon peace and reconciliation rather than upon hate and greed. Actually, there is no leader in the United States of America who has the mind set of this man from Africa whose goals were to put aside negativity and self  importance in order to aid his society in attaining a successful society. We Americans have the Tea Party, a group of selfish self-centered individuals who lack any sense of community. Mandela regarded ALL South Africans as his children, regardless of the color of their skin or how much money they possessed.

The Middle East just experienced Mohamed Morsi, a man who turned aside from working with all Egyptians in order to create a society dedicated to fostering community and concern for the future of the nation. Mandela understood that a new nation could not be divided, a new nation had to instill in all citizens a sense of community. The tragedy of Africa is that only one Mandela emerged.

Nelson Mandela: An Unusal Man Of His Time

There are few times in history when a leader emerges whose views are world wide rather than his bank account. There is not a single leader in the Middle East, in the United States of America, in Europe or any part of Africa or Asia who possesses the qualities of humanity that dwell within the heart and soul of Nelson Mandela. He demonstrated that true leadership is focusing on peace and reconciliation after a conflict. He not only showed the people of his nation, but the world that a leader reaches out to all sides in a conflict and works at conflict resolution rather than fostering hate and violence.

He is 94 years old, actually, he is 94 years young in mind and soul. He is ill and will shortly die. Unfortunately, those who followed him as leader of South Africa became focused on power, not on working to bring a decent life to each and every South African. Mandela worked to build his bank account of peace and reconciliation, his followers were more interested in a financial bank account.