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Death And Demagogues In South Africa

The nation of South Africa was shocked at the murder of 34 miners who were on strike against their company. Police fired into the crowd of miners and the result was the worse massacre of humans since the old days of apartheid. President Zuma rushed to the scene and made attempts to calm angry voices. He did not do a good job resulting in demagogues to enter the dialogue with voices of anger and hate.

Julium Malema, who was expelled from the African National Congress due to preaching hate against whites came to the scene of violence. He decided to play the colonial race card. Malema blamed white mine owners for the massacre. “The British are making money out of the mines.” He went on to denounce President Jacob Zuma for the deaths of innocent people.

Perhaps, it is time for decent wages or nationalization.

Let’s Not Tell A Secret

South Africa recently passed the State Protection of Information Bill which is designed to prevent anyone from stealing its state secrets. According to State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, “if I am a foreign spy any legislation which makes me work harder won’t be nice for me.” Let me get this  straight. The bill won’t prevent spies from getting information they seek, but it will make them “work harder.” If I am a spy  working harder means receiving more money and if I have any common sense the harder it is for me to get information, the more money I receive.

Of course, the flip side is  protecting state information means that South African citizens can not obtain desired information. Dennis Dlomo of the State Security department insists, “we are not hiding(information) from   our fellow South Africans, we are hiding it from those who are trying to harm our national interests.” But, what if your fellow South Africans want information that you claim damages national interests? Of course, every government insists it is protecting national interests.

Moral Decline Of South Africa!

The people of South Africa were outstanding in their fight to achieve a democratic society so it is distressing to witness those who fought for freedom to abandon the fight for democracy in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe is a thug who has ordered opponents to be beaten, raped and killed in order to maintain power, but this apparently does not bother the leaders of South Africa. Once again, the magic word of “colonialism” was used to cover up support for petty dictator.

Keith Khoza,speaking for the African National Congress, justified support for a murderer and rapist by  announcing, “we are consolidating our relationship as a former liberation movement and we are supporting them.” In other words, the ANC will back Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party despite its record of brutalizing people in Zimbabwe. Instead of backing the Movement for Democratic  Change and its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, the ANC will allow gangsters masquerading as “liberators” to continue their reign of murder and rape in Zimbabwe.

Shame on the African National Congress for abandoning the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe, The Magic Dragon

Robert Mugabe has ruled the country of   Zimbabwe for many, many years and the end result is that a nation which once was among the wealthiest nations in Africa is now reduced to poverty. An advertisement  from South African nando resttaurants depicts the man who enjoys torturing and murdering opponents as “the last dictator standing.” The sixtysecond commercial shows the thug president eating alone at a table which once had dictators like Gaddafi.

The ad soundtract has Mugabe recalling the good old days with dictators to the tune of “those were the days.” He and Muammar Gaddafi engage in a water fight and then Mugabe makes sand angels with departed Saddam Hussein.

My question is: Does Mugabe dislike truth in advertisement?

ANC Disciplines Youth Leader

Julius Malema is an angry young South African who wants to make clear to one and all–particularly to white skinned South Africans– there is need to change the economic structure of society. He also wants to become president of the country, and what better approach to that goal than inflaming young people with the rhetoric of anger toward whites? The African National Congress is  terrified his words will not merely enflame young South Africans, but will make white business decide to leave South Africa.

Malema was banned from any activity in the African National Congres for five years on grounds his words and actions “would have a negative impact on international and inter-state relations and would be prejudicial to South Africa as a whole.” In clear English this means we can not allow anti-white comments because such words would lead to less and less moneyinvested in the country.

OK, Julius, you are frustrated at poverty in South Africa. Now develop a long term program to address this issue!

Assad, Apres Moi,Le Deluge!

Death totals continue to rise as Syrian tanks enter city after city blasting away at anyone who dares express disagreement with the dictatorial regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Turkey, a close ally of Syria, sent Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu to Damascus with a plea to cease the slaughter but Assad told him to mind his own business because he intends to destroy any and all “Islamic militants”– his expression for those who oppose his government. Ironically, Turkey is ruled by the Justice and Development Party which represents conservative Muslims in the nation.

There still remain nations like India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa which believe there are no conditions under which the UN should intervene in order to halt a maniac from killing his own people. Finally, the Russian government has begun to sound an alarm of despair at the actions of its ally. At least 2,000 are dead, including four hundred during the past week.  We await a march of Muslims who will openly enter Syria in order to express solidarity with their fellow Muslims.

Of course, does anyone actually believe the above will occur?

Hatred Lives In South Africa

One would hope that a people who were compelled to live in segregated society where skin color determined education and economic success would be sensitive to issues of multiculturalism. The people of Israel come from a heritage of hatred and persecution, but justify the oppression of Palestinians in their country. The people of South Africa are confronted by over a million refugees from Zimbabwe whose ruler, Robert Mugabe is a tyrant and thug. Former South African President Mbeki allowed this two bit murderer to continue in power and now those driven from the country face hatred and persecution in South Africa. A video is now circulating on YouTube about the beating of an innocent man from Zimbabwe who was attacked and killed by a mob out to get “thieves.” He was walking home from church. Last year mobs roamed through refugee camps attacking and burning and killing in a frenzy of hatred toward those who were “strangers” in their land. Joseph Makota, shrugs and says: “Just being a Zimbabwean is a crime here, you do not have to be a criminal or to be a thief.”

Katlego Matheta, who witnessed the latest murder of an innocent man, sighed and said: “It’s simple to kill a man here. They are not scared to kill here.” Ironically, last year’s World Cup which took place in South Africa witnessed a reduction in hatred, but, alas, the game is over and killing has returned.


President Jacob Zuma of South Africa made a trip to Libya in order to discuss peace issues with Muammar Gaddafi. Zuma was bringing the African Union proposal which calls for a cease fire and a follow up dialogue. Zuma was told by Gaddafi that he wanted and end to bombing and some sort of discussion. However, the little colonel made clear to the South African leader, “he emphasized that he was not prepared to leave the country, despite the difficulties.” Even as this talk was proceeding sounds of bombs and destruction echoed outside as NATO planes continued their destruction of Libya’s infrastructure. China got into the act by offering mediation and an end to violence. The Chinese government strongly supports discussions between people holding opposing views–of course, they mean such discussions that occur outside of China.

Reality is there can not be discussions with this thug and murderer. Muammar Gaddafi is going to leave Libya–the only questions are–when, why and how?

Sub-Sahara Next On Rebellion Agenda?

At present, nations which border on the Mediterranean Sea or those in close proximity have been the center of protests demanding an end to long term rule by a leader. First, Tunisia forced its president to leave, then Egypt asked Mubarak to vacate the palace and there are similar demands in Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. One is left wondering if sub-Sahara nations will soon join in the clamor for an end to one party rule. The Ivory Coast is currently the scene of a stand off between African Union nations which want the man who won the last election to assume leadership while incumbent President Gabagbo refuses to leave. South Sudan has broken free from the nation of Sudan, but waiting in the wings are nations like Zimbabwe or the Congo or Uganda or even Kenya. In each of these nations there are serious issues concerning the extent of democracy that is allowed.

Of course, the sub-Sahara now poses problems for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She already has made clear her disgust with President Robert Mugabe, the thug currently in charge of Zimbabwe, but her efforts to protect democratic forces have not been very successful. Standing off in the distance is the African Union, which can posture defiance when it comes to former colonial powers, but when the issue is a home grown African despot, silence reigns.

Question: Does the US have a role to play in the sub-Sahara on issues concerning democracy?

Goldstone No Longer Golden Boy

Richard Goldstone was a former judge in South Africa and a fighter for the end of apartheid in his nation. He risked his life and reputation by fighting for the rights of black skinned South Africans. A few years ago, he was asked to investigate the Israel invasion of Gaza(Israel Defense Forces) and offer an honest report on what happened since Gazans claimed the IDF had deliberately killed hundreds of innocent civilians. The IDF refused to cooperate with him on this UN effort. Thus, he could only directly gather information from Muslim sources. After the IDF carried out an internal investigation, Goldstone was able to gain access to a more extended version of the invasion. He checked Israel sources very carefully and concluded there were several errors in his report. Goldstone did what few politicians ever do–he issued an apology for the errors in his report. HE DID NOT SAY THE ENTIRE REPORT WAS FALSE!

He has now come under attack on charges that his admitting of errors is due to pressure that was placed on him. University of Johannesburg professor Steven Friedman charges the admission of errors “arguments are laughable, I should imagine that the pressure on him(from the Jewish community) became untenable.” He went on to charge, “One assumes that Goldstone is doing this because of intense bullying.”

It is difficult to imagine that a noted Constitutional lawyer who risked his life under apartheid is now afraid of the Jewish community in South Africa. The charges of Friedman are laughable.