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Mugabe Murders Democracy–AGAIN!

Robert Mugabe is 89 years old and has been president of Zimbabwe since the first day it became an independent nation. Initially, he was loved by the people of Zimbabwe because of the role he played in the fight to end British colonialism. That was three decades ago, but he continues singing the song of anti-imperialism as his rationale for being needed to run the government. An election was just held, or should we say, “a version of a true election was just held” and guess who, once again was elected? Once again, Mugabge stole an election. His opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai is challenging the election, much to the anger of Mugabe. He gently informed those who do not accept his version of “democracy,” that”those who were hurt by defeat can go hang if they so wish.”

He believes that God, in his infinite wisdom, wants him to rule Zimbabwe. Other African leaders do not give a damn about the people of Africa and will back Mugabe because they know he will back their stolen elections. The crooks run Africa and the people of Africa lack the right to participate in a free and fair election. Oh well, it is 2024 and Robert is once again standing for the presdency. Go hang if you do not like it.

Tragedy Of Zimbabwe

There is the African tragedy of poverty, the African tragedy of disease, the African tragedy of lack of educaton, and the African tragedy of ignoring the need for competent government. Robert Mugabe once again stole and election and his fellow African leaders hailed this travesty of democracy. After all, Mugabe has been around for thirty years, is 89 and certanly is entitled to another thirty years of brutal dictatorship. Not a single African leader denounced this “election.”south African President Jacob Zuma offered his “profound congratulations.”

Morgan Tsvangirai, who cooperated with Mugabe in hopes of providing the basis of a fair election is devastated. His Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) wound up with about 34% of the vote, if one actually believes that was the final count. Tsvangirai told the media, “I thought l like everyone else in the world, president Mugabe, Zanu-PF would respect Zimbabweans.” Ha, Ha.Dream on. Mugabe is a thug and dictator and always will be this type of ruler.

Mugabe Murders Democracy–Again!!

Robert Mugabe may be 89 years old, he may have ruled the country of Zimbabwe for over thirty years, but he still retains the old drive for power. He lost the last presidential election to Morgan Tsvangirai, but simply held another version and won that one. Of course, thousands died, thousands of women were raped, but the old man kept power. A new election was held over the weekend, and guess who won this one?? About 99.9% of those in rural area who lean toward Mugabe were registered to vote while only 67.9% of those in urban areas leaning to Morgan Tsvangirai were able to vote. Tsvangirai who leads the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) termed the “election” to be a “huge farce.”

The tragedy of this “election” was failure of African nations to support the principle of democracy. They went along with Mugabe and refused to stand in defense of the people of Zimbabwe. Independent election monitors like the Zimbabwe Election Support Network denounced this travesty of freedom while African monitors went along with the thug and murderer who once again is president. Why not simply hold an “election”that makes him president for life?

Mandela, The Man

Nelson Mandela will shortly leave this Earth and departed to another place in life-Death. He is among the few African or Middle Eastern leaders whose focus was upon peace and reconciliation rather than upon hate and greed. Actually, there is no leader in the United States of America who has the mind set of this man from Africa whose goals were to put aside negativity and self  importance in order to aid his society in attaining a successful society. We Americans have the Tea Party, a group of selfish self-centered individuals who lack any sense of community. Mandela regarded ALL South Africans as his children, regardless of the color of their skin or how much money they possessed.

The Middle East just experienced Mohamed Morsi, a man who turned aside from working with all Egyptians in order to create a society dedicated to fostering community and concern for the future of the nation. Mandela understood that a new nation could not be divided, a new nation had to instill in all citizens a sense of community. The tragedy of Africa is that only one Mandela emerged.

Nelson Mandela: An Unusal Man Of His Time

There are few times in history when a leader emerges whose views are world wide rather than his bank account. There is not a single leader in the Middle East, in the United States of America, in Europe or any part of Africa or Asia who possesses the qualities of humanity that dwell within the heart and soul of Nelson Mandela. He demonstrated that true leadership is focusing on peace and reconciliation after a conflict. He not only showed the people of his nation, but the world that a leader reaches out to all sides in a conflict and works at conflict resolution rather than fostering hate and violence.

He is 94 years old, actually, he is 94 years young in mind and soul. He is ill and will shortly die. Unfortunately, those who followed him as leader of South Africa became focused on power, not on working to bring a decent life to each and every South African. Mandela worked to build his bank account of peace and reconciliation, his followers were more interested in a financial bank account.

Peace Comes Before Peace

During the South African struggle against white rulers there were numerous murders of innocent people, bombs set off, and innocent people killed. Finally, led by Nelson Mandela and concerned white people, a truce came about and people agreed not to look back, but to look forward. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission forgave those who had murdered, and, in so doing, set the stage for peace. US Secretary of State John Kerry has been working with the Arab League and both Israel and Palestinian leaders in order to get the path of peace to become well traveled. But, there still remain forces which prefer violence and accountability for past crimes.

Israel authorities killed a Palestinian militant who was behind violence. Hitham Masshal, a global terrorist” was taken out. On the West Bank, Eviatar Borovsky, a West Bank settler, was murdered while waiting for a bus. Prime Minister Netanyahu vowsa “we will not accept the sporadic firing of  rockets.”

If peace is the goal, then focus on peace.  Initially, it will not be perfect and some very bad people will get away with minimum punishment. Nelson Mandela understood that if peace is the goal, then end revenge and  concentrate of peace and harmony. It is a choice.

South African Police Go South

It is over two decades since the people of South Africa created a society in which skin color did not determine individual rights. However, scarcely a week goes by without a story concerning abuse of human rights by police in the country. The world was shocked last week  by a video which depicted an immigrant being dragged through the streets by a police car. He was handcuffed to the rear of the car as the vehicle drove on. General Riah Phiyega expressed her shock at the death of Mido Macia from neighboring Mozanbique.

A murder investigation is now in process. Since the entire world knows what  happened we can expect some form of punishment. The real problem is that similar abuses of human rights are daily occurrences in South Africa and few will ever be known, let alone lead to punishment.

Police Murder, Charge Victims!

Miners in South Africa went on strike. As in any strike, there is anger, shouts of violence and, most probably, a few men who arm themselves. The strike at Marikana platinum mine ended in disaster. Police charged the strikers and the ensuing battle killed about 34 men. So, who does the State Prosecutor charge with causing the death of the miners– the miners!! He has charged 270 strikers–those still alive, witht murder of their colleagues.

Lawyers for miners were schocked when the  State Prosecutor increased the charge from attempted murder to murder. This is certainly a novel way to handle police brutalilty. There is no question the situation was tense, there is no question that miners were ready for violence, but it is exactly at that moment clear headed police hold back and proceed with some form of negotiations.


Death In South Africa

Those  who lived during the horrible years in South Africa when the white government disregarded the rights of black skinned people,  we can never forget bloody scenes in which white police fired upon crowds of demonstrating citizens of South Africa. We all expected that once Nelson Mandela helped create a modern multi-cultural society those days of blood and death were no longer going to appear. Alas, the dreams of yesterday, have been transformed into the nightmares of today.

A group of black miners were demonstrating. Yes, they had sticks, yes, some carried machetes. Black and white South African police approached the crowd and began firing without restraint. When their bullets smashed into bodies, the end result was that 30 men were dead and untold dozens wounded. The media depicted white and black police wallking casually past the bloodied corpses of black men lying crumpled in the dirt.

Most have returned to work. But, the legacy of death lingers on and old memories are resurrected.

It is a sad day for democracy in South Africa.

Death And Demagogues In South Africa

The nation of South Africa was shocked at the murder of 34 miners who were on strike against their company. Police fired into the crowd of miners and the result was the worse massacre of humans since the old days of apartheid. President Zuma rushed to the scene and made attempts to calm angry voices. He did not do a good job resulting in demagogues to enter the dialogue with voices of anger and hate.

Julium Malema, who was expelled from the African National Congress due to preaching hate against whites came to the scene of violence. He decided to play the colonial race card. Malema blamed white mine owners for the massacre. “The British are making money out of the mines.” He went on to denounce President Jacob Zuma for the deaths of innocent people.

Perhaps, it is time for decent wages or nationalization.