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Syria Forever?

Each day I gaze at pictures in the newspaper or online which depict frightened people fleeing from Syria. They have left by the millions, desperately seeking a place of safety and comfort, at least for the moment. They are homeless, they are alone, they are abandoned by their country’s leaders and the world. On their face is the same look one saw during the 1930s when Jews were fleeing Nazi Germany in hope that someone would offer some form of safety. No nation stepped forward. Today, Sweden has been doing the job of offering a home, but there are limits to that small country. So, what can be done?

1. The UN should organize a program of relocation that spreads refugees around the world. Sorry, that is the only alternative.

2. Somehow,some way,Russia and Iran must persuade President Assad to step aside.

3. Just imagine the reaction of Donald Trump if a few thousand Syrian refugees showed up on our shores!

Send In The Swedish Police Force

Four Swedish cops were on vacation in the city of New York when they decided to attempt riding the subway. Suddenly, as they entered a subway car there witnessed a man who was assaulting a woman. No, they did not draw out their weapons of destruction, but they proceeded to subdue the homeless man who was being attacked. This incident raises some interesting questions. How come police from Sweden are being trained in the use of physical force to subdue potential criminals? NO, they did not have to shoot anyone. NO, they did not have to choke someone, they simply drew upon tested physical procedures that any police force in the world can –and should employ– when confronting a man who is a physical threat.


No use of firearms.

No choking the man until he was out of breath.

NO banging the head of the criminal into a wall.

Just good old fashioned physical control of a man who was seeking to be brutal.

Perhaps, the New York City Police Department can send its officers to Sweden to learn how to catch criminals without killing them!

Let’s Fear Immigrants!

We in America regard immigrants as an important topic, and for millions these people from across the border in Mexico somehow pose a threat to the very existence of this nation. Ironically, similar feelings are sweeping Western Europe which battles the influx of refugees from places like Syria or Africa or any number of Middle Eastern Muslim nations. Right wing political parties are growing in power whether in France or Italy or Sweden or the United Kingdom. The cry is being sounded they are taking away your jobs driving buses or picking fruit. In Sweden, the Sweden Democratic Party is now capturing about 17% of the vote with a campaign promise that if granted power they will end the influx of “those people.” Naturally, the main characteristic of “those people” is they come from the Middle East and are of the Muslim religion.

Former Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeld caused an uproar when he pointed out “we late 25 million people living in the Nordic region. There are endless fields and forests.” He noted that “space” was available for millions and there was no reason to panic. Sorry, “those people” will cause white skinned folk to panic because they do not want to have “them” in their pure white lands. If there is one thing uniting white people all over the world is a fear of “those people.”

Defrock Minister Who Seeks To Defrock Women

There is a minister in the Church of Sweden who suddenly has ceased being a minister of God because of his attitude toward women. The unnamed man was told by the Church of Sweden that a reorganization plan would result in two female pastors working with him. The Minister immediately consulted God up high only to be informed by the BigGuy up in the sky that it was against the rule of Christianity for females to serve as ministers of God. So, what else could this holy man do, but inform members of his parish that salvation is only available to people who reject the idea of ordination of women in the church. Look, if the Big Guy says, no women ministers, this means NO women ministers.

For some reason the Church of Sweden has decided to reject the Big Guy and defrocked the man who opposes female ministers. Just another example of Liberalism gone wild. First, these liberals want to ordain women, next they want to ordain gays and lesbians, and then–ordain animals in the forest!!

Goodbye Uganda And Kenya

The tragedy of Africa is,not only the colonial experience under European powers, but the aftermath of being colonized by its own leaders whose only concern is with retention of power for themselves and their associates. Thanks to the benefit of Western Christianity, a high percent of Africans are infused with hate toward those who fall into the category of being homosexuals. New laws in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria make homosexuality a crime that is punishable not only with fines or prison, but even with death. President Obama, along with numerous European leaders, urged African heads of government to take a stand that protects the rights of gays and lesbians, Unfortunately, the words of Western Christian leaders is more attractive. They have educated people to hate homosexuals.

Sweden presently contributes over $40 million in economic aid to Uganda, but that money will no longer be delivered due to the new anti-homosexual laws. Along with Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands there is now a movement to halt any economic assistance to an African nation that has made homosexual love to be a crime. Unfortunately, the poor and women who need birth control assistance and children in school will be deprived of economic assistance in order to whip or beat or jail or kill those who are gay or lesbian. Such is the way of Christianity in Africa!!

Black On White In Sweden

The northern nation of Sweden is mainly populated by those who have white skins and fair complexions so it is rather unusual to encounter those with dark skins in one’s daily life. There are only about 180,000 people who fit the description of an Afro Swede. In America, when one refers to “African Americans” it refers to those whose ancestors lived in the North American continent hundreds of years ago, but an “Afro Swede” describes someone whose parentage is of more recent times. It is estimated that anti-African attacks and prejudice has increased by at least 24% over the past two years. It is rather ludicrous to worry about fewer than 200,000 people in a society of tens of millions, but many Swedes still regard one whose skin is not white as their own to be an individual who most probably is a criminal or one living off the largese of the Swedish government.

Times become economically on the down size readily leads to feelings of anger toward those who perform work that native born people-black or white skinned–do not wish to touch. People in economically advanced societies have incredible hatred toward those who perform the dirty jobs of society arguing they “take away jobs” from those who are native born. Hogwash, if you want to pick up garbage, there is a job for you. In reality, you are happy the black skinned person is doing it!

Who Can I Throw Out Of My Restaurant?

Mr. Kent Ekeroth is a member of the Swedish Democratic Party. Of course, when one refers to a “Democratic Party” in the country of Sweden the word has nothing to do with the word, ‘Democratic’ in the United States of America. Swedish “Democrats” originally were an organization of pro-Nazi thugs who enjoyed wandering around wearing Nazi armbands and pretending they were tough guys. They beat up “those people,” you know, those immigrants who were not of true Anglo-Saxon heritage and whose blood was not the same color as that of we white folk. Mr. Ekeroth went out to dine at a restaurant only to be informed by its owner that his presence was not welcomed in his establishment. It has now reached a point, says Mr. Ekeroth that “Swedish Democrats and friends of Swedish Democrats are no longer allowed to go out to a restaurant.”

I assume this raises questions about freedom:

1. Do I have the right to check your political views when you enter my restaurant?

2. Do I have the right to check your sexual views when you enter my restaurant?

3. Do I have the right to check your sport views when you enter my restaurant and gaze at sport events on my television set?

4. Do I have the right to eat with those of my own kind?

Times are getting difficult for Mr. Ekeroth with no Muslims to beat up this week!

With God On My Side

It was my assumption that if one had found the “true God,” than nothing in the world could prevent them from becoming a happy and joyous individual. After all, if one has God on my side, what can anything or anyone in the world do to prevent me from experiencing peace and contentment. A pastor in the Protestant Church of Sweden spent last summer in quiet reflection and concluded that he had been in contact with the wrong God and Church. He discovered that Catholicism was really the place for his heart. The pastor informed the Protestant faction of God that he really wanted to belong to the Catholic faction of God. However, there was one small problem, he had to eat. So he asked for six months salary from the Protestants so he could spend his time with the Catholics.

It turned out that he wound up with about $45,000 from Protestants so he could spend more time with Catholics. During his reflection, the pastor realized “my decision meant that I risked being penniless.” I thought God handled the eating part of being a minister.

Gang Rape OK In Sweden

Every so often one encounters a story which makes absolutely no sense other that bigotry and hatred are still alive against women on planet Earth. A fifteen year old girl in Sweden was assaulted and raped by five teens who were between the ages of 15 and 17 while at a party. Oh, another boy was on hand to ensure that each boy had a condom. At least the rapists believed in safe sex. The boys were initially convicted of rape but a higher court ruled the prosecutor’s claim the girl was in an “incapacitated state” was incorrect. This court argued the girl could have resisted the rape if only she fought back!!

Protestors from a feminist network, Femen, entered the Svea Court of Appeals, bared their chests and showed breasts to the judges who insist 15 year old girls can fight back against teen age boys if they do not want to be raped. The case will be appealed by prosecutors.

Question: What does it take to get a rape conviction in Sweden?? Death?

Another List

We inhabit a world in which at any moment some police organization at some place in the world is making a list.No,they are not making a list of what to ask Santa Claus.No,they are not making a shopping list as to what should be purchased at the supermarket.We need a list about some group of “terrorists.” After all,how can we be safe without a list? Police in Sweden decided to compile a list of Roma in their district. After all,one must have a list of the Roma children in their police district if they are to prevent stealing in the area. Roma list today. Muslim list tomorrow. Gay List in Russia. Palestinian terrorist list in Israel. Muslim Brotherhood list in Egypt.

Brother can you spare a list for someone down on his luck and who does not have a list? How can anyone make it through the day without getting on a list??