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Separate And Equal

A bus driver in Stockholm decided to strike a blow for equal treatment by separating white and  black skinned folk who ride buses. After all, it is simply not fair for those who possess a white skin to be forced into close proximity with those whose body smell of the black person. We offer some other ways to ensure that all  humans are treated in a separate and equal manner.

1. Definitely we need to separate men and women on buses. This ends my need to mentally undress attractive women whose gorgeous presence prevents me to concentrate on work.

2. We need to have baseball teams with either right or left handed batters and pitchers.

3. We need to separate singers in audiences between singers and listeners.

4. We need to separate slow walkers from fast walkers. How about a slow walker path in malls?

5. We need to separate slow and fast people who order food.

6. How about separate but equal voting booths? One for the intelligent voter and one for those seeking to vote for Republicans.

Speak English In Sweden -Or Else!

Gonzalo Munoz was born and raised in the country  of Sweden by parents who had migrated from Chile. Recently, he was waiting in a metro station in Stockholm to meet a friend when approached by a policeman. The cop, speaking in English, said to Mr. Munoz: “I’d like to see your passport because you are suspected of being in Sweden illegally.” Fortunately, Mr Munoz, in addition to his native Swedish also knows the English language. Fortunately, that day he also had his passport. Imagine if he did not speak English or did not possess his passport, a day in jail.

The purpose of  police in any nation in the world is to capture criminals. In New York City during the past year police stopped and frisked about 850,000 people. By some strange reason 75% of them were Hispanic or Black. I gather they did find fewer than 100 weapons. I am glad police waste their time halting honest New Yorkers. Oh, this does not mean there is evidence of racial profiling!

Death Over Life?

Given the state of this world in which Americans rush to purchase assault rifles and other such materials of death, it is not surprising that a woman in Sweden has reached the conclusion she prefers dead to living people. A 37 year old woman collects bones of dead people and some times places them in bed with her in order to enjoy the presence of death. Heck, Americans insist they prefer having a gun in their bedroom to a spouse who can get one sexually aroused. After all, what is a more powerful sexual presence than a nice gun by your side as you sleep.

This woman collects bones in the same manner that Americans collect guns. The boy who went on a rampage in Connecticut had a mother who possessed five guns and apparently they were within touching presence of her disturbed son. So, what is wrong about a woman who sleeps with bones, hugs bones and gets sexually aroused when touching bones? She is no different than the NRA man who lovingly touches and cradles his gun. Both get turned on by death.

Somalia, Place Of Dreams

The area of the world known as “Somalia” has witnessed civil war for over thirty years during which times untold thousands have been murdered or watched their homes destroyed. But, to the Migration Board of Sweden, there is not that much difference between living in their nation than in heading to Somalia for fun and games. Until now the majority of Somali refugees have been allowed to remain in the safety of Sweden, but that might soon change. The Board has decided to change the Somalia status from “war” to “serious adversity.”

Duh! Up to this point about 90% of those seeking asylum have been allowed to remain but new guidelines might result in thousands being returned to the hell spot known as Somalia. OK, the al-Shabaab have been weakened, but I doubt if members of the Migration Board would enjoy a single day in Somalia!

“Bloody Muslim Kids!”

As one who has taught over 12,000 students I would never become upset at the outburst of a teacher who is under stress, but Brigitte Sonsby in a Swedish school should rethink her definition as to what is racism. Ms. Sonsby was having a tough day, boys were not behaving, they were making comic remarks and not paying attention to her as a teacher. She finally exploded: “I’m so bloody tired of you Muslims  ruining the teaching lessons.” When subsequently reprimanded for the racist remark, the teacher insisted her words were being twisted into some form of hate.

All teachers blow up. In some schools youth can be a constant threat to sanity, but as a teacher if I do blow up, the answer is simple. Just apologize to each student who was insulted. That may even earn their respect. But, to deny that we teachers sometimes act like jerks, is not merely stupid, it is unhealthy for our personal lives. Admit that we are under great pressure in teaching and there will be times when stress takes over. That is what we term, maturity.

Wikileaks Continues To Leak Anger

Julian Assange created a furor when he set loose on the world documents that  became known as Wikileaks. These documents contained statements made by American diplomats who were commenting on politics in various parts of the world. The American government wants Assange and they want to charge him with crimes that might include murder. Assange fled to the London Embassy of Ecuador.

Assange is wanted in Sweden to answer  charges of sexual abuse. He wants guarantees that if sent to Sweden, that government will never extradite him to any nation which still has the death penalty. Guess who still has it? After making threats to seize Assange, the British government calmed down and now is willing to accept the principle of extradition, but not extradition to the leading killer of criminals–the USA!

Wikileaks Creating Furor

There are dictators who kill  thousands of people, and they enjoy a visit to Washington of London without fear of being arrested. There is unemployment and hunger in many nations of the world. American soldiers die in Afghanistan or return with severe mental issues. But, what is the  most important issue confronting nations like England and the United States of America– JULIAN ASSANGE AND WIKILEAKS!

Julian Assange who was responsible for Wikileaks, an assortment of  emails from various people including American diplomats commenting on issues or people. The US wants Julian so they can place him on trial for  revealing the truth. He took  refuge in the Ecuador Embassy in London. The British government wants Julian. Ecuador agrees to allow him to be released on condition that he not be sent to the USA. London refuses to make this agreement. Now, the British government is threatening to enter the Embassy and grab Julian.

Actually, the law being cited allows entering an Embassy if there is danger to public  safety or national security. Enough with these childish games.


Tales Of Woe For Julian Continue

Julian Assange became a  modern folk hero via his participation in the famous Wikileaks that revealed to the world hundreds of stories dealing with what was said by diplomats in “secret.” Obviously, whenever a diplomat says something to a friend or superior that message is of such vital importance to national security it must never be revealed. Julian fears that  Sweden is working with American officials to find a way to have him sent to the USA which has a death penalty.

The Swedish government charges Julian with sexual molestation and rape and wants him to be present in a court of law. Julian claims it is a trick to get him from England to Sweden which will then allow American officials to extradite him to the USA. So, Julian walked into the Embassy of Ecuador in London and asked for political asylum. The pseudo dictator of Ecuador, one President Rafael Correa greeted the news of Assange in his Embassy with delight. It provides an opportunity to give it to the US in their rear end.

So, who is this guy named Assange? Hero of civil rights? Molester of women? Frightened of being on trial? Celebrity of  the moment? Take your pick. Frankly, we really have no idea whether he molested women and certainly do not suggest he didn’t. But, Sweden should offer guarantees that Assange will not be extradited to the USA. Then, get on with the trials.

‘I Am A Murderer,Take Me Home!”

A woman in Sweden went out for a night of drink and partying and when midnight arrived realized she was too damn drunk to go home by herself. She called the police hotline and  said she had just murdered her neighbor. The police  shortly arrived and she told them all that was desired was a ride home in a nice police car. How about:

1.  John Boehner calling the police hotline and telling them he just killed a  plan that would provide aid for homeless and poor people?

2. How about Mitt Romney calling the police and confessing that he has been killing the England language and would like to turn himself in.

3. How about Barack Obama calling the police hot line and confessing he just lacks the backbone to get himself elected and could they find his backbone.

4. How about Newt Gingrich calling the police hot line and confessing he murdered any chance to become president by his  love affairs and love of money.

5. How about Rick Santorum calling the police hotline and confessing he really never has spoken to God unless you term rich folk with billions as God.

6. How about Herman Cain calling the police hotline and confessing he has always been a hustler and a con man.

7. How about Michele Bachman calling the police hotline and confessing she has absolutely not knowledge of the location of Iraq, Afghanistan or that place called Pakistan.

Imam–Hubby Is Right

Two investigative reporters visited ten  mosques in Sweden in search of advice from imams on how to deal with husbands. Nine of ten imams made clear their husband was always right, their husband had a right to more than one wife, and they should learn to adjust to the needs of husband. Oh, if he beat the hell out of you, keep quiet and don’t let the world know your husband is an abusive man.

Six of ten urged no reporting about anything happening at home to the local police. Just pass of the beating scars as a result of your own clumsy behavior. If your hubby wants sex and you do not want sex, their advice is to pretend to love every moment of their entry into your body. One imam in Uppsala told the women to forgive and forget when spouse rapes you or assaults your body. After all, he is head of the family!

I assume imams tell husbands to forgive wives who fool around.