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Sweden: No Child Marriage Allowed!

Proposed new legislation in Sweden will address the issue of having young females forced into marriage in order to cater to the whims and desires of their parents. Goran Lambertz, who heads the government task force on this subject, makes clear their goals. “We want to criminalize child marriage and forced marriage. It should be a punishable offense to take a child out of the country and marry them  off there.”

The issue of forced child marriage is important because in some African and Asian societies this is the norm. Mom and Dad get together with another Mom and Dad and decide who gets married and when. This might lead to parental happiness, but they are not the ones getting married.

Gee, I wonder how Mitt Romney stands on child marriage?After all, his grandparents believed in polygamy and in those days, young girls were married off –in the name of God, I assume!

Special Treatment Does Not Lead To Special Results!

Nations which have immigrants invariably confront issues as to which special accommodations should be allowed those whose culture or religion differs from that of the majority. For example, in the United States, many school districts do not punish Jewish students with an absence if they remain home on high holy days. Many school districts attempt to provide food alternatives in order to show respect for their students. These actions represent an attempt to balance rights of society with rights of minorities.

The school district of Jonkoping in Sweden reached agreements with Muslim parents that allow Muslim girls not to strip naked when showering and excuse Muslim students from overnight trips that all students take during the semester. Student sponsored trips are for all students and excusing some interferes with their education. The issue of taking a shower wearing underwear is to silly to argue about, the issue is whether or not girls emerge clean.

In a multicultural society, those  who are part of a minority must engage in society because we have to live in society.

Blame It On The Jews

Historically, throughout the world, Jewish people are usually found on the side of those fighting for social justice–we exclude for the moment those Jews who seize Palestinian land on the West Bank in Israel. In Sweden, Mayor Ilmar Reecepalu of Malmo, charges that Jews in his city are members of the anti-Semitic Sweden Democrats whose policies are violently anti-immigrant. He claims these Jews are on the side of those who are anti-Muslim.

This is simply a brand new version of  conspiracy theories which invariably blame Jews for this or that program of destroying life for people in a society. All Swedish Jewish groups have denounced the accusation which leads the mayor to complain, “what can I do they don’t listen to me.” Why should Jews listen to this nonsense is the real question?

Is Soliciting Sex A Crime?

A former member of the government of Sweden was arrested by police for soliciting sex from a woman. He claims the woman asked for a ride and he gave her one, but noticed a car following his own and decided to ask her to leave his car. Alas, too late, because the sex police arrived at the scene of the crime and told the man he was under arrest. He was given the choice of pleading guilty, pay a fine or face a trial and publicity. He chose the former.

If “soliciting sex” is a crime shouldn’t we lock up millions? Men offer women fur coats, jewelry, liquor, fine meals in order to get them into bed. Naturally, if the equivalent of money is part of the solicitation, it is not a crime. Solicitation by any name is solicitation. This is one more absurdity about “crime” in the modern world.

Pastor Deported,Tortured

It is always fascinating how those with money are given opportunities to remain in a country. They are rarely deported because they have money to invest in a nation. Such was not the case for Pastor Jean Kabiudibuidi who is a fierce critic of the Democratic Republic of  Congo and had been in Sweden since 2003 in an effort to avoid returning to a land which was prepared to beat the hell out of him. Without warning to his Swedish supporters, the Swedish Migration Board ordered his immediate deportation. They assured the pastor that fears of being beaten on return home were simply an exaggeration to prevent deportation.

The pastor arrived in the “Democratic” Republic of Congo, was taken to a room where they beat the hell out of the man. “I have been severely tortured and beaten and there are pictures of damagre that will show scars that will remain.” When his Swedish supporters asked police why he was being deported, they reported “security concerns” prevented release of such information. Another example of lacking money and receiving a beating.

Wrong Name, Wrong Time

There are times in life when one happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are also times in life when one happens to have the wrong name at the wrong time. Abdifateh Ahmed Mohamed, waas getting ready to board a plane headed for Mexico when he was detained by police in Oslo airport. He had left Sweden thinking it was a simple thing to switch planes in Oslo.

A call was made to the US since his name appeared to be that of a terrorist. American officials did not want to investigate the situation. “My friends who don’t have Muslim names can to straight through while I am taken into a room by the side of the desk. I am actually thinking of getting rid of the name of ‘Ahmed” as it’s always that bit which causes problems.”

Turns out he had the same name as a terrorist. I suspect in this case the only terrorism involved was that conducted by the American government which had the wrong man listed on the right list.

A Monster Seeking Honor!

Anders Behring Breivik is a young man who believes God or someone has annointed him with power to spread the word of God or truth throughout Europe.  His first step in the path to honor was to cold bloodedly murder 77 people in Norway, most of him being youths. In an Oslo court, the well dressed young man smirked and laughed as though expecting to be acclaimed by one and all. Breivik insists the murders were simply a strike against “traitors” and an attempt to prevent an “Islamic colonization of Norway.”

Breivik asked the judge to release him and demanded that a military honor be awarded a person who killed 77 innocent people. He provided the court a 1,500 page compedium of nonsense which somehow blames anti-religion Karl Marx with being an ally of Muslims!

He is simply a sad young man living in a sad inner world in which reality never lights the darkness.

No Praying On This Train!

He was a middle aged Muslim man living and working in Sweden. On his  daily commute from Stockholm, the man found a quiet place in order to pray. “I started to pray but then the conductor arrived and shoved me three times in the backalmost causing me to topple over.”  She demanded his ticket but the man did not wish to interrupt his prayers. After concluding them, he went to find her in order to show his ticket. She refused to examine his monthly pass and had him thrown off the train.

The railroad eventually agreed to pay him $152, but when he appealed to the Swedish Equality Ombudsman, they rejected his plea for  an apology. They found no evidence of discrimination.



Seek A Neat Muslim To Date?

Hey, interested in meeting a nice Swedish Muslim boy or girl? Hey, want to make certain the person is real kosher as a Muslim? Then , just check in with a  Swedish mosque web site that is “halal” in every respect. Abu Mahmoud, just began a Muslim dating site so Muslim folk can meet Muslim folk and never have to worry they are meeting some Christian or Jew. Andallah  Salah, deputy head of the Islamic  Association in Stockholm, says the new digital site will complement what is being done in mosques–making certain a Muslim gets connected to a Muslim!

Actually, the matchmaking is being handled by Abu and his wife, she will make certain that Muslim females hook up with a Muslim male. Both want to  “make the dating as Islamic as possible, that the man’s family comes over to the woman’s family  for a date, that the parents are key to the dating process.”

Sorry, Abu, and your lovely wife, I have a hunch Muslim girls and boys in Sweden want to handle their own dating. But, then again, my words are strictly from a Jewish perspective.

Can I Say, “Negro?”

Several years ago while teaching at a New York City college an African American student informed me that my language was racist. I had used the word, “Negro” in discussing the ideas of Martin Luther King. I pointed out to her that King always used the word, “Negro,” and he certainly did not use the expression, “African American.” He also avoided the word, “colored” which for many black skinned Americans was an insult since that was a word used to describe black skinned people during slavery.

A Swedish politician was accused of being a racist because she used the word, “Negro.” “For me, a Negro is a Negro. Is it racist to say, Negro?” She went on to argue “there is nothing demeaning with that.  We do have freedom of speech in this country.” Someone complained to the Swedish Equality Ombudsman that she was a racist.

Words used to describe those with  black skins have changed over time. Negro was the politically correct expression during the time period 1900–1980s when many black skinned people adopted, “African American.” Most black skinned leaders used the word, “Negro.” Sorry, that is not a racist word.