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Seek A Neat Muslim To Date?

Hey, interested in meeting a nice Swedish Muslim boy or girl? Hey, want to make certain the person is real kosher as a Muslim? Then , just check in with a  Swedish mosque web site that is “halal” in every respect. Abu Mahmoud, just began a Muslim dating site so Muslim folk can meet Muslim folk and never have to worry they are meeting some Christian or Jew. Andallah  Salah, deputy head of the Islamic  Association in Stockholm, says the new digital site will complement what is being done in mosques–making certain a Muslim gets connected to a Muslim!

Actually, the matchmaking is being handled by Abu and his wife, she will make certain that Muslim females hook up with a Muslim male. Both want to  “make the dating as Islamic as possible, that the man’s family comes over to the woman’s family  for a date, that the parents are key to the dating process.”

Sorry, Abu, and your lovely wife, I have a hunch Muslim girls and boys in Sweden want to handle their own dating. But, then again, my words are strictly from a Jewish perspective.

Can I Say, “Negro?”

Several years ago while teaching at a New York City college an African American student informed me that my language was racist. I had used the word, “Negro” in discussing the ideas of Martin Luther King. I pointed out to her that King always used the word, “Negro,” and he certainly did not use the expression, “African American.” He also avoided the word, “colored” which for many black skinned Americans was an insult since that was a word used to describe black skinned people during slavery.

A Swedish politician was accused of being a racist because she used the word, “Negro.” “For me, a Negro is a Negro. Is it racist to say, Negro?” She went on to argue “there is nothing demeaning with that.  We do have freedom of speech in this country.” Someone complained to the Swedish Equality Ombudsman that she was a racist.

Words used to describe those with  black skins have changed over time. Negro was the politically correct expression during the time period 1900–1980s when many black skinned people adopted, “African American.” Most black skinned leaders used the word, “Negro.” Sorry, that is not a racist word.

A Guy Is A Guy, It’s Not Rape!

Every so often one comes across a story that is so outrageous, it leaves one wondering how certain people can term themselves humans. A teen age girl in a high school in Sweden was attacked by a male student. She reported the incident to the principal who informed the traumatized girl, “you can file a police report if you want, although this is not a priority case as no crime has been committed.” According to this “educator,” “guys do this kind of thing,’ and urged her to “concentrate on studies.”

The principal made clear to the young woman that she has to “stop focusing on trivialities” and deal wit real issues like who won WWI.  I am speechless, and I assume so is the reader. On which planet does this principal inhabit!!

No Eatery For Elite

Every so often one encounters a story that could readily appear in a fairy tale book, but actually occurred in real life. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and his wife, Queen Silvia were in the town of Ladenburg in Germany where they hosted a wedding party. They decided to go out for a bite to eat at a noted restaurant in town called, Zum Gueldensen Stern only to encounter an harassed owner, Nadine Schellenberger who was overwhelmed with the crowd seeking seating. She politely told the couple there was no room at the inn.

The royal couple smiled, and headed for a pizza joint. This is a tale that could never occur in modern America. This is a tale in which those who have power wait their turn without being upset. This is a tale that once was true in the United States of America when Abraham Lincoln would walk through the streets of Washington D.C. This is one King and Queen who truly behave with dignity.

Imagine the head of any American corporation being told there was no table in the restaurant! Hell, he’d buy the damn restaurant in order to get seated!

Man Who Prayed On Train!

He was a devout Muslim whose religion compelled him to pray going to work and on the way back. The other day on his homeward trip, the man began to pray when a conductor came to check tickets. He motioned that he was in prayer and wanted to complete his daily obligations to God. “I started to pray, but when the conductor arrived and shoved me three times in the back almost causing me to topple over.” The conductor shouted: “Show me the ticket!” He did not quickly respond so the conductor contacted police and the man was thrown off the train.

He was placed on a platform lacking sufficient money to pay for a room. He was just left standing there, alone and confused because the ticket was not shown quickly enough. I am certain among the most important issues of Swedish trains it interfering with prayer and throwing people off trains.

The man DID have a monthly ticket, but it was not produced fast enough. The man was thrown off the train and peace reigned once more on Swedish trains!

Face Of Hate

Judge Stefan Wikmark is concerned about people in his courtroom since he is afraid there might be  terrorists lurking behind the faces of those present. “I feel responsible for order in this court room and I feel I can’t achieve that if I am unable to see the faces of those present.” He therefore ordered the removal of three Muslim women who he claimed were wearing niqabs to disguise their faces. The women were attempting to attend the trial of Abi Aziz Mahamud, charged with planing an attack or a murder of Roda Sten, an artist.

Actually, the women were wearing burqas, not niqabs, but what the heck, it is a face covering.  The women were not on trial, they were not witnesses, they simply were spectators to the trial. The Swedish secret service, Sapo(talk about an appropriate name for a secret service) originally claimed four Muslim men were going to murder someone and after releasing one, downgraded charges to “planning” to kill someone.

I am confused. Am I to assume judges survey the faces of all spectators in order to ascertain –what? Why are judges worried about faces? I would assume they would be more concerned about what is in the minds of people, not their faces.

To Die Or Not To Die?

I have never witnessed in any debate among Republicans seeking the nomination for president of any discussion regarding the right of individuals to commit suicide. Ron Paul constantly proclaims the right of individuals to decide their life choices, but he never engages with the issue of assisted suicide. A group of Swedish MPs have  formed a task force whose goal is to legalize assisted suicide.

Eva Flyborg, a supporter of euthanasia argues, “it is not worthy of Sweden in the 2000s for seriously ill people  to b e tormented and tortured to death.” She, and her  group of MPs, argue that individuals should have the right to determine the end of their lives. A recent case involved a 57 year old doctor who allowed the death of a premature  baby with  brain damage who was going to die within a few months.

So, who decides life–state or I?

Anything Goes On Facebook

I am 81 years of age and have lived through World War II, the Vietnam war and assorted other mad events in human history, but each day on Facebook provides one with sufficient evidence that humanity is stark raving  crazy. A Swedish actor who lives in Stockholm was approached on line  by “linda”  who sent him “her”picture and they engaged in sex talk. An old fart like most probably would have wondered why “linda” wanted to flirt, but, alas, such thinking is not found in all too many humans, circa, 2011.

Linda challenged the actor to masturbate before a camera, send her the picture and promised he would get one in return. Alas, “Linda” is no Linda, but some guy who makes out with idiots willing to send him their pictures of masturbating. The unknown man then demands money. ‘Linda” is presently under investigation for nine such fraud cases.

The next time “Linda” wants you to masturbate, turn around!

Stay Tuned Little Children

A new experiment in Sweden will allow daycare staff to use GPS systems in order to track the behavior and wanderings of little children in their care. Each child will carry a transmitter which allows staff to keep note of how a particular child moves about. There is no doubt it could help if a child strayed away. Of course, it also conditions children to live with being watched and observed each minute of their lives.

This is one of those technology events in which we can see sunshine or clouds. It is great to add another tool in the quest to ensure safety for young children. On the other hand, it is another example of introducing being observed for the rest of your life by those in  authority positions. Was it 1984 that we feared or is it 2084 that we fear?

In Sweden Don’t Hit Child

The people of Sweden have high regard for children and actually believe if you are a child  then adults can not treat your body as a punching bag. Giovanni Colasante was on a trip to Sweden with his family and just about ready to enter a restaurant. His twelve year old boy refused to enter so dad hauled off and began assualting the child. According to one eye witness, “he lifted his son up by the hair.”

Poor Mr. Colasante was forbidden to leave the country until conclusion of the trial. Sweden was the first nation to issue a ban on corporal punishment of children. I guess this means no Swedish mom or dad spanks children. Speaking as the father of four, I have never felt the need to beat up my kids.

I guess Mr. Colasante thought he was back in Italy which allows corporal punishment when with your children.