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Care To Buy A Slave?

A few months ago, the student association, Halland Nation, decided to hold a slave auction and being good old fashioned racists went ahead and blackened bodies and placed chains on them. OK, so they used expressions like “nigger” and a few other words most black skinned folk do not like, but it was all in fun. Or was it? I have a hunch this group of students would like nothing more than to have a few black skinned slaves around who would do their work.

The issue is whether one has a right to be a bigot and make inappropriate remarks? Many human rights groups urged prosecution of these students. Frankly, we believe all humans have the rights to be bigots or ignorant as long as they do not do bodily harm to another. I lived in an era in which Jews constantly heard anti-Semitic remarks. I can handle the remarks, it is the Holocaust that    no one can handle.

Just remember the bigot today may one day be the person who endures bigotry!

Why Can’t People Speak Swedish?

There is a growing problem in Sweden because immigrants do not arrive being able to speak the Swedish language. Worse, some of these folks wind up in court and that causes another problem– where are the interpreters to help the judge conduct a trial. It is estimated half  of courtroom interpreters are so poor  in language skills that their mistakes can lead to total confusion in trials. They may know some words in the foreign language, but few are familiar with judicial terms and this causes confusion.

In one recent case a boy claimed to have fled his homeland because a grenade was thrown at his house, but the interpreter got confused and told the judge he fled because a pomegranate was thrown. It is now not uncommon to end trials because of language problems between judges, interpreters and clients.

The solution is simple. Let’s have all trials conducted in English. That will then require judges to learn English and they will be in the same situation as the person on trial who does not quite grasp Swedish.

Perhaps, Karl Marx Was Right

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the ongoing mantra among conservatives, liberals and libertarians has been that capitalism is the only way to function in a modern society. As I recall, Karl Marx predicted that capitalists were greedy and only concerned withe their own economic interests which meant they would be more than happy to destroy the middle class and create a society in which a small group of wealthy were in control. As one examines modern capitalism, that prediction increasingly describes what is.

In nations like the US and England, the top one percent control about 20% of the wealth and the top 5% control over 40%. Statistics reveal the middle class has been continually declining in wealth over the past twenty years. In other words, exactly what was predicted by Marx is now a reality. Does this suggest that Capitalism is inherently designed for the top five percent while the remaining population lives off crumbs thrown by those above?

Perhaps, it is time to revisit Karl Marx and pose a different question: were his ideas insightful, but placed in the hands of those who never understood him, the result was an economic disaster? After all, isn’t that what happened to the ideas of Jesus Christ?

Obama Silence Empowers Right Wing!

Swedish author, Henning Mankell recently told the BBC that failure on the part of liberals to challenge right wing groups is a factor in their continued rise in power. He made clear that liberals must not be silent when crazy people speak of hate and violence, but “you have to take the dialogue to them.” Barack Obama is living proof of the accuracy of this comment. He has remained aloof in the White House while those spouting anger, hate, and ignorance are allowed to dominate the media.

As of this date, the president has failed to even propose a program of job creation. He has refused to attack the wealthy. Instead he scurries about the land holding out his hand for money from those who are in power. Instead of being the leader of powerless people, he has become the spokesperson of Wall Street and hedge fund billionaires. He allowed distortion to proceed about the health plan he pushed through Congress and never once went around the nation explaining his OWN program in words that most could understand.

Barack Obama is a silent man living in a White House which has no connection to those who lack jobs. Oh, sorry, every so often, he expresses “concern” for those without jobs and promises them things “are getting better!”

Hate In A Northern Land

The slaughter of innocent children by a member of Norway’s white supremacist party is shocking, but on another level it is also shocking that such a mass murder occurred in a land known for tolerance and humanity. Anders Breivik told the court his goal was sending a message to the government to halt “the deconstruction of Nordic culture and the m ass importing of Muslims.” Unfortunately, his shooting does not emerge from a vacuum. It is simply a  more blatant expression of hate that has been building in Nordic nations for years.

The Norwegian Progress Party, of which Breivik was a member of for several years before leaving due to his belief it was not anti-Muslim enough. gained 23% of the votes in the last election. Siv Jensen, its leader, has made “rampant Islamisation” his most common complaint. Actually, Muslims represent less than five percent of the nation.

Why fears about Muslims when immigrants from other European nations constitute a much higher number than from Muslim societies? Whether we like to admit it or not, racism is still alive in the 21st century. It increasingly becomes clear that Nazism and Fascism were the tips of the iceberg of hate.

Hose Down Females Say Swedish Firemen

Swedish fire fighters are a close clan of hard working, hard living, and hard saving men who risk their lives in order to save the lives of others. Of course, when it comes to allowing women into the fraternity of macho males, that is another issue. A recent survey revealed a high percent of Swedish fire fighters regard the entry of women into their profession would undermine camaraderie and destroy the trust men have for one another. Most fire fighters believe the public regards them as physically brave individuals and it women enter the story ot their quest to present selves as heroes, they will be left without public trust. An interesting observation, but one that requires some investigation. Frankly, we believe at the heart of this portrayal of men basking in adulation for their virility is the sight of a man with a hose in hand throwing water on a fire. Of course, a psychologist might interpret this picture of a man holding the hose near his penis as simply the extension of a small piddle of water into a cascading tower of water and this can only be done by someone who can piddle while standing upright.

Frankly, take away the hose, and what does a Swedish male have to show? A tiny upright hose that would not even douse a fire in the doll house!


There is a school in Sweden which is determined that little boys and girls cease regarding themselves as “him’ or “her” and simply go through life as “we.” The Egalia pre-school has banned use of expressions such as “boys” or “girls” and simply refers to “friends” in order to break down sexual stereotypes which assign to either gender specific life roles. The staff does not want children to learn sexual stereotypes and seeks to engender gender equality. This approach is in line with a government curriculum for pre-schoolers to seeks to end, once and for all, any notion of differences between boys and girls. The government has even hired “gender pedagogues” who wander around checking on any wrong language that might be used by members of the staff. It is a tad bit unclear as to their final goal–do they want boys and girls to share all roles in life?

I assume the next step is preparing boys to grow into men who will have babies. Or, they could work for placing a penis and balls onto the body of girls–after all, if girls are to display “balls” in life, they need them! OK, so there are a few problems in altering the human body in order to allow males to bear babies. But, males already have boobs so why not a national program to enhance the breasts of males which would give females a right to gaze in wonder at big boobed men!

I am somewhat confused as to whether this movement to emasculate males including getting rid of the penis and balls. Then, girls could have the balls to succeed in business and males could remain home bearing children. A wonderful land of gender equity.


I realize there are millions of men who are desperate for a job, well, this site is ready to guarantee any young vibrant male who has drive and fortitude and is willing to take on a hard and satisfying task, that a position awaits you. The Durex condom company is seeking young men who are ready and desirous of testing their product. “We offer flexible working hours, a hard but satisfying job, no training or uniform needed and you can come when you want, but preferably not prematurely.” After examining their offer, it certainly comes across as preferable to those offered by the Republican party. After all, as far as Republicans are concerned, they are much more interesting in seeking people who want to get fucked than people who would do the fucking. Of course, those in Wall Street are fully prepared to come and come time after time when it is a matter of doing it to the American people.

Join the Republican party and be the one who is jerked off by Wall Street and lobbyists. As far as they are concerned you can come time after time as long as you stand firmly in favor of Tea Party principles.

You’re Too Poor For Poor People Conference

The first international conference dealing with issues related to indigenous people of the world will not witness the arrival of delegates from Ethiopia. The Swedish government informed these delegates they were not welcome because the possibility of “flight was too high” since once in the advanced society of Sweden, they would decide to remain. They also lacked sufficient resources to ensure they could attend the conference and handle necessary expenses. This is an interesting approach to confronting issues of poor people in the world. We should bar poor people from coming to such meetings because if they came, they would lack money for hotels and food and such so the hosts would be stuck with the bill. Also, they might decide to remain in Sweden and never return to the life of an indigenous person.

This is akin to Republicans insisting we must address the needs of billionaires who will be denied a few billion if we cut taxes. The issue is not who is poor but who can afford to attend a conference dealing with issues of poor people.

Swedes Living Longer

I read a report in a Swedish newspaper that people in that nation are living longer than people in the great nation of the United States of America. While we Americans live to about 78, women in Sweden are now living to 83.2 years and men to about 79.1 years. I immediately checked with the local branch of the Tea Party in order to understand how this could happen. I thought since we Americans did not allow this Socialist national health insurance scheme it meant we had the best medical care in the world. I was quickly informed by the local Tea Party man, not to believe such figures. He pointed out to me our life expectancy figures were lower because in this nation, too many poor people do not take care of themselves and allow themselves to get ill. If they would only eat the right foods, and exercise more they would live longer.
I asked him about health care as a factor and was assured if you have health insurance, it simply demonstrates your concern for better health. I asked about people who could not afford health insurance and Tom made clear to me, there is always the Emergency Room and, of course, that should only be used in an emergency.
I showed him the figures from Sweden. Tom laughed and said as long as Fox News reports we live longer, we live longer than any nation which has national health insurance. After all, if it is on Fox News, it is the truth and figures from Socialist nations can go to hell.

I left with assurance Americans live longer-and never believe any figure from a Liberal nation.