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ISSUE OF THE DAY–Minarets In Switzerland!

The world is confronting a vast economic crisis, there are droughts in Africa and India, terrorists are killing innocent people, but the people of Switzerland have identified the really important issue the world must solve– should a Muslim mosque contain minarets? A referendum on this critical issue was submitted to the people of Switzerland and they voted by a 57.5% majority to allow the construction of new minarets. The government was shocked by the vote which they believe violates the nation’s constitution that protects freedom of religion. There are also fears it will impact tourism and trade with Muslim nations.

On the other hand, the vote indicates there are people in Switzerland who spend their nights and days worrying about minarets. They see minarets in their sleep, they believe terrorists hide behind or in minarets and banning their construction will allow the people of Switzerland to sleep in peace.

Oh well, I will spend my time worrying about the economic crisis and unemployment. I’m weird that way.

Roman Polanski And Politics Of Fame!

The government of Switzerland has turned down a request to allow movie director Roman Polanski to be released on bail. By now, the facts of the case are known throughout the world. Thirty years ago, Polanski drugged and then assaulted a thirteen year old girl. Ordinarily, a man who rapes a young girl would be judged to be evil or mentally ill, but in the world of celebrities, raping young girls is a mark of distinction or a manifestation of the right of those with power to use the bodies of young girls without power. Hollywood stars who regard the rape of women in Darfur with horror and demand punishment for those guilty of these heinous crimes are remarkably supportive of Mr. Polanski’s rape.

Perhaps, there is need to establish a new category of rape– girls raped by famous men. If you have starred in, directed or produced a movie, then you are given special treatment in rape cases. It is called, “artistic achievement.” The real question is who is sicker, Polanski or those who support him?

Adolescents May Vote In Switzerland

Voters will decide whether 16 year-old Swiss youth can vote in Basel elections. Parliament voted clearly with 62 versus 39 in favor of such a motion and passed it on to the government. If passed, the sixteen year-ols would be allowed to vote on cantonal issues, but they would not be allowed to nominate themselves for public office. A goal of the move is to brdige differences and issues between generations by actively involving young people in the democratic process while still in secondary school.

One could raise many issues concerning the “maturity” of adolescents, but just look around at the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush mess that older people created for 300,000,000 people. It is difficult to imagine youth being more incompetent than what passes for “maturity” in the Bush administration. We suspect the normal range of intelligence in voting will be displayed by adolescents since they are not that far different than their elders.

Swiss Election Marked By Violence And Hatred

Christoph Blocher, Switzerland’s Minister of Justice is a small man with a big belly and a fire in his belly to keep Switzerland free of foreigners and migrants. Each time he enters a voting rally, a goat follows behind with men and women ringing cowbells to symbolize the traditional values of Switzerland and its people– good solid rural folk. Street violence and shouts of racial hatred against foreigners are commonly heard in the electoral process currently underway. Blocher envisions himself as a lone man holding off the mass of foreigners who threaten to over run his pure land much as the Swiss people held off the Hapsburg Empire in the 1300s to win their independence. “A good politician must be able to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the country,” shouts Blocher.

Switzerland is ruled by a coalition of several parties and Blocher represents one of them. He has used this complex situation to expand his power by threatening to leave the coalition and force elections. Blocher opposes membership in the “foreign dominated EU” as well as seeking to deport “foreign criminals.” He is a populist leader who plays upon feelings of xenophobia to stir up hatred and uses this weapon as a means of maintaining power and forcing the government to adhere to his views.