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Solving Syrian Refugee Issue

The latest count indicates there are about 4,000,000 refugees living in countries that border on Syria. At current, about 20% of the population of Jordan is composed of Syrians. It is time for the Muslims of this world to resolve this issue.

1. Saudi Arabia has money and it has plenty of open space to handle a few hundred thousand Muslim refugees.

2. Algeria could allow Syrians into their land.

3. Morocco could handle a few hundred thousand Syrians.

4. Turkey has nearly a million and could offer them citizenship.

5. Syrian refugees could really help Sudan to become a prosperous nation.

6. Heck,even we Americans can allow in at least one hundred thousand. After all, they are not raping Mexicans.

7. I assume Malaysia could handle a hundred thousand.

In simple English, how about Muslim nations caring for their fellow Muslims??

Where Is Turkey?

There is one Middle Eastern nation which has a strong army that is equipped for war and whose government opposes terrorism. The name of this land is Turkey. However, President Recep Erdogan believes that Kurdish forces represent the greatest threat to peace in the region. He refuses to close his nation’s border with Syria to cut off new recruits for ISIS. In fact, Erdogan regards the ISIS nut cases as a good force for peace since they battle Kurds, along with a few other groups.

Erdogan hates President Assad and he will support any and all groups involved in the war in Syria. A problem is that no one today even knows who are the bad or good guys in Syria. Turkey is allegedly a member of NATO but it refuses to cooperate in the immediate task of ending terror groups in the region. KURDS for Erdogan will always be THE enemy.

Let’s Solve The Syria Problem

We offer some possible solutions to the problem in Syria of ongoing mass killing.

1. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin will face off in a wrestling match to decide the fate of Syria.

2. How about a Shoot Out at high noon between all rival armed forces. The last one standing takes over Syria.

3. President Assad gets the winning ticket to Mega Millions and an all paid vacation in Disneyland.

4. A shoot out between the best marksman in ISIS and the Syrian army. Winner takes all.

5. Evacuate all civilians and allow Israel to drop some of its atomic bombs on the entire country. Bibi would be delighted.

6. Send in the IDF, heck, they can heat Hamas in Gaza, why not beat all the bad people in Syria?

7. Is there a way to begin fracking in Syria and cause some earthquakes?

So, maybe you have some better ideas??

Of course, we could always send in General Ted Cruz and General Marco Rubio to clean up the mess.

Explaining Turkey

There should be another category in awarding Nobel prizes for peace that is focused on deterring if the nation of Turkey is for or against peace in the Middle East. President Recep Erdogan has been opposed from day one of the government of President Assad in Syria. He opposes this man because Assad is really not a very devout Muslim and he is close to the government of Iran. Of course, the government of Turkey engages in trade and good relations with Iran, but Erdogan does not want them having anything to do with the government of Syria. The Kurds who reside in parts of Turkey and Syria were fighting against ISIS which is another group that Erdogan does not like, but when the Kurds asked for some help, President Erdogan refused. In other words when a group that opposes the group he does not like, he refuses to help them.

The story goes on and on. At no point has Turkey engaged in military action against Syria. As Erdogan notes, ” I do not believe air strikes are sufficient to defeat Daesh(ISIS) in either Syria or Iraq. A rand offensive is needed align with air strikes so that operations can be successful.” Ok, he wants an offensive operation, but for some reason he does not wish Turkish troops to be involved, just the other guys. Of course if the other guys ask for his aid the answer is-NO. At this point Turkey has the best armed force of any Arab nation. But, he wants the other guys to fight.

Strange Days In Syria

There are moments in learning about what is happening in the land of Syria that one wonders if anyone really understands what is occurring in that land of countless groups and views. Frankly, I doubt if there is a single Middle Eastern expert who could actually describe and explain what are the views of each of those groups who devote their days and nights to murdering people in other groups. There is NO Syrian scorecard that presents the starting lineup for each and every group. The other day Islamist insurgents decided to release 300 Syrian Kurds who they had captured. Initially, they separated the men from the workmen and children as though there was going to be a massacre. But, all were released and allowed to proceed on their way to Damascus.

This is my explanation about this incident:

1. Anyone headed for Damascus is headed for death in one way or another.

2. This is one way to save on bullets since these people are dead, anyway.

3. Perhaps, the insurgents got confused as to who they were fighting today!

Turkey Is Finally Upset

Turkish President Recep Erdogan runs a tight ship in his land and increasingly decides who can speak and what they say. He has allowed his nation to become an open land for Jihadists headed in the direction of Syria. Ordinarily, he does not comment about terrorists except to complain that those opposing such people continue to insult Turkey about the so-called genocide toward Armenians a century ago. But now, Recep is really upset. “Iran is trying to dominate the region. Could this be allowed? This has begun to annoy us, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. This is really not tolerable and Iran has to see this. Iran has to change its view. It has to withdraw any forces whatever it has in Yemen as well as in Sryia.”

Turkey has a powerful armed force and it could assist in the war against terrorism. So far, it has remained on the sidelines. Perhaps, it is time for Turkey to get serious. A first step would be to halt the passage of young jihadists through its land who are headed for Syria and Iraq. Glad to have you on board, Mr. Erdogan!

Children Headed To Death

There is increasing controversy over the issue as to why many young people in European nations decide the world in which they live simply does not meet their needs for-something. Three young teen girls fled from the United Kingdom, got to Turkey, and somehow made their way across that nation to the safety of Syria where they hoped to find some meaning to their lives. There is no doubt they received assistance in England and they certainly got help in Turkey. After all, three English speaking girls had to make their way across a foreign land and get across the border into Syria. The issue that western people refuse to confront is-why do some young people who were raised in democratic societies flee to the arms of violence and hate? It is quite clear they discover in the words of hatred a missing aspect of their society.

The quest in modernity is for a sense of meaning. We provide youth with technology and money and propaganda that extols the importance of material things only to discover that some young people hunger for a sense they are doing something that transcends their material existence and provides a sense of self worth. Consumerism does not provide that emotion. So, in their ignorance, they embrace death. They hurry towards hate and fear and brutality from which they can obtain a sense of meaning. Ironically, in the age of technology, primitive thinking attracts some young people. Never forget that we are only a few hundred years from our violent ancestors.

Happy Days In Syria

I devote several hours each day watching Fox News so I can find out what the Republican party wants America to do about its foreign policy. From John McCain to John Boehner I have been informed that President Obama lacks a backbone and will not send guns and ammunition to those Syrians who want to kill the bad guys. I assume that Republicans want to fight in the Middle East but the dude from Africa just lacks good old American guts. After all, we Americans took out Saddam Hussein and just think how we changed the Middle East. So, the new Republican mantra is arm the good people in Syria and bring peace and prosperity to one and all. Well, we now have evidence how this idea is working. It is now clear that weapons sent to “moderate Syrians” are winding up with Islamic militants. Al Qaeda just sent a message of thanks to the American government for supplying them with weapons including TOW missiles. “The lions of the Nura Front” found weapons at our headquarters.

Problem: “Moderates” are not endowed with the spirit of violence. They are not true believers and when confronted with militants ready to die for an idea, they head the other way. In every guerrilla war for t he past hundred years, those who BELIEVE wind up victorious. Moderates simply lack faith in any goal that would lead them to surrender their lives. There is not a violent moderate group in the Middle East which is ready to die for its beliefs. Enjoying social media is not a belief that leads to victory over crazed militant warriors.

Life In ISIS Land

Even as I write these words somewhere on the social media there are some teen age Muslim girls enjoying interacting with some wonderful Muslim boys about the joy that awaits those who seek fulfillment of their dreams by coming to the land of ISS. Just last week three teens somehow caught a plane to Turkey from the United Kingdom so they might find a wonderful loving husband and enjoy the joys and comforts of living in ISIS land. Most probably they will wind up in Raqqa in Syria. Well kids, welcome to this wonder land.

1. Not much food around.

2. Fail to behave and a few lashes on your young bodies.

3. Wear a white veil under the black one in order to inform all young men you seek a nice husband.

4. NO social media except what ISIS says is allowed.

5. Bombs falling from the sky.

6. No one under thirteen can work.

7. No school.

Yes, you kids, welcome to the land you so desire to inhabit!

Time To Talk With Syrian Government?

The Foreign Minister of Denmark has suggested that is time to enter discussions with the brutal dictator of Syria, President Bashar al-Assad in order to move toward ending the horror that is known as the war in that land. During World War II, England and America formed an alliance with Soviet Russia’s dictator, Joseph Stalin. Why? They decided that Adolf Hitler and the German army were the greatest threats to the safety of the world. Stalin had murdered at least ten million of his own people, but as English Prime Minister Winston Churchill told a reporter who wondered why this staunch anti-Communist would ally with the Russian monster, “Sir, I would make an alliance with the Devil himself if it meant the survival of England.” Are there times when nations forge alliances with horrible leaders?

Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard made it clear: “it is obvious that Syria’s future needs to be negotiated.” So, how about shaking hands with the Devil and seek to end the daily murders in Syria which only result in more power for Islamic terrorists like ISIS? Sorry, we have to negotiate with Assad. The only way to end evil may require shaking hands with evil.

Any other suggestion on how to end the conflict in Syria?