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Syria And Al-Qaeda

The up and down world of Syria continues to confuse and bedevil those seeking to assist the people of Syria. After being pressured to provide aid and assistance to Syrian rebels by members of Congress, President Obama has switched to a policy of neutrality. Moderate rebel forces were informed that aid would not be forthcoming unless there were guarantees al-Qaeda units would not receive any assistance. To make matters worse, it is now necesssary to cross areas held by al-Qaeda in order to gain access to moderate troops. The Obama administration has established conditions that must be met by moderates in order to obain any supplies.

It must agree to the US/Russian plan to control chemical weapons, no weapons will go to any al-Qaeda group and there must be support for negotiations. Moderates must distance themselves from al-Qaeda or there will not be any support. Simply stated, the situation is completely confused.

2020, everyone will still be fighting in Syria and Vladimir Putin will still head Russia. As for Barack Obama…

Saudi Arabia, Fighter For Freedom!

Saudi Arabia was offered a seat on the UN Security Council and turned down the offer because that body was not fighting for the rights of people in Syria nor for the rights of Palestinians. “The kingdom sees that the method and work mechanism and the double standards in the security council prevent it from properly shouldering its responsibilities towards world peace.” It is very upset at failure of the world body to deal effectively with the issue of securing peace for the people of Syria. Now, let me get this straight.

1. Saudi women are second class citizens who can not even drive a CAR!

2. There is no freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia.

3. People have hands chopped off for being a criminal.

4. Foreign workers are abused and exploited and frequently treated as semi-slaves.

Yes, Saudi Arabia stands for peace!

United Nations In Syria

A recent story from Germany reveals that hundreds of young men from that country have headed to Syria in quest of some fighting time. They will join thousands of Chechens, Libyans, Tunisians,Belgians, and folk from throughout the world. After all, going to Syria is like when Americans went to California in search of gold. I assume some of these men already have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya or Chad or who knows where in their quest for some meaning to life. How else learn about life than kill people? I suggest it is time to:

1. Establish a new Hall of Fame for the man or woman who has fought in the most places.

2. Create a new medal for gallentry in action.

3. Hold Second Amendment shooting contests.

4. Challenge President to an arm wrestling contest.

5. Create a new prayer for death.

Refugees Are Coming!

The one certainty of life is begin a war and you begin another refugee crisis. The European Union issued a warning that Europe should be prepared for a “massive” assault on its boundaries by Syrians who are fleeing the war in Syria. “We need to be prepared for the possibility of an even more massive influx” said Michel Barnier of the European Union. Bulgaria and Greece are now reporting the arrival of refugees from Syria. Naturally, those EU countries with weak economies are the ones confronting this challenge. About 50,000 Syrians already have applied for entry into Germany and Sweden.

There is one certainty about this issue-few, if any, will find welcome in the Land of Putin, the great defender of President Assad. He is for Syrians, just not them entering his fair land!

Death In Syria For All

The war in Syria has no “good guys” versus the “bad guys” scenario since both sides are perfectly capable of murdering and slaughtering their opponents. New reports reveal that Islamist rebel militants entered Alawite villages in Syria and proceeded to murder those of that branch of the Muslim faith. These creatures of hate also raped numerous women as part of their struggle with the government of President Bashar al-Assad. As units of the Syrian army entered an Alawite village that had been over run by rebel forces they “found two mass graves with 140 bodies.” The victims had their throats slit. Bodies of babies were hanging from trees.

In one sense, President Obama is correct in not ordering the destruction of the Assad regime. If it quickly collapses there will be slaughter of the innocent that is just as horrible as what daily occurs under supervision of the Assad regime. This is a conflict in which the only victor will be Death.

Starvation Rules In Syria

The one certainty in Syria is that tomorrow will bring more deaths to the innocent. Diplomats will argue in the Security Council, experts will debate this or that idea and while talk fills the air so do the bombs of death and slaughter. Anyone with any knowledge of the destruction in Syria is quite aware that people simply do not have much food, let alone medical assitance or even a place in which to be buried. The people of Syria are on the brink of hunger and death unless some means can be identified to feed the hungry. At each moment children are being shot, gassed to death or simply collapsing from hunger. We can debate which side is right, we can argue about whether or not gas was used to kill, but we do know that hunger is killing people.

It is strange how the world debates the process of death-gas or guns? OK, we know that innocent people will die. OK, we know that people need food. The immediate issue is feeding people. After that is handled, we can engage in debates about the guilt or non guilt of participants

Syrian Stalemate??

The bombs continue to fall in Syria. Soldiers continue to blast away at one another. As I write, hundreds of men, women and children are head for Jordan or Lebanon or anywhere that is safe from death and destruction. The government of President Bashar al-Assad controls certain areas of the country while various opposition groups control other sectors. Even as opponents fight the government they are fighting among themselves for control of this city or that city. Qadri Jamil, deputy prime minister of the Assad government raised the issue as to whether the situation has raised a stalemat conflict in which neither side can defeat the other. Yes, this is horrible. Assad will continue to rule-at least over a portion of the county. Reality–it has become a zero balance of forces. The economy has collapsed, over 100,000 are dead and at least two million are refugees, either in Syria or elsewhere.

The sad conclusion is that once a conflict has reached the stalemate stage it is time to call a cease fire. Perhaps, next step is to acknowledge that certain sectors are controlled by a group. Halt the fighting, and end the murder of people. This is not a neat solution, but it will end death and destruction–for a moment.

I’m The Real Russian!!

Senator John McCain is one tough dude. He survived torture as a prisoner in Vietnam during that war, and he even survived running for president along with the Alaska idiot, Sarah Palin. OK, so he still thinks Sarah was worthy to become president of the United States, that simply proves John is not a man of all seasons. But, right now he is darn angry at that Vladimir Putin who had the audacity to claim that we Americans are not the most exceptional folk on this planet. He wrote an opinion peace in Pravda which points out that he is more pro-Russian than the president of Russia. He argued that Putin “rules by using those weaknesses, by corruption, repression and violence. He rules for himself, not you.”

His theme for the people of Russia is that “Russians deserve better than Putin.” He blasted the new laws which criminalize the act of speaking in defense of gay rights. He blasted the imprisonment of a punk rock band whose members wound up in jail for their songs. He blasted Putin for siding with a murderer in Syria who kills his own people. He pointed out to the people of Russia that Putin had made their nation a friend of tyrants.

Well spoken John. Now, how about a piece dealing with members of the Republican party who seek to deny food to the hungry and health care to those without?

Fox News Allows Tyrants To Talk!!

Fox News conducts a non-stop program of denouncing “liberals” for giving aid and comfort of the voices of Muslim radicalism. If any “liberal” dares to suggest one must examine ideas of Muslim terrorist it is a certainty the cute blonds who pose for news commentators on Fox News will denounce this effort to actually listen to opposing viewpoints. So, who appeard on Fox News? The one and only leading tyrant in the world-President Bashar al-Assad! Fox News offered this bloody two bit murderer an opportunity to spout his views on why he is the voice of reason and why he is the one fighting for peace and happiness in Syria. Bashar boasted that he wanted to hand over chemical weapons that he really does not have, but if the UN or the USA wants these things that he does not posses, then as a man of peace, please take them off his hands!

One does get confused by Fox News which seeks to end the rule of Mr. Assad. FLASH! Fox News will interview Herr Adolf Hitler in order to learn about his program to providing free food and shelter to people of the Jewish faith. Once again, Fox News offers the truth.

Jaw Jaw Rather Than War War?

American Secretary of State John Kerry is working with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on some sort of plan to prevent the dogs of war from getting unleashed to wander the skies of Syria with their growls of anger. President Assad mumbles threats, President Obama softly whispers that he wants to end the reign of bad people. Kerry believes he has an agreement which would result in Syrian chemical weapons being turned over to the United Nations. For the moment, and only the moment, this possibility appears to have become the solution of the moment for peace. Of course, this “peace” is not really peace. Men are shooting at one another, cities are being blasted to pieces, children are dying, millions are fleeing Syria headed anywhere they can discover a place of refuge, and the American government can boast it will not become involved in bombings. There is NO peace in Syria, there will not be a peace, and only violence is the order of the day.

President Barack Obama has come away from the precipice of war due to the help of President Bashar al-Assad. How ironic that Obama was rescued by the men who created this modern terror. Republicans claim this possible war is the result of Obama’s foreign policy failures. In reality, war in the Middle East stems from actions of President George Bush and his merry band of incompetents led by Rumsfeld/Cheney.

Say, what about that place called–AFGHANISTAN?