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Obama Screwup Extraordinaire

The story of President’s approach to foreign policy reveals his ineptitude and ignorance of foreign policy.A foreign policy must be based on national interests, and that does not mean checking on what each person in the country says on his cell phone. Which, at this moment, are the most vital issues confronting American national interests?

1. Developing a working relationship with Iran that leads to resolving our conflicts, and creating the basis of cooperating in the Middle East. If this goal is attained, it leads to resolution of the conflict in Syria.
2. Working with Palestinians and Israelis to achieve a resolution of their conflicts. Attaining this goal reduces violence in the region and ensures the interests of Palestinians coincides with those of Israel.
3. Working to establish a Middle Eastern Union that achieves for the Middle East what has been attained by the European Union. Today, the EU has ended war in Europe, THAT should be the goal of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Economic development in Egypt would diminish the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and establish the basis of democracy in Egypt.

Note that none of these goals deal with Syria. However, in attaining these foreign policy goals it leads to resolving the civil war in Syria.

You Can’t Bully Me!

The situation in Syria has now entered the stage of various nations and leaders making clear they will not be bullied by other entities in this clash of wills. President Bashar al-Assad is a murderer, a tyrant an evil man, but he is also simply one of many such creatures who are found in some part of the world. He kills his own people, he allows the murder of children and goes to bed at night with his family feeling perfectly normal. Of course, there are dozens of such individuals in this world and each has a sense of belief in his own normality. A major problem is that evil has become a norm so if one is evil, they are convinced that is nothing abnormal. Assad warned the United States that it if dared to bomb his land, there would be repercussions. “You’re going to pay the price” he informed President Obama.

The world, due to modern technology, has reached a point in human development in which there are no surprises as to what evil can or will do. The sickness of Assad is his belief that what he has done is simply a normal series of events. Assad does not believe himself to be doing anything wrong. THAT IS THE HUMAN CONDITION!!

Senator Cruz, The Harvard Man

I continue encountering those insisting that Senator Ted Cruz is “brilliant” since he attended an Ivy League institution. Actually, he is living proof of what the famous Republican Conservative once said that he would prefer voting for any of the first hundred names in the Boston telephone directory than someone who went to Harvard. Over a hundred thousand humans have been murdered in Syria, but what bothers the idiot man from Texas? BENGHAZI!! He fears that by focusing on Syria we miss the big picture that no one has hunted down those who killed Americans in Benhghazi. This man is should be awarded a Nobel Prize for Stupidity. He wants to forget about Syria and concentrate on “radical Islamist radicals.”

Who does he think are fighting in Syria?

On War Crimes And National Security

There is scant doubt that since the advent of the present Cro-Magnon race in each era of our existence someone has proclaimed to the people their security is at risk from some strange outside group. In America, we had to extend to the west coast and since Mexicans were in our way, we just had to wipe them out and take their land. The Spanish government had ruled the island of Cuba for nearly four hundred years but the explosion of an American naval vessel by some unknown factor was a threat to our national security and we simply had to do something. Every nation makes such claims at one point or another. Today, the current “national security” issue confronting America is the evil nation of Syria.

President Bashar al-Assad is a violent, evil, horrible man whose crimes against his own people have earned him top quarters in Hell. Catherine Ashton of the European Union terms his actions, a “blatant violation of international law, a war crime and ac rime against humanity.” Absolutely accurate. But, those charges have nothing to do with national security. Assad is a criminal, but he poses no threat to the national security of the United States of America. Hate him for his evil, but not for national security issues.

Who Wants War?

I have a hunch there are moments in life whn Mitt Romney heads to church to offer a prayer that he did not win the recent presidential election. Of course, I suspect that Rudy Giuliani wishes that he had become president so the world would know there was a tough guy in the White House who is ready to press any or all buttons leading to death and destruction for the United States or the entire world. Barack Obama admitted yesterday the fight for war was an uphill trail and he might not reach the summit in time to press a few buttons that send missiles headed for Syria.He admitted to the media that, I am not going to play parlor games about whether of not it’s(war resolution) is going to pass.” What happens if Congress says, “NO” to the future of war?

Barack Obama has never grasped the importance of leadership. That means alerting and educating Americans concerning issues of war and peace. This approach requires honesty and not pulling punches. Obama is not comfortable in the role of not being the supreme center of wisdom. He wants to call the shots. Unfortunately, edcated men of the Obama genertion never went to war, never understood the meaning of what actually is war nor did he ever grasp the problem in conducting a war over a long time period.

On Killing And Winning

The United States of America will once again send the dogs of war into combat based on the assumption the way to win wars is to kill the enemy. It is a basic belief of the Obama administration that if one kills the top leaders of “terrorism” then the remainder of terrorists” give up the battle and return to peaceful pursuits in life. There is not a single example during the 20th century that once the bad leader is killed, then his followers end violence. Our drones continue to pick off that bad guy and this bad guy, but the battles go on and on and on. After American forces swept through Afghanistan in 2001 absolutely no effort was made to address issues of jobs and economic development and providing extensive medical aid to the population. Instead corrupt government arrived in villages and engaged in abuse of the population.

Frankly, it is too late and too little for the people of Afghanistan. They do not want drones in the sky, they simply want a better life for their families and villages. Tomorrow, another “bad guy” will have his life ended by a drone. But, the dogs of war will continue howling in anger. Sorry, Mr. President, death does not translate into peace.

Bomb Me–I Bomb YOU!

Syrian Deputy Foreing Minister wants Turkey and other nations to understand that if they dare to assist the United States in its bombing exeercise that they will feel the brunt of a Syrian attack on their coutries. Faisal al-Mekdad warned Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Finland, Greenland and that pesky Mongolian army not to attack his fair land UNless they wanted to be bombed into extinction. “We beleive that any attack on Syria will definitely result in chaos.” He admitted that Syria has been receiving arms from Russia. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has made clear that Turkey is going to do something. As of this moment, it is not exactly clear what the “something” is, but Syria can rest assured when Turkey warns folks that it will do something, they can rest assured the something will happen.

The dogs of war are angry at this moment. There is a desire to piss on someone in order to make clear that one is a MAN and real men piss away at those who think they are tough. Has anyone considered bringing together all contestants in this conflict and conduct a pissing contest? Such an event will prove to the world which nation has the biggest prick.

Fire Missiles Into The Air!

There is a time and place for all things. There is a time to be quiet and sit quietly in a corner not bothering anyone nor making oneself known to others. Israel tested a misile system by firing them into the Mediterranean. The report of this adventure in firing weapons came from Putin land which devotes its time to identifying bad things done by the rest of the world. It is a bit strange that President Vladimir Putin is not up in the sky knocking down such missiles, after all, he is the toughest and strongest man in the world. Some, who are alarmists might suggest this is not the time and place to be blasting away with missiles, but we are simply those who hate Israel and do not wish to have missiles fired into Israel. I admit to being an alarmist. I admit to worrying about the unexpected happening when there is tension in the world. But, the great thing about modern Israel is lack of any fear since its leaders are quite confident they can handle any form of violence.

Israel Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon just shrugged off the ridiculous question by a member of the media who wondered if this was the time and place to test missiles. He pointed out that Israel works to maintain its military edge and this “necessitates field trials.” So, what is the problem? Does anyone really believe that acccidents occur in the modern world? Just a bunch of frightened folk who lack confidence.


Lines In Sand

Two years after the onset of a civil war in Syria, the government of the United States of America has decided to do something. Actually, it is not clear what the US will do other than draw a line in the sands of Syria–I assume there is sand in Syria. President Barack Obama got together with his friends in the Republican party and they decided it was time to do a bit of partying. Congress will authorize doing a bit of bombing, but Congressmen are quite clear they do not anyone to be hurt. Of course, they mean no American soldiers to be hurt. OK, so a few Syrians will die, but they are the bad Syrians so it is OK. President Obama wants the world to know that he has nothing to do with this bombing, it is all the fault of this guy named Bashar al-Assad.

Congress will authorize bombing of Syria for about sixty days, and if the president wants to continue he must check with Congress. The last time an American Congress actually declared war was on December 8, 1941. Korea, Vietnam, Gulf war, Afghanistan, Iraq and the famous war against Grenada were all declared by an American president.OK, so I forgot Panama and Bosnia and wherever.

Go for it. Blast away. And, President Obama will remain in the White House with his sand box.

China, Russia, Iran

Three nations supper the current status quo in Syria–China, Iran and Russia. Each believes the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad will impact their national interests, and if protecting themselves is vital then the hell with the people of Syria. A thousand deaths here or there is rather unimportant in the scheme of life so allow Death to proceed without any interference. Each warns the US or Europe to avoid bombing the man who bombs because, since he is president of the country that gives him permission to kill the people of Syria. To allow an American or Englishman or Frenchman to kill a Syrian is simply an act of murder and these nations believe in the rule of law and order. Of course, by law and order they mean the legal right to kill a Syrian is reserved to the government of Syria.

Naturally, the CRI believe in the sanctity of Death. If we allow ANY nation to kill then it means Death has lost all meaning. Just think how wonderful it is for people in Syria to be murdered by their own president? How many people in this world have such an opportunity. They are murdered by strangers. If a nation is truly a “democracy”then it means death by those who know you–and hate you-is the only path to Heaven.