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Iran, Iran, Let’s Talk

Hassan Rouhani has now been president of Iran for three months. He wished the people of Israel a happy new year, he made clear his desire to talk with someone about ending the conflict with Europe, with the United Nations and with the United States of America. Finally, the President of the United States exchanged letters with the President of Iran and there are no reports of the sky falling in. Naturally, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is upset because the US fired off a letter rather than firing off missiles. President Rouhani is the best opportunity for the world to engage in discussions rather than engage in conflict. There is no certainty that issues pertaining to development of nuclear energy in Iran can be halted. How about?

1. Acknowledging that Iran has the right to develop peaceful nuclear energy.

2. Requiring all nations in the Middle East, including Israel, to open their facilities to UN inspection of nuclear weapons.

3. Agree to reduce some sanctions on Iran as a good will gesture.

Baby steps can lead to giant ones.

No War Blow To War

There are unconfirmed reports from the Syrian battle front that news of a possible Russian-American deal to end use of chemical weapons in Syria has struck a solid blow against rebel forces engaged in fighting against the Syrian government. General Salim believes news about ending fighting has dealt the cause of ending the rule of President Assad a death blow. After all, if there is no war,then gaining access to thousands of weapons and obtaining the necessary goods for killing will result in fewer battles, fewer weapons destroyed and fewer contracts to engage in war. Yes, General Salim, if the war ended tomorrow, then thousands of nice young men would lack anything to do in evenings. Imagine being forced to spend the day in the company of some woman! Whatever happened to those days and nights fighting, burning own buildings and cavorting in the day with gorgeous gals and shooting down bad people.

It is dangerous to the health and life of a normal male who is denied the right to shoot people down. A man gains his sexual drive by driving down bad people. If there was no one to kill, how does a healthy male spend his days??

Peace In Our Time??

One might argue there has not been a single moment in the evolution of the human race in which peace reigned on this planet. I was raised in the 1930s, witnessed World War II and the death of over sixty million people, served during the Korean War, endured the horror of Vietnman, and then lived on to witness the emergence of death and destruction in the Middle East. There has been a war in Syria for the past two years in which Syrians focus on murdering other Syrians. Frankly, it becomes unclear which people are the bad or the good guys. President Obama decided to become angry and threatened to do something about joining in the war, but most Americans are very tired of death and destruction so they told him to hold off. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Lakhdar Brahimi from the Arab League.

I assume they will meet, discuss how to prevent further chemical attacks. President Assad will issue some statement in which he promises to end use of chemical weapons, but slips in some comments that America must promise not to hurt him or apologize for saying nasty things about him. President Obama is “deeply committed to a negotiated solution with respect to Syria.” That is good news. Of course, now the fun begins determining what will be the negotiated agreement. The only certainty is that no one will be certain if the agreement is really going to wind up being an agreement.

Oh, during this process thousands will die. We are simply humans acting very human.

Exceptional Russian President

It is Friday, so Vladimir Putin has something exceptional to say about Russia or people he does not like or nations which lack the leadership possessed by the people of Russia. His current moment of anger is focused on American society. “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional.” Vladimir is a modest man. “There are big countries, and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy.” So, where do these Americans have the right to claim their society is the best? Got me.

As any objective individual knows, Vladimir Putin is the most exceptional leader in the world. Yes, all people are equal but he does make an exception for those of the gay and lesbian way of life. They do have a right to be treated in exceptional ways because they are exceptional and lack the right to be treated as an ordinary person.

HOpefully, one day the American people will be able to match the record for democracy currently held by those residing in Putin Land.

Spies In My Life

The United States of America has confronted a few minor problems during its 250 years as a nation. We had a civil war, we fought in one world war and then confronted a second one which witnessed the death of nearly 500,000. Of course, we had a great Depression, we had the Korean and Vietnam wars, but untilk 9/11 which cost the lives of 3,000 people, it has not been necessary for the government to devote billions in the pursuit of discovering what we ate for breakfast today. Obama government officials for three years have accessed data on thousands of US domestic phone numbers they had no legal right to secure. But, even worse they misrepresented their actions to a secret court in order to obtain reauthorizaton to once again spy. Officials argue that the complexity of computer systems, misunderstanding of laws, court orders, internal policies and God knows what else are the excuses given by the Obama government. I assume that former Constitutional Professor Barack Obama DOES know that ignorance of the law is NOT an excuse for breaking the law!

I understand that President Obama will justify any and all actions that violate the rights of Americans on ground that he is destroying their rights in order to protect their rights. NATIONAL SECURITY. Ah, the two magic words which allow the government to do whatever it damn well pleases. Back in 2009 a judge told the NSA counterterrorism office that records could not be shared with anyone you desired sharing in the office. Naturally, the records were shared. Such is the behavior of the former man from Harvard.

No And Yes

During my 83 years of life in the United States of America it has been my opportunity to witness the presidencies of fifteen presidents. I so awaited the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and expected great things from this man. My vote for him was the correct decision. However, little did I know this young man was politically inept and lacking in leadrship skills. As a child on the streets of New York City lesson one was-never make a threat unless you are 1000% confident it can be carried out. The second lesson was-avoid making threats. Obama got himself into a position in which he could not win a vote in Congress. HUH! A president who makes a decision to have a vote should have made completely certain the vote would be won. President Obama simply lacks a coherent foreign policy in the Middle East. Vladimir Putin has made him come across as the town fool.

Iran, Israel-Palestine-Syria-Egypt, all are possible foreign policy issues. Which is the most vital to peace in the region? I am not posing-which is the most humanitarian issue? A president must focus on what is most critical to the foreign policy issues confronting his nation. Barack Obama is clueless in Gaza and other areas of the region. Perhaps, it is time for President Obama to have someone in his administration who can focus him on foreign policy.

Alternative To War??

On each occasion that a nation or leader insists there is no alternative to war, someone points out possibilities of peace rather than of war. The Russian government is proposing that Syria turn over its chemical weapons to a United Nations control and thus end the possibility of air strikes by the United States. Russia argues this would end the problem of using chemical weapons in Syria and restore the possibility of peace in the Middle East. Secretary of State John Kerry’s initial reaction was that Syria is stalling. If Syria is engaged in stalling activities it is simply a matter of weeks or a few months before this becomes transparent.

France will prpose a resolution which requires Syria to place its chemcial weapons program under UN control. russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is working with UN officials to gain control of Syrian chemical weapons. Some argue this is a diversion, so what? What exactly is another two or three weeks?

Always opt for the road leading toward peace. OK, it may take a bit longer to wander down this road, but no one will die. Always remember: JAW, JAW, NOT WAR, WAR!

Putin Pontificates On Syria

President Vladimir Putin is a man of action. If you need someone to bring supplies to the surrounded fort, just make a phone call to the man who not only bares his chest in defiance of the world, but also makes clear that his mind is always focued on the issue of peace and love. When asked if he would help the beleagured nation of Syria, he did not hesitate for a moment when replying: “We will. We are helping them right now. We supply weapons, we cooperate in the economic sphere, and I hope will cooperate in the humanitarian provide for those civilians who are in a difficult situation.”

Vladimir is a caring man. After all, he spent early youth in the KGB, among the organizations in this world whose only concern is for the welfare of people. Heck, they send folk to an insane asylum to help get them insane. Need a beating today in order to feel happy and content, just give Vladimir a call. He just wants to help in a sort of humanitarian way– want help in building a new home, he will handle destruction of the old one. If only Barack understood the only way to work with a Republilcan Congess is turning over the problem to your local KGB agents.

Obama Screwup Extraordinaire

The story of President’s approach to foreign policy reveals his ineptitude and ignorance of foreign policy.A foreign policy must be based on national interests, and that does not mean checking on what each person in the country says on his cell phone. Which, at this moment, are the most vital issues confronting American national interests?

1. Developing a working relationship with Iran that leads to resolving our conflicts, and creating the basis of cooperating in the Middle East. If this goal is attained, it leads to resolution of the conflict in Syria.
2. Working with Palestinians and Israelis to achieve a resolution of their conflicts. Attaining this goal reduces violence in the region and ensures the interests of Palestinians coincides with those of Israel.
3. Working to establish a Middle Eastern Union that achieves for the Middle East what has been attained by the European Union. Today, the EU has ended war in Europe, THAT should be the goal of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Economic development in Egypt would diminish the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and establish the basis of democracy in Egypt.

Note that none of these goals deal with Syria. However, in attaining these foreign policy goals it leads to resolving the civil war in Syria.

You Can’t Bully Me!

The situation in Syria has now entered the stage of various nations and leaders making clear they will not be bullied by other entities in this clash of wills. President Bashar al-Assad is a murderer, a tyrant an evil man, but he is also simply one of many such creatures who are found in some part of the world. He kills his own people, he allows the murder of children and goes to bed at night with his family feeling perfectly normal. Of course, there are dozens of such individuals in this world and each has a sense of belief in his own normality. A major problem is that evil has become a norm so if one is evil, they are convinced that is nothing abnormal. Assad warned the United States that it if dared to bomb his land, there would be repercussions. “You’re going to pay the price” he informed President Obama.

The world, due to modern technology, has reached a point in human development in which there are no surprises as to what evil can or will do. The sickness of Assad is his belief that what he has done is simply a normal series of events. Assad does not believe himself to be doing anything wrong. THAT IS THE HUMAN CONDITION!!