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Jesus Christ!

Historically, the nation we term, Syria, has been divided between religions for two thousand years begining with some Jews and then some Christians and finally, the Muslims came along to confuse the entire situation. As some will recall, about three years ago a rebellion broke out in Syria when those not satisfied with the government of President Assad took up arms-and other such weapons of war. Most Christians in Syria supported the Assad regime because they feared the rise of Islamic fundamentalists who, already have done an excellent job of driving Christians from Iraq. The prospect of an Islamic government just was not the goal of Christians who witnessed half the Christian population flee from Iraq.

Ordinarily, most folk sort of leave nuns alone. We were raised with films about singing nuns and nuns caring for the sick and teaching sweet little kids. So, what happens in Syria? Rebel fighters have seized 12nuns from a convent located in a Christian village. I have called Father O’Malley and he is ready to fly to Syria and use his wonderful Irish brogue out on the rebels. If I was the rebel force, I would flee for my life to avoid the anger of the good father.

God Speaks In Arabic?

Since the dawn of we humans there have been humans who have direct connections to the Big Guy up in the sky. For some reason, the man with a long white beard appears to favor some, over other humans. A new group in Syria made clear that, after consulting with God is ready to fix up Syria and create a government of the clerics, for the clerics and by the clerics. Of course, when they use the word, “cleric” it refers to someone of the Muslim faith. After extensive discussions around Heaven, only the dead are allowed to enter, a group of leaders from the Islamic Front are ready to establish a new Muslim style government. Since Parliaments and democracies allow anyone to run for public office or to serve in one, the new Islamic Front will derive its just powers from an Islamic council rather than from any sovereign or secualr authority such as “the people.”

Of course, the Islamic Front pledged to listen to the voices of those not Muslim. Beyond listen, it is unclear as to what is the purpose of non-Muslims speaking or making suggestions. After all, if one has God on his side, who else counts?

Long Fight Headed Nowhere

Wars have a way of beginning with great fervor and determination to destroy some nation of evil leader or idea that appears to propagate an idea which is either loved or hated. Time passes. People die, people grow fatigued about the idea which once sent them into streets shouting for an idea. As time passes, buildings are blown up, bodies accumulate, limbs are lost and people grow weary and hungry. In Syria there are numerous groups and organizations whose goal is not merely to drive out President Assad, but to ensure that your group takes over and can become the new dictator whose goal is to get rid of this faction or that faction regardless of cost to the average person. Month one was wonderful and offered great hope. Month ten offered the prospect of great victory. By month twenty or twenty four, it was clear that among your fellow supporters of victory were some who not only wanted victory over Assad but victory over fellow enemies of Assad.

Ahmnad Khaled told a reporter he had been tortured and fired from his job and now simply wanted a place where he could rest and work and lead some sort of normal life. Abu Firas told a reporter: “The ones who fight now are from the side of thieves.” He simply wants, not a piece of power, but peace.

Putin Vs Pope Francis

Vladimir Putin decided to make a trip to Italy and along the way did pay a call to Pope Francis. The Great Leader-I do not refer to the Pope–gave a picture of the Madonna to the pontiff, and then quickly exited the Vatican. He had more important people to see like his dear friend and bully, Silvio Berlusconi. The Great Leader did not issue an invitation to Pope Francis to visit his fair land. One suspects he did not wish to confront the problem of having to arrest and place in prison the head of the Catholic religion who has made kind remarks about gays and lesbians. The warm words expressed by the Pope concerning gays and lesbians would most probably result in jail time in russia.

Putin most probably did not enjoy what Pope Francis said about wealthy folk. He defined unfettered capitalism as “a new tyranny” and urged those with wealth to share with those without. I have a strange idea his words echoed the thoughts of Jesus Christ, you know, the radical communist from the Middle East. Flash: Sarah Palin urges loyal Americans to boycott Catholic churches, they are simply centers of terrorism against our dear beloved wealthy people.

Syria, Syria, Where Goest Thou?

Each day the figures grow more horrible as to the number of dead people in Syria or the destruction of homes and public facilities that provide food or water or electricity. The death of Abdukl Qadir Saleh of the Tahrid Brigade has demonstrated the inability of those fighting for or against the Assad regime, to weave their way through the maze of contesting groups bent on death and destruction. Saleh for a time attempted to persuade competing groups who seek to overthrow the Assad regime to cooperate in this endeavor. He definitely failed to achieve that aim. Al-Qaeda clashes with secular forces who clash with different secular forces who are in conflict with Muslim fundamentalist forces and so on. Most probably we have passed a point at which a certain form of cease fire might have been achieved and now are at a new point. Russia seeks to become the mediator of record whose goal is halting the current conflict.

However, although we might be at a point in which “halting” is possible, we are far, far from “ending the conflict.” No powerful mediating force is present in Syria. Most probably any solution would have to be obtained by powerful outside forces creating a compromise upon those fighting and using the weapon of denying aid to compel some form of compromise. In other words, President Assad is here for the immediate

Death An Equal Oportunity Employer

The latest figures are in from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which includes hundreds of medical people who keep track of those who have been killed or wouonded during the current Syrian massacres. The new total is 120,296 human beings who are dead. The figures do not include those who have been physically or mentally damaged living through the horror that is Syria. At least 42,000 are civilians incuding 6000 children and 4200 women. About 25,000 rebel fighters are dead along with 48,000 loyalists in either the Syrian armed forces or defense brigades. So, what is the conclusion of this mass murder of people?

1. Conduct a civil war and a lot of civilians die.

2. Conduct a civil war and a lot of children die.

3. Conduct a civil war and people from every group of sect wind up dead.

4. We can never know how many were emotionally destroyed during a civil war.


Death In Syria Goes On And On

Another year of violence in Syria and Iraq will soon be upon us. Another year of murder and violence and people fleeing for their lives will soon be upon us. An estimated 100,000 Syrians have been murdered and an estimated seven million driven from their homes. Yesterday, Syrian Kurds seized a border crossing from al-Qaeda elements and a few thousand more people were heading some place, any place where they will not be killed by those who belong to their religion. President Assad clings to power, secular Muslims cling to their beliefs, Islamist militants insist their ideas must prevail in Syria and a few hundred die in agony. There are no more words to express of horror, there are no more platitudes to urge on the people of Syria. Death is their daily companion and death is always used to justify the murder of innocent whose only crime is to live in Syria or in neighboring Iraq.

Frankly, I have run out of words to write. The current world resembles the years in Europe when Catholic killed Protestant and vice versa. It took over a hundred years to conclude that madness. I assume this slaughter of the innocent will not end until the year, 2100?

Syria And Al-Qaeda

The up and down world of Syria continues to confuse and bedevil those seeking to assist the people of Syria. After being pressured to provide aid and assistance to Syrian rebels by members of Congress, President Obama has switched to a policy of neutrality. Moderate rebel forces were informed that aid would not be forthcoming unless there were guarantees al-Qaeda units would not receive any assistance. To make matters worse, it is now necesssary to cross areas held by al-Qaeda in order to gain access to moderate troops. The Obama administration has established conditions that must be met by moderates in order to obain any supplies.

It must agree to the US/Russian plan to control chemical weapons, no weapons will go to any al-Qaeda group and there must be support for negotiations. Moderates must distance themselves from al-Qaeda or there will not be any support. Simply stated, the situation is completely confused.

2020, everyone will still be fighting in Syria and Vladimir Putin will still head Russia. As for Barack Obama…

Saudi Arabia, Fighter For Freedom!

Saudi Arabia was offered a seat on the UN Security Council and turned down the offer because that body was not fighting for the rights of people in Syria nor for the rights of Palestinians. “The kingdom sees that the method and work mechanism and the double standards in the security council prevent it from properly shouldering its responsibilities towards world peace.” It is very upset at failure of the world body to deal effectively with the issue of securing peace for the people of Syria. Now, let me get this straight.

1. Saudi women are second class citizens who can not even drive a CAR!

2. There is no freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia.

3. People have hands chopped off for being a criminal.

4. Foreign workers are abused and exploited and frequently treated as semi-slaves.

Yes, Saudi Arabia stands for peace!

United Nations In Syria

A recent story from Germany reveals that hundreds of young men from that country have headed to Syria in quest of some fighting time. They will join thousands of Chechens, Libyans, Tunisians,Belgians, and folk from throughout the world. After all, going to Syria is like when Americans went to California in search of gold. I assume some of these men already have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya or Chad or who knows where in their quest for some meaning to life. How else learn about life than kill people? I suggest it is time to:

1. Establish a new Hall of Fame for the man or woman who has fought in the most places.

2. Create a new medal for gallentry in action.

3. Hold Second Amendment shooting contests.

4. Challenge President to an arm wrestling contest.

5. Create a new prayer for death.