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Watch What You Wear Or Do

The other day Ms. Aegu Terzian was on a bus in Ankara,Turkey, when some guy walked up to her and kicked her in the face. Abdullah Cakisroglu was upset because this woman was wearing shorts. “I wanted her to sit appropriately”and when she refused, he kicked her in the head. Abdullah was simply concerned about the feelings of mothers and fathers. He does raise a point.

1. The next time I see someone with a Trump sign, I should kick them in the face, after all, THEY make me upset. I have a right to defend myself against people who get me angry.

2. Donald Trump has every right to become angry at comments regarding his small hands. His hands are terrific when grabbing pussy, so why should liberals make fun  of them?

3. Hillary Clinton lacks stamina. She must be defeated, do we want a WOMAN to be our  president who can not even  spend a moment, let alone a day, in the men’s gym, hanging out with the guys!

4.Ok, Marco Rubio drinks lots of water when speaking, is that a crime? Did you notice that he makes certain the water bottle label can be seen by all. So, who is the dummy, Marco who makes money over those pictures, or Crooked Hillary, who louses up emails?

Turkish Leader Upset At Joke

Once upon a time, a long, long,time ago,there was laughter and humor in the world.Today, we have very serious leaders who interpret a joke as simply attacks on their dignity. Turkish President Recep Erdogan is furious because a German comic made fun of him.So, he set experts to work, and they uncovered a law passed four hundred years ago that could be used agains the comic for insulting the dignity of a nation’s chief of state. Erdogan is demanding that the German government indict comic Jan Bohmermann for the insult to his dignity.

I see no reason why the campaign to protect foreign leaders should be expanded since first, the joke, then shit left on their doorstep, and finally, a revolution. So, how about some new laws:

1. Any locker room banter about a member of a leader’s wife or daughter must result in removal of a penis, and guess which one that means?

2. Draw a beard on the picture of a great leader such as Recep Erdogan, and you will be  literally skinned alive.

3. For each joke about Erdogan, you must make two jokes about a family member.

4. There is need for a national joke contest, the winner gets a free trip to the nearest prison.

Turkey Twirls

During the past four years, the nation of Turkey has played a key role in conflicts raging in the Middle East. It supported the overthrow of President Assad, and opposed the entry of Iranian or Russian troops into the conflict. Ironically, just as it opposed the strong man regime of Assad, its then Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was endeavoring to become the all powerful ruler of Turkey.

On one hand, Erdogan wanted Assad removed, on the other hand, he opposed some of the groups fighting to get rid of Assad. In fact, Erdogan did nothing to prevent thousands of ISIS followers from entering his country and making their way to Syria. Ironically, it was simply a matter of time before ISIS began to target his government. There have been several suicide bomb attacks in Turkey. So,now,Erdogan is sending troops and tanks to fight ISIS. But, he opposes other anti-Assad groups.

One needs a score card to figure out who or what President Erdogan opposes. However, it is clear that he overwhelmingly supports getting more and more power to become the dictator of Turkey!

Bombs Away In Turkey

The government of President Recep Erdogan is committed to the goal of ending democracy in Turkey. The so-called ‘coup’ attempt by soldiers has been crushed. Of course,no  one knows if this ‘coup’ was organized by President Erdogan as part of a plan to destroy opposition parties. He used this “coup’ as the means of arresting over 50,000 people,including members of the military, judges, lawyers,teachers,professors,deans of colleges,journalists and he made certain to close any and all opposition journals.  These steps were taken in order to “save democracy” from evil opponents of the president.

At the same time as seeking to end democracy, President Erdogan has stepped up his campaign to destroy the rights of Kurds in Turkey. He prefers to fight Kurdish soldiers who oppose Syrian President Assad even though Erdogan wants to end the regime of Assad. Yesterday, a 13 year old boy walked into a marriage ceremony of Kurds and blew himself up. Most probably by ISIS. In one word, Turkey has become a MESS!

Sad Days In Turkey

Fifteen years ago when Recep Erdogan became  prime minister of Turkey, both conservatives and liberals expected positive changes in the nation. They rallied behind his efforts to control the military and prevent future military coup attempts that, at least temporarily, ended democracy. In those days he was aided by followers of Fetullah Gulen, a fairly progressive Muslim who wanted a democracy not controlled by the military.

After about seven years of power during which Erdogan had respected democratic institutions, the desire for power grew stronger and stronger. By this  year, Turkey had more journalists in jail than in any other nation. He closed newspapers that disagreed with his policies, and fired judges who respected the law. Last month a “coup” endeavored to overthrow his government. He claims it was initiated by followers of Gulen, and so far over 40,000 people have been arrested.

At this point, the free press of Turkey no longer exists. Thousands of teachers and professors have lost their jobs. Judges have been fired. Turkey has become the latest nations ruled by a dictator. Sad times to be turkey!

Buddies Again

There is an old expression that birds of a feather flock together. Well, we now have an example as Turkey and Russia agree to end their conflict and work together on issues in the Middle East. The drive to become buddies after Turkey shot down a Russian plane, and refused to apologize arose from the recent attempted “coup”by some Turkish officers to overthrow the Erdogan government. Erdogan insists the coup was planned by Fetullah Gulen, a former ally, who Erdogan insists is involved in secret plans to overthrow his government.

Actually, Erdogan has used the failed coup to virtually end democracy in Turkey. Over sixty thousand Army officers, police officers, judges, lawyers, deans of college, classroom teachers and journalist are now in prison. President Erdogan demands the American government turn over Gulen who currently lives in the US. “Sooner or later the US will make a choice. Either Turkey or FETO(Gulen’s group.”

Unfortunately for Erdogan, in the US there are courts -not under control by the government to obey its demands. In order to send Gulen back to Turkey necessitates a court procedure. It is NOT a decision the president can make by himself. This concept of limited power by the president is foreign to President Erdogan and President Putin.

Terror In Turkey

President Recep Erdogan just crushed an attempt to overthrow the government of Turkey. Erdogan has been gradually assuming complete control over the government, he has closed numerous newspapers for daring to make critical comments about his government. In Erdogan, Turkey, any insult of the president is a crime, of course, praising him is not. Since the coup was crushed, thousands have been arrested, including judges, police, attorneys, college professors and college deans, and Turkey now leads the world in the number of journalists in prison.

A coup leader, Colonel Levent Turkkan, has admitted the plot was directed by Fetullah Gulen, a former friend of Erdogan, who now lives in America. Of course,Colonel Turkkan told his story with a face filled with scars, and hands in bandages. Could some torture be the cause? It is now clear that followers of Gulen carried out the coup, but can anyone prove that Gulen, himself organized the attack? In the meantime, thousands of innocent people are being brutalized, denied their jobs, and persecuted by the government.

Turkish Democracy Dying

It is unfortunate the people of Turkey have their own version of Donald Trump, and his name is Recep Erdogan. Last week an alleged, “coup” by some Army officers and men, attempted a bungled  effort to overthrow the strongman who wants to make Turkey Great Again. So far, he has arrested over 200 Generals, a few thousand  other officers, thousands of teachers, thousands of policemen, half the judges in the country, and half the lawyers. Erdogan wants to “cleanse society” and this means putting  thousands into jail who had nothing to do with the coup.

US generals are worried because they have been working with Turkish  officers in the campaign to defeat ISIS. Erdogan’s wild behavior has wrecked the Turkish army, and made it difficult to  pursue the war against terrorism. The real tragedy is the death of Turkish democracy. In 1933, newly come to power, Adolf Hitler created an alleged plot by Communists to assume dictatorial power. Recep Erdogan is simply the latest  petty dictator who frighten people to assume dictatorial power.

Democracy Dying Daily In Turkey

I confess to mixed feelings about the recent failed coup in Turkey. One one hand, thee is need to end the rule of  President Erdogan who has stifled democracy in Turkey. As a result of the failed coup he has already fired  25,000 teachers, 1,500 Deans of colleges, 20,000 government officials, and arrested one third of generals and admirals in the armed forces. Not a single one of these people was presented with any criminal charges, they will not have a fair trial–that is, if they actually have a trial.

If the coup had succeeded then Turkey at this moment would have been the scene of another Syria. Conservative Muslims would have picked up arms and initiated a civil war that would make the Syrian a side show. A Turkish civil war would have sent over 2,000,000 Turks into the EU which would have created a disaster.We express our sorrow for the people of Turkey as they witness the end of democracy in their nation.

Turkey, Nation Doomed

Since becoming, first the prime minister, and then the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan has increasingly gained complete control of the nation. A democracy increasingly has become the personal domain of Recep Erdogan. A group of Army officers attempted to overthrown the president, and the coup was crushed. Nearly 20,000 people, army officers, lawyers, judges,government officials, and journalists have been arrested. The days of democracy in Turkey are getting fewer and fewer.

Much as we wish a real revolution could have swept Erdogan from power,its defeat bodes well for the world. A successful coup would have transformed Turkey into a giant Syria mess. Once this civil war began, millions of Turks would have attempted to enter the EU causing chaos and allowing right wing fanatics to gain power in France, Italy, Hungary and Poland. It would have been the end of the European Union. Alas, people of Turkey, the failure  of the coup avoided an even greater tragedy.