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Democracy Ends In Turkey

There is something ironic in the crushing of an attempt by some Turkish soldiers who wanted to take over the government in order to save what remains of democracy in Turkey. Unfortunately, these rebels lacked any sense of how to conduct a coup and they were cut to pieces by the government of President Recep Erdogan. The President of Turkey has gradually arrested or suppressed the  media, has placed in jail more journalists than any other national leader, and begun to re-introduce religious law in a nation that outlawed such legislation over ninety  years ago.

Erdogan is the Donald Trump of Turkey. He uses fear of Kurds to arouse people to the need of ending democracy in order to save democracy. With defeat of the coup, it will now be open season on arresting thousands who want a democratic Turkey. This is one success of the Trump fear and loathing political process!

Democracy Defeated In Turkey

Ordinarily, an Army coup to overthrow a democratically elected government would result in this blog supporting the success of government to defeat this attack. However, the Army coup in Turkey was the last possible hope to save democracy in Turkey from the ever increasing dictatorial government of Recep Erdogan. President Erdogan has closed down opposition newspapers, he has placed in prison more journalists than any other government in the world, and he has employed hysteria to gain complete control over the government.

He blames an American based Muslim cleric, Fetalluah Gulen for fomenting the coup. Once Erdogan and Gulen were allies, but when it comes to power, Recep Erdogan has no allies. Several hundred people are dead, about 3,000 soldiers under arrest. But, democracy is hanging by a thread in Turkey. Erdogan will use the coup to become even more dictatorial!

Male Chauvinist Pig

This article deals with the male chauvinist pig ideas of Recep Erdogan, the power mad ruler of Turkey who knows what and where women should be and what and where women should not be.Listen to this man discuss women:

“Women who do abstains from maternity by saying, ‘I am working,” means that she is actually denying her femininity. She is lacking an is half a person no matter how successful she is in the business world. I absolutely do not accept business life as an alternative to motherhood.”

Ok, hopefully Turks have gotten the message– women get yourself fucked at least once a year, get pregnant, clean the house, make certain your husband is weary at night from all the nice sex, and produce babies. If you produce babies, President Erdogan is happy and he can go home and produce some babies, particularly, female ones who can grow up to become HOUSEWIVES!!

Turkey’s Donald Trump

President Recep Erdogan fervently believes that he is God’s gift, not merely to the people of Turkey, but to the entire human race. Naturally, this means if anyone, particularly members of the media dare to make a  single negative comment about his increasingly totalitarian rule, they must spend time in prison reflecting upon their inability to understand his greatness. Turkey for decades has been a major center of moderate Muslim groups–along with more fundamentalist sections of the nation–but Erdogan no longer wishes to tolerate those who question his authority on religious questions.

He recently commented upon the idea of sexual planning. “I am saying this, clearly, we will increase our posterity and reproduce generations. As for population planning and birth control, no Muslim family can engage in such a mentality.” These are sad days for the people of Turkey.

Recep Is Angry At EU!

Over the past fifteen years Recep Erdogan has gone from being a mayor in Turkey to its prime minister and when that got boring, he decided to become President of Turkey. When he became prime minister there actually were newspapers and magazines that were legally allowed to write about the government without having  to clear things with Recep. His Justice and Development party now rules the nation. In an election held early in the year, this party fell to only receiving 39% of the vote. Well, if one is the Big Guy in a nation, he created a “threat” from Kurdish groups seeking to obtain their rights and transformed them into a terrorist group bent on taking over the nation. Two months ago his party gained over 40% of the vote.

The European Union led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reached out to Erodgan with a plan. The EU would give Turkey over $8 billion if they prevented Syrian immigrants to head for Europe. One condition of this agreement was that Erdogan would adhere of EU guidelines on freedom of the press. Turkey now has the most journalists in jail of any society in the world. Well, Recep is furious at this example of “colonialism” which seeks to take away his right to take away the freedom of Turks!

So, What About Syria?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have made income inequality the main issue in their contest to become the candidate for president, but one more terrorist attack and  many Americans will be more interested in physical security than financial security. Neither candidate has offered any sort of foreign policy program that deals with this key issue. There is a large segment of the American population that is scared stiff. So, what can Bernie or Hillary offer that might address this issue?

1. It is time to be realistic. It is time to call for a new anti-terror alliance that involves the US, Europe, Russia and Iran.

2. During World War II the US and England formed an alliance with the Soviet Union. Yes, the Soviet Union was led by a dictator who would make Vladimir Putin come across as a choir boy. But, VICTORY was the name of the game.

3. Iran has boots on the ground in Syria–the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah, so let the US offer Special Operations and air might.

4. It is time to make clear to Turkey the Kurds are part of the anti-terrorist equation.

Yes, terrorism can be defeated in Syria. So, Bernie and Hillary, offer a damn plan!

Handling The Refugee Crisis

After months of haggling and horrific pictures of dead drowned children, members of the European Union have finally developed a “Plan.” According to agreements with Turkey, the EU will accept about 72,000 refugees currently trapped in Turkey. The EU will provide Turkey with at least $3 billion in order to provide temporary living areas for the two or three million refugees that have been unable to reach an EU nation and seek to be admitted as a seeker for asylum. This so-called “plan’ is simply akin to shifting the chairs on the Titanic just before she crashed into an iceberg.

The reality is there can not be a resolution to the refugee problem until the war in Syria has ended,and people feel assured they can return home to their past lives without being subjected to death and poverty. This means:

1. President Assad has to depart according to a specific schedule. This is not negotiable –even if it means he retains power for a year or so.

2. Arab nations within the region must come together as part of an army that is committed to wiping out every militant force in Syria. The US and Russia can provide the air power.

3. The issue is NOT democracy–it is stability so that people can lead normal lives. Most probably, they will not be living in democratic societies for at least a decade.

4, Any  policy requires COMPROMISE. Again, THE issue is -stability and normality.

Who Are Bad Guys In Syria?

I realize that Republicans want to carpet bomb Syria into oblivion, but these days it is mighty hard to figure out who in the hell to bomb. For example:

1. There is the Free Syrian Army which hates President Assad and the Russians.

2. Turkey wants to bomb anti-Assad groups but also wants to bomb Kurds which are anti-Assad fighters.

3. The Russians are bombing enemies of President Assad but sort of ignoring ISIS and al Qaeda.

4. The US, England,France, Jordan and god knows who else is bombing Assad and his allies but not Russian ones.

5. The Democratic Union army is sort of anti-Assad but also anti those fighting Assad.

6. The Iranians help Assad and the Saudis help anti-Assad and also attack some  anti-Assad fighters.

We challenge anyone to come up with a score card as to who are the right guys to bomb!

Bad Times In ISIS Land

These are not the best of times in ISIS land what with Russian bombings, American bombings, Turkish bombings, and even Saudi Arabia bombings. Then again,there is always the problem that if Donald Trump is elected he will personally lead the wipe out of ISIS based on his great, great plan. ISIS us cutting salaries ending free utilities, reducing marriage bonuses, and worse of all, no more free energy drinks or Snicker bars! We  offer some advice.

1. Instead of beheading, why not switch to ransom?

2. Make a deal with Walmart to sell black tee shirts with the ISIS logo.

3. How about tours which include one beheading?

4. I have a hunch some of those brides after a few weeks in ISIS land would not mind being married off to some rich Arabs.

5. ISIS might offer to provide protection for Trump when he speaks in Texas or the southwest.


Turkey Has To Get Its Act Together

Turkey has an armed force which contains close to one million soldiers. They are trained, they are led by excellent officers and the problem of corruption is of scant concern. Turkey has the capability of wiping out ISIS in Syria with its armed forces. Of course, it can readily close the border between Turkey and Syria to prevent terrorists from walking into Syria and aiding ISIS.

Of course, this would require President Erdogan to  cease playing a poor imitation of the Strong Man of the Year and become a serious partner in the fight  to end ISIS as a key force for evil. Turkey can handle this entire operation by itself without ANY aid from outside forces.

Problem: Erdogan insists that President Assad depart, quickly. How  about a meeting between Obama, Putin and Erdogan which outlines a plan that allows Assad three more months of power and then he departs for Saudi Arabia?