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It’s Springtime In Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is always worried about some secret plot against his government which thus requires strict control over the nation. A teen ager was recently convicted of terrorism because she took part in demonstrations against destroyig a park. Tough guy Erdogan shouted to the world, “I’m saying it clearly: the provocations that some are aiming to stage are attempts against the national will, peace and the electoral process.. These provocations will fail.” He is constantly shouting fear and defiance even though he is the one in power.

We recommend that Prime Minister Erdogan become a commentator on Fox News where he would be happy and at ease worrying about something or someone who is a “threat to security.” There are no threats to security. Calm down and relax. How about supporting democracy?

Turkey In Trouble, Not Thanksgiving Turkey

The military government of Egypt has asked the ambassador from Turkey to head home, and this request has nothing to do with the Thanksgiving turkey, it is merely a request to cease bothering in the internal affairs of their nation. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is sensitive about any nation or group interfering with decisions or policies of his Justice and Development party, but the Turkish strong man thinks nothing of offering “advice” to the government of Egypt. Erdogan refuses to recognize that former President Morsi refused to support the principle of democracy and attempted to transform an opportunity for a new birth of human rights by imposing a government run by clerics seeking to impose sharia law upon secular forces and the Coptic Christian minority. Ironically, Erdogan has not followed a similar course of leadership. Egypt would be torn to pieces in sectarian strife and fury if Morsi had remained in power. He had lost the confidence of Egyptian youth and he had sent fear into the hearts of Coptics who feared for their lives.

Egypt must create a society that can produce jobs for a young generation that has education, but no work. It must create a society in which the minority Christian Coptics can live in peace. Above all, it must create a government in which the military remains in its barracks, not in government offices.

Boys And Girls-Dangerous World

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is prime minister of the country of Turkey and his Justice and Development party has responsibilities to the people of that nation to protect the moral values of society. He has been following very carefully reports that in college dormitories some rather strange actions are occurring. It appears that boys and girls are not only in classes together, but they are living in dormitories together. According to Recep, “it’s not clear what is going on in these places. They are all mixed up,anything can happen. As a conservative democratic government, we have to intervene.” I do understand what he is saying. After all, in the democratic society of the United States of America, the government has to intervene to make certain we speak to the right people so what is wrong about the government intervening to ensure that boys live with boys and girls live with girls?

I wonder if the prime minister understands that if girls are living with girls and boys are living with boys, the possibility exists that boys will be making love to boys and girls to girls. I hate to tell you, Recep, but you may be fostering gays and lesbians to have romps in the bed together. I also gather that you want to check into houses where there are males and females living together. Does this mean your party opposes baby making in Turkey?

Lead Them Wrongly

Several months ago, young people in Turkey demonstrated in order to protest the demolition of a park in order to build new malls. A few died in the protests, and hundreds were wounded or wound up in jail. Many school principals supported efforts of students to fight in defense of human rights. These principals are now being punished by the Turkish government for doing their job of educating youth to defend human rights. Several already have been demoted by the job of “teacher” while others were reassigned to other administrative positions. Their crime was encouraging young people to believe in the right of young people to stand for human rights.

Many school leaders have been compelled to testify they supported “meetings and Demonstrations” which apparently is against the law in Turkey. Of course, that means one was involved in a meeting that was not approved by the government. All government approved meetings are OK.

Doth Protest Too Much

The Turkish Justice and Development Party is very anxious to ensure that all Turks understand the importance of expressing their views on the conduct of freedom of speech in their nation. Police have detained 35 youth organization members because they have yet to grasp they do have a right to protest against the government. However, they must understand the importance of protest is to make clear to the population that people are protesting to ensure the government understands they support government policies. For some strange reason there are still some youth groups believing they have a right to protest AGAINST government policies.

We strongly support efforts of Prime Minister Erdogan to educate Turkish youth in the importance of being in accord with government policies. This prevents sending youth to prison which ensures there are more youth outside to protest in support of the government. Hopefully, one day Turkish youth will be on the barricades supporting policies that violate their human rights. Then, all will be at peace in Turkey.

Japan To Rescue On Atomic Energy

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that Japan has signed an agreement with Turkey to build a new nuclear plant for the government of Turkey. There is no report of demands from the United States for Japan and Turkey to submit their plans for atomic energy production to the United Nations nor the American Congress. Of course, if Japan announced plans to build a nuclear plant in Iran, sirens would have sounded alarms set off since under no condition can Iran be allowed to have a nuclear energy program like Israel or Pakistan or France. There is something bizarre with the prospect of Japan being tutor to those seeking nuclear development.

Prime Minister Abe argues who better than Japan to aid nuclear programs, after all they are the only ones who actually experienced an atomic bomb? Who else better understands problems associated with nuclear energy??

Care to build rest homes for opposition leaders or gypsies? Check with the German government.

Marry Them Old

Turkey remains among the more progressive of Muslim nations in the Middle East and its government is not supportive of forced marriages for young women. Family and Social Policies Minister made clear that she will take drastic action against parents who force their young daughters to marry a man of their choice. “We will raise the current punishment by 50 percent” if mothers and fathers pursue this policy of denying young women the right to decide who they will marry. She bluntly told all parents, “The punishments should be harshened and child marriages should be prevented.”

Currently, parents forcing marriage of minors can wind up in jail for about fifteen years. I suspect any harshening would involve the government marrying off mothers and fathers. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Death In Paris

Many cultural or ethnic groups in the world continue to survive without a homeland. The presence of Jews in the nation of Israel continues to anger those of Arab heritage who disagree with the concept of nationhood for specific groups. The Irish had to wait hundreds of years in order to obtain a homeland. Kurds remain one of those groups which have existed as a “group” for over a thousand years without the presence of a homeland. The Turkish government continues to oppress and abuse Kurds who attempt to live in peace within the boundaries of the Turkish nation. French investigators are now examining the murder of three Kurdish women in Paris. There is evidence a Turkish man killed them. The key question today is who ordered their execution.

It is time for Turkey to reach out to Kurds and allow them to become loyal Turkish citizens. The benefit is ending violence and helping to establish a united nation. A thousand years is sufficient time to wait.

Israel Turkish Woes

For over fifty years Turkey had close working relations with the state of Israel and was probably the Jewish ally in the Middle East. Then, along came Bibi Netanyahu who decided to invade Gaza without discussing this action with Turkish officials. He refused to allow Turkish aid to be delivered to the people of Gaza and in the ensuing capture of a Turkish vessel, several Turkish citizens were killed. Bibi refused to apologize for these murders and proceeded to insult members of the Turkish government. It is now revealed that Turkish intelligence officers informed the Iran government of the names of Iranian civilians who worked for Israel intelligence. Surprise, surprise, Bibi is angry at this information being supplied to the Iranians.

If Bibi placed high value on Israel’s relations with Turkey none this never would have occurred. Netanyahu destroyed Israel relations with the ONLY ally of his country in the Middle East! How much dumber can one get???

Don’t Show, Don’t Reveal

I confess to the crime of being a voyeur. I enjoy gazing at a female body. Gozde Kansu, WAS a host on a TV program in Turkey. Today, she is not a host and is unemployed for the crime wearing a dress that apparently revealed too much cleavage. Let me cleave away from proper thinking and support her claim of being fired because some bureaucrat in the Turkish government does not like to see female boobs–at least in public, I assume that he does gaze at the boobs of his wife. Ms. Kansu charges her station managers for giving into what ONE government official demanded. “Sacrificing me was the easiest thing they could have done and they did.”

Her producer now claims “her way of presentation and style was not in line with ths show’s aims.” Ratings were in the normal range, there were no audience protests, but ONE government official did not agree with cleavage so off the show she goes. Government bureaucrat Huseyin Celik found her dress “extreme” because of cleavage. How about allowing we mean the right of cleavage? In America we enjoy that right, check the Constitution.