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Muslims DO Believe In Female Rights!

Among the myths propagated by conservatives is that women in Muslim societies are treated as second class citizens and do not enjoy equal rights. This is certainly true in many Muslim nations, but it is also true in many Çhristian and Jewish nations. Turkey has worked for many decades to address this issue, and, while equality has yet to be achieved, its courts assist such efforts. A Turkish woman, Sevin Akat Ekri applied for the right to keep her maiden name after being married. Lower courts denied her that right, but the Turkish Constitutional Court ruled that every woman in Turkey had the right to keep her maiden name under provision of Article 17 and under provision of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. However, the woman must also keep her husband’s surname in addition.

No, women do not in Turkey have complete equal rights, but the battle to attain them is progressing. This simply proves that it is perfectly compatible in a Muslim nation to be Muslim and provide equal rights for women. Consider the plight of single women in American society who raise children abandoned by husband, and are denied free childcare so that she can enter the job market. We, in America, also have a long way to go before equality is guaranteed for women.

Turkey Hunt In Turkey

The nation of Turkey is engaged in a great shootout as to whether or not it can retain its democratic traditions which have prevailed, in one way or another, for decades. This is a nation which seeks to become a model of how Islamic leaders can govern without intruding into the rights of secular people and those who are not fervent followers of their faith. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has ended rule of military men who continually seized power if they did not like civilian leaders. However, as the tyranny of military rule ended, the tyranny of the Justice and Development Party(AKP) rule as replaced it. However, the hidden force of Fethullah Gulen and his Gulen movement now stands in the way of total power for the AKP.

Most probably, secret agents of the Gullen movement are in power positions within the judiciary or police or secret service and they are playing a role in fostering investigations into corruption in government. Courts again rejected demands by Erdogan to release the 26 people currently being detained for corruption. For example, a bank head was found with $4.5 million hidden in shoe boxes, hardly the place a bank keeps deposits. Gullen, the former ally of Erdogan, is now challenging him for power.

PM Erdogan Is The Turkish Tough Guy!

Recep Erdogan is prime minister of Turkey and he has ruled this land with a tough political stance that has removed the power of its military to interfere with the democratic process. For eleven years, tough guy Erdogan has wiped out military leaders, challenged Israel, fought the Kurds, and made clear to one and all that HE is the MAN who makes final decisions in Turkey. There is scant question that Erdogan has played an important role in establishing the rule of civilians in modern Turkey. But, along the way of power he has become a power within the nation. During the past month, Turkey’s police and judiciary have uncovered evidence of corruption within the halls of government. It was one thing for police and the judiciary to uncover plots by the military, and quite another for them to uncover plots by members of the Erdogan government. Three ministers already have resigned, and several member of his own party have left the Justice and Development Party(AKP) in disgust.

In his New Year message, Erdogan came out swinging against those who seek to end corruption. “The December 17 plot is an assassination attempt hidden inside the package of corruption. The December 17 plot is targeting the people’s government” by seeking to end democracy!

President Abdullah Gul who has stood apart from charges of corruption summed up the response to Erdogan by pointing out that a democratic society is “governed by the rule of law.” And, that includes the prime minister and his associates!

A Turkish Crisis!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party(AKP) have run Turkey for the past eleven years. Erdogan was successful in forcing the Turkish military establishment to cease interfering in the government of Turkey and finally deciding their role was not to step in when it thought the government was not conducting itself in accordance with the constitution. But, there is always a price to pay if one party remains in power for over a decade- the cost is invariably CORRUPTION. At least three government ministers have been charged with corruption and the list most probably is much longer. Instead of welcoming the work of Turkish prosecutors, Erdogan has decided to oppose any attempt upon those who work in his government. He claims there is a vast “conspiracy” which leads back to the United States or Israel or nations of the European Union. When in doubt these years, just shout, “CIA” or “NSA” and millions will believe anything that you utter.

According to Erdogan, “those who called this operation a corruption operation are themselves the very ones who are corrupt.” He has taken Public Prosecutors off the case, he has bullied the courts and is nonstop in complains about the “American conspiracy” rather than addressing issues of concern about corruption. Thousands are in the streets of Turkish cities yelling demands for change. The police are blocking efforts of the judiciary to carry out its work. The question remains: will Erdogan support or block this corruption investigation?

Cover Up For God

There are many issues which create conflict in the world, but none more divisive but the question of whether or not God demands that all human life cover up their head when going about daily life. For some reason, God wants men and women to cover head when in a house of worship, but when men and women go out, females definitely have to cover the head, but it is not so necessary for men. Nearly a hundred years ago in Turkey, revolutionaries seized power and decided to curb the authority of Muslim clerics. They made it illegal for women to wear headscarves when at school or in public building. Thus was born the great heads carve war which has raged for all these years. A moderate Muslim political party now controls the government and it passed legislation that allows females to cover up the head when in college classrooms or in the parliament of Turkey.

Justice and Development Party Deputy, Canan Canemir Celik addressed the body on Wednesday while wearing her heads carve. We are pleased to report there were no earthquakes, no floods, the Earth still exists and there are no reports of mass rape and desolation. Enough with this silliness.

Boycott Educators Boycotts Freedom

It is one thing to boycott a corporation which is led by those with money and power within society, it is another to boycott an academic association which is composed of men and women who are fighting for human justice. The American Studies Association voted to boycott Israel academic institutions because of Israel’s violations of international law and Un resolutions. The occupation of the West Bank has resulted in abuse of academic and student human rights as well as intruding on the rights of students and professors. There is no doubt West Bank settlers have illegally seized the land of Palestinians and deprived them of fair access to water. Palestinian President Abbas made a clear distinction between boycotting Israel institutions vs aiming at West Bank products.

The American Association University Professors(AAUP) has rejected a call to boycott Israel academic institutions. Such boycotts only aid the forces of oppression in Israel. Outside groups should be supporting the fight inside Israel by academic leaders who want a democratic society. Focus on West Bank settlers and support forces of democracy.

Is Swearing Bad?

I am from the streets of the Bronx where use of such choice words as, fuck, or shit or bastard and other such sundry words of wisdom are part of our normal employment of the English language. I was not surprised that female members of the Turkish Parliament are up in arms because male members make use of not-so-nice Turkish words and hurt the feelings of women. They claim men are using “obscene” language on the floor of the legislature. A group issued a statement to their male companions which made clear, “we reject all disrespectful behaviors and all swearwords used inside Parliament. We express that we find these very ugly. Please don’t swear, please don’t use women in swear words.”

Sorry ladies, if you seek to represent a nation then you will have to represent all those who reside within it. Some, such as myself, enjoy using swearwords because those expressions more accurately convey our feelings,our moods and our anger. Join the angry majority who are tired of being fucked over by the wealthy of any nation. It is disrespectful to allow children to go without food or medical care, those are acts of fucking the poor.

Mature Females In Turkey: Stay Home!

I was shocked last month to learn about a judge in Wyoming who reduced the sentence of a teacher convicted of rape because the man was a nice guy and did not realize the sexually well endowed girl was not eighteen and not eligible for sex with men. Our American judge believed if young girls wanted to walk around with big busts they should expect men to rape them. Fast forward to Turkey. A court in Ankara released seven of ten men accused of raping two minor girls after concluding the victims came across as more mature than their actual age The 12 and 14 year olds had run away from home only to encounter a group of men, blinded by their bosoms, and thus forced into raping them. They were raped by ten men thirteen times.

This ten man rape occurred more than one time. It was a repeated occurrence. The girls admitted to seeking sex, but the prosecutor argued their statement could not be the basis of acquittal. However, the judges argued: the girls looked older, they admitted to seeking sex, so what else could they do but release the men.

Word of warning: if you look 17, just remain home. Then, you will avoid being raped.

Who Is Kissing Whom??

Several months ago in Turkey some strange events unfurled during protests by thousands in Turkey who were protesting the attempted destruction of Gezi Park in order to build a mall. It has come to attention of authorities that while thousands of young people were in the streets, many engaged in various forms of unnatural acts that violate what religions seek to maintain. One report indicates some young people drank a beer or so, and some may even have indulged in a glass of wine!

However, the most horrible story to emerge from this tale of wanton heresy is that some young people who had taken refuge in a mosque from the rifle butts of soldiers decided to kiss while in a mosque!! Imagine the shock to God to witness his followers kissing!! What next, humans engaging in sexual activity and producing children??

In Turkish Democracy Opposition Limited

Turkey is regarded as a democratic nation. It has a Pariament, it has newspapers which can print their ideas, it has elections, it has schools, it has multiple organizations and it has a government led by Prime Minister Recep Erdogan which believes that in a democracy the government has the right to decide what opposition groups can print. The opposition Republican People’s Party(CHP) was informed by advertising companies that it’s political billboards could not be printed because they displayed words that were “over-crtical” of the government.” These advertising companies obtain contracts from the government so they do not wish to lose business by allowing free speech. After all, which comes first, free speech or dough?

This is simply one more piece of evidence that PM Erdogan has decided that since in the past his party was persecuted it is now time for him to get revenge. This is short sighted and eventually will divide and fracture the basis of democracy in Turkey.