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Watch Them Boobs

I am always fascinated how Muslim men are so concerned with the dress of females, but pay no attention as to the dress of males. It comes across as fascination with the female body, but avoidance of interest with the male. Huseyin Celik, spokesperson of the Turkish Justice and Development Party apparently has nothing else to do in life other than checking out how TV female hosts dress. He must watch the TV show, Veliaht because he spotted its host, Gozde Kansu wearing a dress that revealed, at least to him, too much cleavage. She apparently will be fired. First, they go around with a low cut dress, next they are belly dancing. Next, they are doing sex on the program.

Isn’t it time for government officials to check on how men dress?

Turkish Rights Denied

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has been charged by Amnesty International with gross violation of human rights in handling protests by Turkish citizens over the construction of a mall. AI charges “the attempt to crush the Gezi Park protest movement involoved a string of human rights violations on a huge scale.” During the police assault on protestors six people were killed andmore than 8,000 injured.Amnesty notes that live ammunition was used against protesters although none of them was armed nor did they pose any physical threat to the government. According to Amnesty International the handling of this incident it an example of “When Turkey took torture to the streets.”

It is doubtful if any actions taken by government forces will ever go to trial or be punished in any manner or form. Calm police actions could have handled this situation without any injuries to anyone-police or those protesting.

No Place For Terrorism!

It has become a common assumption among Americans that terrorism is something that occurs in Muslim nations. It is a common assumption among Americans that Muslim clerics support terrorism and promise young boys and girls a place in heaven if only they will kill and kill. Mehmet Gormez, president of the Directorate General for Religious Affairs in Turkey, challenged the argument of any Muslim who believes it is religously sanctioned to murder in the name of Mohammad. He argues it is impossible to find references in Islam that permit attacking people of different faiths on ground it is one’s Muslim duty to murder infidels. “These things are totally outside of Islam andare things that Islam rejects and never accepts.”

He emphasized that for a Muslim, “the right thing is to condeman all people and organizations who want to smear Islam. This is a crucial thing that all scientists, clerics, religious associations and politicians should do.” Amen

Should Convicts Vote?

The European Court of Human Rights(ECHR) made clear to the government of Turkey that it had violated the right to free elections by ordering a ban on the right of those in prison to participate in voting during elections. The Court ruled such a ban on voting rights did not take into account the nature oor gravity of the offence, the length of the prison sentence or the prisoner’s individual conduct or circumstances. Unlike in the United States where a prisoner can lose the right to vote, this ban only lasts while in jail.

Most American states deny the right to vote. However:

1. Buusiness people who rob people of their life savings continue to vote.

2. Police who beat up prisoners continue to vote.

3. Men who physically abuse wife or girl friend still vote.

4. Football players who fumble and lose the game still vote.

I think we need to change voting laws!

Let’s Ban Something

We inhabit a world in which men appear to spend their days seeking to discover some evil on the part of women that must be banned. The Gazi Antolian High School in Turkey has won the idiot ban award for its recent action against female students. Are females engaging in loose sex? No. Are females engaged in heavy drinking? No. Are females smoking drugs? Nope. The females at this high school go around dressed in skirts! Imagine, dressed in skirts? What next? School authorities have banned the use of skirts and from now on females will wear pants. They must be dressed appropriately in school colors and the school uniform.

I am certain parents in this province can sleep peacefully knowing their daughters are not wearing skirts. One more problem solved for anxious parents!

Abort Or Not

Throughout human history the act of abortion was commonly employed for a variety of reasons. Due to poverty or desire not to have a baby the act of abortion would be employed. It was much more common after the baby was born for the child to be killed-often due to having a female when the parents wanted a male. A woman in Turkey was raped by your local policeman and asked the court to allow her to have an abortion. Turkish law does allow an abortion,but many hospitals will not perform one after the eighth week without a court order. Actually, the woman was raped at your local police station. After being assualted in the police station, several days later the cop took her to a cemetary and once again raped her.

I belive there are grounds for an abotition. As for the policeman,…..

Bomb Me–I Bomb YOU!

Syrian Deputy Foreing Minister wants Turkey and other nations to understand that if they dare to assist the United States in its bombing exeercise that they will feel the brunt of a Syrian attack on their coutries. Faisal al-Mekdad warned Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Finland, Greenland and that pesky Mongolian army not to attack his fair land UNless they wanted to be bombed into extinction. “We beleive that any attack on Syria will definitely result in chaos.” He admitted that Syria has been receiving arms from Russia. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has made clear that Turkey is going to do something. As of this moment, it is not exactly clear what the “something” is, but Syria can rest assured when Turkey warns folks that it will do something, they can rest assured the something will happen.

The dogs of war are angry at this moment. There is a desire to piss on someone in order to make clear that one is a MAN and real men piss away at those who think they are tough. Has anyone considered bringing together all contestants in this conflict and conduct a pissing contest? Such an event will prove to the world which nation has the biggest prick.

Prime Minister Of Hypocrisy

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has every right to blast the Israel government for the crimes they have committed against the people of Palestine. The Israel government has violated the rights of people and seized their land. But, the very idea that somehow Israel is responsible for actions of the Egyptian government in the murder of thousands is simply a new version of the ancient ‘Protocols of the Elders Of Zion” which blames Israel for all ills in the world. Erdogan insists the United States had no right to blast him for blaming Israel. Prime Minister Erdogan heads a government which has arrested more journalists than any leader of any country in the world. He attacked people in his own nation who dared to protest. We do not charge him with anything like what the Egyptian army has done, but he is hardly an leader who has ruled with justice in his own land.

Turkey has an important role to play in the world. It begins by establishing a model of what moderate Muslim leaders can create in a country. Blaming Israel is simply hysteria and hypocrisy.

Do Women Have Name Rights?

As the father of three daughters it has always been a concern regarding their name rights. Do they have a right to keep the name of dad or must they surrender who they are to the guy they marry? Of course, I do insist that my son’s wife adopt my name because my name is the name we want the future to remember. A Turkish woman sued in the European Court of Human Rights in order to force the Turkish government to allow retention of her maiden name. In her view, the husband has no right to impose his name upon the wife unless she wants the guy’s name. The Court ruled that forcing women to surrender their name is a violationof the right to privacy and the right to make decisions about one’s private life. According to the Court, family life is under the jurisdiction of the family, not of government.

This makes sense. We dads have to fight to protect the rights of our daughters against male imperialism which forces them to surrender the wonderful name they obtained from me. Now, as for any woman who marries my son, I believe it is only natural that you adopt my name. It is a good name. It has been around a few years. And, won’t you be happy to know your new name means–”Son of a Drunkard?” Who would turn down such a name!!

Separate But Not Equal

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan enjoys portraying himself as a a man of action, one tough dude who will not be pushed around, and a man with a mission to make Turkey respected in the world. He was on a trip to the Black Sea province of Rize when the topic of sports and sport facilities arose. Erdogan is a man of action so he made clear to one and all that under his regime pools will be built in the province, one for men and one for women. Recep is worried about women and does not want them to feel slighted so why not a separate pool for those who really do not belong in a pool with men?

We wonder if Recep has considered the following. The Black Sea borders on the province. Why not a separate–but equal– Black Sea area for women as well as one for men? I wonder if this separate and equal idea also pertains to fish?