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Hookah Hash Gets Brownout From Officials

The one thing nations have in common is an exaggerated concept of their own uniqueness. If I was God, rule one would be making it illegal for any country to shout out words regarding why they are so special and unlike other societies in the world. I doubt if Ted Cruz or any member of the Tea Party to express a single thought without also emphasizing why America is a special nation whom God blesses above all others. Under the regime of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, nationalism is now the highest priority. He wants to ensure that old stereotypes never again are seen or heard. A recent Turkish exhibition in Paris has created a furor because someone decided to have some men wearing a fez on his head while he engaged in smoking some Hookah. Believe it or not, the use of drugs is part of the history of just about every Middle Eastern nation. To make matters more horrible the exhibit had a woman doing a belly dance.

We are pleased to report the exhibit has been changed. Of course, there are no exhibits of students getting the hell beat out of them or journalists enjoying a pleasant prison cell for the crime of printing stories that do not depict Erdogan as the second coming of Mohammed. In reality, we all have living inside our brain some sort of stereotype about something or someone. Erdogan wants his nation’s cultural traits displayed. Of course, that means limited free speech and punishment of those who do not praise the prime minister.


There are times in life when one wonders how one got stuck on the planet Earth. A Turkish woman named Fevziye Cengiz was at a dance hall when approached by Turkish police who then proceeded to arrest the woman and take her to jail. We agree that she might have been somewhat drunk, but what then ensued defies any rationale thinking. The place of interrogation had cameras which recorded the events of the “interrogation.” Three police proceeded to beat the hell out of the woman. Another cop placed curtains on the outside mirror so not one could see the beating.

Prosecutor Goksel Er is now seeking an eight year prison sentence for the woman on charges that she “insulted police” and “resisting on-duty officers” who were carrying out their duties.”In the incident the suspect officers have not committed this crime with the intent of inflicting torture, but due to anger at being insulted”

He wants to send her to prison for eight years while seeking a 1.5 to 3 months of jail for the cops!!!

Unfortunately, this is all too common on planet Earth!!

Erdogan Grows Dictatorial!

Turkey is a divided nation in which one part stands firmly in the 21st century while the more rural section lives in the past. This division is similar to America which contains large numbers who inhabit a world which actually never existed –God ruled, there was no Government, etc.. Last year, Prime Minister Recep Erdogan attempted to tear down a park in order to build a commercial section. The Gezi Park episode resulted in massive protests by young people and those who fit into the secular world. He ordered police to beat up people, use water cannon and send hundreds to prison. His actions also resulted in death for some protesters.

On the anniversary of the Gezi protests thousands were back in the street. CNN reporter Ivan Watson was attacked by the police. Prime Minister Erdogan blasted protesters claiming they were secret agents of Israel or organized by his opponents. Why are people upset at his ideas, “they seek to bring trouble to my country.” It is all part of a “coup” to take over the government. The prime minister is resorting to anti-semitism and hatred in order to build a MALL! He simply seeks power and the semblance of any contrary view to those he possesses represents counter revolution against his regime.

Erdogan Sings Songs Of Peace

There are over a million people of Turkish descent living in Germany and many date back to first arriving about fifty years ago. Turkish heritage people now play important roles in the life of Germany from government to industry. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was visiting Germany and addressed a crowd of 20,000 supporters while a crowd estimated to be 70,000 shouted words of protest regarding his actions as leader of Turkey. He boasted to the crowd how his Justice and Development Party had transformed Turkey into a great nation and bemoaned the presence of prejudice in Germany against those of Turkish heritage. Erdogan was critical of the European Union and of failure on the part of the German government to end prejudice against Turks. He even complained about the EU failing to somehow be responsible for lack of human rights in Bangladesh.

For the record: Under the Erdogan administration, the economy of Turkey has grown. He has aided Turkey to become a modern nation. He also has made Turkey the number one nation in the world with members of the media in jail. He has crushed strikes against his government by Turkish students and has done little to end discrimination against Alevi people in Turkey.

It is not surprising that Erdogan supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt which, when in power, violated human rights and even today continues its violence against Coptic Christians.

PM Erdogan, Plays The Turkey!

The tragedy of Turkey becomes increasingly clear as its Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan adopts the strategy of intolerance and power. Last year he refused to listen to those protesting about his plans to redesign the city of Ankara and destroy green areas. Dozens wound up in jail, and a few died. Last week, a terrible mine accident has witnessed the death of 225 miners with at least 150 others still trapped down below. Those protesting the failure of adequate safety regulations were met in Ankara with water cannon and beatings. The entire nation is now shocked at a picture of Yusef Yerkil, adviser to Erdogan, kicking a protester on the ground who is being held by soldiers. He admits being the man in the photo, and will issue a statement. There is scant doubt it will blame the protester for deliberately falling down and forcing him to kick.

Prime Minister Erdogan went to the scene of the accident and was greeted by anger and sadness. This is the response of the man who is in charge of government: “These are ordinary things. There is a thing in the literature called, ‘work and accidents.’ It happens in other work places, too!” Now, that is a caring statement from your nation’s leader!

President Abdullah Gul is just the opposite type of leader. He made clear to those suffering, “the pain is felt by us all.” It is time to get rid of Erdogan, he did some important things, and should now depart the stage of leadership!

Freedom Of Press Test, Turkey Fails!

Gonul Tol is a female writer who works for the pro-government daily Aksam in Turkey and she is a proud conservative who respects her government and believes it represents the values of freedom of the press. However, she was upset to read a report from Freedom House which charged that her nation had been demoted to the league of Not Freedom of the press category. She also became upset when Turkish government officials responded to the Freedom House report by arguing there were Jews who worked at Freedom House and thus they were anti-Turkish because Turkey had conflicts with Israel. Ms.Tol decided on proving Freedom House wrong by writing an article which protested this government response as foolish since referring to the religion of people who write articles had no place in the field of journalism.

She decided on a Freedom of the Press test. She wrote an article which denounced citing Jewish backgrounds of those in Freedom House. “If this article is published as it is, without being caught by an editor, press freedom in Turkey could be freer than what the Freedom House report said.” The editor cancelled her story and argued that she never checked with him about what she could write.

I assume the Turkish government now receives an “F” grade on the Freedom of Press test offered by Ms. Tol.

Dangling Legs And Exposed Female Butts!

I realize that in this modern world there are important issues to confront, and there are very important issues to confront if we are to engage in critical and creative thinking. In the nation of Turkey there is a member of Parliament who apparently devotes his days and nights pondering the great issues of humanity. War? No. Brutality? No. Murder of those in Syria? No. The death of thousands of Muslims in Iraq? Definitely, NO! So, what concerns this dedicated member of the legislature? He is very upset because at a recent spring festival held at a college in Turkey, female students were observed riding on the shoulders of male students! Could anyone imagine the horror of such a sight? Oh, I realize there are those who actually think that pictures of kidnapped Nigerian girls are worth more than two seconds of your time. But, Turkish girls allowing their legs to dangle while their butt is on the shoulder of a boy!

Turkish MP Selcuk Ozdag of the ruling Justice and Development Party(AKP) is furious. “In Duce University’s spring festival yesterday, I was ashamed to see headscarf wearing girl students sitting on the shoulders of men. Ah, where are the values! Absolutely, where are the values when girls wear a headscarf and actually touch the body of a boy! First, they dangled a leg, next they got their butt on the body of a boy, and THEN!

Tears Of Sorrow

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan runs a tight ship that is known to the world as the nation of Turkey. He has crushed the military who once opposed his rule and he has sent at least 60 journalists to jail for the crime of informing the world that he is not always perfect. After all, how can one run a nation unless one is always correct? Prime Minister Erdogan got very upset at Twitter because people are saying nasty things about him. Erdogan Demironen, a rather wealthy man who happens to own Twitter in Turkey is very upset because the main guy in the nation is very upset. He recently called the prime minister and uttered these words: “Did I upset you boss? What would you like me to do?” I assume if you are a billionaire it is rare to apologize or even to inquire as to what you should do.

But, Recep is mad. He recently told his supporters: “I don’t understand how people of good sense could defend Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. There are all kinds of lies there.” I assume he refers to the YouTube tape which reveals how the prime minister and his son discussed how to hide money. Yep, all kinds of lies!

US Congressmen Oppose Anti-Semitism

There is no question of the existence of anti semitism in any discussion involving any aspect of events in the Middle East. That is a given, no need to engage in arguments as to whether or not hating Jews has ended in that region of the world. A group of 46 American Congressmen recently wrote a letter to President Abdullah Gul concerning statements made by Prime Minister Recep Erdogan which display aspects of anti-semitism. American representatives are urging Gul– who is not an anti-semite– to demand an apology from Erdogan who linked Zionism with ” a crime against humanity,” and has been claiming recent demonstrations against his leadership are part of some Jewish conspiracy. Sorry, Recep, protesters are Turks who disagree with your leadership.

However, I find interesting that American Congressmen are concerned about a statement from a prime minister, but have absolutely no interest in the kidnap of 300 teenagers in Nigeria, the ongoing slaughter of the innocent in South Sudan, and a dozen other atrocities that merit attention. Yes, there is anti-semitism in Turkey. It is not a major issue. Murder of the innocent IS!

Turkey Joins In Denouncing Egyptian Courts

The courts of Egypt have now attained an important goal in the Middle East. Just about each and every nation in this region agrees that those who pose as “judges” in Egypt are somewhat out of kilter in the land of justice. Scarcely a day goes by without another trial in which a few hundred people are gathered in some spot, told that some place a trial is taking place and the judges will rule that each and everyone accused of a crime is now heading for death row. The government of Turkey blasted the latest travesty of justice when 682 people, along with former President Morsi, were sentenced to death. Trial? Oh, the trial consisted of a prosecutor, a few judges, no witnesses, no defense attorney and to save money the entire procedure concluded within 48 hours.

Oh, the good news. Yes, Egyptian judges DO have a heart of gold. Last week they sentenced 529 people to death, but yesterday they changed their minds. Now, 492 will spend their lives in prison and only 37 will die.

Advice, stay clear of Egypt.