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Turkey Joins In Denouncing Egyptian Courts

The courts of Egypt have now attained an important goal in the Middle East. Just about each and every nation in this region agrees that those who pose as “judges” in Egypt are somewhat out of kilter in the land of justice. Scarcely a day goes by without another trial in which a few hundred people are gathered in some spot, told that some place a trial is taking place and the judges will rule that each and everyone accused of a crime is now heading for death row. The government of Turkey blasted the latest travesty of justice when 682 people, along with former President Morsi, were sentenced to death. Trial? Oh, the trial consisted of a prosecutor, a few judges, no witnesses, no defense attorney and to save money the entire procedure concluded within 48 hours.

Oh, the good news. Yes, Egyptian judges DO have a heart of gold. Last week they sentenced 529 people to death, but yesterday they changed their minds. Now, 492 will spend their lives in prison and only 37 will die.

Advice, stay clear of Egypt.

Mind Your Legs!

I am a child of the New York City subways, trolleys and buses so the issue of “space” has loomed large in my life. As a teenager, the wonder of being thrust against the body of a woman at rush hours sent a certain part of my body upward in time and space. Ah, to cop a feel of a woman due to her body crashing into mine, was the highlight of my day. The situation in Turkey is somewhat different. Men sit with legs drawn far apart in order to show women they have something in the center which rises with each glance in their direction. This has resulted in a growing mass movement by Turkish women: “Don’t Occupy My Space” and “Mind Your Legs”

Turkish women have gone on the offense and now use their phones to take pictures of the bearded ones with legs thrust apart in order to make their face known throughout the world. I always thought that Turkish men were conservatives who did not wish women to display too much of their bodies, but I guess it is OK to raise the flag between your feet.

Secede Is Now A Right

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is very worried that Russian moves to encourage eastern areas of the Ukraine to break away might impact other areas of the region and lead to secession efforts. “We don’t want the Ukraine crisis to start a domino effect around the Black Sea.” He would prefer that any problems within the Ukraine or between Russia and that nation be resolved “within the framework of international law.” He does make a point, but he also disregards the rights of people to break away when they sincerely believe their rights are being taken away. For example:

1. Shouldn’t the people of Texas be allowed to form their own nation and make it mandatory for a shoot out each high noon in each city of the new nation?

2. We who believe in the New York Knickerbockers have not witnessed an NBA championship for forty years. We need to secede, form our own nation, form our own Professional Basketball league which guarantees each team at least one championship each ten years!

3. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann need to secede and form a new country that guarantees those designated as mentally retarded to become the president. Not only would this guarantee a female president, it would guarantee that Fox News finally has good news to report.

4. The House of Representatives must secede from the Senate and create its own version of the American legislature. Gerrymandering will guarantee Republican control forever, and America will finally be saved from LIBERALS AND SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS WHO SEEK THE MONEY OF JOB CREATORS!

Erdogan To The Rescue

Elections were held this past weekend in Turkey and the Justice and Development Party(AKP) wound up with about 46% of the vote. The vote will be interpreted as agreement with the ideas of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan who has been on a campaign to support his corrupt government and blame all troubles upon Generals or opposition political leaders. His main enemy is his former friend, supporters of Fethullah Gulen, a US based religious leader whose followers support extensive education programs in Turkey along with being active in government and police agencies. Erdogan regards his ex-buddy as now his most extensive foe who must be crushed in order to save Turkey from an honest government.

Erdogan yelled, “The old Turkey is no longer! The new Turkey is here.” The “new Turkey” has evidence that members of his Cabinet and his own family were engaged in activities that some might construe as criminal. A video on YouTube has Erdogan and his son discussing how to get rid of evidence. Obviously, the “new Turkey” is represented by the extensive charges of corruption. Turkey could become a model of modern Islam, but unless Erdogan is halted, it will become simply another of those corrupt regimes that exist in the Middle East and make peace an impossible dream for people of the region.

Twitter, Twitter, Not In Turkey

The Turkish government of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is very upset at stuff that appears on Twitter and has decided to send one last Twitter informing that organization it was no longer to be tweeting in the nation of Turkey. Finance Minister Mehmet Sinsad emphasized that while his government believed in freedom of speech, it was another thing when a major company believes “it is above the law.” After all, the issue is really not about freedom of speech, but when Twitter was told “to remove the material” what else could the government do but cease tweeting, not only for self, but for others. President Abdullah Gul has opposed the attack on Twitter arguing to his prime minister that in the 21st century a government simply cannot halt modern technology. He wants the ban to end and for Erdogan to engage in dialogue with Twitter.

Meanwhile, the United States State Department website blasted the censorship of Twitter. Douglas Frantz, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, made clear censoring Twitter was simply a “21st century book burning” which will not make the Turkish government come across as a strong one.

Time For Reform And Honesty In Turkey

There is scant doubt that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has over the past decade accomplished a great deal in moving his country into the position of being an important economic and political power in the Middle East. A problem in leading a nation for a long period of time is that possession of power begins to loom as an entitlement rather than as something in which democracies vie to achieve. Members of his Cabinet have resigned due to charges of corruption and a phone call between his son and the prime minister has sinister comments about money and disposing of money.

President Abdullah Gul has become increasingly concerned about the style of Erdogan’s crisis management approach. Gul made clear, “I am sad and disturbed” about charges against his prime minister and members of the Cabinet. He is also believes it is time Erdogan ceased to blame “foreign sources” as the cause of his troubles. Gul is urging a reform of the government in order to meet standards established by the European Union. Excellent advice.

Who Said What??

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has a few problems on his hands stemming from attempts to crack down on those who dare to oppose his views on a multitude of issues, particularly those dealing with human rights. His police just ended a female protest in Gezi park which has been the source of numerous protests. Erdogan claimed he made clear to President Obama in a recent conversation that the source of his problems has nothing to do with any actions on his part, but arise from activities of Fethullah Gulen who resides in Pennsylvania and has instructed his supporters in Turkey to spy on him and tap his phones and reveal that he has been engaged in some rather unusual activities that might be construed as illegal.

Erdogan informed the Turkish media: “I told Obama that the person responsible for the movement in Turkey lives in your country inn Pennsylvania. I told him clearly, I said:’I expect what’s necessary to be done. You have to take the necessary stance if someone threatens my country’s security.’ He responded”‘ we got the message.” The White House released a statement that “the response attributed to President Obama with regard to Mr. Gulen is not accurate.”

Sorry, Prime Minister Erdogan, the ball is in your court to end tyranny in Turkey.

Turkish Leader Tweets Against Tweets

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has enjoyed being on television and presenting his ideas about what is good or bad for his nation. He does enjoy the limelight of media when it offers him opportunities to discuss issues of the day. However, his attitude has undergone a change over the past few months as day after day and week after week, the social media offers viewers stories about corruption in the government of Turkey. A few weeks ago, the social media revealed a secret conversation the prime minister held with his son in which they discussed how to hide some money whose presence was best kept hidden from the public. In addition, YouTube has offered numerous examples of corruption in the government which compelled a few members of Erdogan’s Cabinet to resign. It is one thing when Erdogan says, “depart” and another when the social media forces a departure.

The prime minister told Turkish TV station ATV that action is planned to end this open discussion of his government. “There are new steps we will take in that sphere after March 30..including a ban on YouTube and Facebook.” Politicians are always against corruption–by their enemies!

Turkey Corruption Upsets Even Government Folk

Turkey has been a modern Islamic success story due to efforts by the Justice and Development Party led by Recep Erdogan to create a modern society in which people of various faiths can live in harmony. However, recent events have raised questions concerning Erdogan’s campaign to reduce power of the military in order to establish a civilian style government, and his refusal to address issues of corruption in his government. He was caught in a conversation with his own son discussing getting rid of money in the house that undoubtedly was obtained from illegal sources. Now Bulentg Arinc, his Deputy Prime Minister told the media that he was upset when two sons of ministers who had resigned due to corruption charges were released from prison. “If the son of a minister is doing business with men bribing (politicians) this is the most disgusting thing in the world.” Those were not the words of Prime Minister Erdogan.

Erdogan and his party believe that a group founded by Fetullah Gulen, which originally supported Erdogan, has now turned against him and is responsible for uncovering the corruption. Most probably they are correct, but corruption is the issue, not who uncovered it.

Turkish Leader Caught With Hand In Cookie Jar!!

Each day offers another example of the benefits and deficits of modern technology and the forces of those in charge of handling snooping in a country. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has been engaged in a crusade to rid the nation of Turkey of police or judges or prosecutors who are honest. The bad guys are on his side since they protect us from those seeking to end graft and corruption. Erdogan has removed hundreds of police, prosecutors and judges from their assignments and sent them out to places where they cannot carry out anti-corruption activities. New recording published on February 24 have the prime minister of Turkey informing his son Bilal to get rid of all the stolen money as soon as possible. He refers to 2.2 billion Turkish lira and wants the boy to clean out all accounts so that no one can find the money.

Prime Minister Erdogan has now wrapped himself in the cloak of victimhood. He warns the nation that if police can wire tap his phones or hack into his computers they can do the same for all. This anti-corruption program now means “no privacy for families.” In other words, the issue of the day is wire tapping and focusing on stealing money simply diverts attention away from the real issues of the day. I guess this is an interesting approach when you are charged with stealing money.