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So, Brexit Now Or Never?

As I recall there once was a nation known as GREAT Britain whose heritage went back hundreds and hundreds of years. Once the people inhabiting this island decided to create a United Kingdom, voyagers from this land wandered all around the world until its sovereign ruled over 400,000,000people of diverse nationalities, religions and geographic systems of existence. But, alas, there eventually arose great anger, great fear, great horror at the prospect that merry olde England would be overrun by FOREIGNERS!

So,fear resulted in the vote to leave the European Union. So, what now may happen:

1. Scotland voted to remain in the EU. So,now the people of Scotland will vote whether or not to remain part of ‘GREAT’ Britain.

2. There are now rumbles that the 700,000 jobs related to the financial institutions in London will one day leave for more hospitable cities such as Vienna or Amsterdam or even gay Paris!

3. Funds from the EU have led to new roads, financial support for colleges, retraining of workers who lost their jobs due to automation. The same people who were aided by this money VOTED TO LEAVE THE EU!!

Chaos In Britain

Following is what we do know about the situation in merry or not so merry England:

1. Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned.

2. A few folks are wondering why or how this Leave became official policy.

3. There is a bit of confusion in the Conservative and Labor parties as to who now leads them.

Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London led the fight to Leave the European Union. Naturally, he assumed since he was the leading Conservative to persuade a majority people to Leave, there was no one but himself to become the new Prime Minister. Michael Gove, Justice Minister, was his right hand man in working for the success of Leave. So, what happens after the WIN?

His buddy Michael Grove threw his name into the fight to become the new prime minister. “I wanted to build a team behind Boris Johnson so that a politician who argued for leaving the European Union could lead us just a little bit further. But, I have come reluctantly to the conclusion that Boris cannot  provide leadership  or build the team for the tasks ahead.”

Talk about placing knife in the back of your best friend!!

New Suggestion For UK

I realize there is consternation in England over the entire Brexit controversy and millions are uncertain about their future.Many just woke up to the reality their nation will no longer have access to a 500 million people economy. Within a few years European owned plants in England will move back to Germany or France or Italy to take advantage of a tariff free economy. But, folks in England, there is a way out of this problem. How about:

Become the 51st state of America! Think of it as coming home to a place you once called home. We have a 300 million people economy and laws that also allow access to Canada and many nations in Latin America. We also speak an English language that is sort of like the one you speak. OK, we do not have your English “football’ –we call it soccer– but we do have the American version of football.

The flip side, of course, is having to endure our American dysfunctional political system. It will make you yearn for a House of Lords to make sense of what our Congress does or does not do. Being an American is sure better than being part of a Little England that has lost Scotland and northern Ireland!

Brexit Road To Nowhere

Many people in England are like the drunk who just woke up after his week long drunken binge to discover that his boss fired him and his wife left him. But, oh the pleasure of the booze. The UK has now had its credit rating downgraded from AAA to AA. The pound has hit a thirty year low, and European leaders are making clear if the UK wants to go, then goodbye. There will not be a negotiation leading to special terms for the UK exit.

The Leave campaign shouted for months that England was sending each week the sum of $426 million to the EU. These leaders now admit, that figure was not exactly correct. The EU was giving England billions of dollars each year for various needs, including aid to colleges and aid to unemployed workers. Leave leader Nigel Farage now says he meant there were “possibilities” that England was going have more money when it left the EU. He never said it was a certainty. After all, no one is perfect.

Brexit Aftermath

Brexit resulted in a victory for those seeking to reclaim England from foreigners and refugees and other such poor people seeking a free ride in dear old England. The campaign to leave was characterized by blatant calls for hate and violence against immigrants and Muslims. Prime Minister David Cameron made clear to the nation: “in the past few days we have seen despicable graffiti daubed on a  Polish community center. We’ve seen verbal abuse against people because they are members of ethnic minorities.”

Latest police reports indicate a dramatic 57% increase in hate crimes. As always, when people feel oppressed by unknown secret powers, the most certain way to restore faith in their opportunity for a better life is to direct anger toward the weakest group of people they can identify. As a Jew I am aware after 2,000 years of hate, the easiest target for haters is the most politically weak group.

I’m Nigel Farage!

I’m Nigel Farage, and you’re not. I’m the blooming guy who got merry  old England away from those bloody foreign animals who want to over run our beloved country. I’m Nigel Farage and your one of those Eyetalian wogs or wine drinking cowardly frogs from  France. I’m the guy who is going to make England a great nation again. Sorry Donald, I’m REALLY the greatest leader in the world. I’m Nigel Farage and we people of England don’t need any bloody foreigners taking away our high paying jobs!

So,those bloody Icelandic football players beat us in the tournament, the reason is simple, our English spirit has been contaminated by all those foreign immigrants who take good jobs away from us shoveling shit and picking apples! Well, we English people are taking back those high paying jobs forever! And, don’t worry about stock markets and having foreign business leave England and return to the continent. Just remember, WE ARE ENGLISHMEN AND YOU ARE NOT!!

God bless the queen!

Donald Trump On England

The people of England voted by 52% to 48% to separate from England. Donald Trump happened to be in Scotland to open a new golf course so he naturally had to offer his views on the vote. First, he naturally blamed Obama for the vote count since the President urged England to remain. “A lot of people don’t like him.” He went on to predict that “the American people will have a chance come November to declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies.”

Ironically, Donald told the people of Great Britain they were right to leave, and he made these comments in Scotland which voted over 60% to REMAIN. As always, Donald Trump will simplify the most complex issue and reduce it to nonsense. At this point there is no poll indicating Donald Trump will get 50% of the vote.

David Cameron Goofed

British Prime Minister David Cameron was never compelled to seek a referendum on whether or not England should remain in the European Union. And, he lost his gamble. “I was absolutely clear  about my belief that Britain was stronger, safer and better off inside the EU. I made clear the referendum was about this, and this alone, not the future of any single politician, including myself. But, the British people made a different decision to take a different path. I think the country requires fresh leadership.”

He resigned. Leaders of the European Council made clear there would be no compromises for England. They indicated that England should “leave as soon as possible. There will be no renegotiation.”

So long its been good to know you.


Brexit Wins!

The people  of England have spoken and they just shouted to the world that we are ‘IDIOTS.” The vote on whether or not to leave the European Union resulted in a 51% to 48% vote for those seeking what they term to be INDEPENDENCE. Even as votes are still being counted the “victory” has already resulted in a drop of the pound by 11% with a further drop even larger expected. The US stock market is down and the English market is expected to have an enormous drop tomorrow.

But, the bad news will even get worse. The people of Scotland voted 62% to remain versus 38% to leave. Within the coming months, the people of Scotland will demand a new referendum and vote to leave England. We may soon change to the name of the country from “Great” Britain to ‘Little”England. There is a price to pay for allowing emotions to control common sense and the people of England will rue  the day they voted to depart. They allowed the forces of hate to triumph over common sense.

John Oliver On Brexit

There are times when John Oliver sort of rants a bit too much,and there are times when his rants are right on target and quite humorous. He decided total on his native England which is in the midst of an election this week to determine if the UK will remain in the EU.

“Here is how I feel about the EU, it is a complicated, bureaucratic, ambitious,  overbearing, inspirational and constantly ambitious  institution, and Britain would be absolutely crazy to leave it., because, it it stays, it can reap the benefits   while still doing dick about everything.  And that is the British way.”

Who else can reduce a complex issue to a long sentence and get everything right11