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Murdoch Hacking

I was raised under the mistaken belief that if you own a corporation and it is found guilty of breaking the law, then the boss man is placed on trial. Alas, that is not the case when your name is Rupert Murdoch. The top executives of his News of the World staff are currently on trial for encouraging-or ordering–news correspondents to hack into the accounts of ordinary citizens in their quest for A STORY! Murdoch’s favorite protegee, Rebekah Brooks to gether with Any Coulson are on trial for hacking people’s accounts. The charges range from illegally hacking the phones of celebrities to concealing evidence and sort of bribing government officials.

The defendants plead-IGNORANCE. After all, is it the responsibility of top editors to go out with reporters and check their tactics? That sounds like what BIG GOVERNMENT does and if one believes in the right of business to be free from control of THE GOVERNMENT, then it is clear the Murdoch twins are innocent of all charges.

Oh, there is something about paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to government officials. If England is a free country then its reporters are free to print whatever they desire. If you support the government, just check how Fox News reports this case!!

Dead On Sight

At the beginning of the 20th century, nations of the world agreed to procedures of conducting modern wars. The Geneva Conventions were intended to provide a road map of how civilized societies could engage in war. These new conditions provided a process of respecting the rights of those captured in combat. During fighting in Afghanistan a patrol of the Royal Marines came upon a Taliban who was wounded and helpless on the field of battle. He was then murdered. A helmet camera of one ot the killers provided visual evidence of violation of the Geneva Conventions. As they put a bullet into the chest of the victim, a sergeant was heard to say: “I’ve just broken the Geneva Convention.”

As the victim was dying, the patrol pretended they were giving him aid since they feared someone had spotted their murder. Three members of the group now face charges of disregarding international law.

Should We Spy On God?

Each day reveals another example of sying on this place or that place, conducted by the NSA or M16 or the CIA or the British GCHQ or some French group or a German one. These days just utter some initials and doors open wide and one can check on just about anyone including God Himself. In England, Parliament’sintelligence and security committee(ISC) is conducting an investigation of initials. OK, the British Guardian has been publishing stories about spy agencies in England, so why is it surprising there are spy agencies spying on some one or thing? In simple terms as MP noted, “there is a balance to be found between our individual right to privacy and our collective righ tto security.”

Where did Sir Malcolm Rifkind get this idea? Doesn’t he know that every day some terrorist is planning to blow something up and we must prevent such action? My question is: who checks on the people who are checking to see if spy agencies violate the law of privacy?

Goodbye Hate

The English Defense League(EDL)opposes entry into the fair land of England of anyone who is not white or Christian or against dark skin folk. Therefore it was shocking to learn that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, who head the organization are resigning as leaders because the party has been taken over by haters. The League, allegedly was formed, to block the entry of Muslim extremists into England. However, according to Robinson and Carroll, the real danger is with the EDL because, “the dangers of far right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas.” They discovered that membership in the EDL increasingly included those seeking violence against Muslims. There simply are too many far right goons whose idea of democracy is bashing in the heads of Muslims.

We wonder if Robinson and Carroll might migrate to the US and join the Tea Party. Perhaps, they can transform that group of crazies into people who seek peace and harmony in this nation. Oh, Ted Cruz, there is now an opening for the perfect organization for a nut like you!

Remove Veil Or Not?

A twenty two year old women in England is on trial and she has raised the issue of what a defendant is allowed to desire in a court of law. She insists that it violates her religious freedom to be compelled to remove her veil while under cross examination. The judge ordered her to remove the veil or face contempt of court. He argued “the ability of the jury to see the defendant for the purpose of evaluating her evidence is crucial.” A jury has the right to examine facial evidence because our body reveals information concerning what our words express. Religion is part of our way of thinking, but so are our body motions. We live in a secular society in which all possess the right to practice religion, but the secular part of society has the right to demand obeying the laws of the land.

Oh, the woman converted to the Muslim religion two years ago so she lived for twenty years without a veil.

Whatever Happened To Secrecy?

Hardly a day goes by without some profound warning from the president of the United States or the prime minister of England regarding the importance of sececy and warnings about spies infiltrating our nations in search of SECRETS! A solemn faced President Barack Obama is usually in the news with words of wisdom about not allowing our enemies to gain possession of our SECRETS. After all, there are BIG SECRETS which, once in the hands of our enemies, will result in the downfall of western civilization. David Cameron, the prime minister of England, was on a train headed for a wedding. He had his official red colored ministerial box with him and it was locked with a key in it. He decided to leave his seat and go for a cup of coffee. The leader of England just left this box on a table. A passenger noted that “it was just sitting there. I could probably have run off with it.”

Just think, if al-Qaeda got the red box it would have been the end of England as a nation. There are reports that a man named Edward Snowden was on the train.

Next Syrian War

There currently is a war taking place in a country that goes by the name of-Syria. This nation is provided weapons and missiles and planes in order to attack the people of Syria because the government of Syria wants to protect the country of Syria against enemies of the government. In the name of peace and order, the government of Syria has murdered over 100,000 Syirans. The government has even used chemical weapons to kill its own people. The result is that the European Union and the United States are considering responding with an air assault. So, what might happen if outside forces attack the Syrian government. Please follow closely:

1. If Syria attacks Israel which has been on the sidelines, then Israel has promised to blast away at Syria.

2. This would lead to Hezbollah in Lebanon to send thousands of missiles into Israel

3. This would result in the US sending missiles into Lebanon and Syria.

4. This would lead Israel to send more missiles into Syria or Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

5. This would lead the European Union sending missiles into Syria and maybe Lebanon.

6. This would lead Russia and Iran to send missiles to Syria and Hezbollah which would use them to send missiles into Israel and wherever.

The end result would undoubtedly be peace?

Cameron Is Tough Dude

We increasingly inhabit a planet on which there are leaders determined to protect one and all from the horror of terrorism. In fact, the last thing these leaders do prior to going to sleep is uttering a prayer to the God who opposes terrorism. In fact, the first thing on arising in the morning is to repeat one hundred times, “I will fight terrorists.” The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers(WAN-IFRA) has informed British Prime Minister David Cameron that he has followed the road of destroying freedom of the press. “That your government felt the need to threaten legal action in order to block reporting into issues of public interest is deeply regrettable.”

They are angry that the partner of Glenn Greenwald, who has exposed abuse of government power, was halted and questioned at Heathrow Airport. Mr. Miranda has nothing to do with exposing anything other than being a lover of one who does enjoy such activities. In essence, Cameron and Obama and whoever uses the word, “terrorism” in order to justify any action against a member of the media who expresses an opinion on this topic which does not go along with that of the government. Miranda and Greenwald still do not get the understanding-the government is always right if they say the word, “terrorism.”

Not So Gay Partner

Glenn Greenwalk is not on the Xmas card list of Barack Obama. The problem with Greenwald is that he agrees with the ideas about human rights that were held by once upon a time Professor Barack Obama. He cooperated with Edward Snowden and reported things the White House considers to be helpful to terrorists. The things he knows are also known by over one million people which makes clear how the NSA feels about “secrets.” Ordinarily, a secret is only shared with a handful of people, but in Obama secrecy, let a million have acccess to secrets and then punish one of them for telling “the secret” to the 1,000,001 person. The NSA and other American “secret” agencies are out to get Greenwald.

His husband, David Miranda was returning from a trip and landed at London’s Heathrow Airport where the agents of secrecy detained him for nine hours. David Miranda, a Brazilian national, was simply pulled out and termed a potential “terrorist.” Gee, I wonder why an obscure Brazilian was tagged as a “terrorist.” Naturally, they usually detain passengers and grab their cell phones and laptops. This is simply another example of how the values of Professor Barack Obama have departed from the mind of the current Barack Obama.

CIA Admits And Lies

The CIA finally admitted that it played a role in overthrowing the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh who headed Iran in 1953. Of course, books have been written describing how Elliot Roosevelt(grandson of Teddy Roosvelt) worked with the British M16 to foster a “popular rebellion” against Mossadegh. According to the CIA hogwash, “the risk of leaving Iran open to Soviet aggression compelled the United States… in planning and executing TPJAX.” That was the name of this coup.

The truth. In 1951, Prime Minister Mossadegh held several meeting with then Secretary of State, Dean Acheson to seek help in obtaining higher royalties from British oil companies. Acheson agreed that Iran was entitled to more money, discussed the issue with British leaders and could not get them to pay Iran more money. The Soviet Union had nothing to do with this issue, is was all about British greed. That is the truth!!