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Warning To Salon Owners

As a public service this blog would like to offer the owner of a hair salon in London some advice on how to conduct, not only their business, but their lives. For some reason these folks decided that our Glorious Leader, Kim Jong-un had a hair style that was no pictruert what most people in England would wear. They decided to feature a picture of our Glorious Leader in order to peddle discount hair cuts for unsuspecting people. At no place in their ad did I see any words of warning to unsuspecting people who took advantage of this discount. They certainly should be informed that to take advantage of the picture of our Glorious Leader could result in a long term sentence–without time out for hair cuts–in a far away place in northern, northern North Korea!

We advise owners of the Salon that under no condition are they ever to take a trip to Asia. In fact, how about a sign over the door: We Only Serve South Koreans!

Then again, who knows, Kim Jong-un loves basketball, maybe he might enjoy a modern hair cut style!

Sex In Parliament?

The Parliament of England is among the most historic organizations in human history that long has stood for basic principles of democracy. Of course, until the twentieth century that hallowed institution was strictly a male preserve and females were best welcomed if they behaved with silence and proper respect for the good old boys who ran the place. Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labor Party in Parliament, informed the media there was need for an investigation into claims that female MPs and members of staff have been sexually harassed. She was joined in this claim by Amanda Platel who openly stated that she had been sexually harassed. She pointed out that a recent study revealed Parliament money was used to fund a nice gay sex party at a local hotel.

She was clear about the issue. “The truth is that there is an entrenched subculture of louche, predatory and deeply unpleasant behavior — the sad fact is that too many MPs live in an ammoral vacuum.” I get the feeling this feminist wants to deprive we men of our God given right to be sexual predators in the conflict between males and females. I guess she is just against God on this issue!

America Does Not Like Drug Addicts

I find amusing the American way of handling those from another nation who happen to take advantage of some form of drugs. Personally, I am a drug user, but the drugs I use are classified by our government as “good drugs.” In America one can get high on smoking or drinking alcohol or one of many prescription drugs which allow the bad mood to disappear into the smoke of history. Nigella Lawson is something called a “chef.” Frankly, I have never once watched any program in which demonstrate their ability to cook. A few days ago she attempted to board a plane headed for the United States of America when she was told that my country does NOT allow in any who use drugs. Of course, if you are American born, smoke pot forever. Our Department of Homeland Security wants to keep us secure by not allowing foreigners to enter who smoke pot, I assume the problem is allowing foreign pot smokers to enter might raise the price of pot. Who knows?

The American Embassy in London finally demonstrated that, on occasion, our diplomats DO have some common sense. She was invited to apply for a visa. Actually, she was testifying at a court case and admitted that once she smoked some cocaine when her husband was told he had terminal cancer and another time when she was under great stress.

We now have laws which make legal the smoking of pot, but we have a Homeland Security Department which might contain those who are legally smoking pot deny foreigners the right to smoke what they smoke!!

So Long Piers Morgan

Confession, I actually have never seen the Piers Morgan show, but I have seen him appear on other programs like Bill Maher so, in all honesty, I can say that I have some knowledge of this import from the United Kingdom. He is departing CNN and returning home. Just another limey who did not make it in the American scene. The cause of his demise is rather clear–RATINGS. The limey just tastes sour to the mouths of red blooded American members of the Tea Party and our beloved National Rifle Association. The NRA does not believe an ENGLISHMAN has any right telling we AMERICANS what to think. After all, we beat them in the Revolution and bid them a fair goodbye. This FOREIGNER thinks he has the right to urge taking away our gun rights! Go back to England and life safely is all I can say.

If you want to live in America, you have to get ready to become a sheriff at high noon. We don’t take to FOREIGNERS telling us “I just want Americans to stay alive.” We are AMERICANS, and we have the right to kill one another-it’s all in the fight for freedom. Go Home. Depart and leave us to our killing ways!

Bully Russian Bullies

Vladimir Putin is having an enjoyable week playing the hero of the hour to Russians. Oh, so many feel good and proud to be a Russian. They want once again to frighten the world with the prospect of nuclear disaster in which millions die. I hate to inform them, but if their nut case leader pursues the path of violence and invasion, there is always A possibility of unintended consequences. Secretary of Defense Hagel said he was informed by Russian military authorities they would not invade eastern Ukraine, but thousands of Russian troops are on maneuvers along the border. Vladimir Putin got “permission”from his stooges in Parliament to send troops into eastern Ukraine in order to protect Russians who are being abused and deprived of their rights.

So,what can be done?

1. Dispatch unarmed police from every European Union nation to assist local police in eastern Ukraine.

2. Announce that America will provide all energy needs currently being provided by Russia to European Union members.

3. Inform Russia that any invasion of Ukraine would result in cancellation of all trade with their country.

A Simple Spy Story

We inhabit a world in which the forces of secrecy control information concerning our every day lives. We inhabit a world in which spy agencies constantly are invading our personal life in order to carry out allegedly important acts related to the every ominous, “security of the nation.” The spy agency alone decides what constitutes an issue of “national security” and whether or not anyone, and they mean, anyone has the right to know what they know. Professor Fransis Grosjean of the University of Neuchatel in Switzerland has been engaged for years in seeking information about his mother and father. His father was a French pilot who escaped the Germans and flew to France in 1940. He was asked by M15 to work for them. A German spy in England contacted the pilot and asked him to work for Germany. Professor Grosjean now believes his mother, who was then married to another man, divorced the man at the request of M15 and married his father. In other words, the professor and his sister were products of an M15 operation. His mother married his father in order to keep watch on his activities. After the war ended, she divorced him.

A simple request in 2004 to M15 about an event that occurred in 1941 met with the response from the spy agency, “any record we might have would be unlikely to be released in the foreseeable future.” They cited national security. All the professor wants to know is whether or not his mom worked for M15 and spied on his dad. According to M15: “it is longstanding policy not to confirm nor deny whether an individual was ever an agent.” I assume on grounds of national security.

Mother Russia Wants To Protect Her Children

I must confess not being able to understand why the American government or the European Union does not agree that Mother Russia has a responsibility to take care of her flock of children. Our dear and beloved leader, Vladimir Putin, was forced to abandon his work with disabled people who were attempting to hold an Olympic Winter event and rush off to protect his fellow Russians who reside in the country of Ukraine or at his naval base in the Çrimea. Vladimir is simply a devoted son who cares for his fellow brothers and sisters who reside in the Fascist state of Ukraine and fear for their lives. Not only is Vladimir concerned, but about 20,000 Russian youth have rushed from their homes and sped to the Crimea without even waiting for orders from President Putin to make this effort. They also want to protect Russian people who are threatened by the Fascists in the Ukraine.

What else could Putin do but mobilize his armed forces on the border of Ukraine after learning that the Ukraine has accepted 50,000 volunteers to threaten his 120,000 men on the border with their tanks and artillery and air force? And, what does the West do? THEY threaten the peaceful people of Mother Russia with violence. God Bless Vladimir Putin for saving his fellow Russian citizens in the Ukraine and God Bless this man of peace!

Pray It’s A Boy!

The British newspaper, Independent, recently carried a series dealing with a rather unusual issue pertaining to abortion. The story claimed that it was common among certain ethnic groups in Great Britain to have an abortion if ultra sound indicated the foetus was that of a girl. The British Pregnancy Agency denounced the article as false claiming that sex never was an issue in relation to abortions. Obviously, there is not a survey that can offer absolute evidence that sex plays a role in abortion. However, we have Chinese statistics which clearly prove that more male than female babies are born-statistically impossible. There are similar numbers in India where among many it is common to abort a female foetus if the family wants a male heir.

The Independent interviewed a woman named, Samira, who was born in England of Pakistani heritage. She made clear that her husband wanted an abortion once they discovered she was pregnant with a female child. “I think about running away with her and have the baby elsewhere, but the thing is I can’t leave my children with him. I have my duty to my other children.”

This is anecdotal evidence, but is it true about the story for many women?

From 1914 To 2014

We are gradually working our way to the anniversary of the beginning of World War I back in 1914. The actual conflict began when the son of the Emperor of Austria Hungary was murdered by a young man named, Princip who believed the Slavic people were being persecuted and had to stand up for their rights. The actual scenario resulting in war took about eight weeks to unfold as nations warned one another about getting their armies ready for war. No one actually believed the road being taken was the road to war since diplomats were talking with one another and the thought that the end result would be war appeared too crazy to even consider. British Foreign Secretary William Hague warned the Russian government it had to end the attempt to make the Crimea part of Russia. Even as he spoke, thousands of Russians were cheering in the streets about the need to aid their Slavic brothers in the Crimea against oppression by Western Fascists. Most probably the Russian people support actions by their president.

Putin feels powerful sending troops into the Crimea knowing he has control over atomic weapons of destruction and he just wants to dare the West to oppose him. He also has control over oil and gas supplies that are needed by Western European nations. In the summer of 1914, the Russian government did not believe Germany would actually go to war over someone getting shot. The road to war just seemed to get shorter and shorter as nations threatened the use of force. William Hague warned of “the real danger of a shooting conflict.”

Is this a repeat scenario??

Murdoch Folk Feel Sorry??

There are those who work for Rupert Murdoch and thus enjoy certain rights not allowed to ordinary folk of the media. His one time protege, Rebekah Brooks is on trial for a variety of actions ranging from supporting phone hacking to paying off members of the government for their assistance to her newspapers. She is charged by the government for giving illegal payments to government officials. She was asked by HER lawyer if this charge was valid? “Yes, since I was deputy editor of the Sun and on a handful of occasions” such payments were made. Earlier she had argued, “there had been an overwhelming public interest to justify payment “but only in a very narrow circumstances.” Let me get this clear; if there is “public interest” in something then a newspaper has the right to do whatever it desires to get the story.

OH, Rebekah did admit to being sorry for the publication of certain stories which she now admits were “cruel and harsh.” For example, after Labor Minister Clare Short complained about pictures of topless models, Rebekah had a picture found of a bare breasted Ms. Shorty with the caption noting that Ms. Short was jealous of the models.

To work for Rupert Murdoch is to enjoy rights denied to ordinary members of the media. Just remember, to always say that you are “sorry.”