Cost Of Folly– Military Tries Explaining To Bush

Behind the Pentagon’s closed doors, militay leaders met with President Bush in an effort to get him to grasp the human implications and consequences of his war in Iraq.
Wednesday’s 90 minute session held in a secure coference room kown as “the Tank” was arranged by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Military leaders discussed how the war impacted the private lives of soldiers and the total effect on an armed force which is stretched thin to the point of exhaustion. Pentagon press secretary Geogg Morrell, said the discussion roamed over topics like the escalation of fighting in Afghanistan and what may lie ahead. “Armed with all that,” said Morrell, “the president must now decide the way ahead in Iraq.”

George Bush rushed into a war that need not have been fought. He quickly proclaimed, “Mission Accomplished” in order to get some nice photos for the daily newspapers. He never meets the bodies of those who died, he rarely discusses losses, but he does not hestitate one minute to cut taxes when a war is raging. He holds the record of being the first president in American history who is more concerned about taxes than about those who are fighting. He refuses to come before the American people and explain if the war goes on, there must be some form of draft. We can not continue placing the burden on the shoulders of 1,500,000 Americans while the remaining 300,000,000 continue their normal lives. How many conservatives who support the war are willing to see their children drafted?