On Elliot Rodger, The Murderer

From his pictures Elliot Rodger, son of a Hollywood director, was a slightly built young man with a pleasant face. One would not describe him as ugly or deformed in any manner. Just another decent looking young boy who was at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Friends and family describe him as “perfectly polite and kind and wonderful.” Ah, but beneath this appearance was a troubled young man. OK, he had gobs of money, the BMW and access to famous people due to his father. For millions of young men Elliot had a wonderful life with all the attributes of modern capitalism. However, beneath this outward appearance of power and money lurked an angry person filled with rage.

He murdered his three room mates and then went on a rampage of death. He went to sorority houses and shot to death young women. Why” “You denied me a happy life, and, in turn I will deny all of you life. I hate all of you.” Such was the fate of some women at the Alpha Phi sorority house. They did not date him. And, thus arrived Death and Destruction.

We inhabit a world in which every ad shows the young man getting the BMW and then he ids surrounded with gorgeous women just dying to go to bed. Heck, I just saw an ad in which a man gets a new lawn mower and women fall at his feet. There is the world of advertising and the world of reality. Elliot never could grasp the difference.