Artic Meltdown Continues Say Scientists

Canadian scientists who spent the summer in Arctic regions report there is an unprecedented meltdown occurring in the area. Members of a team from Queens University in Ottawa report that temperatures hit a high of 22C during July when normally the temperature should be lower. “This was exceptional for a place where the normal average temperatures are about 5C.” They found high temperatures were causing catastrophic mudslides in the permafrost as hillside melted. German scientists in the area discovered ice only 1 metre thick instead of the normal 2 metres.

It is ironic these reports come at a time when the Bush administration is having a global warming conference to cover up its own inaction and continual false reports claiming there is no global warming. For years, Bush has argued there is no scientific evidence to support claims about global changes. One can only wonder if an administration which can not confront reality of failures in Iraq is capable of confronting its failures on environmental issues.