Indonesian Congress Urges Action On Myanmar

The Indonesian House of Representatives urged President Suslio Baqmbang Yudhoyono to bring the case of unrest in Myanmar to the United Nations General assembly. During the past week, thousands of Buddhist monks have been walking the streets of Rangoon in protest against the brutal military dictatorship which now rules the oppressed people of Myanmar. Rep. Theo Sambuaga also requested: “The President should take the initiative by sending a delgate toMyanmar to ask the junta to engage in national reconciliation because, with the monks’ move, the country is on the brink of civil war.”

One of the problems in Myanmar is continued support of the military junta by China, Russia and India which have extensive economic ties with the nation of Myanmar. It is heartening that representatives of the Indonesian government have taken such a forceful role in supporting democracy in the world. Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world which probably will go unnoticed by critics who continually claim Muslims do not support democracy.