Is US Preparing For Iran War?

Sunday’s edition of the London based Daily Telegraph carried a report the Bush administration is considering military air strikes against Iran. Secretary of Defense told reporters there were no such plans since current policy is to attain goals “through diplomatic and economic means” although he admitted all options were still on the table. According to the Daily Telegraph the American military is considering two options — an attack on all Iranian nuclear facilities or attacking nuclear facilities as well as over 2,000 targets during a two to three day air attack.

It appears the Bush cabinet is divided between the get tough ideas of Vice President Dick Cheney and the more diplomatic focused Condi Rice and Robert Gates. It is interesting that France’s Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner also raised the issue of war with Iran when he said the world must “prepare for the worst” which is “war” with Iran. The forces of war are gaining strength although one might wonder if Bush hopes another war will divert attention from his failures in Iraq. The situation grows increasingly grim even though Iran does not have any atomic weapons.